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Friday, September 14th


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It's time for Denver's favorite dining show. Though restaurant show with the war and burned on cruise in 1430. If you're looking forward great place to meet or what to talk about some place you then call 303631. 1430. Let's talk restaurants with the war and as promised here back. He's admitted after one on the restaurant she is our final. Powerfully today so run you have questions or restaurants you've been somewhere interest in New York talk about. A restaurant down and that you remember from before if you are looking for something in particular give us calm and see if we can't try to forgo camps. And I'm. Exe when I was soon we got here Mullen takes them. We don't have any thing. There weren't necessarily. Looking for her own who have moved from Mexican restaurants and southeast roar that was the one thing we were looking for a hammer any suggestion. Primarily who has gone in the air talk about it yet so if you have a suggestion for Mexican restaurant southeast Aurora. Good Mexican restaurant because let's get our heir apparent and decide that he does phone calls coming was going to be one more hour talking very good places to go he's talking about the restaurant industry and everything that's gone. In the restaurant industry never missed anything or talk to about it don't think snow. From. If we lose I got things better rather talk to you on the phone let's put that went 3036 through 1430 don't forget this is such that we do we are first time caller price every. Saturday. As sponsored by the Piero these factories so when you call it if you're a first time caller make sure you tell my screeners that's neat to meet you eligible to win that priced. Of course I would be eligible for price have to movement and Conan had to go on here with me when she was born here contribute to the show your names in for the trial can't champion this hour we are gonna do three price as well do Jennifer to a church Kress. Box of doughnuts from the donut house. And he gift certificate to pure release factory 39 analyzed. OK it's 103 com that the restaurant show L and one line available for a 3036311430. So I was scared storm phone calls here. Starting off with Joey highlands ranch to mourn during an afternoon show. I think you can put on exchanges are many people and I'm. Oh yeah. You know we don't orderly were greeted. With native American would want to hunter. That's good yeah like yeah I got a good. I am I just wanted to call and about a couple things I was OK just you know it's it's. Good Mexican restaurant where it's hard to be the best in town. I as I've always had that feeling that it was sun yeah I guess that's a good way to put it nothing exceptional except him into court. The decorum here and I star Olivia was absolute perfect partner produced. Can I guess I'm not aware that. What Tom is we've what we've you know we've. Norm most software that boat her like certain parking lot. Anything you allowed to do then. Across history. What I have been told me. Yeah him and listening. I'm maturing I'm not going to default choice. To put it into compressed and it's it's unclear if Saddam I think for kids. It's a solid so it's pretty balanced dinner fervor and you know they've got. They've got their homes and the science. I would not tell me popular everywhere slowly but we don't consider them good hungry mountain. And this I wouldn't drive over there are forced to confront certain complacency in the. Yeah and we can't and we talk we talk about this last week of course about the Mexican restaurants that are. Unique they're doing something nobody else is doing and I don't think they fall into that category. Now put a tentative agreement every hour and a home. The particular steps and extended. I think you know spectacular because it's something you're right it felt photos of the report. You know and then I just wonder if you were going to the capital grill. Peru. Best for a week. Also because we were the capital realty and good reasons and whatever else you gave me. But it it. Been so critical to the one with the sort of apparently is they actually have a border and you don't elaborate front. And programs for weeks and. Okay and it's that's good I haven't checked out there are many I am checked at the end so many many Asian terror groups were thrown all. A lot of them that you could you know one choice of course one person. When certain. But they do and I mean I'm looking at the restaurant week period after them and they're countries Sullivan county council can bounce boom in driving through one. Particularly in the tenderloin with their own commitments and is also on the your interest groups seminal moment for the grilled chicken and do it swallows his company was that it has agreed to. And and they have different courses we've been litigator and a couple of options for a cup Clinton. And the a couple of producer particular. I expected. Some of the places it's you know it's kinda. We're probably a bit different in particular is particularly good. Our market and more effective date also didn't work generally a listener. We've been there for a week but in the past a lot of places in a wicked little. I don't know escapee. Anything it's. Last week we were talking about. New restaurants impressed Charlie you're how they're so many restaurants that. He any charges thirty dollars per person for. You gonna restaurant we played any new week throughout the year you can go there and get dinner proposed first lesson thirty dollars a person. And it is the opposite side that was some place like the capital group. Where it's almost impossible to get a dinner for one person for thirty out. And I don't yeah obviously some of the most awesome for them but. And desperate you know by a couple of cocktails and that's important I was close to the surface is terrific and on the atmosphere is very Internet. Yes it is it's a and his service at the capitol grown is. Ray ray actually spot on. And an incredible incredible pictures. Now. Really that's what that we don't certain nudity and explicit personal you. Now online and blow to this is over. Kinda about it it would it would get everything else wonderful. Might as well actually I'm a good guy and enjoy yourself calm afterward. Eric thanks okay. I tell him going in the capital grille for Denver restaurant we can end and that if that's likely got a pretty did you lift thirty dollars a person it's