Dementia Resilience - 9.9.18

Sunday, September 9th

Jill Lorentz originally hails from the great farm country land of Illinois and has lived in Denver since 1984. When her mom was diagnosed with a form of dementia in the early 90's, Jill dedicated her life to learning about the disease, which lead to her career path of working with families and professionals who need assistance in this area as well. Believing caregivers can hold the key to setting the tone of emotional stability for the person with dementia, Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz sponsored by Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center will take an in depth look at how we can strengthen our techniques, strategies, and even our compassion to help people live with this disease; not to struggle with it. Our show's goal is to have a candid conversation about dementia and its effects on those it touches and to ignore ridiculous talk of a stigma attached to Alzheimer's. Resilience is your ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, by overcoming obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome. People who have a resilient disposition are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological awareness in the face of life's challenges. This 1/2 hour radio show, Sunday mornings from 10:00 -10:30 will explore avenues of intentional care and finding moments of joy while living with dementia.

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Welcome to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored by building heights alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill Lawrence. Oh my goodness another day in the mile high city so glad to be here today with a guest on my show. Craig Erickson from when Chris is joining me this morning hi Craig can do it's great to be here I'm glad you're here. You know I as I drive back and forth to the studio here I have lots. When Chris comes to life literally over the last ten years and wow what an amazing community he built over there. It's quite complex there's an 84 acres we've got about 14100 residents. Who live there now so an open about ten years ago it looks like a monstrosity. But. It's beautiful. So for a walk for the type of building that you have built for this new rule. Thought process around. Senior living I just find it absolutely fascinating. I think it's classy. I think it's functional. And it really struck me as a new way for us getting up out there and hit. Kickers there so look at the way we want to live. When we decide to make that move and the reason I ask you to be on the show today. I have a lot of national and international is there's so as I talked to Craig today about a company and his family started. Ericsson living there are locations. All across the country there are twenty different. 1919 prop nineteen different locations across the country. Find an Ericsson living in your area go to check it out you know love it and so today we're gonna build a picture for you. Why it's a new way of looking at senior living so let's get started. A little bit about yourself and your family starting this company and now you're the executive director of win crest here in little tennis and a fancy for seventy. Yup my dad started her excellent mean in 83. Tell people I upgraded to Colorado from the Baltimore area felt for years ago it got to be a part of opening. This property but. The one thing unique about Erickson many communities is just the size we build our communities to be. Over 15100 independent living apartments another 300 that continuing care or care levels and you know there's a lot of stuff that can happen when you get communities that size or residents describe me as being like a cruise ship. It doesn't go anywhere up. But it is hard to describe. And ours but given tours is because people who haven't been in one of these large communities. It's hard this picture in to leave them there to see something like that. Well I think one of the things that really strikes me is the beauty of the property for starters. And then the layout. And from a distance it looks like just a really cool all inclusive hotel. Resort but does not think it's a it's where people can come and bite condos. And live happily. And it's sort of self contained right you've it's you have. Restaurants you've got a lot of different. Areas within your layout that make it. All. Together Roland inclusive you don't have to go out to restaurants that they don't want to use of that nature. That's right everything you know sort of within the gates it's almost like a little city. So we have a doctor's office on site we have been keybank branch on site we have. You know six restaurants currently will build out at ten restaurants and independent lending. Have multiple fitness senators classrooms auditoriums. All sorts of features for the residents and so you know we want her residents feel rig get out and enjoy the surrounding community but they don't have to if they're not. Feel and up to it they can really do quite a bit right on campus there. Really so you gave me it tours met your new buildings. And I just really want to paint a picture for our my listeners here. As we walked to the building I was really struck. At that how beautiful and classic. And the good in the atmosphere was so. Joyous it was everybody walking by looked happy. The restaurants were beautiful there weren't they would be restaurants I would. I would go to I would just driving around looking for a place that have dinner I mean what oh what a concept. Yet we. Listen a lot to our current residents we also do our focus groups that help us continue to evolve. The concept of how we design these properties and you know that feedback we get really helps us. Continued to evolve our programs. Design. The big changes lately we've moved to smaller. More intimate restaurants instead of a large. You know. 200 plus you know dining rooms that we you know used to build so that's a big trend that we are seeing now. It is. It is just by listening to what people want we're continuing to evolve and I think hopefully be ready be really attractive to baby boomers as their starting to look at living options like all. Absolutely and what did a little bit deeper into your family councils because. And before me as I key mintier community. I'm I'm in my fifties and there were people. That weren't that much older than me then so you're not looking at you know the 82 plus retirement community purse say that's what I mean by new concept. 