Star Spangled Radio Hour - 9.8.18

Saturday, September 8th

SSRH 431

September 8, 2018


With G. I. Jill Martha Wilkerson

AFRS H-12-601

AFRS H-12-602

AFRS H-12-840

AFRS H-12-859





SSRH 431 Playlist

(601) Honeysuckle Rose (Benny Goodman), Bugle Call Rag (Skinnay Ennis), Oh! What a Beautiful Morning (Bing Crosby and Trudy Erwin), Birmingham Special (Glen Gray)

(602) Blue Lou (Count Basie), I’ll Get By (Bob Crosby), Cherokee (Lucky Millinder), Cherry (Harry James)

(840) Buckle Down Winsocki (Benny Goodman), Straighten Up and Fly Right (King Cole Trio), Sweet Slumber (Lucky Millinder) (with in-studio guest Lucky Millinder), It Had to be You (G. I. Jivers)   

(859) The General Jumped at Dawn (Charlie Spivak), Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis (Judy Garland), I’m Making Believe (Ginny Simms), Stormy Monday Blues (Earl Hines) 

(951) Washington Whirligig (Charlie Barnet), Chloe (Spike Jones), I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry (Dinah Shore), Star Dust (Artie Shaw) 

(952) Swanee River (Les Brown), Sad Sack (Artie Shaw Grammercy 5), Dream (Pied Pipers) (dedicated to Navy at Kwajalein “Kwaj-Lodge”), Sing, Sing, Sing (Benny Goodman)

(998) Mission to Moscow (Glenn Miller AAF Band), Besame Mucho (King Cole Trio), I’ll Always Be With You (Les Brown), Yes, Indeed (Tommy Dorsey)

(1834) Pushin’ Sand (Kay Kyser), The Best Things in Life are Free (Beryl Davis), Hooray for Love (Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers), Lover (Stan Kenton) (dedicated to the Denver Army Hospital), The Hornet (Artie Shaw) 

