Star Spangled Radio Hour - 8.11.18

Saturday, August 11th

SSRH 427August 11, 2018


Raymond Scott 

Brunswick 8404
June 12, 1939

Kay Kyser

Sully Mason, vocal

Brunswick 8308

January 21, 1939

Richard Himber


(Chopin Waltz in C-Sharp Minor)

Victor 25890

June 21, 1938

Jack Hylton



Victor 2533

Recorded in London

November 13, 1936

Jimmie Lunceford


Columbia 35547

May 9, 1940

Tommy Dorsey


(Victor Herbert)

NBC Broadcast

Hotel Pennsylvania Roof

New York

August 17, 1939

Glenn Miller


(Morton Gould)

NBC Broadcast

Meadowbrook Ballroom

Cedar Grove, New Jersey

April 18, 1939

Larry Clinton



Bea Wain, vocal

Victor 26006

July 16, 1938

Freddy Martin



Bluebird B-11211

June 16, 1941

Horace Heidt


(Mozart’s Turkish March)

(Frankie Carle, piano)

Columbia 36453

September 20, 1941

Larry Clinton


(Mignon Entr'acte)

Bea Wain, vocal


NBC Broadcast

International Casino

New York

November 7, 1938

Freddy Martin


Bluebird B-11430

December 27, 1941

Tommy Dorsey



(Canto Indu)


NBC International Broadcast

Hotel Astor Roof Garden

New York

June 12, 1940

Claude Thornhill



Okeh 6168

March 10, 1941

Les Brown


Columbia 36688

September 17, 1941

Harry James


NBC Broadcast

Southland Café

Boston, Massachusetts

March 19, 1940

Glenn Miller


(From Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony)

Ray Eberle, vocal

NBC Broadcast

Glen Island Casino

New Rochelle, New York

July 28, 1939

Claude Thornhill



Okeh 6124

March 10, 1941

Will Bradley


(From Ponchelli’s Dance of the Hours)

Columbia 35871

December 2, 1940

Harry James



Columbia 36004

February 13, 1941

Tommy Dorsey


(From Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante defunte)

Jack Leonard, vocal

Victor 26259

May 1, 1939

Paul Whiteman


(Fritz Kreisler)

(Ferde Grofe arrangement)

Victor 19862

July 1, 1925

Artie Shaw


(From Lehar’s Merry Widow)

Bluebird 10128

December 19, 1938

Glenn Miller




CBS Broadcast

July 10, 1941

St. Louis, Missouri

Freddy Martin


Victor 20-1749

October 2, 1945

Carmen Cavallero


Decca 18677

March 21, 1945

Alvino Rey



Bluebird B-11072

February 3, 1941

Will Bradley



Columbia 36286

May 12, 1941

Jimmie Lunceford


(Pathetique Op. 13)

Columbia 35453

February 28, 1940

Glenn Miller



Bluebird B-11386

November 24, 1941

Benny Goodman


(Eddie Sauter)

Columbia 36411

October 2, 1941

Tex Beneke


(Symphony No. 4, 2nd Movement)


(Henry Mancini arrangement)

RCA Victor 20-2497

August 19, 1947

Glenn Miller

Army Air Forces Orchestra


(Johann Strauss II)

NBC OWI 17-1768

May 19, 1944

Benny Goodman


(Rachmaninoff Special)

Okeh 6644

March 12, 1942

Paul Whiteman


(Paul Whiteman)

(Ferde Grofe arrangement)

