Ultimate Retirement Planning Show - 6.2.18

Friday, June 1st

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Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning children have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. On. Morning Colorado you listen to the ultimate retirement planning so give us a call at 303. 30601053033060105. I'm joined here by my colleagues and partners mr. William Gonzales that morning William your morning girls good morning Colorado and we also have with us our colleague and partner. Mr. Adam Muller. Good morning and how we're doing and we're doing did man first Saturday versatility a beautiful day it is yeah we got to hurry up and finish and get back to work. In the finish our work and we go out and play for a so we can't yeah. The rest Lou you mean sundin. And those three woods and I got in office longer to go say hello Revere don't you love is still at least six saw. And in the offices I don't give what they are all there OK now I know we have hundreds of thousands of people listening to us. So we don't al-Qaeda central elementary office Saturday that's all right come I don't see me okay don't often this Saturday or no more I'm telegraph. All right all right folks we have a great show in store for you. Now once again today so we appreciate you given us an hour of your time. And again if you have any questions of course give us a call at 3033060105. Men. We know this is a weekend show however we are available if you Colin scenic in our voice now. We'll be sure to give you a call back as soon as possible. RI to guys let's get right into our topics. That today let's talk about the economy it's the you know a new month going into June now. NAND. You know worse health sciences I don't know yeah. Already months six of the year well yes so the market appears to be sharing and get some traction. What he would say you guys you think. Well also in an outlets just a neighbor can sort out a little bit of just talking about the kind of how we manage money in and you know we do it. Fair community here who did there's a few different ways we can go about it and a managing money in in one is is we talk a lot about when we have guarantees involved and we can say the word guarantee. As a as a fiduciary in the analysts were and annuity type products where there are guarantees. Yet trombone we also do you have managed money portfolios. And so in our I remember when I first started in the business about fifteen years ago and I got all my licenses and I was essentially a stockbroker you know I built portfolios for people. He's in stocks and bonds and mutual funds and there was always there was always people that we're doing it better then then I'm asked me. Cheaper than I was. More return than iron gotten in so. I learned it it's better to team up. When civilian and when we talk about that on the show some is is having a good team. And I realized that have been a good him management. Many a money manager. A good team that did that for me yeah was it was better for the client from you know it's if I have a client or I can do this forum. But it but I if I can bring in a team of people who can do it cheaper. In get a better return yep Dennis if I wanna do the right thing from my client I'm bringing them in Madison and so that's what we do we've got. Money managers that we use cabana. Is is but that's my my favorite money manager they've they've done the best for our clients and so we use them a lot. And the so was so we get reports from now and end this is you know all American. Do quick greens here just from from the monthly air from the the last weekly. Email that we now but it could get a portfolios were mixed. Essentially flat during a holiday shortened week. Our low beta conservative was up slightly as a result of the drop in interest rates while other portfolios were slightly down. Markets have continued to multi week marched to nowhere all major indexes have remained above technical support in the fifty day moving average. A stellar earnings season is now behind us and we seemed to be trading on news. Each day brings a new crisis. Or solution to the previous day's crisis and where there is a trade war with China. Denuclearization. Talks with North Korea or political crisis in Italy. US interest rates fell back below 3% as we talked a little bit about we've been talking about that a lot lately but not consider this the only fundamental factor worth mentioning. And as I pointed out last week this pullback is overdue and could eventually provide some lifted otherwise range bound stock market. Since market seemed to be focused on the the dated date generations of political. In media rhetoric I thought it might be beneficial to revisit some very basic philosophies. That we follow a gay command. So first we never trade our news and the reason for this is that by the time the news comes out it's too late. Markets of all types are incredibly efficient. Weighs potential value and price assets accordingly we do not claim to be so smarter so fast. Second most news is entirely irrelevant. The news that is of importance will ultimately impact what does matter in which is interest rates in earnings. Those are those are there really just two things that were looking at. We watch this information console when you know things change for the better or worse. We respond. We may not catch tops or bottoms. Of price swings vote we don't try to either. Well we try to content assisted it consistently. Identify in a general sense where we are. In economic cycle in invested NASA's that are relatively attractive at that point and then we million hedges of gasses that move in opposite direction. Of our chosen assets. And we have it right are selected assets will perform well and hedges will underperform. In bull markets are hedges act as a drag on performance. Now that's fine by ass because those same hedges reduced draw down oral loss. When things Iraqi and we believe that the key to long term success in generations of wealth is to avoid big losses if at all possible. This is not a perfect system but is it simple imprudent Sosa I hope this helps with. You know the people that were managing money for an eye on death that's what we do and that's that's our goal is is not always hit home runs but it's. It's. Safely manage in the money. Absolutely sounds