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Okay. Let me. I don't know I was looking through the old. Star spangled radio hour on line library this morning and thought what do you have played openness show this weekend. Just for some reason this one in the stuck with the party shop begin the big scheme is we begin the program the stars say you'll radio hour online and indeed right here. Add to easy. Ford team thirty we've changed the furniture in the looker out here a little bit you know it's. Our version is spring cleaning we're doing it in the fall and welcome to every Crandall right here with yet. And it is nice to welcome you back into the studio here as we get into now the second week of September. And the cash it's great having you along with the same youths who much in of course we are joined as you know by mr. Dennis brag it author of declassify it and not welcome in duke the new look looks okay Helm. Both be all the so are angry over the long birdie that's that's pathetic that the news and the new revitalize. I feel like I'm one of the guys the greater skate that made it. Yeah. And we got out all of us no good reason. So congratulations I think I'm new hybrid in the mix so. Bullying. In the name. I did condition golf course cut through all I really didn't. Appreciate you know it's dubbed the B traditionalists. And the radio programmers who are pretty. You know convicted in their opinions on how this is supposed to work quarter. Not as make any assumptions that this is according to court her confident. But I am yup we know better are we live it every day in day it's a unique radio station and unique audience and so. That easy 1430 is what we've become here in Denver and for those of you a far we've we've reintroduced some of the there. Classic vocalist from the great American songbook so it's not a usual Medicare Tony Bennett are here for anchored here dean. And others are mixed in with you know the songs we've implant from from greed dolby slippery so it's kind of fun. Then and maybe a little star spangled radio or be. Topic directional lines yeah. That is gonna show the way a little bit yeah. All air listener in Colorado will. Stay here again you never know yeah we this goal for the good control of the doubt. There and it's and it's evolving in their week every week it'll be different than. And so that's exciting stuff but that alone there are no great relationship crew remained in your. Well I heard you can't go we'll see. You know it's gonna work one of two ways either I'm a genius or I'll be retired in May and either way I ripped pay either way I wish him. Yeah I think it is yeah well speaking of working yeah. Bulwark we're looking at night we're well we're we're copying the last week if not it'll literally could trigger holy. He goes back for eight more GI giants probably your work quite. And I you know we are going to. California very soon get where it's the we have some nice things here here's your favorite band leader. Singers yes I'm not reruns from last week but certainly all good stuff. And the terms of 1940. 445. Timeframe. And maybe 46 from 46 can't move. So here Miller brown. Door C Goodman strong element in the structural. I don't know border could look down or just do you know everybody showed up at night Harry Cheney. See Enders sisters sitting. PK in here and part of it and not. Yet been tied by occurs I think show up so it's all good. And the end to really our intention. Here on star spangled rated or. In other variety of music it's just it's a you know it's easy way for us to feature a whole lot of great groups that in a couple of weeks and the end. Share them with few and you know what you hear of them and in their prime and also to hear him from a perspective of the disc jockey of the day so. Yeah well the only thing we can do differently or as great as well to represent an era. Would be apparently recordings of so much up and cultural and it's why they got played by air power Chia. We could go back innocence in this spirit of that commitment and ecumenical as of and you're new format. You do realize we can do is star spangled radio or lower personal hell from Vietnam. Do we exist they unfortunately you do yeah RTS. I darn well when it's over a little stroll or even quandary as good. As I. And I would again in the spirit of connect. Should learn to shall. Put you worked the first foremost there and coordinator of this army. The vast scale that she would Roman yeah I think there were something. Also made an all American daughter yet something subjects should just give you sound fair audience in this suddenly suggest device because you're there and done. But you know when you look at the documentaries made about her or AFR and an airport he has files and she got autonomy you know. A lot of guys really put the mood on her good taste you can really I mean good. If you look at some of the male but still exert control of the wilder or they