hard to eat at the capital group. Aren't on the radio and I just to. Yeah cause and beef if you look at cost and be frankly you know any case they cheaper. It is 108 on the racetrack show one night available 3036311430. And it's time to run in Littleton hello Iran. Florida I don't do great. Hey I have a friend of mine and you know the black dress like that that is the name Bernie. Think the a lot of that is there's just certain. Those visits to haven't you want to Connecticut department back a menu from Connecticut. That and perhaps not the pleasant loaded I don't. Know and Emmitt haven't quite as bad. But they have a thing I'm dessert here. And I have yet and I am now wonder if they got that sir let that the candidate I ever had turned out. Here because norm back those who don't have it. And it's called thin deep desert. Right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Does anybody know what that is I. He's being attacked and I ended the first time ever heard of it does anybody know what have been the years. Okay all right it's out of my producers who ended up on the Internet here she says it is a company it's made by the big indeed deserve comfort. But we don't know what is happening where you do this. OK sure it's not just. So it's not one of its not a particular type of user prior to reach Estandia. It's just the name of the company and it's something that the company makes. Cents. These the other thing I'm gonna bring up. You hit the top of that and that in opening history and I love artistry. Your attack and about the year there's about corn exchange. And and do you remember the old stories about the average homeowner sure these elements cowboy and Cody. I'm sure I mentioned that earlier than he was the last surviving scouted Buffalo Bill Cody. And that that sort of bring demands filled backpack at. Yeah it's Ray Liotta plays this guy turn history's eye center Ras when he called in. Can influence those walls could speak. Yet and you're mentioning is that the you know that one Saturday is the VA is properly up. And and that isn't that being issued Denver at a salt does commoner until. Sure to read here remember the old bar restaurant not far from the brown palace. Why did they have a panel won't be chewing them and AM brown. I don't know if that was ever. Fully established it was rumored that and then we go to the brown palace and then take the attitude the tunnel over to learn Navarre worthy loose women more. The end and that there are so we let them have batting met many built on this. Building that it was a sure do that was so these methods once I'm over earlier rumors. And many stokes was a famous man from Denver. It's it's it's sad that the good times are all gone around we miss him. All of this is there at the hero. It usually watch channel they expect that announces that night. Now cardinals Thursday night called Colorado. Colorado experience. All of they'd bring asked him if you wouldn't believe. Or let them go with blackened nearly eighteen that he. Oh I believe it did post a rough and tumble mining towns and otherwise. More saloons and brothels and nor any other. Well I mean but I don't think that made Denver unique. All known it didn't make every unique level that the fact is that business still got a lot of people Belmont. That it was. That's the original prospectors Istanbul bureau for Maria jerky that's why the name Murray air and on the civil war broke out. There was say a thing and rocky mountain news back there on it was a weekly or twice weekly paper all perfect confederate flag to block out all of building. I do not have our our right okay. Interesting idea I didn't know that he you know and even the rest of Gamal once you get outside the city in game who didn't. And Lakewood in places like that. You you don't have to go back very many years in buying foreign country that was ranching and farming. All the rest coal mines were. Rat live up in the column by an area of the book why do you recall coal mine road. Yeah now your your you comb my hair and needy immigrants work the coal mines. Yes and it's according get here are some of this there are bringing up one fact is I would not let them double accounting in the eighteenth pick these. Oh are they learn that they're bringing up the thing about that they were at an apple. About settlers to tip their lives and I am settling in depth look at me the Indians are effectively and has been made of Americans like the F. He has 7 Chang and I am here apple did not like people and they consider that they're called planet hunting ground that would count. Oh wait a monument hill. That's that's interesting but it doesn't surprise me brown I've got to move on. OK so tournament big need for anybody's familiar with the big indeed. Company in the desert statement apparently it's hard to company out of Italy. And they do all kinds of things including ice cream pastries it's what we now. And there's no such thing as a big. It is 114 on the restaurant show and that's jagr took a break here don't have as usual behind OK 114 and one line open 3036311430. To me around eight -- chickens are handling it it's funny how food he evoked memories of other times people you play case practice and that's the reason and usually any caffeine is much as you do or it could be deemed by eating small town feeling at least for a brief time he can unwind -- criticize the cares of the world like you enjoy southwestern now to talk as long patty half pound burger or slice of homey patent indicates dinnertime enduring in the mood for detainees go ahead because it NEC you can order breakfast all day long and you're not alone in Iraq and east for over thirty years people have made their way from all over the metro area to eat meats to relax I themselves. Our friend in camera into a refreshing cocktail and dig into classic comfort fit and they're comedian enjoy the journey not how fast L I NE encouraging news site not patting down any cafe is on east Colfax had seen pop cost 3033558197. Time passes and things change well. Most things change as you've visited Dina is Italian restaurant on west Colfax anytime in the last 54 years you'll notice little difference when you dropped by today oh sure. Over the years to news has grown in size. But you'll still be spoiled by Dino seasoned staff what you relaxed and casual old world charm and you'll still savor classic north Denver style Italian fare like Dino is a clean lasagna and many caddies Wear their popular deep dish pizza and is always on treason and he