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Sunday, July 29th

Jill Lorentz originally hails from the great farm country land of Illinois and has lived in Denver since 1984. When her mom was diagnosed with a form of dementia in the early 90's, Jill dedicated her life to learning about the disease, which lead to her career path of working with families and professionals who need assistance in this area as well. Believing caregivers can hold the key to setting the tone of emotional stability for the person with dementia, Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz sponsored by Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center will take an in depth look at how we can strengthen our techniques, strategies, and even our compassion to help people live with this disease; not to struggle with it. Our show's goal is to have a candid conversation about dementia and its effects on those it touches and to ignore ridiculous talk of a stigma attached to Alzheimer's. Resilience is your ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, by overcoming obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome. People who have a resilient disposition are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological awareness in the face of life's challenges. This 1/2 hour radio show, Sunday mornings from 10:00 -10:30 will explore avenues of intentional care and finding moments of joy while living with dementia. 

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Okay to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored viability heights alzheimer's special care center. I can't in conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience with the Jill horrendous yeah. Hey good morning everyone and I hope your have an I didn't days. This is an and I really busy week for the alzheimer's and different types of dementia. Folks. The international conference on alzheimer's. And that various dimensions was held in Chicago a 108. My home state this past week lot of good stuff and many many questions came out of it so I thought I'd start to show today. By talking about what is the conference what were some of the big headlines that came out of it. And what do you need to know for clarification so here we go the conference is held. Each year once years 6000 researchers from about 33 different countries come and convene. Together with also physicians. Who are neurologists and general practitioners anybody whose interest in the subject. And they AE talk about what trials clinical trials are going on. In their camps and are they being successful what's on the horizon and where are we going and I think some really hopeful information came out of that conference this year so this week have been asked a lot of lot of. Questions one I just died and a couple of the things that work highlights so. Popped the top there is a drug called Biogen. It's sad. Actually take it backs that actually dragged yet it's in the clinical trials and they're working towards. Getting this go and and so. What the legend is it's coming out of Boston. At a Harvard and them we're pretty excited about this where there right now 900 people. Were targeted for using this drug in this clinical trial of course we always have to have a certain amount. That them have placebo right. But it did show some benefits the amyloid plaque that causes alzheimer's. And so. What I heard from doctor Fargo one of the main researchers at the Alzheimer's Association. Was that the drug cleared some of the amyloid plaque in the folks who received that drug. And they did show some improved cognition so this is super aches and I eighty. When they're years away. Shelves and in pharmacies and everywhere but. But in the very early steps is showing some promise you right here in Denver doctor Bennington potters got his flu kind trial. Which was celebrated at the international conference and that it is also showing some promise it's a little farther behind the Biogen. Trial but he is making some great great steps and with their recent. Information that 401. Million dollars is being put towards research from the NIH national institute of health. Doctor potters to study is back up enrolling in an on all cylinders and hopefully we'll have some good news out of his clinical trials. Shortly so the super excited now another thing that people last about. They were talking about. At the conference. MCI mild cognitive impairment that is pre. Dementia it's pre alzheimer's but it's people who are showing. Early early early stages but it's not yet interfered with their activities of daily living. And so debt what they're trying to work on is having those folks. Having healthier lifestyles. And seeing if they can somehow intervene. And make some changes. To their lifestyles. That would lower their risk of getting alzheimer's we are not talking about prevention. Or reversal of the disease but just a lower risk of gaining it and staving it off. For a little while with lifestyle changes in environmental changes that they are. Doing in their life okay so another one that came out I had a lot of questions about this week was the blood pressure issue. ES the researchers are targeting. Having people. Have a blood pressure of one to when he used to be 140 that they think that they needed at 120. Again if people have lower blood pressure and are taking good care of themselves. Mind helping hand and body healthy it might lower your risk of getting alzheimer's or having it come on. Stronger the younger that you are so we're all about healthy body healthy brain. But it doesn't mean that we're reversing anything. Last but not least the other thing that came up which is coming up a lot. And so doctor. Fargo was willing to talk about this is the study around campus. So again. We are not at a place where were studying. Marijuana. As I use for preventing or curing alzheimer's not even close we are not. Looking down those past but if they take the drug apart they take away the part that gets you high and they just use among this medicinal part of the plant. They have. Created something called now Malone. That will reduce agitation. In people with alzheimer's so those are the kind of big things it came out. The international research conference again I think a lot a lot of hopeful things are going on. So we'll see where that gets us at some point in time right. I think any time we have good solid hope. That helps now I have a lot of international and national listeners. Who pick up my a podcasts author of this