would sit there are quite different yeah it's good for you think he stopped yelling or a picture of me. But she hit the jackpot with what. I think struck tour record for the tenor of the times yeah and remember we're out there putting their lives on the line all over the world. And the men and women that are supporting them all over the world I just the fact I just. Just yesterday you know I found. For me and email letters here. They're nestled between me and small. Female what they do it to get like a magnifying got out there we. You know the actual well ordered little envelope a little tiny books so I'm looking at the the army post opposite problem. Pole postmark on them you know yeah. Standard so interesting because I'm going to. All of that and march 1944. Is here he could come February 1945. Here you can just. I don't monitor reading them you know whether it's just I'm thinking well why I didn't. Good leader addressing a letter from dad. That the still. Tiger and under a hybrid corn Miller emails to sort I'd never my courage up and cool but anywhere you know say that let's. Yeah still kind of rolling here and give us a taste of GI jarred for the next to our troops. Give her her due to its June oh and did his GI Joseph I have seen you won't hear of any place else. The right here on the star spangled review our unwise. Or it is fellows. The eight EF jukebox of the air G judge. Idea fell. This is still sending greetings from the United States of America. Did you flock is standing on it seemed like today because this session of GI diet is dedicated to the United States navy. Hi is there aren't just going nets lob against the nearest dog can life grant them these records going to. Not on the top of the death is that Benny Goodman Cano with Honeycutt who wrote. Yeah. Then it. Thought it was a great thing in the morning at saint Alvin naval hospital window of live and decided to do something for the entertainment of the wounded sailors there. New radios where almost impossible to get felt he won absent gathered jump in this graph from every backyard we guarantee. He took solace definitely felt Annie turned over 325. Radio made from the jump to stand albums hospital. Thanks a million Joseph Levin you're a member of the home front and 40 with a navy site that her eyes. Now stand by maybe one or all 'cause here at any analyst with the beautiful day. How. I. Okay. OK okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. That was the bugle call read and what could come next but all in a beautiful morning. Think 'cause feet and two year one sanctuary for a sergeant Robert Griffin that and the communications section and they PO 37. Another vote winner of the United States navy can funding Judy. Have run. Home and go. Dry. Unknown. Look at all. As the melody. And it looks like he. All this group paying all. All. Yeah. All the cattle. My X-Factor. The spending. Next vantage being. Please do your. But a little. When there. All wrong. Few I. Hold off you OK okay. Here it is going to be. Then things go ahead. All this time. Pro life news. This. I mused. Look for news is so business. It's all this took me. And all. We thank you well man. Okay. Boom all. The love to hear them okay. You do. It's cool. Very thing mom. I have heard the news you. Very thing. Say fellas here is a new one on adding insult to injury. Navy airman found them very unique way of returning empty bottles which is campaign Japanese dinner. Andy Smith got quite excited when the bombs were dropped on the deck of a shift. Pilot at fifteen marine scout plane got the ball that night to kick capped under the under fire him revealing their positions. Then United States peak he both Gary and calls them unload their deadly canned fish by the a lot of gas gunfire. And that's not all you can do with a bottle of beer at this fancy cars I'm not fun the Marines here at them as MPLA unified communication and power lines. And I talking too much when I got to be playing realm great record of Birmingham special unit moved. I. The. Okay. That's. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And okay. Okay. Okay. Okay okay. No diet it kind of put this second hand guy that I hope you'll Rihanna beam next eEye guys kinda. And meanwhile let me know what you want to hear just like to GI diet armed forces radio thought Angela. USA 'til later this is you know paying good money to found no good afternoon you can argue and address that you'll remember. This program was produced by the armed forces radio service. Erin is fellows. The eight EF juke box of the air GI diet. Hot he would sell. Yes it did yeah I guy and this is DL well supplied with the necessary nickel to get he'll do thoughts going. About lottery could and did so he really go with the first firm part sergeant. Private Jackson sergeant Paterson and I didn't really come out and they PO seven LA. They wrote. Please not this Nauman thumping by the can't. Most balanced. The at this though