knows includes salad and a soft drink for one low price of course they still make all their posture from scratch -- on the southwest corner of Kipling in Colfax miss the McDonald's drop by for lunch or dinner at seven days a week and don't forget deals for take out. Why reminisce about the past. When you can still enjoy those days gone by pitino's Italian restaurant. When sixteen on the restaurant show Han Monaco and he's saying a place that he's simply must discover you have already. My cruising owner there is Greek. And he says he's a good friend I and he and I spend many hours just talking about things and he he's reminisced to me how he's. Grandparents came over from men's relatives came over from the old country and worked in the call myself and Louis it. And who is a hard time. Luckily. Breaks for an easier job I think let me not he runs in Monaco and ethnic it's harder. But dale you guys could preclude its American food is sound to have chased him. Just good good food to guess from Mexican food and items that are on the menu there too and it's just a beautiful place and been around for years now another wanna spend around for a long long time. And it's got an old world charm doing it's it's casual. But it's it's upscale casual and their fresh flowers on the tables which rate and cheer you. And the ceiling is paid like this guy ends do you have the feeling that here you are no longer in December when you go to the Monaco in. It's he's got great variety of pricing is unbelievable as far as you just really affordable. Greek Mexican and American food. And it's just caddie I'm just got a term about these student lounges recently been remodeled and it's kind of nice new field to it is well. And insisted that keeps coming back to the food. And they have recipes a lot of them have been in Mike's family for years and years and years and of course we've got Easter coming out and as usual he's going to be doing is Sam. This pretty sound lamb what they've Bruce the whole lamb on this bit. He held to a number moos for Easter shall start thinking ahead to that be successful and around the corner. I knew I just get so often you get to know and these people this is the kind of restaurants. The wave restaurant should be where you do you actually become friends with the owner after you Wiener few times and that special. There really especially you win. And they know who you are they know what you like and makes a huge difference this is the monocle and I think you're gonna find it's far more. Ingest or restaurant they are located on Monaco parkway to stop right south of bleached out and the phone number of reservations is 303. 3201104. Trial once and you gonna be hooked on the Monaco in. When a chance on the restaurant show. Let's return to the phone is in the sky talk to real worry and Lakewood hello Laurie. I how are you. I don't think. We're both. Yeah yeah yeah. And I wouldn't you say a man unarmed. That they are saying yeah yeah. It is good if not. They're making an NA and what are your hair. Well I finished yet we've we've talked about that was several people already have the very core is just great. Yes exactly. That and and then you can bet that clinic he. It the most romantic. Place I've ever gotten. Competitors that now. Because it's our day it's an exciting place and it's done it's very intriguing what makes it romantic. Yeah that happened here are very Darren earned and removed from the war it just. You know and the people there aren't they make that he'll tell me antique. It's like it's like stepping back in time that's for sure yeah yeah yeah. Anger and as we mentioned earlier some people might not appreciate all those animal heads. They need to get over. Who he tell you how can be as easy yeah. Yeah and directly to gain it. Back in that it mutiny in each film yeah. And you know even if it at one and game. I see it on the public. Mood in. I order now. Umpire I fully agree with you I think it's and it's one of those places and you're right you have to go at least once. And you you you can't say you've been this couple places like that that you have to go in Denver that's won before there's another that you just have to go to appear in Denver. And Mary. For. Yeah yeah. Yeah and it's and again these are the places that defined Denver. You're sure about that sometime what are the what are these. If if you we're talked to somebody that was we have more time today at throwing our right now if you would talk to somebody and say. And they should what what are the must see restaurants in Denver what would they be and I think about corn for both beyond there. Yeah yeah. I'm not. And Netanyahu acumen can't match I truly enjoy my plan is on the border I as I am young mom. I have not even in that in there and there. Is wonderful. Net interest and I've been on the border for some time but I was never impressed. So I mean you know that's that's that's a restaurant business right. Yeah exactly exactly now that you know I mean there have been hit not accurate. Arm didn't really care. I don't move I'll put you down is on the board made OK and IRA. We have I think he's just they keep the car OK Sam talking about them. Daniel ruled restaurants in Denver this it is important from around the if you runners talk about that and would be more than if somebody was coming dimmer and he said. We're the worst place in Denver you have to go through these Denver where we're just going to go 3036311430. Is an. If you've ever tried smoking barbecue at home you know it's far from simple. It's the right kind of meat plus a proper road in wood and of course the ideal smoking time to produce mouthwatering taste and texture. Luckily when you enjoy the barbecue -- back barbecue in -- all that's been taken care of for you an object chicken beef and pork are slow smoked for up to sixteen hours over a mix of charcoal and Hickory to create Q that's great all by itself -- when meeting the sliders po boys are -- April's if barbecue not your thing humpback also offers a selection of burgers with a variety of toppings including their house made raspberry and green Chile GM and for the truly adventurous a fire remain sure of screaming demons sauce goes their cheese and -- our opinions and objects seven days a week you'll enjoy lunch or dinner in a relaxing and unpretentious. Road house atmosphere that's perfect for all ages exits before seven the apart canyon road then make an immediate right and -- one half mile hardback barbecuing grow there are two kinds of people. In