Ultimate Retirement Planning Show - 7.21.18

Saturday, July 21st

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Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning children have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. On. Colorado we welcome to the retirement plan so I am joined here by my partner and colleague mr. Adam Muller good morning Adam and good morning Colorado how ya doing today guess I am doing well man I'm excited that it's a weekend we worked hard this past weekend. You know I'm ready to play I know I'm with you RS I really tough today I think I am I think I am a little. Yeah I'll there's not quite as hot as it's been done you give me a hard time one of last week on the roof is is in the weather channel but how hot does it then. Days his bravery on that now I know I mean I'm born racer I've been here for forty years and I don't remember July this hot this long day I don't. Yeah it's meant summertime absolutely we enjoy it. Man sure our listeners are enjoying it is well so again we want to welcome you to our show we've got some. A great topics at talk about and so let's dive right in and and and so you know what let's talk a little bit about the now the market and nothing much is happening there. You know as far as we can tell it probably is our listeners can tell us to you know it's still there's still some volatility there it is yet these are some bad days there's some. Just flat days met. Not too much is going on there. None Indian really I mean work or back up to have to really the all time highs again I mean S&P 500 split 2% off from its all time high and and so I think you know corporate earnings of being good. Inflation and interest rates this just the head topics the trade wars haven't been. A huge discussion here as of the recent. You know last week here so I think people are just kind of common down and earnings are up in you know I know that interest rates are going to be. It raised here it looks like try two more times. By the end this year and zone but yeah no I mean everything's everything's up. Who got so. Yes so you know with that said you know people are probably still wondering what do we do now. And I you know we always say let's give back to the base basics yup first if you haven't had one band this year. Be honest the got to give me an investment analysis and so at a mouse is telling me I'm done. Had several done this week and one of the good things about the analysis is it just it just takes a deep dive into. Here portfolio. And some thinks that you find out. Are you know what this year risk tolerance look like in relation to your rewards and many people everyone wants. How rewards but they don't want to higher risk they would rather have a load a moderator actually get those rewards so what this report does is it helps us figure out. They are structure portfolio. Korea. Two. Find that balance there helps it to identify which are true risk tolerances. And some other things in and want to get that information. You know hopefully. Any stick to some basics with respect to investing in managing a portfolio. When the markets are highly volatile hopefully he'll be mindful. You know what your risk tolerance is what the goals are for your portfolio. Because. Investing is not a sprint it's a marathon right. The marathon and it should be easy is in its bylaw and sell high that's sounds easy doesn't it does sound easy but we're pretty high right now AF. And yes funny when you talk to the average investor when he talked to people very. It's our hey Haj Haj for one K do work where you invest inside your 41 hand it's just it's. It's funny to me to to talk with people and see what their train of thought is correct in for the average investor for most people out there whoever the winner was last year. Or whoever's up the most. That's where they're put their contributions right that's where all the money's going in in no one thought no one sector. Is going to be number one moon all the time. Right it just doesn't happen in so we like to take from those winners and give does the losers again and yes it's. It's hard for people to get that because investing is so emotional for most people must Wear the market's going up and we want to excuse me we wanna get in we wanna make money right so they did in on the upside and then. The markets correct dean or or certainly tankan and they get out. And it's exactly the opposite way. And above what were taught in the right thing no way to do things right and so that's it you know but to your point on the on the review getting in an Indian one of those reviews and we have a gentleman that works for us named Marie from in years as it is it's called a Sima certified. Investment management analysts try to say that three times fast it's. He's a Smart guy behalf. It has teachers he's won not smarter than gust which he's not very many people know that but also carries just suit if Murray's got you beat you know you kind of know ha ha but it but it's a great report in. We've got gash between them the two of us who try he's prime working on ten to fifteen Leah chase is for us right now and we're people just wanna get. A second set of eyes looking at their portfolios and now's the perfect time to do that absolutely. You know there's that I've got a lot of clients that I there's a show on number number weeks ago when he. So let's let's take some chips off the table. And that for whatever reason that's resonated with a lot of clients were going. Hey we've made a lot of money over the last decade you must take some of these ships off the table. Put him into a product that's guaranteed not to loose right now to a sword don't want that yet. But but the reviews that we do for people really really help them out in in this Morningstar report it's it we it's kind of like. Consumer report for when you Byron our good then and now again and and you get gig you'll get a lot out of it from its its edgy it's a longer corporal we you know we highlight it for yet. Kind of go through the bullet points and it's it's a big help. Yeah and one of the things I think as insightful as that reflects on how your portfolio. Would perform if there another 2008 scenario. And so definitely that is a talking point because most portfolios or drop anywhere from 25% to 50%. Yeah. And so the question you have to ask yourself is. Well can that happen yet certainly came as it did it could again yeah who did. Probably will at some point and what happens if that this happened to your portfolio especially if you're looking at retiring. Sometime in the very near future who just like to folks back in 2008. Has to prolong many of them have to prolong their retirements. You know anyone who's faced with that