like. Pattern our path of consistency. He especially when you loan limit losses you're busy you limit your losses over a long period of time the net result the net gain is earned a net. Government outside and I'm going to be you're going to be ahead. Yeah if you if you look back and if you didn't take some of those big losses and from 2008. In you were able to rebound and in. Get back into the game without without taken those huge losses and you're you're way ahead of the game right so is so weakened if we can limit. Those huge loss and I mean it's yeah it's the better forever. Absolutely what I like about the command portfolio as well as not only. Did they give us information like this two. Keep a surprise of the strategies that you're using. To manage portfolios but they also have strategies with each porch full portfolio. That is. It has a particular risk tolerance or drawn down just based on the investors. Profiler their risk tolerance. And so they have goals that they managed to and I know this the ones some of our clients came in. Me. We're concerned especially in a month a favor in March how much their portfolio had dropped. And so one of the things we did was we said okay. Well let's see if it met its goal you know everyone knew that there is correction in February there was that wears the pin at 13% just depending on. What. News outlet outlet or publication was reporting the numbers who police say was 10%. In so for every one of the wolf clients that there was concern. Some had actual gains in which the skids. Some. Had a losses but it didn't drip. Our dip down below. The targeted drug now limits so I think that that. The bed that was a bit tests for this particular money manager cabana because. And it further supports. The information that they shared with us. With respect to their strategy on managing many silly lemon at the Los with clinical NF. It's powerful you are you know what it was almost as power flows is a software that we have that compares. Because Dan was portfolios to the court fully that you currently have them weathered just beat one mutual fund or one stock Cora. Or really well put together diversified portfolio. Weakened to weaken look at them side by side and show yet. How they're doing and get what the fees are. How they performed back in in the different crash is how they permit how they've bounced back over this last decade and and it's you know I'm just good information to have us. Most most people don't do a lot of comparing hey I I don't they don't have things to compare to or if it's just not. Easily accessible or if you know I think the biggest thing is just that everything's everything's been up for so long that there's not a real reason to. Yeah people aren't aren't really worried right now but it's it. Yeah again for your completion yeah and I do comfortable and everybody was happy with total seventeen and how the market just soared. When the end of January camera and it was like wait a minute yep how did this happen. You know that's a great point because lately a lot of clients that have come in and they've. Thanks mayor some market volatility and they've taken us up on our offered to have their portfolios are evaluated have been surprised that some of the mix. You know I'm thinking of one process prospective client Witt the head of merely large put portfolio vote was surprised to hear that he has some unregulated. Some unrated excuse me some unrated bonds and his portfolio. And that was 25300000. Dollars worth the money did he. Had no idea there wasn't even raise it yes in of course you know we're talking to him about that you know he is that believe his spouse has some many of their organization like pair or some public pension. You know I need you can pretty much guarantee that if if if a pension trustee is investing money they're not gonna put in an unheated non no no I regulating these guys do that stirs it chunk of 300 Donahue. It's quite this is a bit slow death and so. That's the great thing about the eighteen that we work with and then we have weakened. We can get down into the vetoes. Analyze portfolios. See you that see what's happening there get a lot of historical information in many are surprised to find out what's actually going on in their portfolio. And you don't back to your point of complacency. William. I think because things have been so well I help people they you know you don't feel you know very well did you really don't look but when things start to get over his shaky Sarah say hey wait a minute we have here there's start to watch this a little bit so folks are coming in. In taken us up on our offer. To have there portfolios are evaluated and. So we're we're gonna some great information some great education gap and again that that portfolio analysis is of no cost to you down you know also come take an hour out of your day in and really see. How that portfolio is performing well at risks you're taking on what type of reward you're getting from you know and see if it's really tailored for you yet. You know I had a client they came in last week that Europe some that was listened to the show and they said you know we wanna take you'll find just. On CNN what this portfolio awarded done in 2008 that's that's pretty neat now that's cool stuff for you can come in and say okay here's what you have and if we go through 2008 again. Or if you had this portfolio in 2008 here's what would've happened my message you know that's that's good information at absolutely not saying that that's gonna. Happen again but. Yeah no no no one knows crystal ball known as the absolutely all right man. So. You know what we better take a quick break valueless into the ultimate retirement planning show give us a call at 3033060105303. 3060105. We'll be right back. The market is that record high spoke Kool knows how long that will continue so that white. Savings rates are still relatively low in the bond market continues to hover around all time lows. According to bank Tree.Com the average national rate for money market accounts is under point 5% and by your CD rates are 2.2 2%. So what are the other options if you were looking for a solid interest rate with out the downside risk of the market. How about a fixed annuity that pays a guaranteed rate of 3.2 5% for five years with no fees an optional interest payment second start after only thirty days. This is one of the highest rates available today called third tax advisory group today at 3033060105. To learn more about this fixed annuity that guarantees 3.2 5% a year for five years. That's right 3.2 5% guaranteed for five years health care tax advisory group today at 3033060105. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning children have questions about retirement. Get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 3033060105. John. And we are back and listen to the upcoming retirement planning shows. Give us a call at 30330601053033060105. We'd love. Two set up an appointment with you they have become money and tents to answer questions that you may have about here. Have retirement plans are we don't have a retirement plan we'd love to sit down the far really one Lithia. We have to sit down and go over your investments we have to sit down and just share well exactly yeah yeah half a cup car right. Should you vote number whole gamut as soon to give us give us that calling come on in the set up their deployment but hey lets us. Let's continue on talking about that investments and I managed many. Portfolios that we have available in our office and you know guys is one of the things that's. That's great about the the strategies that command has sent some of our other many managers is that. They are willing to make decisions based on what's happening. What's going on any economic cycle and in a lot of folks probably aren't. Mean that. Be aware of that that's what's really happening behind the scenes that you know you've got peaks and valley in the economic cycle. And when you have money managers on board. Who are tactically managing here many based on the events that are happening in the economic cycle. There are going to be doing things sets is. Maximizing earned in a fine those assets that are performing as well as those assets and are under performing. And that's what command is doing in by them doing that then increases the likelihood hopefully that you gonna have some growth that you don't have some returns. And so that constant rebalancing. Is is great and let's what's good on top of that is they're. You know that it a lot of investors will react to what's happening in to the to what they hear coming out of the chomping administration on what they hear going on. You know are coming out from some of the news outlets you know these guys are shifty sickly making decisions. In a taken into consideration some key events interest rates earnings the economic cycle that we in though are and then things like that. Well like military re read earlier I mean most of the news is entirely irrelevant yeah I mean it's. One thing today in a tweet tomorrow and I don't mean itself the exact that there are that one tweet to hit I thought that Daniel sometimes when we do early morning update. You know I'll take a peek at the numbers and they'll be because you know how it changes so fast I. I'll look right perform gonna do the update or make the Colin to the radio station. And they're now. It is an area right when I make a call her up again. Maybe maybe year change in things I think the NFL caught. You got some pull in their goods gravity pulled up 20 and I think what I do know this is. The the website that I used to it's it's invesco dot com. Investor dot com. And I I get a little bleak some loose it comes out. In it almost seems like that one may say well employment numbers were up their favorable today boom and his dream like he had very little in what triggered a. No one thing I've noticed too is it. For every single day I mean every single day that we've had a show not the market has never dropped a single penny at cern. Never dropped to single not a single penny every day and we've got to show really we do a lot of weekend shows but I thought well are you China Tass news. Yeah obviously I've hundred deaths. You know end and we we tough I think we spent a little bit of time on this before and and we'll talk a little bit about an season in how are you worked in different plans but just just some rice too I mean like I say when I first sir in the business side I was. Our financial planner but I don't I was considered a broker a stockbroker and just for our listeners who you know you hear the word fiduciary you hear the word broke her in its you know just just summarize it up for either there's there's a big difference between. Stockbrokers. And in fiduciary to a Jew is what we are here yet very big difference I mean it for a stockbroker really what they're doing their they sell products. They're compensated through commissions. They follow suitability rules there they're not obligated to put the client's interest first. They're not obligated to disclose conflicts of interest. And they may be biased investment recommendations in Seoul on on the other hand on the better hand which is our hand when we are going fiduciary is. We sell process. We're compensated through an advisory fee. We follow fiduciary standards. You know we're obligated to put the client's interest first were obligated to disclose potential conflicts of interest. In airline with the with the client's best interest and now that's pretty powerful things are on the world work to do shares were. Do what's right for the client what's in their best interest in world were aligning herself with great money managers in cabana which are in a fiduciary is as well and and that's that's how we do it. Absolutely yeah. And so as part of the advisory services that are there is a fee you here and there are there isn't there's no Harry launchers and nothing nothing's free are absolutely yes. In news that. He says happiness he's still avoid definitely when you have so many managers that are tactically managing your portfolio in they've got targets that they managed to. And they've consistently performed based on when you have Mac over you know several years of performance in those numbers are. You know us three to five times greater than inflation. Which is a good metric to compare how your investments your time. That's the scene that you want to manage. Senior money that's a good team you wanna be on and that's a C did his worst pain the F absolutely I mean. That's exactly right it's one of those where in the end we talked about does the last last week he said beyond so