Star Spangled Radio Hour

Saturday, July 20th

SSRH 476

July 20, 2019


With G. I. Jill

1944-1947 Transcriptions

Radio Recorders, Inc.

Los Angeles


(*) KSFO

Studio 11

Mark Hopkins Hotel

San Francisco

Martha Wilkerson, host


AFRS H-12-618

AFRS H-12-659

AFRS H-12-819 (*) (Artie Shaw Special)

AFRS H-12-1057

AFRS H-12-1061 (*) (Tommy Dorsey Special)

AFRS H-12-1062 (*) (Bing Crosby Special)

AFRS H-12-1191

AFRS H-12-1681

SSRH 476 Playlist:

(618) Riding Along (Andy Kirk), Star Dust (Artie Shaw), I’ve Heard That Song Before (Harry James), Sleepy Time Gal (Kay Kyser) (659) Do Nothing ‘Till You Hear from Me (Stan Kenton), In the Mood (Glen Gray), Star Dust (Glenn Miller AAF Band), Octave Jump (Bob Chester) (659) Don Nothin’ ‘Till You Hear from Me (Stan Kenton), In the Mood (Glen Gray), Star Dust (Glenn Miller), Octave Jump (Bob Chester) (819) Nightmare (theme), Donkey Serenade, Carioca, Vilia, Rosalie (Tony Pastor, vocal) (all Artie Shaw) (1057) Taboo (Artie Shaw), I’m Gonna Love that Gal (Perry Como), I’ll Walk Alone (Martha Tilton, vocal), Take the “A” Train (Duke Ellington) (1061) San Francisco (Edythe Wright, vocal), You and I (Frank Sinatra, vocal), Nine Old Men (The Pied Pipers, vocal), Marie (Jack Leonard and the Band, vocal) (all Tommy Dorsey), Leap Frog (Les Brown) (fade out) (1062) That Sly Old Gentleman, On Behalf of the Visiting Firemen (with Johnny Mercer), Start the Day Right (with Connee Boswell), Shoe Shine Boy (with Jimmy Dorsey), Hang Your Heart on a Hickory Limb (partial) (all Bing Crosby), My Isle of Golden Dreams (Glenn Miller) (fade out) (1191) Back Bay Shuffle (Artie Shaw), Personality (Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers, vocal), Welcome to My Dream (Dinah Shore, vocal), Leap Frog (Les Brown), Opus One (Tommy Dorsey) (fade out) (1681) Bingo, Bango, Boffo (Tommy Dorsey), The Goofy Gal of Tegucigalpa (The Three Suns), I Cover the Waterfront (Artie Shaw) (fade out)