type of scenario. It's going to have to. Face those same decisions as well. In so why not put in a plan now right Anna yeah day incumbency is sent. And that's what we're all about we're all about looking for strategies it helps strengthen your portfolio so that if something like 2008 happens again. You've got some of those chips off the table right. And your portfolio EM might take a hit. Disciplining and how it's invested. But at least you're not having to saved and aren't I've got to the united got to wait until the markets go back up to where I was. Now I've got him a greener Wal-Mart those or not you're going to be telling your wife that's right now so are they see have or are getting a lot of good it is that spyware I wouldn't wanna say. If nobody but really that that report is I wanna hit on a couple of things are just all we're talking about that but yet. I just met with a couple I was actually with them last night pretty late multi I was at Lehman would damage. So they have. A large portfolio with Ed Jones and death. We looked at they said they hadn't really gotten a whole lot from their advisor of the last say year and a half two years and on the put things in place and it was doing okay. They're averaging averaging about 7% return some idea nothing real exciting nothing that great but. But like we talk about a lot and your money is in there it's grown. There's no real need to do anything so we I did report from Murray energy showed them. How much overlap they have how much in fees they were really pain and yet in that if if another 2008 comes along they big decreed. And so were were moving forward there they're becoming clients and we're doing a number different things for a month. It was powerful for them to see. They say we just we won a second pair of eyes looking at this right. And when we're able to show bought one thing they had they had a bunch of different mutual funds. And they thought they were diversified because they had now 1010 to twelve different mutual funds both. And insider there all those mutual funds had the same holdings and and so so that's another thing that we can look at it we can't you know just overlap where you may have had a bunch of different mutual funds but if the funds incited there. The actual stocks or equities that are held inside of that mutual fund. If those are all the same any it is you know there's a lot of overlapping at the same thing right so they're drilling not diversification. Yet. And so so that was powerful for them to see new and I just due other reports it doesn't cost you anything to get one of these reports. And you're gonna learn something and you're gonna have a free. Second pair eyes looking at a Florida. Absolutely when he got things I lack about that report to is it there's immense mark compares them. Yeah and you know you can easily see how your portfolio is performing in relation to certain benchmarks. And then that's a good indicator. Indication of how well. Ear Manny is being managed or. You know how the how well the investment strategies going Korea and so when people find out that hey you know I've I've been working with an advisor. And the it's my portfolio is an evening keeping pace with cements marks and I mean that's a real eye opening. Women will let pain and four he's absolutely and four if you're not. These clients last night when we looked at down we look at the benchmarks and how they were doing vs at. In the bench Burton benchmarks were word over performance by quite a bit while new and so on go and what it what are you guys pay and fork right. The pain for him to put his kids through college and I didn't and Ozzie a good friend there was what's going on here so right so yeah it is the reports are great though you know commenting get a report from us it's. Is it only thing it'll duel help. Absolutely. And if anything you know we've had people go back and challenge there advisors yeah I love that yeah hinds a high. At this analysis done and this is when I found out there and they'd least like you said it's helpful to them you know some of them. You know we never really know what the outcome is an anyway. You were healthy yeah if he's been thinking about. Hey hey maybe this advising him just getting a second opinion or is this advisor doing the best thing for me. Is he a broker is he a fiduciary however busy you know do in my thinking about. You know what else is out there might miss an out on something let us give giving ammunition to go back and fired. Yeah absolutely and more. Yeah and that you know that's a common question a lot of folks are concerned with that designation. Fiduciary vs. A broker because the standards are higher with respect to a fiduciary. And the you know maintain the areas we have to demonstrate or acting near. Best interest and we're you know we're not then shame on us you know as a begin list. And that second thing is is that we're accountable to that to that standard so. Lot of folks are starting today that we've been meeting with Adams seemed to come in and have done some research and are asking that question. About you know says either brokers or fiduciary so we're fiduciary it's. And and we're gonna help make we're gonna help you make decisions that are in your best interest. Yeah in and like I always I always say this and in every show Britain we love education I come from a family of educators have so my my dad was a looser minister and then it a counselor and then a teacher. My mom was a teacher in cherry creek school my brother's a counselor Regis my sister was a social worker. I was a bad apple that fell off the tree and Jorge thought so but I know I I like educating people and that's what we I take a lot of price night in educating people and in their financials. And that's important stuff yet apps and and so what we're gonna educate yeah. Were gonna show you some idea isn't some strategies that will only help. Only enhance what you currently have we're not gonna show you something that doesn't make sense moved first part of being a fiduciary yes and work at a pace that you're comfortable with. And lastly we'll treat you like Family Guy every client that I sit with. I put my parents face on them could use a worker with people that are 6060 liven up here and I put my. Parents face on their they're a great looking couple my dad's a little liberties and strikingly handsome man and I typo I put their faces on these people and NIC as if this was a mean mean with my folks. In this was the situation that they were in financially. What what I do for them yet in that has always. Treated me well you know I I've never had a complaint. Been in the business for for just under fifteen years now and I helped thousands of people on I take a lot of pride and. From zone a man that has that's an awesome testimony. And I'm behave folks if you listen to us send your interest is in that type of an analysis are you need to do is give us a call at 303. 