they what what these are are worth seen and and if I'd I think I think it's it's more of what's the benefit you don't usually break it well now you don't even get permits what was it costs and what's the benefit. In if you look at how it how we've done how cabana has done with the value that we bring in. It's at its warts that you have no idea if if you're looking at the portfolio. And I'm looking at 144 here and to in 2008 it actually made money that. Makes sense suggested to pay a fee for that right if you have someone. This is doing a good job managing your money coming in in a game you have to pay to have someone manager money and right there's not a free way of doing that you can that you can be doing yourself for. And you can do it cheaply and get ETS and try to rebalance it on your on your own and brag but you have the similar. Outcome that you did during the exactly I mean that's. Sosa is it is it worsened in. And so. When it comes to manage money I also there there's two ways if you get compensated or are two ways that you pay as a as a car you paid to have them money managed to end with a broker it's going to be. Through each you don't buy and sell right so that's why a lot of times you'll be you'll see. A lot more trades going on then then probably you you want under your wondered why that's happening the F oh so we we do it by at womb a wrap fee where there's not. A DE there's no charges for every individual trade mitts Iraq feed depending on the amount of NASA's that you have with us. And so and beyond but that gets us into the discussion of a season in Warner good sees bad fees. And I think the bottom line is just it does the benefit outweigh the costs. And you know some things you you're gonna have to pain now pay later and so I think those fees you know make sense and campaign announced and later. Excuse me and together that your understanding of why why you're paying streets you know our our these fees benefiting. Okay I'm poses the questions that she you're gonna need to ask is what type of fees or memo going to be paying in and how are they gonna benefit me why why am I paying industry. Who okay. In infusing you know we we talk about the new Moody's a lot may grab one thing you're so there there's one magazine that I read every week. And it's for financial advisors call the investment news and and on the cover last week it was. But couple sitting on the beach with. You know there's a big storm coming in on the ocean is as the worst time to retire here. Market conditions forecast of Trent truce future for those heading into retirement. What's an advisor to do them and when you Oprah magazine and and look into it the this first page inside when you open the magazine is says. It's from Jackson national big life insurance company that offers annuities. Says if you think an annuity is hard to explain try telling a client they may run out of income. Who's and that's the first page the third page is from great American another annuity provider. It says are you still on the fence about annuities. Through your reasons to consider an annuity protection. Growth and no opens up front fees. That you iron and then. Though the week before that the cover of investment news's. Lincoln financial's is your clients have a lot of responsibilities. In life. What happens in the market shouldn't be one of those important reason that we spend so much time on annuities. Is is that I mean it is the guarantees and the sanctioning that you got to. I mean. Now you always one growth opportunity but when you're looking at situations for instance 2008. If all of your money's in that market based investment when you're you're subject to those drops you're subject to a possible losses. Why not protect yourself by anchoring a portion of your portfolio into a guaranteed product it. Provides a no loss scenario they guarantee issue of income to activate for the future and potential upside you know. At that point your you share in the growth with the company because they bear all the risk and you no longer have any risk of loss of principal. So then you you share in the growth at that point we actually means you're here on the same side of the table with that company. As opposed to. Sitting on the other side of the table with that broker dealer community. So in and that gets us into when we talk about Beason rioters in you know within annuities I think one of the biggest. Now the biggest downsides and ordered something that you see in the news the most if you. You've seen Ken Fisher on TV here in the newspapers I hate annuities in you should too and I mean a lot of the did. Discussion I guess would be the cease and water this season cited these different annuity products. What are the fees Ford did they make sense or they. You know there's there's there's long term care writers there's income writers there's inflation writers there's death and a fair writer so. With the writer there's going to be a cost. And so if work. Looking for a guaranteed income stream. And we've got money in the in his 401K. Or an IRA and report saying you know. Did this is really again before. Income were gonna make this our our personal pension. In three years in five years is some point in the future. Then to have I'm gearing TV income writer on the air where that money is guaranteed to grow by. 67%. Compound in each year for the next however many years. To meet that's a writer that is is very worst the money more aware LC gonna go. And get that kind of guarantee that kinda compound for future income yeah it has nowhere that's right now where so. So get income writers we got death benefit writer same kind of thing if you're if it's four. Legacy planning and if it's for wealth transfer. If it's if you want the money it's to be to have a guarantee on a tab guaranteeing growth and then to go on to the next generation. You can do that but it if there's a cost to. Salute and and in many of the annuities. There's opportunity for you to cover that cost. Because they gonna have some way for either turn interest beyond mere investment so if you manage the interest earning strategy correctly. He you can earn enough. To where. Main interest is covering in the car so the feet is definitely and so I mean and that's a mean to your point it's a great in some fees are great to have there's there is a trade off