Star Spangled Radio Hour- 6.13.20

Saturday, June 13th

SSRH 523

June 13, 2020




AFRS H-11-153



Vernon Smith, announcer

Ernest “Bubbles” Whitman, host

NBC Hollywood

Recorded: October 1945

Dubbed: October 22, 1945

With the Jubilee All Stars directed by Cpl. Murray McEachern, Peggy Lee, Harry “The Hipster” Gibson, Slim, Bam and Leo Watson


The Jubilee All Stars


Cpl. Murray McEachern, leader; Bobby Hackett, Manny Klein, Emmett Berry, Frank Wiley, trumpets; Vic Dickenson, Pvt. Ray Conniff, Henry Coker, trombones; Willie Smith, Lem Davis, alto saxophones; Corky Corcoran, Babe Russin, tenor saxes; Jack Martin, baritone sax; Juan Rolando, piano; Slim Gaillard, guitar; “Tiny” Bam Brown, string bass; Nick Glicco, drums; Frank Wiley, arranger.


AFRS H-11-156



Hugh Brundage, announcer

Ernest “Bubbles” Whitman, host

NBC Hollywood

Recorded: November 1945

Dubbed: November 13, 1945

With Stan Kenton and his Orchestra, June Christy, Harry “The Hipster” Gibson, Oscar Pettiford Trio


Stan Kenton and his Orchestra


Probably Stan Kenton, leader, piano & arranger; Buddy Childers, Ray Wetzel, John Anderson, Russ Burgher, Bob Lymperis, trumpets; Freddie Zito, Jimmy Simms, Milt Kabak, Ray Klein, trombones; Bart Varsalona, valve trombone; Al Anthony, Boots Mussulli, alto saxophone; Vido Musso, Bob Cooper, tenor saxophone; Bob Gioga, baritone saxophone; Bob Ahern, guitar; Eddie Safranski, string bass; Ralph Collier, drums; June Christy, vocalist; Gene Roland, arranger


Oscar Pettiford Trio


Oscar Pettiford, string bass; Clyde Hart, piano; Tiny Grimes, guitar


AFRS H-11-157



Vernon Smith, announcer

Ernest “Bubbles” Whitman, host

NBC Hollywood

Recorded November 1945

Dubbed: November 19, 1945

With Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra, Lena Horne, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Maxie Rosenbloom, Max Baer, Sgt. Joe Louis, Delta Rhythm Boys


Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra


Probably Lionel Hampton, leader, piano, vibraphone, drums & arranger; Wendell Culley, Joe Morris, Al Killian, Lamar Wright, Jr., Dave Page, trumpets; Fred Beckett, Allen Durham, Luther “Sonny” Craven, Al Hayes, Andrew Penn, trombones; Herbie Fields, clarinet & alto sax; Gus Evans, alto sax; Arnett Cobb, Fred Simon, tenor sax; Charlie Fowlkes, baritone sax; Milton Buckner, piano; Billy Mackel, guitar; Charles Harris or Ted Sinclair, string bass; Fred Radcliffe, drums; Madeleine Green, vocal; Turk van Lee, arranger.


Delta Rhythm Boys


Vocal quartet: Carl Jones, Traverse Crawford, tenor; Kelsey Pharr, baritone; Lee Gaines, bass,


SSRH 523 Playlist


(H-11-153-1) Introduction, One O’Clock Jump (theme), The Rough Idea; You Was Right, Baby (Peggy Lee, vocal), September in the Rain (Bobby Hackett, cornet; Willie Smith, alto sax), Comedy Skit; Who’s Going Steady with Betty (Harry Gibson, vocal) (H-11-153-2) Don’t Blame Me (Peggy Lee, vocal), Sonny Boy (Slim Galliard, introductions) (Harry Gibson, vocal), Sign-off, One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie and his Orchestra pre-recording) (closing theme) (H-11-156-1) Introduction, One O’Clock Jump (theme), Southern Scandal (Stan Kenton arrangement), Tampico (June Christy, vocal) (Gene Roland arrangement), Comedy Skit; Slender, Tender and Tall (Harry Gibson, vocal), Down the Road Apiece (Harry Gibson, vocal) (H-11-156-2) Body and Soul (Oscar Pettiford Trio), Just a Sittin’ and a Rockin’ (June Christy, vocal), Artistry Jumps (Stan Kenton arrangement), Signoff and One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie pre-recording) (closing theme) (H-11-157-1) Introduction, One O’Clock Jump (theme), Air Mail Special (Turk Van Lee arrangement), 9:20 Special (The Delta Rhythm Boys, vocal), Hey-Ba-Be-Re-Bop (Lionel Hampton and the Band, vocal) (H-11-157-2) You Go To My Head (Lena Horne vocal), Comedy Skit, Who (Eddie Anderson. Maxie Rosenbloom, Max Baer and Joe Louis), Hamp’s Boogie Woogie (Lionel Hampton, arranger), Signoff and One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie pre-recording) (closing theme)