Rick's Interview With Dan Puleio About The USS Colorado

Thursday, July 19th

Rick's interview with Dan Puleio as we learn about the USS Colorado. Enjoy!

Governor Hickenlooper to receive a museum quality model of the USS Colorado (SSN 788) for display at the state’s Capitol

In ceremonies to be conducted at the West Foyer of the state’s Capitol, Wednesday 18 July 9:00 am, Governor John Hickenlooper will receive a museum quality model of the Navy’s newest nuclear submarine, the USS Colorado (SSN 788).  A once-in-a-lifetime event, this model will then be placed on permanent display at the state’s Capitol.

The model will be presented by members of the state’s USS Colorado Commissioning Committee, chaired by retired Navy Captain John “JJ” Mackin; the Commanding Officer of the USS Colorado, Cmdr. Reed Koepp; and the model maker, retired Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate, Jon Sorensen. State Senator Kevin Lundberg (District 15) is credited with initiating this offer with the Governor and is anticipated to attend the ceremony.

This presentation celebrates the culmination of six years construction in which the state has developed a close “namesake ship” relationship with the crew and citizens of Colorado.  During this period crewmembers have visited the state on 12 occasions, speaking to students on the practical application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) principles in the conduct of ship’s operations, and acting as ambassadors of good will with many a civic organization.

This capitol ship of the U.S. Navy was commissioned into Naval service in ceremonies conducted in Groton, Conn. 17 March 2018. The Governor also attended and was a platform speaker at that ceremony.

USS Colorado is the fourth ship to carry the name “Colorado” and is the 15th Virginia Class submarine to become part of the U.S. Navy. It has been more than 70 years since a Colorado namesake has sailed, and we as Coloradans are proud to embrace the ship, her crew and this close relationship.

As the most modern and sophisticated attack submarine in the world, she can operate in both littoral and deep ocean environments and presents combatant commanders with a broad and unique range of operational capabilities. USS Colorado (SSN 788) is a flexible, multi-mission platform designed to carry out the seven core competencies of the submarine force: anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, delivery of special operations forces, strike warfare, irregular warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and mine warfare.

About the model maker: Retired Navy Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate, Jon Sorensen, has been a Master Marine Model Artist in excess of 50 years. His work is integral to the famous Boettcher Collection, with tall ship models on permanent display at the Brown Palace Ship’s Tavern and the Governor’s Mansion. Jon will be in attendance and, as with the other principal speakers, is available for interviews.

More information about the USS Colorado: https://usscoloradocommittee.org

More information about the previous USS Colorado ships: https://usscoloradocommittee.org/history/.