306010. Size 303306. To 0105. Now we know this is a program that airs there that please excuse me on the weekend. But we're very accessible if you call us and we get our voice now just give us. You know a few minutes or so an hour or so get bacteria and we've left the set up an appointment for you to come in and have them investment portfolio analysis and it. Doesn't cost units and then this very area charge free is very yes we will earn. Your trust in business you come in and and get that report from us and we're gonna show you what we can do what you have an NY. Were the winning team and you wanna be on this team absolutely well says sir well we better take a break. You're listening to the retirement planning so again give us a call at 3033060105. The market is that record high spoke Kool knows how long that will continue so that white. Savings rates are still relatively low in the bond market continues to hover around all time lows. According to bank Tree.Com the average national rate for money market accounts is under point 5% and by your CD rates are 2.2 2%. So what are the other options if you were looking for a solid interest rate with out the downside risk that the market. How about a fixed annuity that pays a guaranteed rate at 3.2 5% for five years with no fees an optional interest payments second start after only thirty days. This is one of the highest rates available today called third tax advisory group today at 3033060105. To learn more about this fixed annuity guarantees 3.2 5% a year for five years. That's right 3.2 5% guarantee for five years health care tax advisory group today at 3033060105. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning children have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. On. And we're back here listening to see retirement plan and so. Give us a call at 3033060105. I'm joined here by my partner and colleague. Adam Muller and we just got to talking about investments that we have some more information that we'd like to share with our. Audience itself Adam as this mentioning to you that this week it seems like we've gotten. Well actually the last couple of weeks we've got some calls from some of our clients because we have managed many. Now portfolios. That we offer four clients and and some of them are concerned about the volatility and where their portfolios are. Now in relation to the beginning of the year some have actually expressed some concerns so. We sit down with him and we talk to them we do some research and then we kind of bring them back to the basics with respect to. But the expectation is. And how everything is happening. How investments slipped on any. Global basis. You know it's in Mitt in the US was performing maybe what's not performing at things like that so he. So we wanted to spend some time. Shedding some insight. Sure how this offense I think it's the stuff that we look at my you know we we like to try to pass this along and we're working on. Some better some systems that were put in place right now. Where are in investment clients that have managed money portfolios with us from their gonna start to get these reports. In it and see what we see from from these money managers so drag. If Theres not a client of ours or don't know how we do this I. When we talk about this some but were not. Stock pickers. We are fiduciary is that they've teamed up with the best money managers that that she can get it. And so we've got a number of different money managers that we use. Time and they all know that's what they did their active money managers Ender. Noon trying to. You know what whatever the whatever the goals are for the different portfolios that's what we're trying to accomplish are obviously we're trying to get returns and we're trying to eliminate risk right and so. Well one of the money managers that I used to use a lot. Sent me this article and and I I don't like reading things and his I is just a couple disappear record that I wanted to read but. We're talking about this this morning and I just think it's pretty powerful men on says is right about this is from a global what it says it's right about that time. That investors may be looking at their quarterly statements. To understand how their investments perform during the first half of the year. So that's I think why we're getting a lot of those calls to its been. You know first after the year's over and how are we don't yet so the markets have been there's been a lot of volatility here this year as an endless stream of headlines sparked investors' anxiety. So a lot of anxiety you know trumps all we don't want to turn people are feeling was actually on there this morning talking about interest rates I had easier doing you know. But that was that was yesterday yeah column but anyway so it despite all this the US equity markets have posted positive returns. However not all returns are created equal. A handful stocks have dominated returns. Up to this point. We just six stocks responsible. For most of the market's gains this year. Apple Microsoft. Amazon and FaceBook. An alphabet still known as Gould most of us and Netflix are responsible for more than 96. Percent of the gains in the S&P 59096%. Of the gains in the S&P 500 do those six U. That's it I I had a look at that twice India and I mean that's that's that's amazing look so. So that 96% of the gains in the S&P 500 and an 80% of the gains in the NASDAQ-100 so. So dirt that's where the gains are right if you're in those individual stocks you're making money very. Com. These six stocks make up only 15%. All of the S&P 500. But 96%. Of them returned fire. Isn't that wild and it so it's it's a place the same kind of US and 500 is up two point 65%. Yeah. While the NASDAQ-100. Is up. Ten point 65% the first African when he eighteen so if we look at these individual stocks. And again we're not stock pickers right he's certainly doing the stock picking thing that's that's too risky for a stats. You know you can make a lot which you can also lose everything that's correct itself. Amazon new candidates up 45%. Microsoft's. 16%. Apples up 10%. Netflix is up a 104%. Year to date have. Netflix might whites don't want to a lot of Netflix he says. South. Facebook's up 10% in an alpha that's up. Thirteen point 81% so but that's it that was just amazing to seek. Right I mean 96% of the S&P 500 returns from those from those six no. So you know that. When you talk to people that's the whole water cooler and who you're talking to about your investments