do. If not maybe playing blues. Okay seven I'll wait picking at dove up now while I got another nickel and do stock. Push button number two and we have music by Bob Crosby's. And both soon at getting an anyone revival. Proof of my theory that he can't keep a good tune again remember what I hear it is for the Nanette APR 167. Okay about connecting. But. The. I. Yeah. I. Why did you not suggest solid at all leave. I know you I remember this from coming up. Requested by sergeant Michael key thing to get of the United States marine and placed by you now by lucky no wonder it's Cherokee. The. Oh. 00. By the way LA. Let me know what you want and Kyra letter I guess you'd GI diet are important radio Los Angeles USA. Take for example lips letter from may PO 726. It says the member of the patent number one would like to hear carried by Harry James and wish to have a dedicated staff sergeant AP Smith. I'm citing Calais starting coffin sergeant Boe per PSA heat moon and pfc Sam McKee now. I guidance man. And the Gagnon at number one can you. And also by Benny writes in the manner they PO 981. Is carried by Harry game. I yeah. Okay. Yeah. I. Couldn't do it. And okay. It's. Yeah and. Yeah. Well Harry James looks like you around this second half because we're about to sign up for now. Come next he had just blindly jukebox and I will be here to stand them by the theft you want he had. Delay here with his guilt saying good one of the sound real good afternoon is my ideal and the rest of you and I. This program we're viewed by the armed forces radio there. I. There's still a good. And god. I value of the deal I deal with he had dad. Yep yank someone may the only yet few bucks and I advise Gina got this done every day it's been a few decades and answer a few regrets that you man on the way out. And record number Y and the question number one concerns lion king of playing Benny Goodman playing buckle down and stocky. Okay. Okay. Talking buckled down. You can win the wind is not yet you know book. If you break and then next thing if you make damn right you can make it back and so buckle down. And you know things can't make them you know and you can win swing but yet you give them yeah. And you don't give them hey get out can you were about our blue green if you. We'll down in your fight you jump on that have been created if you fight your reliable not very. We'll now. Now go down. And win win but yet you've walked over. If you hold them down if you go through the town you can play at round if you. It we'll now. Okay. Yeah. I. I. That was back down and stocking by Benny Goodman. Played a big quest of pfc Gilbert power than him I need. And that medications or an artist or a couple of felons that he brought Jay in here for it. Said balance beam dodge it does Grafton and crap all Bob well. I Don and Bob it became called jail and straighten often fly. I. A well the to have come on people rat in the game of the world get thought that everything was on who's playing at. The footage that it will among people expect when the movie added that this madness and Jack. That didn't matter right. Street after that night. Street and I. Called apple cup I don't billion top. Hate to use and that and how blessed I use them dad and people have been I broke out hot but not you know. Have fun. The hook them up Hewlett joking me and these still quote that was that you beat the market of the by the red did and yet it just. Just don't look at what it sounded cool. They happen but I. They have to stay right. Street that I thought cool down I don't burden time. And from the beaten path. Yeah food friends. Food. Eight and up and fat I. Told me that there's a unite. Beaten up and I'm excited. But not to know where you're top. I've I. Say Fallon then you all probably know by the time three time thereby locking Mellon has just about the most requested him in the head. Well lucky and yeah I'll have to be in the vicinity of the due back today so I started dragged me here because I've at a 1990 say hello I'm lucky. Lady you threw me you real me you're right about my being happy about saying hello to local being here in fact it truly wonderful. Age illnesses don't do much you got here you let you know we're. Well it looked like it worked my goal on the divisive to me doesn't he followed cake in the nickel yeah definitely. Okay gang has won only one of their opponent that feeling good you know like he just jive but never dreamed it. And yeah. The the. Please know. And I. The only. And okay. Need bloom. I know. Is rim all. He who. Are. My hands. Mean. Mom and. And then me okay. Okay. Me. Only. In the. Please. I know. Noon and I. I wrote a whole room. I. And we. Okay. Of these. That was quick comment I left email and there are lucky and dug up a nickel and you thought. Don't disappeared while I was standing bet he said to tell you that he really appreciate fellow please come very question and then when you want to hear it again let