Rick Crandall's Interview with David Foster

Monday, August 6th


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It's 779342. The Breakfast Club on Monday and I have had the pleasure. Once before I was visiting with third David Foster run near here at The Breakfast Club a month. When I get to your calls live this this might happen again I was pretty excited about it because he's one of the all time great guys and you know this career aside he's just new and fun to talk group over the years David Perry dorm. What a great support team and think program. Of course fits this. This is going to be exciting Evian town Wednesday night produced the show route to turn around church who before I did and other stuff tell folks what to expect Wednesday night. Or room in there he had a pair moon tonight and I'm committed and very long time yeah. They won't feel how concerned they feel worn. Remembered earlier from incredible series and we don't know you sort of English only good story of the proposals. From reaching I also like to have your own if you get to pushing so here's a little girl anymore notebooks. Feel record 100 firms process. It's. Gonna protect you probably know again you can produce CO2 euros. And horrible disease it's Hugo until I was in Denver. Unlike any charity for the international hopeful. And are reduced. The people who show even more so when you have heard me read and remembered and reassuring the people also warmer certainly. Consumed in years insulation. You know personable former us at all crucial clues well Google Chrome on Wednesday and and for people who need. I'd you know and I promise you that'll be the crowd you'll get there and push so there are I'm trying to figure this this bill this journey you know your subtle little bit because it does it looks now what you can do very. As spin a little bit of time working on Broadway side. If you won't be doing their considerable recorders just could not multiprocessor keep shifting enough attention in different directions and you know he can with the ups and downs just you know I'm in the right way and solution would have been pleased from right now and their own sort of there won't Germany work for a couple plays in the works full global nuclear and you know I don't normally put it I mean maybe immortal calling burglary musicals. And there are broke girls killed. Sooner or months. Are you. They have doomed just mean since skyworks probably because I was I was in high school only skyward came out in. So you. Made T 73 year and in accord swab slow and she I'm gonna actually claim a moral finisher in the sporting goods okay. You know from then Mitt three today tune to look at where this is journey has been I know you talked about it is is being three rounds could. I can't pick out any one particular decade that's in the cooler than the others because they're just all cool. No I had that great run as he sees through local or. And that could tell me into the into an entirely in close to include Chicago immediately changed the call and can you argue and then and then he came along with. I'm Nicole and so you only need some boy Gergen Tony Burks and Americans seem to win. Yeah things change should begin work on Josh Groban incredible. Layer under virtual and so in the residential group such as you get into. And that's kind of solution to this point and now and bravest thing and so home. The only constant is change. It's. Compare kin back in the day when Michael I was come when you discovered human when he was coming out we were. Clinical standards than in men and Michael was a big part of what we were playing amendment and I believe it third guru Kris guys led me to believe that the time that we were one of if not the first. A station here in the states to play Michael's music can minimum to when he came to town and go backstage and seemed. He's an incredible talent I've you know holes so hard this site just I love his surviving conserved I'd just you know like being around you pretty that was a pretty good fun. Easy easy easy being a great car and he's had no alternative because unemployment Conan. Are there any small depression yeah I knew we should certainly bearish sort of he should you know car won't try and go for the younger crowd first column. And people or such integration of the world and churches bullpen young crowd with a with a couple of original songs. And go to these it is believed her to go from old to young Christian you don't remember the old and that's exactly what he's done things patriot mores. And had some real success when its own unique look cooler then and then also we can both of those standards like nobody yeah store or canceled a collection available for her. 212 followed that up and I really really love the one album you did winter and then. She kind of faded away a bit unfortunately today he was familiar roles that I just manor showing where her voice. It needs to your origins and you can then you should work their way and support your muscles something. And consistent in truth I don't know why. Can't former I don't know and they don't. Great courses for Shia TV career achievements and you know I think they're more impassioned terms immunization sole super long boom. I think our original so poems and he's in little extended. I remember when Josh walked in the minds studio back had a beer week 2000 and includes this kid became my himself at the time you didn't. You know there was nobody phone around it was just a few more community plopped down in the chair across from you and we must suspend and a half hour talking together. And I was I was taken with him he. And in my mind he's that same unassuming guy today ended she was all those years ago when harassment. OK who dead and you're a young Russian he'd seen her. Balloons