Star Spangled Radio Hour - 7.16.16

Saturday, July 16th


Thursday, August 24, 1939

12:07 – 12:30 am

Glen Island Casino

New Rochelle, New York

Opening Night

(NBC Red)

Leon Lea, announcer

Friday, September 1, 1939

11:15 – 11:30 pm

Glen Island Casino

New Rochelle, New York

(NBC Blue)

Jack Costello, announcer


Thursday, July 27, 1939

12:00 - 12:30 am

Summer Roof Garden

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

(NBC Red)

Fred B. Cole, announcer

Part 1 (24Aug39) Blue Prelude (opening theme), Jumpin’ Blues (Woody Herman, vocal), The Lamp Is Low (Woody Herman, vocal), Clementine, Especially For You (Mary Ann McCall, vocal), Cinderella Stay In My Arms (Woody Herman, vocal), Blues in D Minor, Woodchoppers Ball (to close); (1Sep39) Blue Prelude (opening theme), Woodchopper’s Ball, For Tonight (Woody Herman, vocal), Jumpin’ Jive (Mary Ann McCall, vocal), Blue Evening (to close) (Woody Herman, vocal) (The 1Sep39 program was originally scheduled to air from 11:00 to 11:30 pm per NBC Program Log) 

Part 2 (27Jul39) East St Louis Toodle-Oo (opening theme), Jazz Potpourri, Something To Live For, Old King Dooji, In A Mizz (Ivy Anderson, vocal), Rose Of The Rio Grande (Ivy Anderson, vocal), Pussy Willow, You Can Count On Me (Ivy Anderson, vocal), Way Low (to close)