this world those who never tried Indian cuisine and those who love with the urine newbie or a seasoned pro with the centuries old fair. You'll have a whole new appreciation of Indian food after you visit to Denver area's newest Indian dining adventures like yeah. Like yeah. A brand new approach to Indian dining. Comfortable contemporary restaurant real instantly feel at home where lunch or dinner you'll savor the complex interplay of flavors Indian food is famous for in a casual relaxed settings and you'll be waited on by a team servers have been trained to help you choose dishes fees on your personal taste and experience as well as pointing towards solutions that complement each other there are two locations and site just the northwest corner of mineral on Broadway in Littleton. And in Broomfield on nickel street just south of midway boulevard and east of highway 287. For directions and phone number visits Micah ZAIKNE. Dot com dot CO. That's ZJIAKA. Dot com dot CEO. It's one for you for a restaurant show and I'm one or sponsorships participating in the restaurant we summit restaurant. And boy this our tea if you if you corner route treat this as sixty dollars to two people or thirty dollars toward right. And what the meal is easy check to bring on. It's a multiple course chateau rearm and meal which starts or so archer. And Schuster and have to leave beautiful presentation. You ask if you look for someplace that that you're going to be talking about our for a long time to come. Check out the summit during Denver restaurant we can think you're going to be very very very impressed with what they're offering her of course they got. Specials on line and all other kinds of things during restaurant week by. It's a neat place and to any place any time you if you got people pray respect that I took to get this at this price is quite phenomenal and really his. And he don't have to get super dress up to guard this summer astronomers sustain count assistant at Princeton Casper perilously. It's it's Denver casual you know are you fine people here in jeans and Tunisia and the fine people instant check it's just been a nice mix. It's a great restaurant to restaurant has been around a long time and amber now. And current ownership over there are dangers do our own marvelous marvelous job he had a great chef. Can't tell you it has been awhile since she's been through some occasional finish specially during Denver restaurant week OK and phone number of some history 03751. 21127512112. And here at the corner of south commanding Yale out you know roar of cam missing it's a freestanding building and sits right on the corner tons of free parking her car I don't think data throughout their partner in peace it is the summit steak house. He's won 27 home restaurant show. Don't forget revisit our sponsoring restaurants to make sure that you tell when he heard about it on the restaurant show. And yeah your lucky day we will. Reward you with whom something surprise you at the end of the media are also don't forget our web sites have been going out restaurant show dot com we'll take you there are no it's not fully functional yet that there should be fully functional within next week is Charlotte and there's a lot of stuff did you get. Now that. He's functional so. Chicken restaurant show dot com this time you get to that website. It is 127. On the restaurant show and let's go talk to Robert and Rancho Robert. Want to get into an oxymoron for you could tell a good guy Mexican restaurant in southeast because. And there's my little restaurant every. In the corner and ignore. Why didn't say election. There are so there are some that are better than others. A little villages factories. They you just talk about a little restaurant the restaurant and now that I got a little bit of a piece about that. You know you're talking about either way and it is into the from a restaurant for a strongly different question when he at 445 or 93010 o'clock. You know I've got to make a division more you know what we can think Entergy and duke restaurant week anymore. Look at it just it seemed like literally just become. Do you leave it to you not only amateurs and stuff like that but he just. It is tragic if you that you can get a reservation on the week so opera currently. When I mean that's what it's therefore urge to get people into restaurants I was working. Yeah New York I agree but I guarantee you won't do that you'll get reparations to on the. Well I and that's that's why I was somebody asked me before and are you going anywhere for a strong week. He said you kidding. Yeah there's a week to lay low key. Stay with that's when the other part of it is that it a commercial bulk of the object barbecue. I'll be Albuquerque a wonderful great place if capital this guy on the equity to begin with Cuba is that the same gentlemen. It was it was shaped smoke house. And I told this story on the air to move out of place when the complaints and new owner has Christie took over and shapes and just recently changed it to harm Mac liked he she went ahead to sign out front it's that you had should smoke Shaq Christian mega switched small track it down and people were common thing that he was a marijuana how. Nicely wooded park to it yeah he's got that we are in the works is portrait wonderful. But the one thing that I loved best in his campaign to keep up before his side has been decided that that is the speed to get it back and she's solid. That it is eligible stopped just which I love and after they what the other thing that I really liked and I'd I emailed him on the back on the new US via. Look support. Top table. Oh yes yes yes. Yeah yeah and it's a small place it's it's casual Wear flip confluence Tyson nice job with their redecorating two from when I was actually ads are not sure it's on. Yeah he's technicals which loves you and but didn't we do we've taken root it out a couple times and anyone there wanted in the last probably montella picture you divert public. Yes it is. Good. Okay thanks for calling I can do about the hard back Barbeque and grill which was she nice smoke shaft. It's on Platte canyon drive just north of C 470. And so this is an exit if you're going where essentially force him he can get off that exit. There's a plaque canyon drive exist and then make an immediate right we have you on things in particular ring to it. To get there are who otherwise invest where he goes vols to Platte canyon and then now and go south from Platte canyon curves around. Except the sick