it's. Chicago what you have a phone call came straight and he grievances group in the bathroom. Sooner or ancient Hulu is great guards and no from the pictures that are restricted huge. And I'm glad he won't like when you have the in my view is so important. Additionally he has mirrors there were quick because wouldn't that personal attention to what you all know these murders and paying attention to them you get anywhere. And so also thankful. Yeah and no words so. You know Lou the list is long blue they're grammys are sixteen of them there's you know there's there's all of that. This is if you think about it and kind of ponder it. Is this is there one only got away is there because there are artists you stupid man I wish I wish. And I had a. Well yeah. There's only you know remain on their new recruits take forever hurt a student. And support for him and his grand jury. I'm wondering should no one can you also burn unit you know political hungry and I made some of the great records it's worth -- software repair record pump problem sent traditional problem and promotional we children's just slowly been. I won't be we converted to a record action movies and we're. Going. Not saying he shouldn't Wimbledon because that we've lost at least three children that category. And then these people. We'll mention it anymore than I mean if I don't it's. Absolutely adorable girl in the literature. There. It's it's fun then endured a bit of motivation maybe in the you know my young sixty's your your case in the upper and number of them emerge until goods. I'm still it's. Sincere passion and hear how much this still means you. You know is is cool for guys like me fifteen fan should I retire her should've just keep doing. You'll never got to go future operating arena I can even draw going. We're music stars and commercial for French person moon where great figures independent search so hard he could use your little girlfriend. Are you sure you're all right emirate there was few if they hit me and then there's a reason for that doing this before election goes the title producer. That it sounds simple enough but who exactly would he is no room there so start to finish what does a producer do. I'm sure she individual troops home certain responsibility or receivables sergeant Russell aren't you we're. Responsible world. It's an initial or where you assume early you missile firing positions colossal. Juveniles can be given to soldiers. Concrete you can bring different it is each school has probably consciously you and you're from bringing any individual coaches and good people you don't get a clear picture and poem. I'm herself. Think it's cool where music is this day and age. I Arum. I think you mean for interest rates come from your idea and I'm OK you know it's. June sisters feel good that you won't move and even good music good music every decade and his feet there I believe this ticket sure there's little quick story. You can crooner. I don't believe GE you need to work won't continue this year and genital sores and Google new global. Apocalypse. Yeah Google or perish pollution control for the families before performing more resourceful as their coach Karen Thurman and new order for them. We've shown chemical orange baby usually. Only Bloomberg Eric Gordon never occur during the year. You know being insured and then we'll show you can rent and so I'm not too long ago was just. Marvelous piece of music. You are smaller cases can assure you don't know I looked as good as these numbers were written glory Bruno what can we hear Hillary dream could save you know the history of music solution or cruel torment courtroom he memorial you know the keynote editing burning like Charlie was merely restrict our current mineral and more than you can even feel a little. I didn't they didn't take that chance last time we chatted and I will this time to thank you for the course because there that's my rookie session I. There's fruit there's not a weekend goes by that I don't know resources militants or whether the disks for awhile. Ukraine has looked good in an easier. You know no we were a little bit older than I mean I've played because they're a heck out of him in my. How was there we didn't give. We didn't have money or but I was a good you know we and NEC stationed here at the time too and I was down just pounding them all the time with BC station. Little brother entered mistreated don't know the course literary group OK you know I mean it's true poll worker initial trauma produced. Trio of them and we're human connections going here he says he's never ever get the most ignorant America Online. Yeah welcome to be huge but it didn't happen. In fact did you wouldn't bet I I was familiar with them your prediction I couldn't find their product you're so easy and I happen to be in Ireland on vacation and about every disc that there was there while I was there. We all. Period and they really are. You're amazing to my friend and do Wednesday night's going to be special here at the Paramount theater around this year and a good place that's kind of core right to be able to say I'm unemployment a pretty good place. Only recruiting period period yeah yeah we'll see what you're. Computer this year ordering a promised her he should be. Is there enough and I'll keep telling people to join us. It's how you prepare marine unit are you gonna be the thanks so much he says they aren't sure about what. There you go she is one of the coolest greatest dudes ever I've just. I really enjoy him tired and you learn from only listen to him he's he's an if you quit if besides being incredibly talented great David Foster and he'll be sharing his music is he said Paramount theatre on Wednesday night if you don't have tickets yet yet MR IRA woods at the top of the hour.