there's a lot of people that have. One of those individual stocks yet I mean we met with a lot of those people absolutely and that's not how we do think it's my you know we're we're not hitting home runs. Were hidden singles and doubles but were hit them all day long every year. And so that's a difference between his work you're not gonna lose like you lost in 2008. You're not gonna lose like that was thus. Our returns aren't going to be quite as high. Which he got safety yet so what is it worth it to yet. Do you you know how I mean it's it's a question you gotta ask yourself. And we can show you but if the market's been up for ten years. You know it's it's a good time to take some of those chips off the table now I know that I wouldn't be. Have been my money in those six stocks right now pride but they've done you know that's what they've done bright side but that's powerful and this does our frustration preserve our. My you know and your actually correct it worker in this Kansas likely sit earlier hate investing is a marathon not a sprint and and I think I would like the singles and doubles you know Meehan and Albany smog actually based I don't either and I've played shortstop did you he had huh. Little third base. Action to anyway IA it was the whole runs were nice when we got them Betty Liu a home run hitter. Sometimes sounds of fourth batter for batter it just depends Jelena many not got the basins and yeah pair. Does the cleanup and I'd rather than just the thing now I had a lot of Canada. If that was easily in the top three somewhere I can now or maybe has the eighth batter in just depend on the news and I am anyway. Yes I you know they keep talking amateur baseball here at home the cereals aren't you grow up you grow at a mirrored their Maria George go I school Allen to teasing about him play baseball you guys gonna condemn this was in middle school in lower. The word now we're a couple of work a couple of them the boys here. Ariel way back you'll only took only two left. I must besides I know a couple more to his first run and I'm the secular agenda. All right do you feel. This behave as though singles and doubles you know overtime only that was just a winning strategy and then when the home runs came in there we'll let you know you got the essence singles and doubles on base in my comes in gets their homeland. Expectations absolutely it's a lot of a lot of expectations modest. You don't wanna be disappointed work in this and we do a good job of that he. Here's here's what we're gonna. Here's what you can expect from us right. In and we like to show alone and and we don't we lights how perform but but we like to show you had done a worst case scenario here here's. Now here's how we've done by new I don't I always like to go with the worst case scenario for people on Disco PF you know what if if the markets correct in here here's kind of what we can expect right. And I just strategy to met we look forward when things we know that there's going to be market volatility. So how can we manage a portfolio with that given that's hard to do. It's hard for us in Qatar for most advisors yeah. We're gonna spends more time on this. But we've talked about this. A lot lately and it'll get in this Mormeck. This COLT does this new white paper they came out by Roger emits and move on did the different. Scenarios between stock and bond relationships and stock in hybrid nudie relationships. I think that's gonna change the way invest in investment advisors do business school Mora I mean I've been doing that we've been doing that for a long time. But that is so powerful. We know how to do we know how to manage money and volatile volatility. We know how to manage money when the markets down flat. And we're we're really good at doing it units down and that's flattens off. That's not as powerful as those advisors on renteria right. So. You know when Adam one man though let's take another quick break here listened to their retirement planning showed give us a call at 303 series Joseph 60105. The market is that record high spoke Kool knows how long that will continue so that white. Savings rates are still relatively low in the bond market continues to hover around all time lows. According to bank Tree.Com the average national rate for money market accounts is under point 5% and by your CD rates are 2.2 2%. So what are the other options if you were looking for a solid interest rate with out the downside risk of the market. How about a fixed annuity that pays a guaranteed rate at 3.2 5% for five years with no fees an optional interest payment second start after only thirty days. This is one of the highest rates available today called third tax advisory group today at 3033060105. To learn more about this fixed annuity guarantees 3.2 5% a year for five years. That's right 3.2 5% guaranteed for five years health care tax advisory group today at 3033060105. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning children have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. On. And her back if you listen to the retirement planning so give us a call at 3033060105. And somewhat one more thing and among the investments in bleachers chime in there we really encourage you to give us a call come on and let's examine your portfolio. And get to some information. After you to consider because at the end of the day. You know we want to be sure that you minimize your risk of our living in many. And one of the keys in doing that is having did a well design portfolio. So you don't want some money that's in the market you cargo once somebody you're gonna want some money protect it now probably. But you know what a diverse enough portfolio. So that you can make it. To the end of realized then and you know hopefully have some money left over. Staffer to meet some legacy goals so we will encourage you to come in give us a car request they've portfolio analysis we're gonna need some your statements. From me apps and but we can talk about all that when you give us a cult so. Let's move lunch and so are you are you ended the number one fear of people has run out of money and yet it's not dying in this month's fighters is not public speaking. That's that's treasures its run out of money. Beer beer that many of us that's why should I cut Hamas fighters as the alumni and I cannot I'm my son my son can't stand the media is there either yeah Dylan you know I tell them that this illness that I tell my kids I would say go kill. They'll get it. My daughter who's like one and a half. Couple nights ago there was someone takes issue off and back smacks are got it well known all right anyway so. Not spiders is running out of money. Absolutely and you know that at least is right