way to get there either way though it's a small place. But it's wonderful the food case he should well he said hey it's great all right it is 131 on the restaurant show. And let's just keep going here and let's go talk to Rick in Denver hello Rick. Colonel Warren. They we did that in fact enjoy the capital girl yesterday afternoon early evening. For the the restaurant week and it was delightful. Now we had a poorly because they have commitments you know fairly as several weeks back at previous caller was alluding to. But Pam out and took our reservations. That you know what about the bar and we needed that anyway because we were going to Colorado ballot. Production of Alice in wonder. So worked out fine for us jet and lead them. Were attending the bar we had a full available bar we've never reach that far capital to rubble for the Alitalia. The service was so good from the east do but I think next that we go to capitol girl got a request for the car. That they would just delightful. And as I said her win another caller earlier in the capital grille has always been known forms they're just primo service. No question about. And you know. Again getting fitted the idea of the portions of things like that record week something I really liked about capital guerrillas. They did you get to someone else mentioned this earlier and it really have a lot of doubt that the respect I think they have for their customers. Because I know that some of their regulars are going to be coming restaurant week is well. They're getting new people and of course hopefully as well too and they can get an excellent job the desserts. My gracious. Chocolate espresso toward and the crew realized my wife and I each have one we have one of each. The Green Bay into the mashed potatoes excellent missed the cut the filet they simply laid out this I that was closer to them. Had to tell everything about it the nice wedge salad also comes with a I mean Warren for thirty dollars I could about it at all. While you know your your your right hand as I was saying earlier films it's hard to. Get anything. At for thirty dollars at the capitol grill. Do you guys who are out there have been a lot of yes. Our panicked because he's such an extension Clinton joked about them like. Offer. You want specials well like in Iraq vote in the low forties. The line that can be a bit pricey you know. There is a good one so I'm not complaining about that but in addition to offering. Such an approachable many bright lights restaurant week they all who. But a couple blog about it we're very reasonable price we had a rather it was a cabernet. 44 dollars and it would rarely there except. It anymore that's sheet through good monoline. Yeah. Yeah everything's going up there isn't. It really has given you much in the cost of day I just don't know yet. But called regulation and things like that these days I was reference to it. No. And it's. And you never know when something's gonna happen like happened to Richard totally you know within the food chain. It wants anything you can use it everything so complex these days. Well and I think well operations like capital gold who have been banished because there is no bull unit although it doesn't feel it but they have a strong management structure. But it doesn't worry because of my very favorite restaurant. In town who is still badly held that you mention it earlier ownership match cherry crushed. And we go there and all that we can't because we want Karen to stay in business. Well okay if that's a good reason berg. I did more than that I'm sure you have to. Just delightful we go down there and the food is excellent. Have it's it is I've always. I always said dad and even people who don't like seafood can follow seafood carry you through that. No question about it but you're right that that's been there forever the center line cooks and America are Bob Dole hopes are on the front of the house is the americorps. I think 21 years as some think the extraordinary. Yeah there really is. Well I'm talking here are but I do appreciate. Poland. Another great show enjoyed following you around to round up and down the right. Own homeland and I don't know I don't know more moving. Okay. Okay thanks. In case had talked throughout the capital grow again which is downtown Manama square. And then nasty comments are back the cherry Christiane and South University or to prove we turn right two opposite ends of the spectrum the one thing again comedies. It will serve good food and both had good service. Alright somebody called an onboard. As somebody called off fear I wanted to know. What places gave good birth these discounts. I am I am gonna I I'll sort out there right now but we've only got 25 minutes left to go get yourself. I look suggestions of caller that if you want to do is to do it early in the show so we've got some time to. They gained some momentum OK I don't think we're gonna get much. I mean I could think of a fresh fish company I can think of I'm. The great wall Super Bowl for a and I because their sponsors I know that they have Berkeley. Programs you guys I talked about from my. There's lots lots more. It is born 36 on the restaurant shows returned the phone calls here and that's been talked to Louise you know Laura hello Luis. I just found your station. And wouldn't you know we were talking about the brown elephant bordello. Yeah. I would just add a location. Where the railroad tracks come true and that's right at the street I'm shoots western art gallery. We know where we tell him that I do it to us. Linda buck corn. Most. I. Am out. Well this new broom pounds. Can ride across the street I'm Brighton. If they aren't sure it's western art gallery. OK if you say so I don't know that but go ahead. Out you know I'm sure it's eight at the hospital. Or like a wealthy art. Things. And ride across the street is safe force story gallery his arch. That painting. Has purchased. And bury him downstairs in the basement is the railroad tracks coming from the ground out. I know. Okay now in order to sharpen about ten. And so if you are looking to get on the ground tell us. Can support levels. It hit the railroad tracks is still there. Right if you lose you know bar hotel and. I think that's where there that's where these guitar away and not from Palestinian car. Well and I can't find the gallery but that was one of the leading bordello. And it was fled across the street. Did you Google and the brown palace like purity and that's saying Susan NN. Find your way to the