Unlocking Your Assets - 8.11.18

Saturday, August 11th

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Larry Armstrong / NMLS#387204                                                
Arizona Mortgage Banker License #0927682
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Ron Meier / NMLS#1371657
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Many mature home owners don’t know they can enhance their retirement by accessing the locked-up equity in their homes. Recent research from the American College of Financial Planning shows that taking out a reverse mortgage early in retirement (at 62) significantly increases the probability to have enough money to last someone’s lifetime. The borrower retains home ownership while converting home equity into Income Tax Free* cash to supplement a retiree’s budget. As with any mortgage, the borrower must meet their loan obligations by keeping current with property taxes, maintain homeowner’s insurance, regular home maintenance and pay any homeowner’s association (HOA) fees if living in a covenant neighborhood.

Each week, radio hosts Larry Armstrong and Ron Meier, will dispel myths, share facts and talk with borrowers and their advisors about why they chose to use this premium financing tool. Larry and Ron will interview a variety of experts who’ve learned how reverse mortgages can help clients accomplish their financial goals: Financial Advisors, Realtors, Home Builders, Remodelers, In-Home Caregivers and Estate Planning Attorneys. Tune in each week to discover how your home can help assure your successful retirement!