62 he'll start taking residents yep and they're not going there to retire they're going they're no lib they wanna. They wanna take away the mowing their lines they wanna take away. Haven't washed their cars or whatever it is they were doing at their own homes. For me gardening I love my garden there every year gets a little bit harder and harder. Yeah well and so so to me it looks like a hold of a philosophy. You can come at a younger age. And enjoy a community like this are lovely call her little town so there's not an old field there. Yes he and you equator range of the girl this residents are written about a 10304. But the youngest are right in their early sixties okay. You have to be sixty you're better committed to have more of our community OK but yeah it we're starting to see now. Some of our residents living in these parents lived another Ericsson living property so they knew about the concept OK on the net something's new that's driving some of the younger residents to come. Learn about our community but you you're right in the advice our residents who give is. Don't wait till the end need it or you're not in a deal would enjoy and be involved in everything that happens here. Did she counsels shaped the philosophy of the buildings how did they have how to their input to help. Drive. The production of the prop of the property. Yes who we have an elected resident council they serve two year terms they handle all the elections and everything it's a nine member council. I love it because with 14100 people you can imagine all the suggestions and ideas that come true and this group really serves as a way to filter. You know all those things in. Two to make recommendations it represented. You know the general population residents as a whole not just whoever's allowed us. Voice out there and so. They probably one of the biggest series in that they have is on the dining programs so our menu design. We've dining committee. That really helps us shape what goes on the menu helps us. Understand theme of the fifth different restaurants. And things like that. And then another big area input is the general services committee. Handles all the recommendations around capital investments each year. You know maintenance date we've group residents who go around Alpine help track when lightbulbs drought neighbor for a for us so it you know actually makes us more efficient and helps keep our community more affordable so for. Our counsels a huge part of how we operate as a community in marriage wouldn't give that up and in any case though. All that and as we walked around I saw DM resident let happy hour. They all of you really have in us again men. 5 o'clock in the afternoon I think this is you can't hit it. Anyway we'll back after break I talk a little bit more about the programs that you have that help people drive in their lives. Again this is not necessarily your retirement. Community were people just go to you do nothing and sort of in their life. Your folks are acting you know they're walking around they're happy they're dressed up their smile on their talking with each other. And then joy and mine so when we come back we'll talk a little bit more about the programs that when Chris will be right back. Making the decision to place your loved one in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make it that someone special losing your life and is needing memory care. Bellevue heights as the place to call home. Bellevue heights part of the GA's senior living Stanley is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related dimensions. Living with purpose and meaning is the best reward at Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Your loved one will live life to its fullest licensed nurses aren't step 24 hours today. Compassionate caregivers Krewell balanced meals and three healthy snacks are a few key elements of the GE age difference. We also offer fully furnished private and semi private rooms and meaningful activities in scheduled outings. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care they can offer your love when. Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Is located at 14 or 500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora visit JEA senior living dot com. Or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour come come to Stanley come home to Bellevue heights. Welcome to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored by ability heights alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill Lawrence. I'm back and I can I guess in the studio with me David I'm really excited that Craig Erickson thanks for joining me absolutely yeah the executive director of win crest it's one of the Ericsson properties nationwide. And it's a EBP. How to Iowa describe this at folks it's. It's on a massive amount of land 84 acres it's several beautifully constructed. Buildings that look like the nicest apartment Condo as you've ever seen a near perfect cake and it's for people 62 and older. It's. Bills with the idea of helping people to thrive in their lives at times seem to be up okay. And so you have a lot of different programs Europe not not for profit