basement in the current. Well when you return you were still in the standings. Absolutely. Life was all right simpler than. I can't. OK if you are looking for a photo bordello like this that's where one of them was. Okay thank you. I think this is not burden our own film that's that's the risks are much of a oh dear his 138. On the restaurant shall we take our break here Kayla and her room laid out she didn't do you didn't think I watch his clocked me. I have. We have one line available right now at 3036311430. It's like to eat decision time should you re heat that's suspicious container of leftovers from a week ago. Maybe got a quick burger order pizza to be delivered. Or better yet round up a few friends and head over to Denver's most exciting new restaurant that farmhouse at Breckenridge very. At the farmhouse you can enjoy lunch or dinner all day long choosing among creative takes on comfort food favorites like a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with gray haired cheese. Oh are opt for it tender rib I say buttermilk fried chicken or beer battered fish and chips and you'll enjoy your meal and a spacious wood accented dining room with a cozy fireplace friendly service and it's election at craft beer wine or cocktails. Weekday evenings drop by they're tasting room featuring ever changing variety of procedures. This farmhouse Breckenridge brewery is perfect place and your evening at the movies or if either or enjoy bread on the weekends. Visit the farm house that south Santa Fe drive and Drury lane midway between little symbol of art and see fours seventy estimates. Three restaurant. Milk chicken out and do. Smothered agreed my favorite is the moral high anyone can pay off and off the meaning he stands on victory and great food delicious. Huge Malaysia and in having come in here from home where he. 35 years. The green chilis the bomb every time it's more like. Home sales number thirty minute roar on an NN and partner in Glendale opt share in these and downtown fifty thinkers. It is 140 on the restaurant shown I don't know if you are listening earlier when we had a call about to Chico's restaurant passed that. I hoosiers talk we should just didn't replay it please call because she was excited about what she found out there you will be too. How good food but a good servers but beyond that just the sheer atmosphere. Of the place the beauty of the restaurant and now the new lounge it's opened up. And the music and Henry jest everything about it if you wanna have complete evening of dining that's gonna who just leave you really satisfied. How can you gotta check acted Chico's and evolve into restaurants. And you hear about among the show occasionally when somebody is going to a restaurant and his chest a disappointment. I don't they are ever heard had a pack two Chico's. It's a fine restaurant is a great food it's a great atmosphere. Good service. If you look for a place to have a special occasion I'm murderers just you and somebody else. Or bunch of people in on her partying or you wanna look at Europe 300 closest friends and take over the whole building. Anyway you do that you Chico's is a wonderful wonderful place who can. Long time restrict tourist people who really understand where running restaurants on the back to take my word for it go check it out for yourself. It's called the Chico's. Or 67 in tower around them take Pena boomer like you normally airport. And the last exit before you get to the airport's tower road Disco song here sounds to 67. You front right by the side of the room agencies achievements to be freestanding building with a huge parking lot around the outside thank. On the Chico's or phone numbers 303574. And 1956. To care that he's going to be very impressed with it. All right. 142. On the restaurant show let's go back to the phones in the start things off remark in Denver hello mark. I wore in her unit. Actually I was kind of disappointed when did she goes closed their restaurant there and and Arnold walked toward about a that was kind of a bummer over attributed nice to get. Whenever you know it was too much for him to handle that or any other loans and lose the money maker. And also that the door and they have always time. You know I guess one nobody'll fortune bigfoot and that. It's you who each. And it's CIA inside. It's it's like a it's like a European opera house not somebody once describe to me when I thought yeah that's perfect. We know we've got the box seats around then the insider's Peter out suspended from the walls. And that's that's the way to seating is very munitions. If you haven't seen it you've got to go artsy. They now have to get up there and check it out and try to wonder what's Conan there'll location their Ronald want to work. Hi it has been for some time now has been called the schoolhouse in the old school house something like that it's very good. I don't they knew you know that was the original. Are better schoolhouse. Was there one remark at a schoolhouse. And they went in there and do you remember where to Chico's whose life. It didn't banquet room ahead in the back. It's been converted now into a lounge. And again and place is called the school house and it's in every populated with all kinds of stuff that relate back to where you repeated schools are top of the islands of the bar is all. Pencils. All glued together so that's the bar surface they throw yourself. There's the periodic table of the elements sits on the high atop tables. This for a the front of the bar gays marrying old card catalogs and libraries. The new drawers and OK that's a different minorities and it's. That's kinda cool. It is and it's comfort food. It's they've done a good job they put an idea and I patio rooftop patio. They've done a wonderful job on if you haven't been Arab recommend. It's surprising how much does barriers chain although there. Restaurants are kind of turned over in their group of national tragedy or social promotions I've been around there. It's it's pretty exciting what's going on in old town or matter. Was Lou finish school house one more step two when you're talking about earlier on the show. The current. Now know shoot you mean the lady who called a practice she goes. No no you're talking that I thought she should something about. You've talked about a little retro film show about the school or we or at school culture. No I don't remember that I think are known I was sent talking about this week. Look at it anyway what I would surely call and about Israel occurred about