there. But I I think it's great that there's a way for you to mitigate that trade off. Simply by my managing your. I knew the interest earning strategy sets that year we grow the snow covering the fees and and that's. Until that we help clients alleyway theft. Yeah him a lot of advisors don't move now we've we've got some we do know that's what we meet with tears come tax time we meet with yet. Mom on your anniversary. And is sometimes more than that recognize it's not like we. We set jump with someone we never see again I I think that there's a lot of people that have had that relationship with. If you wanna call it an advisor just as someone who sold just something or some point but. You know they you have an annuity that no one's ever help gin. In the man gene. You know there is a market side event and so they're here and something that has. Very low capture that hasn't performed and so. We you know that's something that we take pride in and help help our clients do. Absolutely every time we sit down and we review the portfolio. With their clients or not I'm looking and a number of things Hauser performing. In relation to inflation. What is the interest growth look like how is your overall portfolio look like. That's under our management so we look for signs and we have benchmarks. That we use so that we can help our clients. You know make sure that. They don't outlive their money and so you can do things you can pit strategies in place and you can make its options and he can have income writers and things like that. That will help minimize your risk about living. You Manny and so is there's so many benefits that lie in and in the nudie. And it's unfortunate that she have to know some folks I'll clear that for whatever reason. We'll try and in Massimo want to sit down and you really. Get a good understanding with some proud because we we've really moved and focus on educating. Our prospects and our clients I don't know this is why you want the annuity in your portfolio. Or you know if they come in and you know the really really didn't have a good understanding of of how it works and things like that so we've taken the time to really educate folks and so I haven't been in one meeting. You know you guys who say this to where somebody hasn't walked out and say hey you know what he thinks I understand it I'm glad I have this. It makes sense to me especially based on the structure of minor. Oh my portfolio. And what my risk tolerance is and Michael's. In retirement. Near in in the other thing is again you know were world holistic practice were independent. And so. It does is not like. Any you know we're talking about income writers and there is. In all honesty there's good income writers and and that income writers as is well united depends on the of the house and that's with everything yes. Is as good products and there's bad products I mean we don't use a variable annuities for that reason exactly because within a variable annuity. You're going to be hit with fees left and right here as Gerry and went don't wanna mention the company previously worked with that. Mean you saw many many variable annuities and the V fees ranged between three and sometimes even 7% of pentagon on what else was included in that yeah and wish that you've got no guarantee you they're they're your principles always subject to that. Decline if if that news came about in the markets reacted. You have no principal protection with that right so when we went variable annuity comes across her desk we. We ask why. Who do you know why you were put into this variable looting was it. For for what reason was it for income issues for income let's see how this is gonna benefit she was it for protection. They faced they gave this to you for protection will let me education you're subject to those the slowing of the market and there's not too much protection there right so. It really depends on on your goals and objectives. Mum we don't utilize those variable annuities because we'd like to focus on asset preservation there's other ways to get accumulation if you if you want accumulation and market based investments beyond the market. Exactly and they're Tim mead is just. Didn't deserve only that he doesn't make sense is it just it's an annuity that doesn't make sense if you want guarantees in you go with an index annuity fixed annuity hybrid. You know if you want upsides Indian in the market lack don't have. 5% in these holding you back and and not even the best money manager so. So they just don't there's not to mean there's not a reason to hone them to to have them here on. A sentencing. Often we'll see someone come in and have a very validity. In here's a portion of it that is designated this fixed oh yeah fiasco is that what I've got to fix component to it. But there's a trade off with that and then you know wants a very well all variable right yeah. Elsewhere and so they might have been designated a percentage of this fix but in reality the trade off might be is it do you. He got up just a portion of that fix and very attached to it might be 1%. In the end and not in your panties on the whole thing that's an immunity that six forces are even make an enemy you're actually losing my present a little 1%. That's I thought he did not hot or not any Earth Day on and that's what we like to educate people on and and again I mean that's that's the biggest and that for me that's the biggest thing I I like given back like educate them time I've I've been. Blessed with a great life and and I enjoyed doing what I do and and I like helping people out. Am one of the things out there on the knees when you. Start to study them in as we have the opportunity we have folks that will take us out on our offer. I would to a sale right now do you have any type of in the movie we'd love to take a look at with you and tell you what we think. And when someone brings in a variable annuity though one of the hardest things that time pinpoint is is what the fees are. In you can even bring in the contract we have folks actually me in the contract in you know how the first 23 pages have all the data information and end. Well they only disclose certain. Peace yet it is is it and you really have to dig in there. And that leaves other sources to find out they hated reality he had talks about one or 2% here back. They've got these