yet so you are. But wow what a cool concept and I want my folks nationwide to realize that there's a new way for seniors to live. Yeah it doesn't have to be you get older and you go to our retirement community and your kicking and screaming with the kids. It's not like that anymore you all changed the scope that thread this and I love that so let's talk about your property a little more depth so. Not only do you have people living in apartments and kind of a condos. And they buy those condos. But you also have programs. Around so the folks can get involved and if they wanna get involved and yet you have to temper the Pelosi don't get. I units they don't have like 25 bedroom rent and rampant but talk about some of the fund programs for the interest in programs that you residents. Yeah how do we over a hundred different clubs. And you know pretty much everything you can imagine from art quilting. There's a reader's theater that does performances. Our largest club is our learners group. And we have over 600 residents to participate non each semester they do twelve to fifteen classes and each class is you know eight to eight to ten weeks. I think it's the turn outside because they don't do final exams or anything like that happened that night classes but they also are it's all top I residents and so I think this semester there's one. They're physicist he's teaching on balked chain technology crude oil currencies we've got. Residents to keep John history topics places that they've lived a lot of our. Residents lived internationally so that's probably one of the most exciting clubs is because it's our largest. But we. Have equated the spectrum. A year and a half ago we did it staff resident talent show and now is amazing experience. And then other big groups are corral you saw them practicing there and now 67 new members. When they put on their annual their annual shows they have to do three performances because we can only see 250 people. In our auditorium so he equated this stuff to get is on that time really for anybody to get involved in. Right so that to me makes a huge difference. And even in your first building your main building you've got a beautiful cool and exercise areas and and places where people can sit outside around the fire pit and have dinner if they want sea and things like that you can greed out. Outdoor area that's been a big evolution you know for us or companies headquartered back east and so. Coming out here they use an outdoor space has been something and we didn't anticipate is much but it really shifted a lot of our. Designed to include outdoor dining outdoor. Meeting area is just because you know the weather's so nice here year round. Drag me. You know maybe this isn't an. Where they're doing similar. Work to what you're doing here that I just think it's fascinating I think it's cutting edge. And I really enjoy driving by and watching it grow and grow and grow and my husband keeps joking we're going to make good. And I don't think he's joking. But how do you keep improving on this model. Well. I think a lot of it is one thing I love about this industry it's very collaborative and so. You know you go to conferences and people aren't afraid other of your competitors so to speak. They're not really competitors say they get up and share ideas about what they're doing its unique. We share you know new practices we have we invite. Tom other groups to tour community and that's a great way unity continue to learn. As well as just speak you know to be in really good at listening to the residents and you know when things aren't Goran what we do a lot of meetings. Which is open question and answer and you know that's a lot of the suggestions come out residents. May come up with an idea that we hadn't even thought over we've been struggling with trying to solve a problem and somebody. An engineer in the audience raises their hand and makes his suggestion that it again though without a work so and that's a lot of how we get things done it also. This Q&A sessions help the residents have input and also understand. You know just how what the why behind certain things that we do. Move. And one of the other things that you provide. To your residence excuse me is. Having the physician's. Hand sort of a one stop shop. In your main building the IE has some physicians on staff so they never even have to leave the property of is they get sicker and. Yeah that's probably again to some the immune larger community that would be hard to operate in a typical size community believe. Medical senator it's basically primary care concierge medicine and so. Three doctors to physician assistant to deny interest. And have done 90% of our residence use our medical center. And it's amazing how the integrate with other services so even though it's independent living residents who get dependent or pull cord in their apartment. And if they you know pull that we have Ian keys. Our security team will come up in. You no matter a few minutes they'll be there to help the resident. That diagnose what's going on making in touch with the physician on call. You can look up their medical record and you know from Rahman found. If we ever call the paramedics on site. Were printed two page summary chart at the gate house said the ambulance the paramedics. Have medical history you don't have to quiz or residue of that goes with them even to the hospital. And so there's some great integration of medicine that takes place. That helps residents really have a great healthcare experience. What a nice added feature because it really speaks to the town that you spoke of the the wind Christiane you have they're happy aren't pretty soon you're gonna have your own zip codes. And you know like you my listeners might want to understand why way. You know what does this have to do it to mention anything