into our next topic you know what can we do cannot run out of money and so. When folks come to me this that's one of the concerns that is on the table. If you listen to us the you have to be thinking about that especially here in retirement or entry into retirement are whether the chances. Of me out living by many I think that's it's a growing concern. But I think we see it every day. Folks have and go back to work unfortunately because their portfolios just weren't strong enough. As they entered into a retirement you know life happens sentence to help people little. My unfortunately the have to dip into their retirement saving sooner than expected. You find people any reverse mortgages and things like that in. EU EU ten help. Defray that are put that stuff fall for address that by sitting down coming in meet with. Financial planners that focus and retirement planning in new having NN money. That an answer that's really our area of expertise. I mean the income planning. It's it's we we do a good job of an accumulation but really it's just a preservation to drag your view should as the income planning their Roth conversion and yes that that's that's were won't that's our bread and butter I mean that that really. And so you know I I meet a lot of people that listen to us on the radio and they say. Know you guys have been talking a lot about annuities yep and it seems like you you're an annuity thing continued you bet your ass I'm annuities and I love annuities and there's some that I hate but there's a whole there's one that I love death and if you have the results that I've had for my clients you'd love poem to me how you would eat I mean seriously him. It depends on what you're trying to do but. We can weakened customize. A hybrid annuity to do whatever it is that you wanna do if if you wanna set up for a lifetime income stream. There's no better place to get a lifetime income stream. With some long term care benefits by the way right I mean if you want it just first say it's gross if you want to for a death benefit. If you want you know do whatever it is that you look at for weakened customize a planned forty. And undo it and there annuities that we offered at the two that we offer are going to be fixed. Which which we talk some about and we have some commercials run on I mean on her and that's something where you can come in or you can call us and and we can tell yeah. For whatever length of time if it's for one year two years three years five years ten years. For however long. We can shop around home to about seventy companies. And see who's gonna give us the most interest for that term and so the longer the term the more interest that you're gonna get. And you know firms five year term here's what it is here's the company here is it and it's it's black and white ears you know. Where you're not gonna make more you're not going to be make lesson. On so that's one million duties which. But not super exciting but for a lot of people. Their money was in CD's it's maturing yep and they're going where can I go to get a safe guarantee. Well there you know there can go to fixed annuity just a safe what we can get you more interest me so that's I mean our goal is to get. Returns Korea with safety in that's the whole goal safety and upside safety and return some safer is the product of better. I like saying the word guaranteed you can only do that in one place as a fiduciary. That happens to be with the new lease that. So that's one type of a new idea that I guess a lot Obama had not like a death. But did the annuity that I love as is the hybrid nude. And so with that. I just think that that's that's the Swiss army knife and investments. You tell me what you play out any scenario. Put your money into this investment. The market goes up great yeah we have gains that are linked to the market. In the products that we used our uncapped. So the sky as the limit. The market goes down. We don't lose anything you know we have a 100% principal protection. And the gains get locked. So we're not gonna lose we've got upside linked to the market. You live a long life but carry. We've got income we can generate from these it'll pay it's all the data to back. And whatever's left over goes to the Stanley. Now there's a death benefits right so you'll have a short life. Whatever that money that you put in there whatever its gains and goes to the beneficiaries no penalties on offense but I so. The market's up the markets down the markets flat below the long line if you have a short life. You're covered we got our covered in this plan. Yep and so to me I am a fan I mean we've we've got really good returns no guarantees are great and the long term care benefits. I just I'm I'm a huge fan of people ask me why. You know they hear all this bad stuff about annuities. If you're a client to mind. You're you're happy you need to be honest I mean I don't have I consider leaving me. They know what they're getting into now sure there's some downsides here and there's not a lot of advisors it'll. Get on the radio with you and talk to about the downsides of not an investment but. Did the main downside is the liquidity and so it's not something that you wanna get into and then a year later two years later. Take the whole thing Enron and deserves a a surrender penalty and there's a charge right but that's something that you know you you we'd talk about. Before we even you know it's it's not something that you wanna do with all your money it's not you know you know what you're getting into before you get into the afternoon. So I I am am I you know that's why I'm a fan and that's when we talk about a moron unarmed. They don't give me your two cents on Amir there. When you know I view you just covered nicely. Why you should consider an annuity. And I notice you didn't say very well and who he had said he talks about two yup I'm a new lease which are fixed and then there's a hybrid and it. And so. You know you just explained why he should have that and a portfolio. And you know of course she wants them the first case in your portfolio went decision say deal on all year retirement portfolio. There. But you do want some limit their whole life well who does that. When the markets are going down. Here's one asset that you don't have to worry about losing your principal. Who doesn't want that their retirement you know what that reminds me of another energy. Social Security. You know in the markets are up. So why wouldn't you want something comparable that is in fact even better. The net benefit you know and with all the guarantees ahead cells they just makes sense is to do that to have that type of ascending here in your portfolio. So we yeah we I mean that's one of the most powerful