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Well my friends here we are everybody's favorite show power of the week. Well and if it's not everybody's it's almost everybody sits the star spangled radio hour on my memory Crandall good. Evening good afternoon to morning whenever it is you're listening to us in prison 1430 dot com it is great having you tuned in to the program once again this week. And they're looking forward to bringing you another fabulous show as soon as we try to do weekend and week out here we. Put together an archive a collection of there's some of the great premium radio broadcasts of all time and that's the basis of the show as you well know. Has been for all the years since our inception to bring you the the sounds of the day as it sounded in this day bright if so one thing to compile and put together lists and pontificate and go on and on about the artists and the songs. But to hear them do it in their own style and their own time is a pretty darn cool and that's our approach your weekend and week out. And of course the man who works through the door with the key piece of good eases when mr. Dennis Wright author and that the senior advisor to Colin Miller archive of it to the University of Colorado boulder. Good a good day in my threatened. Good evening I'm not sure if it takes some exception with what you just let us know. I think there's no reason why everybody you wouldn't I will. Well of course I just months. Didn't want to assuming that everybody knew about it yet. Where that's true. And everybody just put you know turn first against you think just when you think gee I don't know maybe we've reached our maximum. More and more come around and you. But surely wanted to make you to discover or should make you aware how we do know you're there it's. Better that they have gotten. Well good for good with a friend you know by the way streaking party actually everything. He didn't tell you things seem different things I'm Heidi. Believe this week we're actually going to. Debut to. Programs I don't. That I think will be bringing interest to our audience and to them and I got a little bit of trouble a couple of people. Several weeks ago earlier because there are certain other coach Jimmy Dorsey was a good Israeli air. So I think 39. The Tebow take exception that. Well I mean you heard Carmona might estranged but it won't go unnamed it's been a little bigger look at the show more talking and I value very great. And you know voodoo a moratorium. Because there's no way Jimmy Graham most of the critters are shot. Periods to catch a chef at the. And I did I do have to follow mark shorten your one entry I guess you're right. I don't carry away but yes. So that yet Sanchez I'm about to work well for break back in the back and say can repeat that. Here's another pair and tonight we're fair or not it actually can ban a purse police are what it was 39. It is. Great and wonderful maybe not as good as RD or whatever part it to reread your inter stingray. Toward you're an independent operation bullish. And of course woody it's funny if you are going all these different points and and what he's life and career. And I'm so before and our series of shows that it's fun to know what do you would you want your literacy group. A band. I'm in the duration which say it could be huge skill you have seen in person you. After college personally I'm pushing back in the day. So it's you know it's keel liberty were stricken chic and you can see him in your mind to he was really shouldn't older age. This is that this is a great ambassador. The unit. We have curt first heard the second heard. It's important prefer the poster came around later but I followed call this feed my this or heard or these are ordered. The what do you. That this is different from I like I understand as well or. As much as any other subsequently banned and there are many different part and some people on that one could would be important corporate I was so great but. This is typical in our own casino. In new York and what's important about this trick student or two things warm. So once again in the NBC's audio quality is magnificent. Who do you sort of think I can't believe this broadcast and 1939. To. It but it's weak opening night ethical while casino and you'll hear from the beginning of the per catch it sounds like they were intending to broadcast just. We cannot consistently we're we're not gonna play well or American air what we are urgently expert and air and I were gonna go to hypocrisy not a huge music. Child comes particularly happy that emotion it played earlier in the illegal they were in the clear leader meeting now. I don't but it wouldn't opening night a couple of our coaching no following England's work. Excellent order of course very six or older during the summer 39 this is from a lot of power auction 39 new Yorker core and try out there who he countered that freedom. And it because they were coming in from another program virtually 23 minutes aren't kept it true pertinent part can actually able to Montreal. So. We've learned now from September 1 1939. Another ground casino card canceled for the wearer. Gets shorter because there's another one word short supposed to be a perished mostly helpful broadcaster according to the NBC law a bit. But I am in front of me. But it blows to the actual market actually only fifteen minutes so we have a little bonus feature we have a little bit longer would be pregnant and we normally what you don't want all of our cast here we have to purchase actual total thirty minutes. All good music curator to breathe into wood choppers ball and you'll notice this apparent glitch which Harper's golden slower and I think of more interest in me tempo. Stand. What he would play it can lady speed it up in later years I'm colonel you disperse it better myself. Com so the true hero and then we'll follow want to do it. And do contribute ripped open roof and washed and in July of 1939. And from the weird about the structure to our ears today torture taking entry. Well because he didn't care Kiki treated between 1941. And so this is so lucky and look who is and so on there and I'm Mitch. I booked thing about the spark actually leaking into the question. You know are on the rich who can Bausch and in the get a little stroller wrist before or to tarnish him when they had in 1990 real criminal law out of there for dinner one night. Things are you sure all you can we can normal people that outcome of commerce stuff and I thought to myself. It was two things one it's increasing power laden network part can actually apostrophe. You work. As a coach stringer book park Castro of Philadelphia washing her. Denver or wherever but Angela Park trash. Compact the troops the answer these questions. In the