show. Nationwide and again around the world and so I wanted to add one more time. Touch on the groups that are coming out saying that they can prevent. Alzheimer's or alzheimer's is preventable or they can reverse it this week one of my clients called nasty to come to a presentation a local group here in Denver was doing. And that folks there I want to listen to it could not believe my ears they are calling alzheimer's an emotional psychological disease. And that they can prevented and slow the progression and actually reverse and people. There is no cure at this time please people I say it again. Don't give anybody your hard earned dollars in your life savings. If they claim that they can make. These outrageous. Advances in this disease win it happens. We will scream it from the rooftops it will be on every news channel they will be on every radio station that we have found a cure for alzheimer's. No blood test can detected no MRI scan detected we can detect it with PT scans that you have to be in a clinical trial. If you want to do something. To forward the prevention of this disease and look for a cure join the trial match that's one the other big things that came out of the Arab and international. The meeting is they need more and more people in clinical trials are 200 going on just in the United States alone. Go on trial match dot com and find one that works for you okay so I just want you to be sure that you are. Ari it educated and you're informed and we're not going to listen to people that tell us that they can do something that even the most Graham mines in the world. Cannot in just a few minutes I'm gonna have against joined his name is James Kris seat and he owns Jimmy with kicks. And he has it crow Kenny program that he uses for people with alzheimer's. And he's got some exciting exciting things to talk to us about and how he works with people. And with their activities that day is living and helps him to have a really really fun life and and quality of life so James Tracy will be joining me in just a minute and if you like my podcast to be listening to this on iTunes apple stitcher. Sound cloud and new Google play police scroll down to the bottom and give me a five star rating and remember you can always access these. And radio shows come on cruise and 14:30 AM we can programming we'll be right back with James greasy. Making the decision to place your loved one in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make if that's someone special is in your life and is needing memory care. Bellevue heights as the place to call home. W heights part of the GA's senior living Stanley is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related dimensions. Living with purpose and meaning is the best reward at Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Your loved one will live life to its fullest licensed nurses on staff 24 hours today. Compassionate caregivers and three well balanced meals and three healthy snacks are a few key elements of the G-8 eat age difference. We also offer fully furnished private and semi private rooms and meaningful activities in scheduled outings. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care they can offer your loved one. Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Is located at 14 or 500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora visit JEA senior living dot com. Or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour come come to Stanley come home to Bellevue types. Welcome to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored viability highest alzheimer's special care center. I can't in conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and its effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome it's time for dementia resilience with the Jill our friends yeah. Okay him back in I've got and just calling me. Who has that international conference I'm really truly really excited to introduced James greasy to all of you. Good morning James welcome to the show. Thank Omar so you've been in Chicago this week for the conference. I am could you or under through these. He's an international conference here that McCormack place in Chicago. And we've been playing croquet or three days. We put a picture with them true home. On the social 5060 different countries around the world. One home cooked. Not standing today. Yeah thank you. We get over the years we've been doing miss Jill we've kept a playlist. Talk to people on the playlist for you pick up play lift. It is it's a listing all the people we have played two live from the country is that they are home. We added to your country this year Malawi and could talk. And so we hope metal plate with people. From 124. Different countries around the world. Wow. That's amazing let's fact it just a little bit my friend who. And that's 62% to all of whom the United Nations member country. Perhaps somebody that's us and K but when my husband and I and my husband has a share from Qatar are who we were. On vacation once and then and now I can't remember where rumor but anyway cool cool stuff. It's clay about how you started. Jimmy with pit crew kill me. Her. A without ten years ago. I wore in London in Denver based companies for New York pension fund and I don't let it go to peaceful and Oprah the piece of expensive who has been on corporate reorganization. And just two weeks late. I got a phone call from my broker and near London. Saying that father has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Clearly he's fit your particular Olympics here because we don't know what's going to happen we don't know how long he'll be with us. And that like those sit. You may need help talk. Third makes sense of some of it is strange behavior and improve the previous. Couple of years. But it all enables us to make a planned to keep black I probable. Dick particular pit given to. Assist children over the years of my program my control systems so that we created team that put together without mom. I'm sort of figured out how are we going to manage all of the political Fulton purple to take some. My weight to play remember which seemed blue scoop Bruce's for two weeks. Every ten weeks. And I made that commitment to do that for the duration. Why. And you know less. The world. Giving up proper authority could bite take king and week. Q a little hotel that would put a favorite. Place both of them home come on the climate down and so of course tingle of and lo and behold there at the current paid more money and I