a new restaurant wondered if you do anything about it it's called. They can. How they can social house. Yeah over the highlands area we had a call on it and we had our first two calls last week. Say good things about it it's. I wondered what kind of there's no like a breakfast plate yeah. More than. It's more than that. It's a full restaurant or bar and the whole bit and it's over there and highlands have to get the exact address that's your B. 34 and something I'm not sure who I can say I just trying to round last week we started getting calls on it looks like a pretty place in fact if you go to our web site. I just just so yeah Google. They can social house and take you there you can see what the restaurants are about. Well I finally after a war was just collect tucked back off for 44. I think most retirees and kind of short malware was exactly because you've been very volatile. Everything here is changing so rapidly. And for better or worse each changing. I that are over there in Baghdad go chicken at noon and give us call plus some 200 OK. All right. Thanks for Karl I'm installment in Dayton social house which we've been talking about last week. It is an entire combat do Chico's are also talking about the end up into Chico's first location in old town are matter which of course is is gone now. 44 and al-Qaeda is where the beacon so front passes. OK it's 146. On the restaurant show back to the phones and that's been talked to Brenda can Golden Globe Brenda. I'm Lauren. How are you. OK I have three quick things. One. The school how if he's going to that restaurant in Urbana. Colin checked and get it open because they had a kitchen. Yet really recent so it happened copy. The second thing is. Don't give up on non restaurant week because. I can't make reservations at that some account on Wednesday. February 24. And they had no reservations critiquing night wicket when I'm going and only one for Wednesday night you never know. No you ever did this is some states can you talk among OK. I can't tell you you'll love the clean air I. Okay. The only thing if something special that happened to a friend on Valentine's Day and with that the Texas Roadhouse. In militant. And the gentleman kept his wife there and they don't. A lot of lot expect. They had a wonderful meal and with time to pay he had laid a gift card on. Com the with a ticket but it's the gift card was to the lone star. And he said I don't know why I kept thinking defiance from Iran stopped. Or the waiter with very apologetic and said I'm sorry there that we cannot take. And com. He could call commander incompletely anything in my life it hitting a rolling their eyes like. Yeah. Yes but yeah I know that look. At the. Didn't manage people pump up demand here on the man you can number and the manager then. Well you know here's what many do I'm gonna take this gift card because I like to have provide incentives for my workers. And the only thing I want you do that promised me you'll come back sometime. Completed at least if it's. I was so impressed I got I have to tell you I'm not sure my friend a comment Turkish chapel. That is sound which stone Texas road house was and. The Texas truck output on win. And one way and looked at key. That's won over variety I mean I Santa Fe and or is it work. You know I'm not exactly colonel Louis and normally his. I don't either and he fed to loan star is like ten minutes from month I'll keep that I know that I can easily get this done. And maybe help figure they're doing research for his restaurant or something I don't know it's an imported workers anyway. While we'll we will certainly we'll figure out worst and one way is did you hear the call earlier about the gentleman who into a restaurant with a gift cards. And after that the name of the restaurant even ties his son or somebody giving him a fifty dollar gift card. And you then there's his food is pretty expensive and all they ran out was forty dollars. And they were told they couldn't get any cash back on. Oh. He was upset her granted I know how to. Out. It's it's a tough one minutes and he said it would have been hard to get in his tender offer food and should they could have got something has taken home border sharp contrast from the storm what happened. No kidding. I'll take that pill morning and you have a decade. You to thank you for current and my parents that at Texas wrote power so our honor and a gift card. From another. Another. Stay cast from that machine lone star. I and a curve anyway it's pretty amazing to force Germany kiplinger's where I'm 247 you can open I know of that this year and that's where Ramon stern on the Texas Roadhouse is that she went to. Generate that down because senate's armed. That's that's pretty amazing their release and he would do their words great move now let's turn and such a simple thing. And you know obviously that argument these are from south right absolutely. It's 150 on the restaurant show. And who affect our final par to welcome back cleanup phone calls and hula quarterfinal precious. Nervous about what another stock market said that might duty your retirement funds stay right here at 2 o'clock. For money emotion which Chris rants to. It's important to understand and know with an investor. That some of your money. Will not. Fall if the market falls this is absolutely crucial. Money in the ocean with Chris rested ways to grow and protect your retirement nest egg. Coming up next at 2 o'clock on the all new crew is at 1430. I'm Joseph Johnson John with The Beatles and their friends non beatle brunch this week this show guaranteed not to make you. Village celebrating flowers lots of Beatles songs. Lyrics thanks to our beatle brunch solicited suggestions they. It all comes together and rainbow eagle summit next he will graduate program. Get ready for beatle brunch tomorrow morning at eleven huh. Denver's new home for good times at great build its crews at 1430. He's won 52 on the restaurant show on the probably handled never call her torn because another one meeting before we go off here with external. Blind absolutely trying to achieve your call in now meanwhile let's go talk to writing goals in the long run. Little out okay lets his golden years you have to move what is your your drivers are not. Like I probably without the fact that. Okay well our stolen because I wanted to see you frequently comment on commercial. No restaurants making an embarrassing service you bet that it's not that they had that problem that's what they moved out of want