The Americhicks

Sundays 1PM - 2PM

The Americhicks - a radio show airing on Sunday afternoons from 1PM to 2PM on EZ 1430.  Podcasts of past shows can be heard via the Radio Archives icon at

Our focus is different from other live talk radio shows.  We discuss topics of interest without the rant and rhetoric of other live broadcasts.

We discuss important issues, why they should be on our radar today, look at things as right vs wrong instead of right vs left and share stories of real people experiencing real issues and brainstorming for solutions.

Our target audience is politically, uninvolved Americans who care deeply and are interested in working together to find solutions.

About The Host

Kim Monson

Kim Monson believes passionately in the American Dream because she’s lived it.  She arrived in Colorado, in an old Buick, with about a hundred bucks in her pocket and the belief that, in America, anything is possible.  And it is.  She started work at a bank, then as a stock trading assistant.  She studied at nights and on week-ends for her investment broker’s license.  Hired at Boettcher & Company, an old respected investment firm, she became one of the youngest vice-presidents in the firm’s history.
Kim is a wife and mother.  She retired from the investment business when her second of three children was born and for the last twenty plus years, has operated a successful small business as a clothier/fit specialist.
As a former City Councilwoman, she sees daily the affirmation of our founding.  Government should be as close to the citizen as possible and it should be limited, responsible and efficiently use the power & money delegated to it by the citizens.