had metal plate could play together before. And I properly on the first day I'll just go drug discovered this site troops to come up there. Up until tomorrow morning you'll stick. On the beach. Read books because Japan home picture Herron Tom do you know who whatever you want to group would put some gas speck in your tank still do it. I'm gonna play croquet which. And I discovered. Warfare people in this hotel who knew him could do to kind of places should play that go to every year. I'm he had. A number of people hell and so they would send Christmas card from duplicate buried very occasionally but they'd be there at the same time he cheer and those people. Didn't really want to socialize through the hey come for drinks before dinner or. Have lunch together of all most socially sort of this piece that you can't do that can't do that and I realized. They didn't know how to be around him anymore big publication of uncomfortable look stigma attached to do that to me. Prevented them from getting able to beat social. They discovered that we played a game together. And gotten out of beaming big model across from any. There's people want to conclude that. And we didn't have to make up our growth so create print and Google create awkward conversation. We played together. And that within that moment. Now ten years ten years and one month triggered. The actual possibility. Open you shall not anxious to Cruceta and and then not come to believe in the power play and create connection across the generation. My team we play croquet. That's fabulous so. This might just the social interaction. Do you think it provides other benefits. Absolutely. Accomplished three things we old pro life all of them and neither predicts. A social interaction. Cognitive stimulation. For the collects confront. Comment further but we'll call particulates such shoot more certain basic. Okay provide cognitive stimulation. Because we're going to figure out where we need to hit this full true. And it's steps of the suit challenging. The post can facilitate and the gang could not comply bumps. Foot peak social interaction and cognitive stimulation looked good peaceful little gentle physical exercise walking. It's what we know it should be. One of these very best form collection to collect. Actually car and I'm actually if you look at the custodian. Walking. Help stimulate the creation of great mentor in upper ends. I cannot have. Clue. There are three things the court to healthy living in currently provide to. I absolutely love at first and I love the game of croquet I played it since I was a child. And I just. I just think it's a lot of money it brings back that child like. Beanie and that's have you had somebody that played and then just really changed their outlook. I am a 63 year old Libby. You woke up playing the game of groups they would vote one from high school student came along. I played. And. Shoot for care to her husband. Who was playing croquet he would loose and that's of the very first time what some high school students becoming involved in our program. At the Denver croquet club in Washington talking at the end of that. Don't eat too low session could mirror as she heard chamber Crist changed locker Brooke group on the real critical. Root route 93 years old. Sit and Mitch put me in the ribs. He's in the walker threatened she pokes me in groups and she systematic they told me this is going to be some. Yeah it was going to be this much on. And exchanges people spoke spoke to played does that we played brings out that. Sure look like place in our well it's like to connect and likes to have phone. Yeah so James if you're not an ad like you to stay with me for a few minutes on the next segment. Because I'd like to talk a little bit more about how weird trying to take this nation why eight. And just exploring how you can start this and other cities can you stay with. Are all right we'll be right back. Living in more. And with alzheimer's and other dimensions can often be challenging. Summer resilience training provides education and utilizing non medical approaches for those who work with our friends are affected by dementia. Delete delete delete one on one assistance we provide classes which helped them understand the diseases affecting their loved ones. Different strategies and techniques for six that's with the activities of daily living and working with confusing behaviors. We offering in home sustenance. Education programs into killing a person centered care philosophies are offering professional caregivers working in communities and homes and which can be customized for their staff. Training is also available for first responders. We are passionate that people would dimensions and such as alzheimer's parkinson's and others. Our approach would compassion and understanding. And those who work without having all the tools they need for six us. Call us at some resilience training 3034206988. To schedule a class or in home assessment. Visit our website at summit resilience training dot com for more information. Welcome to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored by ability heights alzheimer's special care center. I can't in conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experienced so do you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and how will find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience within Jill horrendous. Welcome back and I got James greasy with me on the phone from Chicago he's been at the international conference this week. And he owns Jim wicket croquet. So. Mecca where we left off James how exciting. For you to be able to have this program this fun activity. At the biggest stage for alzheimer's is different types of dementia and the research world. This week. Thank you that is with a lot of fun playing with these folks electric electric took. So can you take this nationwide James are you were not that. I mean yeah that's a great question Jill we are taking it nationwide. We're currently. In ten schools in the metro Denver area in Colorado. We have ten volunteers. From new you'll plottage. Coup. Had beach adopted. Come a school. So this program happens for an hour or street two weeks and the students host at their school croquet in duels on our potential. Cross cool just to host the residents of long term care community. That's local children at school. That happens for an hour every two weeks that is the model that we're currently preparing to replicate. In both San Diego and Boston this year. And