you know. When you wanna hear anything else let me know does that mean he had he eyed guy I was forced to video Los Angeles you have day. And now when you rat if you think of it use Gmail can't get here a lot faster and doesn't stand a chance of getting a lot. Now let's see key five Wesley DF and the gang they PR I'm for a lot happier being pregnant had to do you. We'll tell you find I can find out being has never recall I didn't felt I got kind of a professional record of it made by owned he adds I've read of your life. Okay. The. I. Okay. And. We'll have a live on. I. Wow. And that they had been head of the UN and also daycare than say some of he had dad. I feel tomorrow at my nickname until ma'am do you all say good money is sound but you get after him you don't love you. And there wolf that you now. Yeah blow. Yeah I. I. Sir Gerald. Good game and god I you know this and do all of when he sent to Baghdad to any end in divorce try and yet Brian Nichols. Good nickel that are destined to end up in the EFU Vioxx. Today songs by Judy Garland in Jeannie fans. Favorite buyer behind in the darkest yet and a bit of playing with downbeat to ice is asleep at the end of the year Kelly spivak in his darkest yet. And feed that takes over with facility jump the gun. It. I. Okay. And and that value to a especially if our private melon seed Drake city PO four or 59. And beauty talent about the big game and you've. That's weekly played her record of the trolley sung from the picture of me me sainthood. And today we're gonna play meet me in saint Luke found the picture me me and say purely dedicated to grab for O'Donnell and Mariah did it feel a 788. I didn't just how lesson and then intent 25 they PO 520. And all of you hail from sainthood. Okay did go out and give fox viewers. When Lou we came home soon I'm glad. He hung on his car and me. He needs all around until I mean he. Non elite then let him mom media. I'm not on the pavement yeah okay. You man I want as many here. And then you know we can't in the running is no my main island off tomorrow. Yeah. They only. I mean me. And the man. Who don't know me. And I mean OK okay. Can we learn yeah. You don't need. BM name me. Me I don't. I'm. Okay. Okay. Yeah of the he's okay I'm me. Okay. We will. You need. Okay. Why this freaks me out really brought in as decorate clay is. And a good present those requests that this next decade standby for the girls can't. That's key for a car key in his closet APR 070 man Booth Jerry you were all pretty dry brush Bruce and arrested eight PR 939. Bill cooking Morrison. Picture I'm. Junior and a gang of CPU. Private Nauman KJ PR 953. Canadian manner I'm certain. I am GE and bar scene and first class Ralph W squads and maybe 920. It's Jenny fans with I'm making believe. And I do know. And I. Fruits and. Okay. And me. Our end. OK okay. I can really. I mean. Who I. OK we. And I agree. None. I. We. It's GI dad balanced ND AES youth factor the hair. Here for the sole purpose of spending your favorite decade. So if you got a full vet that Leno because it's more than a play here. Just right to gel scare of G I die I armed forces radio. Los Angeles USA. Not standby for Earl father time in his heat fans an ethic is very aggressive brown. Ballard high do you Harrington being grown young and Richard Bennett APR 096 month. Sargent John W Johnson and the gang of the fourth and his crew NA PO 520. I didn't WC Kyle and an eighth PO 717. Earl Hines and stormy Monday blues. Very. And. He'd gone. I download a man oh man. Is gone. How he knows. Man oh man then me. Because every night. And he. Were you. It's. Still our most. News. Okay. Then. We'll. I. And they go duke but it all played out for this session down. Stay as long as I got about a phone three seconds left how about a quick plug in my and they show a VR can jukebox. Once a week Greece then I have that doesn't have the greatest records at all times so you're listening he can hurt. I feel them out about this time and Johnny ended easier GI gal jail saying good morning to some of you good afternoon isn't my view. And they Beth Daniel and Nancy. A bond there. And I gallantly. And dealing and saying if you got about fifteen minutes to spare and here at all partial to phonograph record. Climate and year and didn't go to JEF jukebox is about to take to the air with another sharp but flings and shouldn't known and keep my dad's. Felt gather around the radio or that. Reasonable facsimile of got there and listen to Charlie Barnett B data thing called Washington Aaron Yates. Yeah. But. Yeah. It's okay yeah. Yeah. And here's hoping carp on real life turner. And that they peel 56 guys heard that OK because. Carpal Turner's letters they had quote our favorite encouraging is Charlie Barnett lashing from renegade and quote. Which brings to us certain gang at eight PO. 980 holy name. Got it last year with some med journal sergeant broke corporal Ingram Karp told goes out private Diana