eastern United States and the national market you get thunderstorms in the executive. And early evening. Or what they do. Did they did they have some kind of a retractable roofs mechanism like it cannot you're something. I didn't know I would never looked in the vast. And I do as far as our commercial can Muster had a retractable or could you. So when this thing up all the current average at what had all the talk a little sorry yeah they didn't hear your old eating rained are your old order kindergarten sure. Actor as the feel like an all green all these. Disease. I don't know I bet you know that actually cheaper nowadays I think maybe duke and what are your rate ago era history and future speaking English show we don't. Getting into the moon he shook out this technology that technique or maybe we don't we got us. Editorialize on the music we must keep their leader speak. Yup and here we go for a web an hour and sixteen minutes tonight. Here we go it's the stars singled radio hour. Right here are in the cruise and 1430 dot com enjoy this instead of the program originally scheduled for this time we taken out of the Glen island casino for program of dance music. Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is putting Hermanson nickname presenting the man who plays the blues tonight as our announcer Leon leader. I do what they found ladies and gentlemen the national broadcasting company right from the labor thanks and welcome back to its most most network of populous nation yeah. What happened. Play as the blue. Extended by any means say hi Donna is opening night via a big islands and I'll. They don't live by the mile. Welcome back to Dave Reid as well below big island is an all news all rolled into neural cell underdogs all lessons. Let you load up. Silva the program is pervaded throughout by the blues idiom what they haven't played is that Joplin blue. I had to say Kim moon because I'm laws say again. Now it seems as though my hot Reagan calls you saw one true. That's why I'm German blue. All they all mean mystery of who knows Gilbert OJ. Calls me the walls and went upstairs and he. He is so untrue. That's why I'm DeVon. Random run. All of that. Whenever I'm on that falls volume. But the read news. I did is. I hottest thumbs then moved flood small the blues like god they got me changeup and it does so untrue. That's left government blew. I don't know. Blue notable flexibility and I'm coming out of today's popular valid. Yeah. Okay. This car. Man moon moon. Do. My it's more. Game. And all okay she's a good shot oh. Whose mom. Gold. Around. Lol. A I lose this thing. Okay. My lips loose. Not use school. Okay. So it doesn't. We love. Earned a. You're not normal. Okay. And I'm Rose Bowl yeah. An old song live together regains its lost appeal as the band plays clemens' agent. I. Maybe it's. It's. The odds of plus is that what if I'm on the ladies of the evening news Marianne McAuliffe the songs in God's name is a special label you. Chilean volume. That's not immune honestly there's really not and never. Love I love. Need love love has done a need. Just stunning. Especially well you show us believe money in new. And I am not saying you know Spencer is not even. And now and running and and king has a husband and spring. Just stunning. Homeless that's yeah Ali and son Uday and we'll needs to can't. Jack. It's not move today. Winds ten to get therein. Com it's. Mentioned he would not use the that's not news unless it's really not even. And that's a lot of scenes and I Don and yeah. Mom did you lose saying. Yes my need ten. As Max Payne well yeah. Game. Really needs is yeah you just you end up well yeah. It's game. Regis nets again and in the I don't know O'Donnell. There's really not eaten. Lose a lot of us in long eaten. That's what it's gone on yeah or nay and I just love it's been saying. Yes my read I didn't as medicine and not here. I love gives you. It's okay. Especially volume. On an opening night of that island thing off the show all rolled a hero shell and you ought the national broadcasting company presented a lot of pride and a lot of pledge. I'm welcomes back to a national network. What is Hammond and the band that plays the blues and how what a nominee to sing Cinderella stay in my arms and between the bugs. Thought a lot of breaks. Sort of blew. It's day. There in my. Similar round. Wild look clock is striking. At the stroke of twelve don't run away. And you mama. Good man. Is. In mind. Cinderella. May have been on that battle the friends. It's an enzyme that news. I've met one does. Landing. I'm glad it's next to him. Midnight admit nine. So then Sloan who do. It's in the around us today. Day and mom. Hi this bodily asked what is common to come out and produces authentic blues to anybody you. Good thanks Leon -- ball. The former Italian the next two and I'd like to. Tell you folks out there are happy the boys myself part of being here and Glenn I'm going to be back on NBC enough and as we always do on our radio programs. About this timely plan authentic blues play this is one rib not one of the boys in the band Joseph bishop and his call blues and the minor at least that's the time for the moment we hope. That you enjoy and have a go. He. I. Yeah. OK I. I. One at the end of the tell us. What they have a non wood choppers ball. I'm gonna have and is a nightly cavalcade of popular bands do that what is happening on the back in the late in the blue. What would happen the opening night. Not the little black and the spin off the show are all that bureau shown you'll know a lot of the block island soundness. Good night. This is the national broadcasting company. Yeah. I. Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is putting Imus making resenting the band that plays. It's not as their announcer Jack Costello Jack what you have this size and well let me thank you. That is gentlemen. Once again ten million I think the writing you must do what it Iman is jam and play his little. Different rhythms and what do you lawyers are entertaining and honestly you know I just saw your own. All right let's have things a starting here let's have the wood choppers ball putting. Nobody besides studio whale that liquid sticking his some nice mobilizing now man and he's going to do it right now vote tonight. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah I. Yeah. Launching on. He loves me and I love the right thing. Or ten. My wants to look kindly. Yeah. Home where mom. I'm not we were amiss there. And I love my number and tool. Where he. This. We may see. Zumaya. The new. Where am I. She's Linux New England. Okay. Okay bed. Snooze on long Johns and every song. Let's continue the storm really. Lords who. Woody Herman and and the band that play is the blue. And as a matter of fact in this time we presented Manningham was called singing jump from job. All night. Not flying. Is it. Yeah. Bond. Not flying. Jump jump then you know naked young kids not the yeah. And jump and jump and yeah. I'm not going you don't need the I have kept him. Have him. You do it. Yeah young then yeah mate tonight you know I have gone to get it means that every. Get up. Sang. And yeah. The huge pep. Sad. That is gentleman cook David NBC station it's presenting what they have them. And the band to play as the blue and entertaining and the men columnist you know doesn't always know Rome new rouge. Nouriel. This is a national broadcasting company. It's. But do give on the air. Good evening ladies and gentlemen and twelve brave and many. Broadcasting company and how they present Duke Ellington added that the nationally well let's talk. You don't program on government and you think one left water lot of stuff was plus beautiful Karen. On the road but the reds got a hotel. In the video box. Let me in the new okay. Nine has won all that jazz Wolf Parade was thumbs up. Very nicely and effectively just what the deal we'll play doing his thing about all of that jazz rolled Marie. All mercy early may I really think you. Eight you'll understand when we leave Baghdad over. Not a lot of room. And then and then run on the trombone because this next number. Do spend a little thing leading talk about the visiting his way where today we now use some live long. We're. Okay. I. I. The and. Johnny hi. The local boy with a band defense from the burden alone one of Boston lineup family brutally driven man I'm gonna get in now thought they were they Della. Drive these kind of pavement right back into the John. Well no he. As the children. Royal you in the program because he directs McCain lauding her number first of all I can the and ran you know whether it's only going to go in and then. In and is an IBM isn't. Okay. Hey. It's. The it. Yeah I'm walking around. And then move on tonight. 09. I don't know I. Now may. Again the main. Why did and were. And I can't sleep over. I'll find airliner and it. I know was delayed and the game. I've bombardment of playing in new car. All these yeah. Mile run then floating around and I must love me. No runs in a variety. He's okay and they're. National broadcasting company is proudly presenting discovered then music by Duke Ellington and world famous on this. Brown has some apparent high atop the Ritz Carlton Hotel room. City and Boston are about 10 o'clock drive from the I'm sitting here down really blown died today that is effective but there's a musical. This Ellington who always good and happy. You Rhode Julio and I. Well. They do. Full. Do you children who goes to goes like it jumps session you do keep right on to him one of gonna rock Beacon Hill and allowing them stay right over the potent way it missed shots out that you have been hit by the time with the doom. Thank you all of them on any day. It's one of his own rooms and look down at all pussy willow. And. You can count on me a statement and prove by IBM. Not only that she's thing lady also selling things. When. Okay. And again okay. And they love me. Plus days. Land now Leyland is that you would. Ken Holland on me. Ruins. And maybe he's staying again and no one man. Yeah. And I know what age. And no I'm not yeah. And heated. You can not content. Hands on a new item here this do you. One never really needs them. On me. It's oh I don't know who I admire and then you never know amen. And an eye on me. Mom hello Matt. Yeah okay. There is a lot of deals latest compositions to close the program it's a mood and indigo and it's called whale alone. Weighing down on auto and halo. Them. It's. Okay. However I heartland in Dublin on diamonds out. And today that. And eBay has probably been preventing the distinctive number music by Duke Ellington and is an internationally famous dog did so by the end and then. From the stomach. Don lemon drop and dark city club. Tonight. Then there's the national broadcasting company. Who star spangled radio hour on line right here crews in 1430 dot com our pleasure had them it's a nice to meet up every weekend this year this. Time with you in what it time to shared tonight you certainly. If you're listening in here enjoyed that in and thank you Dennis another word another wonderful collection of programs you know managers are it is for programs something represent some of their very best so appreciate their good night. You've got to love this summer 1939. Yeah. And you know. You sit back after this don't you order girl comic it should actually go this was before World War II years to work involvement in this. Before everything that happened since. You know you're starting you're starting to give us you starting to get a sense that the world's. On. Cusp of trouble with what was going on in Europe at that time but. Still remember you know they're relatively ineffective if you're still were giving out of the depression and yeah you know it's it's that time in history books. Yeah yeah it's a little bit of innocent age. And that's that's a reporter Marie who met trauma. And you look at C home inventory report can actually supplies for some reason they were also program from the actual. Yes. I say this summer of forty what you do but I mean hey it's weird outlived its don't train use their church is something about. 39 that's a lot of programs you know they put it that somehow made it through this process so. But preparation. Yep all right what do we do next week to them. We're going to charm power forward in 1943. Summer of 43 and we're gonna have to Tommy Dorsey who always. Cool programs. And then they will be on me so be great and more power than actually since July and August according tree. Perfect little TV when we reconvene next straight here on the star spangled radio RR ABM. For all those of you who took the time this week to send Dennis and I evening or kiss up notes because you can download the shows now a little easier you're welcome. I who police are appropriate for the fifth the fifth. Actually wouldn't dare to. Call a couple of newsmen who made it easier story is so I don't care so yeah so it did. Did did do was nice to do to your comments in the know all of you are out there listening and and we commit a little easier for you to listen when it's convenient for you so thanks for let us know that this week appreciate that all live view and of course we appreciate you listening as well in. Goodness grace show us why don't we just make a date together and do my us again and about a week Dennis thanks have a good this summer we try to stay cool. World car and the rest of you thanks for tuning in. Star spangled review our online accrues in 1430 dot com we're back given week. With the another show thanks.