undercover feast yeah ha yeah they're here in so before you know your pain in 567%. In peace. If if so how about this if you bring in a variable annuity and you have mere review it. And if you think you know all the fees in if I can find more fees. If if I can't find more fees. All taken a large house that sell take it or if I can't find more fees than you think there are any near barely new you're not there about the McDonald's across very. Well I yeah. Maybe I'm. Enough that's your flavors that are good at the McDonald's I don't think you. Don't ever call a time few weeks back when the gentlemen said in with you Adam. And he loads as you didn't face and said how morally good and what percent on this let's put my guy told me. Yeah and at an apple thought you said let's make a phone call ya ya why did you guys learn I don't know point 6% in fees may I mean in his in his advisor his broker was charged him another 1%. That doesn't tell a person that he was aware yeah so I mean it's a bit but we've got great software that really digs deep ended Indies and then. You know but there's M any cost there's writer charges each individual. Money manager has he's a minute there's there are fees it that your advisor probably doesn't even know about there being honest with you. So absolutely yes and you know in our managed portfolio defeat it we tell you. There's no additional fee on top of that no no we should say that since you brought that's about that I we don't have any additional fee on top of that we have nothing to hide the yeah. Transparency. Men being being transparent is. This very important that you know that that's why may take a little more than an hour return to go over everything with you answer all your questions in just get out all the information so that share your very well educated by the time we decided to make that decision yet. We love being transparent so if there is no issue before I didn't know about this happen. So I'll let we all take the time tell it to educate because we we'd much rather have a educated happy client. The declines that isn't aware of what's going on. Rams who have definitely big guys we better take a break the engineer can but that mean means. I thought all right so folks who listen to the authors aren't planning show give us a call at 3033060105. Will be right back. The market is that record how I spoke Kool knows how long that will continue so that white. Savings rates are still relatively low in the bond market continues to hover around all time lows. According to bank Tree.Com the average national rate for money market accounts is under point 5% and by your CD rates are 2.2 2%. So what are the other options if you were looking for a solid interest rate with out the downside risk of the market. How about a fixed annuity that pays a guaranteed rate of 3.2 5% for five years with no fees an optional interest payment second start after only thirty days. This is one of the highest rates available today called third tax advisory group today at 3033060105. To learn more about this six to goody bag guarantees 3.2 5% a year for five years. That's right 3.2 5% guaranteed for five years health care tax advisory group today at 3033060105. Welcome to the ultimate retirement planning shell have questions about retirement get all your financial questions answered right now by calling 303. 3060105. John. All right we're back at the ultimate retirement planning shows a. Animal learn. Gus I think stepped out for a cup of coffee I think he needed his little low morning coverage. You have to tell us nothing but a but just to reiterate on on what we're talking about and and in fees worth paying in an end to meet. Is if you know what you're looking for what your goals are what your objectives are. We can help you put together a plan in and sometimes those long term care writers make since the death benefit riders makes sense that income writers to inflation. Writers that he and there are writers that are worth pain and it then makes sense and so were happy to sit down with yet. Education on what the seas are what she did it for pain in those fees. And an if you do you have an annuity like Gus said bring it in and let us talk to about it let us show yet. You know what we know let us educate John on what she really have. And and if it's if it's something worth keeping in the world we're gonna tell you that. And as I mean you know out of my eye and surely appreciate those long term care writers. Yeah because with traditional long term care and the cost of the thing that's ever increasing cost. You know it and to not have a double edged sword with that long term care traditional plan you know if you don't use that long term care insurance limits she has gone. But by using any writer attached to a hybrid in duty you have both. He double edged sword then you have income to pull from as needed as well as. In benefit for that long term care if that is the situation that you come come about. Definitely I mean that's two to be quite honest that's why my dad loves so that's why my mom. Got the policy that she got because my dad at the time couldn't qualify for a long term care policy. In with my mom's planned so what with fees and duties how how how Furl how powerful. Is this. So my mom was a teacher with cherry creek schools for 35 years. Has pair has a great pension. She has a TSA. Then I am managing now in inside of one of these hybrid in the mideast. You know it's. I tell people that all the time that that when you come in and meet with me I treat you like my parents. Well listen what my parents half the same this is what I did for them I mean and that's that's how I do business owner and so my mom with her TSA. We got a hybrid annuity. And insider that in new readers a long term care writer. End because she's married to my father. She can do it jointly pay out. Indy either one of them is covered for long term care while so it's her qualified plan. In my dad who couldn't get long term care insurance at the time is covered under her qualified plan that's an arsenal that's. That's as good as again yeah I mean so. There it there's definitely writers that makes sense and and and again we were happy to educate Xia. In Chile. If if you've got something good we're we're gonna tell you to keep it. Now that's that's on my I always say if the promises that