things. Is if you just think about this if you have I'm just gonna use a 100000 death. And if you've got a 100000 in your account yes and you have a broker that's been Sonia. Lies you get older we need to put more this and a bonds or bond funds and right and so used to be a 6040. Man so 60000 dollars in stock funds. Equities. In the 40% was in bonds will lose you know most brokers are sort of talk the the old rule of a hundred or you put excuse me. You put a percentage behind your age and that's how much should be in this the safer Yemen in the bottom portion of their arm. So that I mean that's kind of what. What people have they won't brokers have been taught and that's what most people out there that's that's their natural that happens that's what they have that's what they're. Talked to do were told to do new and so. Dave got this portfolio that as they get older they keep putting mourn these bond funds well. If for a cabinet take money out either to live long or for our MD's which are required minimum distribution so. It's seventy and a half the government says. On all your qualified money. If you've got a 401K. Oren IRA erect TSA air 403 B anything that's qualified. And we called qualified money be guesses it's qualified for a tax break falling away so you were able to put it in. Without paying taxes on it let it grow in and now you've got to pay taxes on it when it comes out whom. And so. When you've got those plans at seventy and a half. The government says hey you never paid taxes on them money we want our current. And see you're gonna have to start taken out a little bit yeah you gonna have to assert taken out three point 65%. And it goes up a little bit each year as you get older than. So if that's the case. So you're either haven't to take money out of your portfolio. For armed ease or fur for firmware just to live off off. And if we have a another 2008. And now portfolio of years drops by eight. When he 34 you know however much you know it's it's going to be different forever I must say drops by 25 or 30% pay if you're having to sell all. Wall the markets down. To it didn't get down money and that's not a good way to doing things right it's you I don't know if you guys have heard of dollar cost averaging. But this is what I call. Dollar cost strategy. And it's just if it kills right and so if the markets are down in your have been a take that money out. It's it's just it's hard to do it's hard to get those that money back yeah. And so if you have an annuity in place. Where instead I have an it's 50506040. Whatever that mix is if you got that mix. With stocks in hybrid annuities. It's it's safer then. It's gonna make more money right end you don't have it's never going to be down is never going to be. Below what you put in plus plus the gains they get locked in so we're not gonna have a scenario where you have to sell. When it's down because it's not gonna beat. And so I just I'm a huge army huge fan and I are really I think that this is going to be. Kind of the way it is future where instead of people haven't bonds and their portfolio rather gonna have these annuities. That's totally loyal Selleck amount is that guarantees that are available in the he has some of them have interest rate guarantee so. So let me ask Gavin. I don't hear too many advisors scaring team in a certain rate of return on investments do we know we have every if you do hear that folks. I'm not be a good sign if that is true because no one can guarantee money and years they shouldn't guarantee any money and you hear investments and that. There when you purchase an annuity. There could be guarantees. In that in that agreement yes that's as they you know simple interest for a certain period of time and hunt and you know leader. And if you can double your money in a certain period of time with a guarantee. And that interest rates is. You know better than 7%. In getting guarantee if it's 10% media that we are many in ten years to look unanimous simple. Interest rates racist and a man who wouldn't want a guarantee like that. So so the only and again I not to. Mean I need to I think eat entire I am a fan of these products we bucks. Bomb you know they don't really did the only downside is it it's not a good place to which money than any in. Within the next couple you. Really isn't so depending on how long the product is so these are products all come in different points yes whether it's five years seven years ten years twelve years emanate go over there all different but. So it's just it's not a good place to put the money and name in that time period. Cashed the whole thing out knowing we can take 10%. 10% per year without any kind of penalty but I mean that's that's the biggest thing is I I think a lot of people that I meet with. Then it happened duties they don't like annuities and they've been scared off by them correct because. They have a brokers that sold them. Above bill and garbage I mean adjusted. Crap product where. They either have a lot. These and there's no safety and in a variable annuity. Or they have one of these old fixed indexed annuities were they haven't made anything minutes couple last night they have and only ons. Prior actuary it was sort of bright ten years ago open and it is great company. But insider there the way it was set up it just didn't. Number four right and so they don't like so now they Hayden and they don't like in New York area. But it can aid did a good job keeping their money safe from but over the last ten years people don't wanna just have their money safe. Bright soul you know the products have changed. Dramatically in. Now there you can be can make. Some really good returns in these if you're in the you've got to have a independent advisor you get so were independent advisors. Meaning we don't fool would there's no one telling us here's what you have to do you were not captive agents. There you know we don't have loyalty to any one company are loyalty is to our clients and doing the best thing that we can for them. And I think coming in my office you'll see different awards firm. Multiple companies in the industry whoever. Has the best product in the best guarantees if you know whatever is that the clients look and Ford that's of the company and I'm gonna go away so. We're not captive agency F -- independent advisor. This not limited in what they can do them. Then you have to have a good company. You want a good strong a rated company has been around for awhile that has a good track record that has a good solvency ratio. Then you have to have a good product which in the hybrid annuity is Izard good product. And then from there you have to have good terms so inside of that product you've got to be able to. Be able