I don't want to give the perception. That wind crest or the Ericsson properties. Our. All of it all out memory units or anything like that you have. Graciously and I so appreciate. Included the building up on you or. Property near little township there mill Vista that takes care of our friends at diagnosis. But we do know that many people can live very well for many years with a diagnosis of alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. And show mild to moderate symptoms. So I don't want people to think that while the other diagnosis of alzheimer's in here and mild cognitive impairment or early stage. Or even my my friends with parkinson's for example. You can live long did live and friends you have lots of bison or outs around there that you can write all over the place. But you have thought that through and you brought. No Vista to to your community and I appreciate that. You recently. Held memories in the making with ardent. In all the beautiful artwork that people create and then they Seles and auction. End this weekend you're having your own walked and alzheimer's. When we come back after a word about my company we're gonna get into what that look like but the memories in the making art. Look like. How many people participated. And about as little walked pitcher having up. It'll be really really fun so by the way folks before we go to break. Mark your calendars on Saturday September 15 a week from now. You are going to have an opportunity to go to the walk in alzheimer's and you can come by my Booth and say hello we'll be right back. Flipping and working with alzheimer's and other dimensions can often be challenging. Summer resilience training provides education and utilizing non medical approaches for those who work with our friends affected by dementia. Delete delete delete one on one assistance we provide clashes which helped them understand diseases affecting their loved ones. Different strategies and techniques for success with the activities of daily living and working with confusing behaviors. We're offering in home sustenance. To clarify symptoms of dementia diseases and help families work together to find moments of joy we'll be living with memory loss and impairment. Education programs instilling person centered care philosophies are altered the professional caregivers working in communities and homes. Which can be customized for their staff. Training is also available for first responders such as law enforcement fire and EMT personnel. We are passionate that people would dimensions and such as alzheimer's parkinson's and others. Our approach would compassion and understanding and those who work with down and have all the tools they need for six us. Call us at some resilience training 3034206988. To schedule class or in home assessment. Visit our website at summit resilience training dot com for more information. Welcome to dementia resilience with the chill arrest sponsored by ability heights alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and its effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill our friends. Okay I'm back and I've got Craig Erickson he's the executive director of win crest. It's located folks at seat for seven B that's the highway that runs along the south. Edge of the Denver metropolitan area and Santa Fe drive highway 85. And it's just a beautiful property Craig. And denigrate job with that. And that. I also wanted to talk a little bit about how does a circle back around to my friends with the different types of dementia. My friends of parkinson's. They are the most resilient unbelievable. People once they get a diagnosis. They never automatically jump to this is the end of the road I mean I've got friends that box they dance they ride. Bikes 25 miles per day to stave off the symptoms and I think properties like yours. Has an opportunity. To change that way we even look at alzheimer's you know if somebody's living at home. Wherever you are the United States or around the world my world like blisters hello hope you're enjoying this that they picked it if there's an air except property or something like this near you look for it. Look for a way to live a better life don't just think this is a diagnosis it's ending everything and now others. Nothing we can do except for who lives with the the tragedy of it no no no no we're gonna use resilience and windier property I actually believe. That in a property like years were people are dressing up in their happy in the socialized nation. And all the activities you have going on. And the fact that they could never get busted and you have to leave the building. Could really benefit our friends with. Diagnosis yet. You know our average residents live in the community about ten years that's on average Indian arts scene residence in an independent living get an alzheimer's diagnosis in. Stay an independent living another five to eight years yes and you're right there's a lot that goes on in terms of the socialization. The dining experience and they get nutrition and they're getting. That exercising all this key things that help. Stave off the impact of dementia and exercises they were fortunate the high line can now trail cut right through our community and so we're a no we have residents who bike we have a walking club and he slot accessed to great things. And then we even have. Groups. We have a group that meets first five hours a day that for residents who might have a moderate level of dementia are not ready to move to assisted living in her memory care they just wants a little more structured programming and that's a great. Wait you know keep presidents and independent living room where they wanna be often with a spouse. Yeah and and I really think that if if man near listing today and you think in hidden could this work for me. Don't be too concerned about