Victor 35822

April 21, 1927

Glenn Miller





CBS Broadcast

July 23, 1941

Washington, DC

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A I asked them. Well there you go rhythm Mitt is our business and for those Jimmy here my. The old their sisters city the home base for the star spangled radio hour on line. Though one of our own Jimmy lung spurred right here as we start the program this week on cruise in 1430 decked come in. It's a little taste of what to come although that's not a classic with this will be about the classics. As we invite in our partner in crime the man who brings a good easy to a the author of declassified when mr. Dennis pragmatists here too big news the evening sir. I've been in the world continues to armchair. Yeah. He's their continued on here so glum for commercial and our other Colorado two other Colorado people around here. But I should be going through Portland and York that's the only we commonly got. Everybody who we got a bunch of those guys in here in ball good good. And for the purposes of this exercise this is actually wore on the forefront shows. We've ever done I like this from yeah. It was formed put it together air and just say you know there's more to this this is only going to be. We're gonna have to call this big bands strolling the classic. Par or yeah. Because they're probably more material. And I think I think a lot of the classic period music the classical era. Play book boom bush used more than many people think. During the mid twentieth century you lose big part of it is because there was really you know record true or not work extra PM. Music licensing thing that was going on there they go back and does steps in public domain stuff yeah it's great. You see a lot of this in the 19401941. Currently. But not totally alienate goes all the way to go all your start the show with Portman and in 1920. And we go warm up into the mid forties and early warning late forties and pay experimenting. And a renewed senior arrangement which is gorgeous. Chrysler made. But. Anyway if he had everybody here Tommy Dorsey Benny Goodman. Are pretty sure Harry James. And some people we don't normally perform a show like William Scott and Jack who couldn't. And Richard amber. Stay indoors and that's the hardest part about being in particular could cross section was around long year. But they're really did play a lot of you know classical music so what it. Very seriously presented like it's pretty important pieces are pretty true to form. I like the real treat or do you have a couple of things and he kinda did like a trio of I think that all the best sellers from the government sure and I. But then again and certain other bands like acorn and with Gerri great arrangement in the and the sort of thing. Those are swimmers so those are up tempo. But he is indigent person knows how much of the classical. Going from the composer toward either. There near the control group. Yeah yeah are so. More and just jumping into it. I think we should couple couple classical fellows like we are. What we are with their idea I did we do typically keep our sense of humor you know those of us who aren't aren't accomplished musical. A virtual and so what will the fact that the second to be on the show tonight straw. If the why hasn't been that they can't keep because they're. Quicker. Replicate tried but if so why do you do that. We people mentioned that we have a sense of humor prop. And gentlemen. Yeah yeah. I only had a yeah. Or do window and looters and then we'll have news yeah so far political consultant part of the classes right here. It is showing that one mistress regimens to handle a little bit different because on the star spangled review Laura. I. Yeah. It's. Yeah. It's. Yeah. It's. Oh. It and. There. I. OK okay. Oh yeah yeah. Oh. Yeah we didn't win. And yeah. Okay. It's. Yeah. It. You know we'll tell him you know in this picture. Don't 00. Do. Okay yeah. I don't chop this right now on the ground. John things both jobs thinks there's been a night job they do help any real men so long. Cool hand stopped play in May and June he's not sway in and who's hot dog thing you know it's. How it will resonate. Big mistakes and probably jobs jobs jobs found within the city and no need to get rid of them and those fans that come out here is handled. We've made again. And we're glad now read really so we'll leave is in the end it's. Now there are there and do Obama will pop pop while we jobs jobs jobs jobs in the movie. It's. It's. Look Java Java Java Java Java Java Java stuff. Jonathan Jonathan. Have jobs jobs jobs. It's being. I. Live. This. Okay. But. I. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You can. Okay. Who yeah. When. Okay. It's. And it. Okay. Okay. And I. For. Yeah. Don't. There. The food. And fun. Okay. I. And that put them. Let them know. Here's an writes for the live event that made swelling music good music is justly proud. Interpret famous mark of the Todd is from babes and violent. It. And yeah. It. We. We'll. I. It. There's a bad idea Redmond. The tunes from Americans and that number two title of run. Okay. I. There. It. I'm. Yeah. I. Yeah. You. I. Me love them. My again me is that. A lot of men. Yeah me. Malone house. Okay. And in. Boom. And then the that is. Rule alone. He yeah at noon and but a day. Will now man we yeah. Now. He's on a limb I'm. Hey my name yeah and me. And in on Matt. My. Mom and me. And I. It's. A yeah. Then do. Prove me. Both. We. I. Yeah. I. Yeah. And here's a little bit of gout about of Mino has sung by the way it swung by America. I am in my. And that in my hat on him I didn't hand me. Often. Now let him at a mile I didn't menu. That comes up again today. Now live good. About and he gave him an event meant to. I have in my book. And I feel I'm new I didn't mean. Hot it. I mean come up again. I have been island. Wouldn't mind a lot. And I feel I had an imam I didn't MVP. The again. Enough about it. Man come. Nothing in him being. No way we'll probably have a robbery that we visited Rhode. Cleric but. Over but we have to do more of this famous artist. Playing field from the streets of Paris Rome. Of the international because they know. On the gave wide play. New York them. This is the national broadcasting company. Okay. And all that I asked a lot of missing that has gotten about that roughly equal levels to gut it Tony don't say. He's what guess that. It. It's. I mean. Okay. CME has again there's there's not that that's the kind of looked at us daughter on idols that Levy up Lanka and I think they've both way. This big and got no other pivotal week going almost got it Tommy Dorsey outrage that the Obama. He's broadcast dot communes have gotten about him about the latest alleged gunman aesthetics young swinging it. Right to a Tommy Dorsey get doubles Carlos and I think MySpace yeah that gun toting do bad things keep go to sec off Tommy Dorsey. They either don't on that yet I'm going to. Blue. I thought. We'll see you as to what had been a mistake on. Okay. And if I would not another president as well opportunity. It's now late may go back on out we'll work and job and go on the carnival