to get. So we could have an historic ruling it out or cult that felt like Colorado at all. You went there last night at six birdies so that's pretty deadly. It was going to be about fifty miles away so but the issue at it was a actually partial list which we rarely have there. We decided to go to the bar to give drink while they're waiting. They don't key to a regular bartender behind the bar a bartender took the server. So. I sat there for a guy that can't and that's who looked server came back behind the party ended up serving two other couples people they got an eight. They come after you my word yeah we can after can. He didn't know it was an ally and keep our group so we got. During you know I'm releasing it for the people we kept a correction is that you can look it can also take form on the regular cab. That and those fifteen minutes. Before we plan somebody's gotta get we heard a couple waitress. Told nobody felt you can trust at all. Well here's significantly. I believe like somebody young Latino community had to. Waitress or hear them and so somebody over and she was very apologetic. They certainly don't know that the order somewhat full straight out of the cold and stuff. Older electric. If that's what order they did promptly. So we are sort of sitting there and about a little bit later they thought that shouldn't we have two packs of Buckland that are prepackaged. So they gave us each a creek tackle left the bubble that kind of a nice gesture. Newark blanket and shot he knew what they're not high. Becker comes back since we don't have much. Very apologetic about it in the ended up copying all of our drinks yeah. It also in process like twenty dollar or two people. That kind of cerberus were recently Nokia gonna come back because they look nice that they screwed up in there they really wanted except. Down here to iron you're right Jack goes a long way. You bet so I missed out on a billion proportionately far go to a restaurant like that. If the service is bad but they go ahead recognize and introduce something make up for a they're not gonna go back to let them know that they care about service figure out. And basically. It means that. They recognize the fact that everybody's gonna screw us and our general and it just happens and then I said before these strange thing about a restaurant is it ten things go wrong in a restaurant on any given evening Asian movie same table. It's just just the way it is it's Murphy's law. Yeah yeah yeah. We have visit probably like the twentieth believe helped a bit mainly from the last year year and a half dozen first time the sort of slipped even close to be about. And then taking it can happen. Yeah. And I appreciate the call I'm sure no Masood appreciated too okay. I thank you it's that situation I mean he's out in Colorado mills happens. Handle my that's it's a good manager is so important. Why bad manager can send everything. Right down the toilet it's just that simple. Is 156. On the restaurant show. Back to the phones we go and let's go talk to Sally important feeder quickly so we are fairly quickly. You weren't going to. I'll protecting the motion I mean at a 144 pathology and excellent. The pressure that company went there for my birthday and it was excellent as usual. I'm ditching gone but not go into the forum but finally got there and then that night with the band and the thing is. And the and the players wonder if. There's been a great series like almost like there are plenty nightclub. But he gets a brand new journal. I have a nice to be there by the airport they'll get kind of didn't their due from the airport. And now we went to build neighborhood from from my birthday and they have a birthday club. And I kept. Had that relationship that was excellent. Do you have a blood type feel good thanks so I think ninety. He. Sounds like you've had some good experiences. Very good thank you Carl. I write on them insurance reasons I mean these cafe fresh fish company. Did Chico's and the old neighborhood epic day eightieth who wants were told she managed you know and less than a minute I think which means I'm gonna have time to go talk to pat in Centennial less called it a path. Well I I want I like to comment and that's. Positive report on the exit or haven't got a little can't sleep I had and I went to the pictures are out and Parker. When both had little kick alone locked it act or age. Truck got our way home where I issued a pop in character and had an art is on the lounge. But that manager gave and chat fractal ridge. Just sort of majestic. Or small. Are absolutely right at Charlotte right. That is to voice heard me use these are people who know a customer service is all about. I think you've hit it I particularly didn't do it no no I want to until you're looking at tried to kick a hole I wanna do that. I think okay and how well the idea Galen and little wonderful I felt I loved or else certainly go back. He then it's I wish more. British insurers warm managers. Understood this and again I don't know if you listen before women they are used with a guy a lot of extra ten dollars that from the get our. Yeah down right after the data that portrait saying that it and they can't figure that out out that gap. It got wolf there is ample and circumspect from there. Yes you really do its and so much of it comes down to. Management and even his management and the fact that we've got two calls on Texas Roadhouse soon. Both went out of their way to do something extraordinary I think she says something about the company overall. And. In her yard thank you get. Okay that's simplest. And most restaurant you know or we'll we'll go out of their way to appease you. There's only united jerk. How we've we've got the boot per share those two. But it's I just think it's it's it's wonderful and makes me feel good speed if you do it and it's giveaways and prizes here okay. We had dinner for two at the cherry crash going to have to deal in Littleton. And we had a box of donuts going out to Nancy in her roar. And our first time caller sponsored by the Peru these factories is so Linda in Havana and she's skating a gift certificate to get zero respect for himself. There that's gonna do it's been a good show don't think he's so much will be back again next week to our website is up restaurant show dot com I'm always not working completely open its common. And you can go there you couldn't have yet chicken out no you just get better as the weeks go by nationalistic talk to next week on the rest for a chip.