Star Spangled Radio Hour - 12.21.19

Saturday, December 21st

Program Open, Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby (Bing Crosby and the Charioteers), I Promise You (Bing Crosby and Choir), The One I Love (Eugenie Baird), Jeepers Creepers (The Charioteers), The Glow Worm (Spike Jones and his City Slickers), I’m Making Believe (Bing Crosby); Medley from “Here is My Heart,” With Ev’ry Breath I Take (Bing Crosby), Love is Just Around the Corner (Bing Crosby and the Charioteers), June in January (Bing Crosby) (V-Disc 363-B), Program Close (7Dec 44) Program Open, There’ll Be A Hot Time in the Town of Berlin (Bing Crosby, the Charioteers and Choir), Brother Bill (The Charioteers), Don’t Take Your Love From Me (Eugenie Baird), What a Difference a Day Made (Bing Crosby), Warsaw Concerto (Diana Lynn, piano), I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Bing Crosby) (V-Disc 441-B); Medley from “Waikiki Wedding,” Blue Hawaii (Bing Crosby), In a Little Hula Heaven (Bing Crosby and Choir), Sweet Leilani (Bing Crosby and Choir) (V-Disc 525-B), Program Close (14Dec 44) Program Open, Don’t Fence Me In (Bing Crosby and Choir), Straighten Up and Fly Right (The Charioteers), More and More (Eugenie Baird), Can’t You Hear Me Calling, Caroline (Jerry Colonna); Medley from “Holiday Inn,” Let’s Start the Year Right (Bing Crosby), Abraham (Bing Crosby and Choir), Be Careful, It’s My Heart (Bing Crosby), Easter Parade (Bing Crosby and Eugenie Baird), White Christmas (Bing Crosby and Choir); Program Close (21Dec44) Program Open, Adeste Fidelis (Bing Crosby with the studio audience), Jingle Bells (Bing Crosby and the Charioteers), I Dream of You (Eugenie Baird), I’m Making Believe (Bing Crosby). A Slip of the Lip (Can Sink a Ship) (The Charioteers), What a Difference a Day Made (Bing Crosby), Beautiful Savior, God is Ever Beside Me (Kraft Choral Club), Silent Night (Bing Crosby and Chorus) (V-Disc 441-A), Program Close