we give the wall educate Jim. We'll show you some ideas and strategies that will only improve your situation. If you have a great thing going and more power to right now that's not broken don't fix it. Niigata and and we do we do that every so often someone comes in they've got to. Birdied both bulletproof planned an enemy to perhaps Simmons and shake your hands they've all you did great. There are not gonna share ideas with you that don't make sense right and then in more work at a pace that you're comfortable with world word no pressure work. And we look like educating and doing what we do. So the key take away here is if you have these products if you have these questions if you realize oh my lord I have a variable annuity and I don't know what's going on inside of it. Give us call at 3033060105. Scheduled at no cost consultation come and sit down with us in and tell this year you're concerned should give us the questions that you haven't thought. Until now. And and let us educate you I'm on how best to to strengthen their portfolio word. Won't say it again tip our hats to you you've done well. Yeah absolutely very little amusing that the administration knows the company these guys and you don't get the contest they had known it well enough. I didn't wanna get up Ringo I go back and get an otherwise. Thought it's donut day or night but I don't engineered mandates don't lead to me that's they got some nice. Delicious donuts and I could not resist so I guess you keep talking I'll be your bed now. Up after a. But are they in addition to the challenge or encouragement to bring in your variable annuity some folks don't they don't know what Pannemon really I have sometimes it just have a tradition actually mixed annuity contract which she returns on matter going to be low Melamine were talking and CD I compare them. So below 2% I had in that situation just yesterday and yes and I also think there and a bit. Annuity this given them some decent returns and in reality. It's and there are only given one to 2% brand growth. I got faxed a statement just yesterday night where the index was up 15% but they were only making three anti and so they said. How does this work so well at this point and the difference goes to the company. Sounds Mencken once there have personally it's not you know unfortunately. Now you know 3% I'm not saying that's. Adam let you know we can do better. And and that's the thing is it's always. What can we do to it to better improve. You were successful retire yet. To make sure that you you have the growth that you need to make sure you have the income that you need of course it's. It's it's a big puzzle like I said before it's a jigsaw puzzle we're gonna use your years. Yours guaranteed income as the foundation and guaranteed income for one is your Social Security benefit. I too would be a pension. Three would be an annuity these are the only guaranteed streams of income that you can count on men and how can we then utilize other assets to continue to build growth. As well as some staying 88. Guarantee each dream of and come right. So give us a call come in sit down with us. Ask us any questions or she may have let us ask the probing questions as well so that we can get a good understanding. Of what's going on in your world what what are your chew concerns what are your goals and objectives. Let us do whatever it is that we can do to help improve your situation. And it only takes a little bit of time out of your day. So gives call 3033060105. And scheduled at no cost consultation. Are ranked guys so let's move onto our next topic. Well let's discuss how we help retirees protect their retirement income that's an alert that's yeah there's there's things that she got to be aware of in order to. To hedge against Lou the possible what ifs and just be prepared for a deep. Inevitable more than the inevitable is one day that we are all going to to pass away but how long is that going to be. With advances in health care we're living longer than ever so it's important to plan for a long shepherding who can't. To plan for twenty to thirty year retirement. Because like I said. It medical advances there there'd there'd booming right now but. And it's quite likely that if you're healthy 65 year old today there it's more than likely that your gonna make it here eighties or even ninety's. So that's why. We need to plan for longevity that. And plan for health care costs. You were just discussing earlier long term care. And according to the US department of health services about 70% of those individuals aged 65 or older will require some sort of long term care services yeah that's done blows my mind every time I hear that that's I mean that's a lot of people that's a lot. That is a lot. The eat now that's either in home services in an adult daycare earned assisted living facility or traditional nursing home. According to gem worth 1217. Cost of care survey. The average private pay cost for a semi private room eight semi private room in a nursing home. Is gonna run you about 85000. Dollars a year. I know what those semi private nursing home rooms look like there's nothing semi private about it you're in eighty. Yeah total by twenty room. With another person you have been in a rooming with a sheet that surrendered ten or you're lucky if you got to sheep in between you had Laporte oh glad to sit there and stare at somebody. You know and hopefully it doesn't. FEMA. No Internet and every night and let alone and my partner my zero and Cadillac. So the average cost of a semi private room in a nursing homes about 85000 year. I and assisted living facility averages about 45000. Year. And if you are one of the individuals who do not want to go to any one of those facilities and you want that in home health care. You're looking at an average of 132. Dollars a day in which no one wants to go Indy any kind of facility known what you don't wanna stay at home every time we talk about this with clients they say you know I tell my spouse when that happens is bringing me out of the field. No one wants to go to those facilities but unfortunately. There are times that it is of necessity you know. In my uncles and grandmother's case they knew him my mother's a retired nurse then let it got to a point where she just couldn't keep up with their medical needs your grandmother