to make money. Have some different. Ryder options if you want so so a lot of things need to align for years for this to be. For this to work out in and we can do to add here where a lot of people that have been duties they were just sold something known as they weren't sitting down with. An advisor like like we are planning. Going through their whole plan a young put together an income plant form. And so I think that's that's the biggest difference between us. And most advisors and that's why you know I loved I loved working with the end and I think we do a good job for people and take ought to try and what we do. Absolutely so those guarantees and a lot of folks don't know this ad and say you can purchase an annuity. Who asked what we call qualified many there are no party can purchase it with what we call non qualified many. And so just simply says qualified many easier for a one K your 403. B here 457. He general that over tax free. Into an annuity products and so becomes an annuity Arie four yeah. And you can enjoy benefits by using that type of money you know so be used in communion write a check in now which many of our clients Newt. Also. The did you don't discriminate on what title and it is yeah there they don't they don't care yet. In so it wouldn't benefit every other views it so it you know it depends on every Klein's difference it depends on what kind of money either. They have racked. One benefit for non qualified money. If you have money that's just sit Noonan my bank account or wherever to non qualified. If you put those inside of an annuity then that does grow tax deferred for her and so that that is one benefit of using non qualified funds. To go in into one and these annuity products so. You know one other benefit is is the long term care that. The long term care writers that come on the east and yet. You know I last night I was reading an article it from the Wall Street Journal from. It's it was an older article I Easton. Are you subdue bunch of workshops and I used to hand out this article and workshops. In I was clean intrusive stuff and I found this article one of us just talked about the cracks in your nest day. In ended you know did the major cracks they can happen in your nasty hate they can devastate. Bad market performance while yep sees. Long term care. I mean all of these things that. Do we can address move inside of one of these from. Absolute and that's a baby can use that product for so many purposes. At a man out of premium article. The other day and it was pros and cons who are not binding and ruining you know one of the cons of us it just complicated jury to ya now that's an insult most people's intelligence. Then it I mean discuss it that big document doesn't mean it's incomprehensible. But that's why you have you know a team like gusts were gonna sit down with here. We're gonna make sure that you understand. Why you guys are that menos version absolutely we're here for death. And if you need to get into the details that's what we got the insurance nor there but they are not impossible to understand they're really very simple. Concept through the gaps no no let anyone discourage you from from investing even investigating it I saying it's too complicated remained. Knowledge is power absolutely yeah it's a jet landed about a house because it takes an hour to go to signing him. It is a real thick. Real estate transaction agreement and I think I think overlaying the 9% of us who say yeah I'm gonna buy a house because it adds value. And we're saying the same thing Adam we're saying that in the new media Saudi retirement portfolio is going to add value to hear now how its positions in there. That's where we're gonna set ourselves apart from maybe other. Other advisors. Is that you know things like map and aluminium there but you are out like them to I think there. Any it's dozens or research on and it's amazing that they even started back in. You know the early nineteen. Payments even before and then in the army I'm talking about when I guess this is who has empower they had to have the that in there did yeah. I'm sorry I'm not not I don't outside of got to get that in nears they give me a year but now only gave me the perfect in Atlanta saw. We did they. Been around in one fashion or another. First centuries to a helped Babe Ruth get through the depression really you know. Interest and you know there's all kinds of any effect culminated in CS at this this white paper I'm happy to give to people I I think given a lot of people from Roger Davidson. It is it's a really powerful piece he and it goes back to it early nineteen. Any energy shows a different relationships if you've got stock bond. Stock bond treasury yes stock market is stock hybrid how that's done yeah bottom line is it's done better. And it's safer which stats. That's what we're striving to file I don't know about two and I retire early to be like twenty years all hope I don't go home and I'm you know he retired fifteen of that is a must happen a portfolio without question. So at a we better take a break you listen to the retirement planning showed give us a call at 3033060105. And we will be right back. The market is that record how I spoke Kool knows how long that will continue so that white. Savings rates are still relatively low in the bond market continues to hover around all time lows. According to bank Tree.Com the average national rate for money market accounts is under point 5% and by your CD rates are 2.2 2%. So what are the other options if you were looking for a solid interest rate with out the downside risk of the market. How about a fixed annuity that pays a guaranteed rate of 3.2 5% for five years with no fees an optional interest payment second start after only thirty days. This is one of the highest rates available today called third tax advisory group today at 3033060105. To learn more about this fixed annuity that guarantees 3.2 5% a year for five years. That's right 3.2 5% guaranteed for five years welfare tax advisory group today at 3033060105. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning children have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. John. And we're back and listen to her camera kind of show. I'm joined here by my partner and colleague Adam Muller and we just. Yeah after wrapping up a discussion in this last segment about annuities which we've both affirmed that we are Sean believers in. And if anyone has any questions. About. I knew these college sense set up an appointment colony and then push shares are. Level of knowledge and expertise. With them. So Adam one of the things that he hit mentioned is long term care and how your annuity could meet that need. And I think it that that's something that's often overlooked by many people in when we have clients who come in. You know and we say hey you know how can we help you in the US Dollar Financial goals and then that thing in new discussion they say or will last hey what about how your long term care needs. Given met are are there any concerns there acts and and so. You know we hear from what's you know what I I've searched for fifteen years and asking about long term care yeah. I've heard. My eye of my wife knows what to do I I root she knows what to do with me yes you know I've got to I'm numb purchased a rifle and she's gonna take me out in the backyard and we don't ask Seth. You're not I mean yes I mean that's that's more often than not even hear that yeah or you hear. Well you know we tried to get long term care is too expensive crap we couldn't qualify. Or I have it and they keep brazen a damn premiums on me and I wanna get rid of this thing but I can't because I paid so much into it and I don't know what to do that that's what year and a peer advisor. And you talked is that I've talked to thousands of people over the air dot those are the top three right so I mean. It's it's sad because long term care seriously weird is talking about how it's one of the biggest cracks it can happen and you know steak no mean right now. If you're sixty fives are over you've got a 70% you semi percent chance. I mean 70% of people that are 65 and over half. Need help with long term care. 70% but I mean so. And that's according to Department of Health and Human Services that's I'm not just thrown it out there right sitting on average linked to stay is. Two and a half years I I usually plan for three you know two and a half years at any average cost is a 100000 a year pain. So have you yet to earn fifty IQ I can borrow how about half a million for my wife and me take care of the long term care needs right and that's a chunk of change is absolutely who's got that sitting around in their savings account. There's some folks know that there are but how far until you learn a few guys who win can mean so. That that's why we need to addresses end. And then how how do we address it Warner Warner did what are the different options out there absolutely and and so the annuity. Is a good. I mean so it's it's not a long term care policy. But they give you some additional benefits and man I mean their benefits that'll help be out. You don't have to medically qualified so you don't need a physical. So. Yeah you have cancer whatever it is and I can you can get benefits through an annuity actually use it to you to that point had a real quick. They say 1520%. Of the people who apply for a get denied to him because you know obviously for health reasons and it's not it is not easy it's not India were interviewed. Gone through that exam I am but I know I passed. Hi I. I'm not a betting man but if our word. So this 'cause I just had some clients of winter after end and I always ask him 'cause I always I haven't I haven't done it yet I I don't think. To beyoncé I'm never I why won't ever get traditional long term Karen does not that's not something I'm ever gonna get that. Because there's better ways of doing it right whether its hybrid annuity whether it's a life insurance policy nets got a long term care benefits. There's just better ways of a duke but but from my clients you know I've gotten used to clients that just went through that example. And they ask you some tough you talk memory questions you already goes through and they say here is you you know here's here's ten words that I want you to remember from. Ending you have a conversation with them in and you know 51015. Minutes later they say OK what were those ten words. And so you know and you get as. Neil eight or nine of them room is so but but no they're not easy and dance in the in this thing is with. They turn people down because they know how expensive it is yeah I mean and that's why the rates have gone up for so many people. If you have a traditional long term care plan yeah. Odds are if you had it for five years ten years you've probably seen or more increase in what your pain right. I hate that they can raise their rates are you whenever they want. That doesn't sound like a good deal to me in an advisory the F so that's we hear a lot of Latin. And so that's again why. I had you know letter show yet how we can do to had a better way right. And it doesn't mean a better way of investing in a better way income planning a better way of whatever it is or long term care. Only some of those cracks in your portfolio through my long term care absolutely so avenue you know what we are almost out of time we barely get this announcement out as you know we. Have been doing and many Social Security seminars. That does workshop Billiton India and we have one coming up next week that is going to be on July 26. That is a Thursday. And this time it's gonna be at the column buying librarians. And that is off west symbols. And that will be meeting in room 7706. So it's a Columbine library. That's there's a July 26. In a began right at 630. Weeks and so we want to encourage you first. If you haven't been there to give us a call at 3033060105. And Dahlia more than welcome to bring a guest we just these you know how many are going to be there's so that we can reach you we have enough conceiving and it's comfortable for everyone. And then ups and. The chunks and it's a William man who's not here today but. He does it he does such a great job of those workshops I can't say how many people I meet with your perceive this is the best workshop I have never attendants' current and and I wish I would have done this. Five years ago where were you guys five years ago I mean really had asked this is you're gonna learn a lot hip and if you can't make the workshop. If that date doesn't work for him or if you just feel like you'd rather come in and meet with meet with us on one on one basis right we're happy to do that were happy to give yet. The information in an inning and run the reports Fauria and treat you like Sam. Absolutely all right so one more time July 26 at 630. We will be at the column buying Liberia that address is 7706. Wesson bulls that's a little sand zip code is 801. 20. OK my friend well our time's up feet on there you go play around the golf course I am only going to south Moroccan. Are you take someone now I don't know who I'm taken now to someone blows into Aegon now that's a little Alley about that place I won't. All of us I mean all day I don't really. I don't know message do you know radler today announced earlier you have so we react well how are have a good weekend folks absolutely if you listened to the retirement planning to go take care.