will entertain a conversation. With our pursuit kids. But wouldn't be entrusted to include job training pop per gram and could be a conversation that stokes would seem to care community it is. Or schools. Or Poland here it's actually you know what up like to make that happen where I am. So if they want to do that James how they can get a hold of you can you give them some information do. Depth changing its. That Gemini WikiLeaks talks who aren't cheap you confine the full line that Germany wicket dot org. Then my email is change that's Gemini wicket thoughtful. Do you wanna spill Gemini four of them are. A little. Chain on it Panama. And not Y. Which it's WR IC KET. And if you Google Latin Google correction spelling as long to close enough could not trying to. Act act act well I can't thank you enough for sharing this with our listeners. And because I load this on podcast it goes nationwide they do have some internationalist just submit to a gets you in those other states sooner than you know later right. Where written something that's left I love what you do think Serbian on the show they James. Thank you would go one metric by which we measure our stripped of notched up so that's PH. Most Ferraro. Okay YouTube most fantastic have a great day and we'll we'll check back it would begin sometime okay. Are. Saying about it. OK so no extra week I don't have a strategy week you know I do this once a month sometimes more. And that strategy week is going to be. All about the people in the beginning stages of this disease. So often. We talk expert talk about people that are advanced and how we can work with reactions and behaviors and someone and so forth. But I on that work on and what people are writing in and telling me and if you have. Anything that you want to tell me are you want me to talk about any questions you have ever even going on near life. Right to Miette Jill at summit resilience training dot com. And I will be more than happy to talk about what every you talk about on the year. But I'd be very cool to talk about. Some of the earlier things because you know people who live in the mild cognitive impairment in the early stages of this disease. For up to twenty years so you know not everybody is incapacitated. Night everybody has behaviors. But they do have feelings that they wanna share and I've been gathering them. From list and so I'm gonna talk about some of the things that they're telling me that they are living with. And yeah I also wanted to do given not out to a company that helped me out this week it's comprehensive. Home Marie models. And mark key owns this company and marquis helped me out with the case with a lovely woman who I. Her name is rose and rose has alzheimer's and she's now living with her daughter. And I reached out to this company and said hey can you help. This gal all she's caring for her mom she's a senior herself. And they need some help getting a few things fixed in the house may be having yet. Eighty best team that works better with a hand held so we can help rose when she takes of about who talked many times about beating without a battle and making it safer for her. And less scary and so on and so forth but not only that he took the wishlists of lovely Trish rose's daughter and did everything on the list and just knocked it out the ballpark he went and visited with their. On Thursday came back on a Saturday and then his lovely wife Stacy even came and brought lunch. And their daughter and they played with death with a rose to has reverted back to a little bit of a child like state and that. They just had a terrific Saturday and they knocked it out of the ballpark so folks if you need any Marie models. For your home. Homes or anything like that some of the nicest caring people on the planet. Work it comprehensive. Home Marie models call marquee and he'll be happy to help you I'm sure you can find them on the Internet. I wish I had their phone number available to me right now but I don't have a cup but I will put it on my website okay. So yeah just the kindness of strangers if you. It do you see somebody that needs some help they need a little yard work done or some then. Over and help them out the Vienna caregivers are very very hard thing to do. And it's is just not an easy thing when the eleven the person or not so please remember. To help out folks that are caring for their loved ones on. Also James mentioned something and I doubted it would benefit us to talk about it just before we get off the air here today. Filling your emotional tank as you are caregiver make sure you do some fun things for yourself out there care urination. Go see a movie. He's in the science teacher nails done go PG haircut. Gentlemen go play some golf. Placed some little putt putt. Do some things agreed to book take a walk do something that fills your emotional tank and play croquet. I have. No idea very fun thing to do. You know being caregiver is lonely and sometimes. It just can get overwhelming. And even having the disease can give very very lonely. So just make sure that we're reaching out to our friends the people that we care about if you belong to a church. May be participate in their. Dating she is and make sure that your your helping out people that. That need that kind of help OK so hey I load my show. On. Us sound cloud and Google play and if you like those shows please scroll down. As the bottom of the page in DB a five star rating that would help me out a bunch. And if you need any help comet some resilience chain dot com or look where he is summoned for his latest pick a I call me at 3031406988. And look where you can meet me around the metro area and am calm me if you need me OK so you know I love my friends at diagnosis you know I love my. Here urination and I look forward every week to bringing you good interesting information keeping you updated on research. What's going on in the world. Remember. Stay away from the folks who claim that they can prevent it or reverse it at this point in time we're not there yet. So have a great week everybody if you have any questions you know how to get ahold of me and I'll see you next week. Condiments resigns the children's. You've been listening to dementia resilience the until harassed sponsored by Bellevue high risk alzheimer's special care center. Visit her website at some resilience training dot com to learn more and join us next week. Because we learn more about dementia alzheimer's and overcoming obstacles for the positive outcome. See you next time.