and private Mi Jack. And I guess they just hate music they requested by Jones version of Chloe. He again. It's. The. Here. In the mountain laden Walden. And I hope. You don't vote. When you've talked it give them. Relaxed and fit. You know. Hillary. Night OK. All right. You. I and all hole. It. And we've made a move them meaning god. We. And and now they're friends. Didn't expect a guy yeah I bet rule. Problems Blackstone. I got a goal and went wrong and you. It's. Wrong calls. I'm not a goal when you no one he and Ali if not fact telling. Roamed. It won't. I won't be here. Okay. Tonight he's a. Not depend. You have and again and then I've got you know my mom. And as always and. All I'm OK then he's he's far. Boy you Bob. And you know pain. I'll do it. Wow. It's. Game. And maybe you. I'm gonna give up an event back. Okay. I don't know if you felt her. You know it is the that guy. The goal. Okay. You. That takes care of Collie but good. Domenici. 81 of which is spending and do factor right now. Dedicated to a couple of Dinah Shore man corporal Danny Laura and sergeant Donald bailed and they appealed to sideline and it's I guess I'll hang my tears out to dinner or for. The defensive. And we'll learn. November and NN news. And I did a. This. Love food. Do you draw. I cannot look. Grandma. We'll get up. Leave the. Okay. I don't. Then run the. In my. Okay. It's. One. Good. And now for a whole big gang of regret game. Years IDC version of god. Yeah. I. We're. You. And Kelly a few bucks can again gang. This is your GI gal DL saying good morning to Thelma have you. Good afternoon to tomorrow have you. And their best and you can nanny. Neon glow of the. The. Good luck. Hot Allan mine and I bargaining hand. As usual I've got the eight EF jukebox here well stage with your favorite bands and tunes. And as usual each and every record then requested by you man all over the world. Well Harry I'm that the first one. He'll wasn't requested that with your permission I'd like to spin it anyway and I can and I think it's one of the best things done renegade. That's brown in his darkest do its money rivers are. Ma ma. I. Yeah. Didn't meant he did and that. It. I. It's. It's. And that is last banner and his orchestra with funny mariners. Much after that band relative to really get better all it and now a third of special hello and best wishes to holly Andy glad you're gang of eight PR 920. And radio technician Joseph Otis. Local Los Angeles man now I understand place. I do Ngo called fearless men because I think you go like I tee shots famous grammar besides doing the sad fact the news. He is. Quote current. In part. Yeah. Both. We moved them flew. Flew back from both fast and simple food fool people would. They're. For. Oh. Yeah. Both. From the. Went well. Yeah. Boat from. I. And. I don't. Listening to that fans that blues made me think about my very good ran Iraq happy Rudyard. Lot of you probably know Iraq champion Roger he's the man that ran the very exclusive quad slides. Of which I am very proud to be an honorary members. And a drop in at the lodge one of these days. The idea of hot and cold running champagne. From the Anthony. Leo is get back to the jukebox where the pied pipers are all set to give up with a dream. Dedicated to private William. 986. Okay Packers did you talk to value of the U. Yeah more wrong. To me. My. News bad. And. Mom or. Okay. The. Hand. And I. Name okay. Okay. You do. I. I. I. I. The. GM I died fellas your all recorded all request session that comes your way day and day out. Every day for the duration and seven months. In case there any stragglers. Seriously gang. Your record request are what make the turntable Karen felt that we know what you want a year just got behind Jill armed forces radio in Los Angeles US today. And now our records are records. Filming your request for a that I can't column off. I just have to say thanked her writing and I know your request or appreciated by all of us 'cause their for the one anomaly. Same thing same by Benny Goodman. There. I. And that was saying things saying by BD. Part one. I wish we had candidly the other side. Well good and I are out there session the all time Q blacks. Don't admire all of the security guy gal deal of saying thanks for listening in and this is the armed forces radio theoretical. Oh yeah. I fail and it isn't the data that can comment you. Calling all having to go low around wreckage. This is DL readied itself for decades on the GI guy beam. Goodman feud featuring the Condo I think that's bound came Cohen DL and Graham Miller air card then. Can't miss that cord debt. The printed Glenn Miller security plays let's first introduced by Benny Goodman with Mel Powell featured at the piano. Alumni band also has male pol crippled now Colin thank and it's the always welcome mission to Moscow. And now the payment came poker yelled. Couldn't carry a dedicate and there any yardage guy our own doping months you're. Donny