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Are eroded as they go private brokers who spent about seventy degrees in the underwritten we're gonna tell without missing just said that about a hundred today so just be careful growth slow I would Tokyo's on the lower moments that I. You're alone remember no doubt that it wasn't that terribly long ago effect probably march I would imagine when it was when a commander captain I first had the chance he. Now by phone. As they were getting ready to commission the USS Colorado and aren't going to be here. He's he's off his boat music in mind here today that food at The Breakfast Club will. It's great and hear any good morning great to be here you stated over. I'm pleased and no harm my first real association. From a Harvard commissioning but it's like the state of Colorado has. Really embraced this and really has been actively involved enough I know this is like visit number twelve from. The crew or somebody from your assist Colorado out here just seems like a really good relationship as well. I don't agree it's been period. President this season the amount of support from. A state organizations. But stay tuned to the stage. Commissioning committee this. Day in day out are always receiving. Encouragement notes in the mail. Emails. Visits are here to the stage who's been a tremendous amount of support people seem pride in the statement Tuesday. Carries for every position is this ocean and through China. It's. You know certainly giving. Birth having a baby don't you know his father's you realize that then certainly monsoonal well it takes forever the teams for the nine months seem like forever producer did your commission right there is a player like wow. This is that it's just standard in minutes as part of a process some in the construction but I imagine for somebody who has. Commanding her doom probably you're ready okay let's let's do this. It was certainly another event in long list of things we had to do data data include crew readiness of our equipment readiness and just getting shutouts in operating but the decommissioning. Oh it was a tremendous event you know the organization and the support across the country but particularly from the state of Colorado who the drill a second to none so who was also to get it. To get it in the dawn Powell who aren't really commission the vessel however isn't ready and relevant these assets cash. Tremendous so what's going on with ownership now. We're wrapping up a pre planned maintenance availability. He's typical for a new construction ship shortly after commissioning. And get all the touch ups back in place and and we're getting ready to get back out to see in the next few weeks. Start RO or go to Birmingham on. And I don't come couple months down the road or animals learn to work out to see here a few weeks and then get your Hummer bullets on on the net you. This should have been numerous her junior class and it newest would imply it comes to solve the newest technology as well or. That's right it's. Cutting edge technology we have would have as many partnerships as we can older commercial. A commercial off the shelf technology that we use and he certainly work with a amazing group bishop builders and contractors to use the vs us out of there and you know and I don't know. In user end that her in almost forty years down the continuing his what is a marine force this stuff. Music and my friends and your forces I'm an air force vet med. I spend time with the guys that appear gardening and others the after Paris out of our queen and we talked about the technology continues today wanted to miss the Xbox controller news right there or to Colorado it's. You know that's the world these these young. German. Team and everybody good that's the world he brought and it's worldly now. Well that's right confident that was it. Tremendous embrace that technology there just to use yeah. Xbox controller that really captures. Well when the youngest sailors and officers are used to it really brings their muscle memory and something that they're very experienced that puts him in the game on day one and has built a great partnership and the ruler commercial industry and allows allows us to do a very cost effective. Mean and or equipment. It's tough for her. Gumption to being named Colorado perspective in the civil order actually esteem trigger which. Was named for the river not the state. Because it was it was pre statehood put. And then the second named Colorado was three commissioned as well because of the battleship to be named Colorado suits and it's a storied history business. It's a lot of just. You and we're the fifteenth Virginia class submarine. Or shift today. Well a lot of good and historical stempel who haven't had a vessel. The name US has Colorado Selma high seas and about seven years that's this is incredible moment in a boot up seeing a lot of back out on the Roche. And I was is there was a leaving everything back in March and then refreshing my memory here just a couple of days ago. Not a Paris Hilton more right answer now according. There's a molecule tough combat malaria. Certainly use the term periscope on its last interchangeably but it's one of the breakthroughs of the Virginia class submarines the non penetrating messed it legal. Here's coach that you see where you have an intern in the ring and the barrel goes up through there through the pressure on you only get their optical view. Oh yeah. Advance that he usually non penetrating mess that just brings it brings a lot of benefits to. It. This is all just amazing to me this is no longer period in my generation drawn out or is there during work. The space age right I mean. More will be the anniversary of Apollo eleven and become moons so you know I remember being young boys standing in my front yard not far from where we are right now. Looking after the moon that night trying for bush he Neil Armstrong no assurance on March from from. You know imagining what it was then and now this point in our history where we are it's it's just incredible work you and. The Colorado can deploy for how long. Well we're really limited by the amount of food that we could take with a sore on our submarines and thus far of the beauties of the nuclear navy and nuclear submarine force particular. Didn't does reactor it is designed Norma as nine G plant relive your sisters and that's why the reactor there. R.'s new refueling team took. Three decade plus like for the ship. Engineering marvel that we can take it down for months at a as we make our own water control at this year's. And maintain our own equipment were really limited on eating you can. Their. Barracks. The men and women who serve under you. The navy usually goes 2018. Be Smart pretty well trained pretty pretty pretty good sabres. Oh very impressive group they don't like to call America's finest have come and are partial to the submarine forcing the Shia men and women in the submarine force very talented. Impressive. Technically competent they're intelligent very motivated. Group of sailors a little grim gritty club do what they signed it. Always put a modest and I'm not to strike hit a period ended I can't hand that led to try to. Be right thing and it certainly turns out that in this business with a group of people who have worked in Carson and their supporters all we're. On March important mission were signed up to do it just works a low number three kid from Louisiana right. Yeah right right from a little from south Mississippi during his accountant and yeah. Not not come here instead. Wicked anything's possible in this country as long as you as you report describes pork. So Hillary's folks here listening to us today and the yen in Denver and in Colorado just you know any message from the crew from the ship them. Until from the from the crew and a Colorado daily suggests he's. Extremely proud of the ship that is built for them as cut their namesake attached to it but even more proud of crude on the titan yet. Relationships as they build my they've accomplished moved them to operate its engineering marvel take it out to sea and undo our nation's list. You know what we wish you all the best we know it's going to be great will be following along because JJ Indian guys are gonna make sure we don't forget about. This is done and soon so look forward to hearing what you're up to emit and how your work has grown men in a few ever managed to be back out this would look this. All right we have reduced and he. Incredible amount of thanks to the state of Colorado and all the support from from the entire. Still no pleasure having you here today thanks so much without democracy you headed up to see you next he'll be up there in a little bit those who feel the boulder and no fewer than loosening up there this morning Adobe over the University of Colorado. At tell you and if you damage the State Capitol be sure to check out who's the model that will be a permanent display there which is kind of cool and channel nine news or Boca West and the USS Colorado. And if you go like the people consume I have tomorrow I'm sure they can still get ship's merchandise on the right man. A and turned out from the moment our current. And okay good that you couldn't. Yes absolutely I've got the captain is absolutely beautiful capital awareness cells aren't keep an eye out for them when I hear more Latinos.