event. Comes now us believe that topped out of a fifth symphony by Tchaikovsky featuring the famous five man read section and the re Everly singing. We'll load. I. And okay. I. I. This thing. Nothing but lose a movies go all. This just blew. Men while the move. But when loom. Mudd says oh news. We'll let me in all of you. Knew five was okay and okay. Homeland. It says it's not move love. Tell me it's true. She moved in mind. A. And. God. I. I. Okay. The four. Okay. You know. And. Well. We're. A a the we're. I. Okay. Being inside me. The last news. Men watch the show. Booms. And homeland. News. I mean. News moves through so. First beat us three. Boone mull. Two medical moon whose car. The who's. Okay. It's. And yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. We. Oh. Yeah. We'll. Yeah. You. This afternoon. I don't. I don't know. I. Now back. Back then and I am playing time broadcasting from the dry and I've just to feel a little already for the gang import customers and the meantime if you like our music make them now expect just do everybody a smoke some light stuff. Yeah oh. You know. Yeah. Okay. More. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I. Yeah. It's. Coming. It's. Okay. There's no business this. But I didn't. It's. I. And. It's. For. And I'm. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I. We. Okay. The. You lose. And. And and I. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Smooth. And. And it. Okay. You know. Yeah. It's a. And didn't do. And and I. Do and. Really knew. I. It's. And I. Okay. Third. Right. More. He. I. We're. I. I. And I. And I. Okay. It's. Okay. I'm happy. Oh. I. I. And. Okay. It's. He. I. And. The. I. I. Our plan it would hold a vote and now for us now listen to his it's Carmen and the spun up real Miller's fast. And I never podcast available online fan had in mind. Hall on he made mine and and all the rest of us will be back tomorrow night same time. And we lived through some special for the wars of the newcomer in the army before on their primarily. In the meantime. Make very many factors. We sure appreciate it and remembers everybody is. Right. Star spangled we. Online degree to a new. O'Rourke mr. wrapping up tonight's episode. Of the classics. And their classic indeed with its slumber song of course there and Carmen before that and in right before that is another one of those Colorado connections. And Paul whiteman with rhapsody in blue which I never get tired of listening to. Oh conclusion about that I'm glad we we had a chance to put it is. They're from 1927. Recording. In that it's true art of some great good condition I think for the on the order recorded yes and I don't know I don't know if there's a better version of that it's ever been made by anybody. Yeah probably. I think it's I think it is being. Signature. Will record any way over that piece. And how remarkable. As you listen to it. On this program tonight thinking. That was 91. Years ago. Well it rewards that George Gershwin. Had a great mind to conceive of that peaceful. A controlled golf. Weytman arranger we never never. He'll talk about these guys and show emotional call what is the matter when it comes around is perfect yeah but how cool was a really gifted arranger and he's the one early. Campbell back into the form that we know what to be in. It I'm very brilliant elaborate and pull him out so that you know. And people and Jerry gray and all the other guys really did know how to look at the last four the swing or big band idiom. Could have a great job but then be about Paul whiteman and just incredibly beautiful. Yeah that's that's awesome that is so awesome. RA so there you go Beth what was your. Do you wanna know what we're doing the next couple weeks before we do and I'm born. Because you know we will be to try to jazz up the dark days here. We have two good days and celebrate over the next two weeks and they would be. We can Count Basie count of basically. And and then Bob Crosby and I think he could count to court king of anything other than he's just pop artist he's a great guy can tell you can pop the bobcats will be after all of stop the ball kept coming you have to basically you have got a lot of this looks to lead and then I think also because it shows. You're gonna get really excited because we get through September 1 and pretty hardcore Labor Day. Think I think we're gonna have an all Shiite Jules all the time GI charge. No I east's. I know you want to Wharton Matt Murton has let's hope so basically. Currently Ngo. Coming up an extra weight room east news business that's perfect. Kurt all right cool narrow narrow our general does that didn't handle you just want. So here's the deal the number one song on this day back in 1930 edited Tommy Dorsey tune in. I am yeah I mean OK if it started quite a string inquiry career for TB and chart topping hit no doubt about that over the next ten years or so. But I'm more fascinated by the lyricist of the song the song writer a Herbert met Johnston who. Interest theme to me her perch wrote this song but he also wrote. A very successfully. Enjoy yourself it's later than you think which was the first on TV recorded. A within the biggest hit of it but that broke gone with the wind along with Alley Ruble. Road to. All dance at your wedding midnight in terrorists. Something I dreamed last night the continental for which she won the Academy Award along with the corridors for the furthest your film. In this song which should hit the top of the charts the state actually earlier in the week. Back in 193880. Years ago little tune called music maestro please pretty Cora. Well yeah I did great I mean this is a guy who had some decent but you know and an offering candlelight peer Rangers often with the song writers we don't talk about life either. And it's good every now and then to you know there's some pretty talented folks are wrote the music the piece does it. Do it got a song writers show coming up in the future to. Yeah could songwriter. But you know if you look like one truly control over one try harder or. I think we are all or I mean certainly we should be able to finally meet you know top twenty list of songwriters of the big and there are I don't know trying our. Current operator oh yeah exactly that we but if we didn't sleep. It if we didn't like the top twenty of the BB and there that might become fund. Are we could do that would you would think that might be some consider. All right well and leave you with music maestro please thank you for another great week. Or I am yeah and I will attach approach you next weekend for all those of you who were listening along the way. TB wraps up the showed this week music maestro please. Yeah. Our car. Yeah. It's. But it. Then again I'm. It's. Yeah. Okay. But yeah it's. I. Yeah. Yeah. And that. I'm looking things up and use it my fill me in. Milan. The united not. But not hot. No looting and anarchy. That. And learning and food thing. Who knows maybe they're paying the the dean campaign. He used. No need to go home sales. Then there aren't me. And love and and none of these things up and man he. Two and had a month. Help me. The the. And.