moving in the mild cognitive or early. Stage. Of alzheimer's. That person is still walking talking moving in a viable. Person in our world they can learn a new area they can. Learn to live with new friendships and and so on so forth and I think it helps to keep. Them from becoming we're click reclusive yet I pray. Yeah and you know not needing to go straight into assisted living in. You know residents can move in and they get to know you know some breaks in your permit you pick up the phone you call one number right it's a lot simpler then all the complexities that come from living. In a single family com. You're not being able to get out in the evening hours on and becoming more isolated and so my yeah all those benefits I think. You know for both residents who are fully independent as well as residents who have. Various levels of dementia. Brick and so you know I think. Taint to another level it's not that you. Are not looking at the down that. Vein ear just really looking at families who are living well and wanna continue to thrive. And just have happy engaged lives and socialization is important to them activities are still important to them. And at that bitch you folks go by and take a look give them call their sales department who he had read LPM sure. But having said that man. You still pay some attention and I appreciate his Gregor really did. To our folks at diagnosis so he just recently had a memories in the making new vein yesterday and you haven't walked in the alzheimer's. It's your property you're able township yup this weekend that's very so so talk about those permanent. So we you know art is a huge part you know working with residents with dementia ensue we do. Pardon both their memory care as well as our time intermission state program the club I talked about. We had twelve of our resident pieces were selected for this year's. Memories in the making auction took place in June. And the Alzheimer's Association at the Broncos until Seattle and so the depth art pieces our residents donated. Raised. 9000 dollars in. In donations. From Austin. And we featured all thirty pieces that had been submitted yesterday in our community interest had a great event Marie got to celebrate the program also -- association was out. Recognize. When dressed in that contribution. Well then yeah thank you. Well and I love that. And what a way to make at Grady been around did you celebrate the beauty of of their outward expression I love that. And then you walk is coming up this weekend via a by the time this airs the hooks the walk will be tested it a thought. So you can participate in the downtown. That walkman memory walk each year but I. You know for us are residents have to get up pretty early 7 AM the process who has to leave so I'm this year were also noticed in a walk on our community and so we expect. From the walk in some other fundraising things we've done that will be able to present the alzheimer's. Association a check for about 101000 dollars object based on this walk coming up soon in due mile. Route it is not open to the public that's just for our residents and families but. Really excited about it nav and have some fun events music and entertainment out there much like he'd see downtown. Grade well I hope you have a great event I hope the weather cooperates is supposed to be 85 on Saturday. So I think it's going to be a great day. Well listen folks I am going to have a live remote. At the Denver walked in alzheimer's my buddy Hank my engineer. Will be there with me if you are dare come by and say hello uncanny in her view families. And an ask you why are you walking through are you walking in memory Vern honor of I'd love to hear your stories. I'm going to be right over by the cruise in 1430 man which may say easy 1430 now we changed the name of that. That programs here. And then I will be right next to the Broncos tint the Broncos family tent. And the risers where you can get your team photos taken so please come by say hello let me know if you'd like to be on the air. And on Sunday following the walk on the sixteenth I will air. Those interviews of the people walking in the walked in alzheimer's 'cause you know I care about you know I love my caregiver nation out there. So Craig thank you for being here today this has been an amazing conversation and I loved the tour of the day. Yes from the big fan of the show and so I appreciate that invite. Come on and talk a daughter community and that also appreciate what you're doing educating. You family members and we always see people come you don't know a lot about dementia. And being prepared and understanding is really key to helping support a loved one. And we can do this together you know you build beautiful properties were my friends condone enjoy their life to you and that may be and come over and work with them and talk to them about how to keep themselves safe and communicate well right. So I remember folks you can catch my podcasts. On iTunes apple stitcher. Sound clouds spot if I tune in and Google play. And be sure to. Hit the subscribe button I'm I'm gonna I'm nearing a thousand people already in just two months. Can't wait so every week I try to provide good resources for you good communication skills. And I will have more for you later this month on some new news coming out of the rocky mountain alzheimer's disease center. And it's exciting and I can't wait to that's my little teaser for you so I was seeing you next week on dementia resilience with the children. You've been listening to dementia resilience would still horrendous sponsored by build new heights alzheimer's special care center. Visit the website at summit resilience training dot com to learn more. And join us next week as we learn more about dementia alzheimer's and overcoming obstacles with a positive outcome see you next time.