needed dialysis every second day. That's something that we couldn't do in the home and so it came to a point where we had to put them in the east facilities as much as we didn't want to it was a necessity. So these are the things that we need to it to take into consideration so. Longevity. Health care costs. What is that going to be in the future especially with. The ever increasing in sneaky rise of inflation Maddon who's so inflation has been. Really low these past ten years and Terry it's been below average. But if you look back to in 1926. To today it's still averaging 3%. Mean so if you consider that. And if you're one of those individuals that has a pension and it doesn't have cost of living adjustments within. Even the very low rate of inflation can have a significant impact on our retirees purchasing power in the future no place message it's over thirty years that's right I mean you take that average of 3% over the next 25 years you are now cutting your purchasing power in half. Yeah okay. It has a huge impact on and that fixed income and net budget pitchers you're depending on. So if today you have a current cost of 50000 dollars a year. If your average inflation rate is 3%. In the next 25 years that skin I mean they're your cost of living is going to be 104000. Dollars a year. So be prepared for this we build inflation into our our income plans for that reason exactly. Now hopefully you're not in the situation where your expenses are gonna continued growing in retirement hopefully we're gotten we've gotten to the point now where. Expenses have have started to to dwindle and no longer be there and you may be one of the lucky ones that no longer have so it has a mortgage mess you made. Not have any debt but in the situation that you are one of those individuals are still has a mortgage and still has debt. These are things that we need to says addressing and focus on and really try to get. Knocked out of the way before your retirement to date has come. And then. Position yourself or physician your investments for growth. Which is why you guys were discuss and our our money management system then it's important to have growth within your portfolio. Because inflation is there. So. But with the with that you also you don't wanna be overly aggressive because when you're overly aggressive and that 2000 becomes about. Unfortunately. You're gonna feel every bit of the moon and then again you don't wanna be overly conservative either. That's why we'd like to balance our portfolios. And use a mix of bolts are managed monies as well reserve are guaranteed. Strangely streams of income for the future. So give us call come in sit down with us let us take a look at your portfolio lettuce really. Gauge the rest pitcher taking. The question that I'm good askew briefed before I do your portfolio analysis is. What type of investor are you home what type of risk do you believe he should be taking. Are you from growth investors are you conservative investor. Do you believe it's moderate or balanced. And 89 times up to ten answered that they give me. Does not reflect what the portfolio shows you know. So we we cater to our clients we build our clients portfolio specifically to them and their risk tolerance goals and objectives from. So. Let's not waste anymore time. Let's let's do we can focus on your needs goals and objectives and and get that straightened and and in play. And last but at least you need to be aware of how much you're taking from your accounts on UK hip. It won't be doing when you retire you you have more days to play you got to be prepared not to detritus. Playing too much can have an impact on your future needs so set a budget stick to the budget and they say if you can take out no more than four to 5% of your savings in the first year alone. In retirement. And then adjust that percentage for inflation in the following years. We should be safe to to make it 2030 years in retirement all right. So. Well we are almost done and that their time is almost up Celeste and at least I did just won all the touch who are Social Security. Okay and tips for Social Security. I'm. First tip over all coming in CS yeah okay if if you're not ready to come in for the one on one appointment. Give us a call scheduled for one of Parcells security seminars and now at our summer ours it's very general very basic he gives you the basic information about social security and educate you on. On what. We do to help people maximize that Social Security benefit. We do have a seminar next week Thursday June 7 at the south Glenn library rooms aid and be. Again that's a south Glenn library June 7 at 6:30 PM. Badgers will be 6972. Cell vying Sri in Centennial, Colorado 80122. Give us call at 30330601052. RSVP and let us know for anybody you'll be coming with few. Seating is limited so we do wanna make sure we have enough space for everybody. If next week doesn't work for you in a couple weeks after that we have our next seminar for the month of June. That will be held at the cold bell library. Also in Centennial. Address of 5955. South holly street. Colorado 80121. Again 630 to 7:30 PM. We do start right on time because we want to be respectful of everybody's time it's a lot of information cover. And we truly believe that when you come in sit down and and get this education that she will walk out with a better understanding. Of Social Security a better understanding of what. Your situation might be now if you would like a more personal touch come in and sit down with guests at a more myself. And we can go over everything with you on any specific scenario basis and I can't get too specific in the seminars because. If everybody's asking specific questions will be there all night. And I have gone over a couple times are taken too many questions Coca. Give us a call schedule that as Social Security seminar. Give us call schedule that one on one appointment again the numbers 3033060105. And we would love to sit down with you in discuss opportunities for maximizing that benefit as well as strengthening. Your overall portfolio. Yeah a nuisance. Leap ability that's right financial peace of mind hands are exactly right after Lou. Well guys I think that is our time for today time to go to the office main. Right behind my Yahoo! yeah coz donated this weekend they started. OK folks have a great day.