Valentine's For Vets

This Valentine’s Day, EZ 1430 and Stacy’s Hallmark stores have a wonderful way for you to send a special note to veterans who are receiving care at the VA Hospital. It’s EZ 1430’s Valentine's for Vets. 

How it works:

  • You purchase or make a valentine, drop it off at one of three Stacy’sHallmark stores in town by February 11th, and we’ll make sure the vets get your special message. 

In some cases your card will be the only good wishes these veterans will receive while in the hospital. Bring a smile to someone who has given so much to our country, go to Stacy’s Hallmark sores and pick up a valentine or two, then drop them off in the Valentine’s For Vets delivery box. 

Or, have your classroom, civic organization, clubs or other groups make cards that will bring a personal touch. Include a message of well wishes or gratitude in your card. 

Stop by these Stacy’s Hallmark locations: (Addresses and phone numbers below)

Valentines for Vets, special messages for some very special people.