and ground holiday TO ninety due to death sergeant Gary L Davidson now hoped. To corporal Tim Duncan who asked that we dedicate to the filing ballots must bend. Luke Powell looked earnings met yet hill Gilmore of Brooke Bob Duncan Nathaniel add Merrick android mannered. And let's not forget PA frank of them green to right how about tearing them with something while biking goal. Well this may not exactly wild but he Tisdale bill. He came Altria with Bethany her TO. Gentlemen for. They're from the game from. How much things to your kids I mean music do. Both meetings without him thing that's holding the match. I enjoy it's confident in my hundred full moon live in new business before. Ever thought how things warnings posted and we. You hear me. It's been going with Jay brings them out. That would be room. You know. Love me forever and they tormenting. So they've still. Is the name. Tell us something new math content for the and conducive before. I ever thought I'd be deporting you close them. Fuse burned through. If he's beaten me. He's been drinking Cape Wind them out. I. Maybe. Show. That means we're handling it very moment can. Certainly it still too. Me as a means. That's bound next denying. But first a word about your letters. Just saying thank you teen film live here wonderful present those crazy cartoon just can't I can't begin to test how much they're appreciated. Thank against. Now let's see highest let's ram and a Thong and like to be to corporal Peter. 0503. Theme that keep your voice their billing us jitterbug racing car in it to be named GI GO. Well KP bring it home with him off they went high coupons. And your son I'll always be with you. Yeah. The. Yeah. They have written. And him being. They have been. And then there's. He never. And. And then make me. Fun. That is known. In the end. Pain here. And now one of my favorites the two Alan Hewitt and it's that great Tommy Dorsey band with Joseph Stafford and file around vocal. The sun is requested by the hip cat the cut two of them marine telling detachment. And by radio man Charlie card they feel pretty due to its timing northeast yes indeed. We'll. I. I. Okay. You sir. And may. And. You head who. Magnate. We. Me and we'll all drive. We did. Can yet and he did it. Connect dynamic figure again I doubt deals paying good money and you found my view good afternoon and tomorrow of youth and the rest and you connect me. Hey I'm. They're don't let me. I LN. This is GI GL ET Al can I. Walking and I knew wherever you are you calling him directly taking orders. Fifteen minute that we care about the flood the AF firing these with a few of your favorite band continues. So if you think humility let's plane wreckage and turns I can't both veteran like any kind there. We'll. Okay. Oh. Okay. It. I. Okay. It's. Countless songs I'll think yeah we'll also known as plain thick smoke now which is 26 miles from there they won't. Which is a long way from lots of places it. Hasn't Alaska I definitely think my own cats and check out also get a bit of K peace. Yep they had cleaned agent for the first time in mind it's. Aren't getting inside the plane ticket like baron Davis and steadily all. When you develop it is basically that brings all of L Barack the best things in life for free. And then. Do you include. It really a in yeah. I yeah. Are you. And can and I. Is there more often. Than we will. And you. She then my. And then. And I don't need. Being blue okay. It's. Her okay. And he's. Two. Not bad. Singh and and then you know. Oh. Elon. Who. And real time. Today clean. Are you. And the me. The Lou. They love me. Being the. Man my. And can. And food. And none bay. This fame and. This again all moving from Alaska to an 8154. And that means a song for all you make that 154 Google for Johnny and I think the pied pipers. This thing that community also vote and be after the event magnet where it had netted him general hospital up there near Seattle. He again. It's. Bill. Usually. Yes do. He. And do convoluted. I. These men. Alone. Grew a flu. Who's ever do. Through. Many business and I flew. If we have to fire that's fine for. Deserve. Voting for me it's. In some ways actually flew. Yes the name you're a. And yeah. And he. You can use. It is okay. He did. OK okay. I was ms. Smith changed. Disease. In. Even this is okay. Third advanced drones you know. I love this gonna advanced phones hello. It has its name. Okay who read and. Small. Some drugs to phase below. The fifth day ago ways to. Sound cool but sir we'll. All of that even go to. Meant. You both have been known as Bob. It's okay vote. Okay. You're the hooray for loan. John McCain in the pied pipers. Our fourth and final brings it and Nady back to the army. And to the hospital at Denver Colorado. They catch the show they need more. Delicate vendor we say hi and popular little serenade from stand Keaton. Yeah. Okay. The hero. This. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This. It's. Yeah. And the fog around the fine Occupy Movement have fans going about Medicaid. Schemes come and fluffy hair found new name will play him and full picture if you have an extra one my pin point collection new view. Well that's all for now SL connection all that he can't guarantee elevating good morning December have you. Connecting new peace tomorrow have you moved on to an extent you can now he. I can we have about thirty seconds left elements that I should but there are a little bit with the harness. Okay. I. I put my fiance of the information and education. Okay. The. There you go my friends a couple of hours. Had sued the had to bring you. Few smiles along the way right in time well spent listening to our friend Jill at the end. This a fabulous collection of songs to be Dennis RL leave. I'll leave me alone would Jill now for awhile I had our fix after a couple of weeks with 10-Q that was that was really kind of fun to do. So of course I don't believe you know you look at the postmark look at the postmark if I'm gonna. And it's very hard France which is safe or sorry the actual move my question who would essentially who has this. Curator commanding officer or somebody off the north Hawaii community leader. Yeah. I don't think I think there are literally hit on pretty sure enough. I don't think big Beatles here it was a reading and you don't teach him artificial intelligence yet there was an Aruba you funeral OK but I do I think. Think I do know who actually conclude. Who I think I do know we're treated pretty exceeding the little. Yeah armed signal corps. I envision it being like he can explorer through their hearing no I don't know what it was. I think the only person could have been removed from the case for the person who sent that email and where a guy named. Colonel John hey kid. Would have been. Had an individual bought the. So I imagine if you will that that would be akin to being on TP. Sorry guys can't play cards have dug female duty. Or mentoring there's good reason because if I didn't look at our guest next week yeah. Because. You know every commanding officer Warren good afternoon. I think the commanding officer in this case captain Melinda or he'll receive your major or no work you since. And Ismail. We're censored by. It is executive officer. Ain't gonna need to government needs to male counterpart. Everybody else's algebra and seal court papers senators saying that you don't really own. Mr. Kerkorian the number two guy who would simply are born guys and they wanted to partner yeah sounds good I don't know the right guy to beat somebody read your mail yup yup. Before it it was our doors to go home. So enrollees we've earned single parent is what a great saying boy yeah. We've. They're going Miller army air forces orchestra will be here next week. Because we are going to be. Investigating. Or re investigating. Think September 1943. I think when this program won't have a couple of monitor actually. Maybe one from CBS a more permanent PC. Because we have a network change it through September 11 the 43 the current limit on CBS. Am floating around September 18 a 43. In order order and be peace Silverman wrote. To our continuing that we get that we need to put fewer. Approval instinct will be loved. And and and more and I think it's easy I think it fits the 20 per cent in morning. The government take interest in the year and I think it should patent who has yeah absolutely and her I'm still. I can kill them all. And thrilled. About the change so thank you general. And in the end these precincts still at war. OK I think that's the good of the that the well I really. The audience so there's those who you are online or retraced all I the first two minutes into it could receive promotional. When he announces change or this or you bring back the bigs but yeah it's just as that's so thank you audience thank you thank you thank you audience will be. The so supportive of the big. Yes absolutely and look kids. You know this this wasn't I change all the way back to what we used to be that C you know go back as far as the vocalist we'll take this for right now and you know that'll get us through probably the end of the year in the Christmas season when media attending. Go crazy and play a lot of Christmas music but yeah who knows what's that what's next we'll see where this journey takes us both. I think we can all agree it's taken so far in a pretty good direction and so. Aren't well. All right. And actually yes you well and for all those of you out there that tune in every week thank you so much for listening the star spangled radio hour online now all. That easy 1430. Dot com easy 1430 dot com is where you'll find this. And won't do via number one song and his state today we'll take care of the lazy way out just enjoy some Benny Goodman here. On the star spangled radio hour on line have a great week everybody end. Kickoff to the NFL season here in Denver go Broncos.