Dementia Resilience - 10.29.17

Sunday, October 29th

Jill Lorentz originally hails from the great farm country land of Illinois and has lived in Denver since 1984. When her mom was diagnosed with a form of dementia in the early 90's, Jill dedicated her life to learning about the disease, which lead to her career path of working with families and professionals who need assistance in this area as well. Believing caregivers can hold the key to setting the tone of emotional stability for the person with dementia, Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz sponsored by Belleview Heights Alzheimer’s Special Care Center will take an in depth look at how we can strengthen our techniques, strategies, and even our compassion to help people live with this disease; not to struggle with it. Our show's goal is to have a candid conversation about dementia and its effects on those it touches and to ignore ridiculous talk of a stigma attached to Alzheimer's. Resilience is your ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, by overcoming obstacles and adversity to find a positive outcome. People who have a resilient disposition are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological awareness in the face of life's challenges. This 1/2 hour radio show, Sunday mornings from 10:00 -10:30 will explore avenues of intentional care and finding moments of joy while living with dementia. 

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Welcome to dementia resilience with the chill arrest sponsored by building heights alzheimer's special care center. I can't in conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience within Jill Lawrence. Morning everybody. I'm so happy this morning it's. You just pull out sizes and Shannon going to be warm today hope Broncos might win and cut cut cut cut. So I've got my friends here with me from Bellevue heights might on some sponsor. And they work with people with different types of dementia they are memory care unit so let me introduce Mike Sierra have Melissa Frazier. From the home office of JE eight industries right Melissa. Yes and Atlanta and glad to have you here and I have din niece well Austin niece is an LP and who works at W heights and doesn't awesome job so folks don't have to go out and had doctor visits and things like that they need special medications that have to be given throughout the day you can do that right there ray yes well or welcomed the knees. What is gonna have a comfortable conversation today. Hey I am love in this weather it's beautiful. So Carlos let's talk about. Bill do you heights AJ EA property. He I've made no secret about it that I love love love this community. I think what you do there is really special from the way the building has built. To the staff do you have source conversation about that today some muscle to start with you. You travel all over and help properties. There's sometimes in distress the judges here kind of help announcing gaining and because this is a special property and and I you said earlier years it's just a party over there huh. Hi I am I tell until earlier I feel like I'm just continental party here. W heights is one of my favorite communities. I have had the opportunity to work plan. And this staff over there just cares so much for the residents. I've witnessed soul. So many ads and just becoming like Simoni. And we really are persons in our care sinner. That he and we really dig into what that person needs in their like send in more than that just every day what is that engagement for them look like. I'm from how our building is designed. Till how Lee. How they eat dinner with France and how we give them their their daily and activities of daily living it's all about getting to know them. And our staff does a wonderful job there. Let's expand on that just a little bit more what do you mean the way it's design with special nothing. I take can't tell you just a little bit about I'm not go really fast as I tell us is not just the right you don't have to go fast except. Didier was at first came to be I am by a man named Jerry our land when his mother was diagnosed with am alzheimer's. And aegis knew that nursing homes is not the way he wanted to design build team and a community. That and people just disease kid and have value in cell we designed it with large open Holloway slots have all been riding. Am we have windows from one room to the others so its continuance ma'am I'll be lot unit comes in from the outside. And we have our brands have sensors in them selling it wind and the folks start tax. And need some help when maybe follow follow risks that we now when they're getting out of bed. The that dim lights come on and they watts is that the fact that I mean have to worry about turning on light on when they walk in the grand. And so the decided to buildings very important tennis is we think about our residents. No absolutely. And Denise urinal PM there yet now this is not a skilled unit now not a skilled nursing home. Why is that so important for JEA. To have a nurse on staff. What's your role there and and why why why is that so special I think it's superstars. So and they help. Services director so lay overs see. The staff I did a higher mean. Training of our other nurses and our caregivers and we do have nurses. On site to any force so then every day. And that purpose. And I think that helps make us unique is having the nurses turning force seven is. We can accept that a diabetic. Patients months so. Diabetics aren't immune to not have been a part timers are regiment shows so. We can except those residents and we can do. Blood sugar checks they can do sliding scale. And sometimes you have residents that might need a medication that's as needed. Nurses are allowed to give that some medication whereas. Q maps are not my. He allowed so just having that. Piece of security haven't a nurse there is nice for families and staff. Murphy and that's super important we talked on the show before because I try to make sure that my caregiver nation those among listeners Carroll's. They are educated and am actually having diabetes is a precursor. We now know. That and diabetes can he can have bio markers that lead them to having. Memory loss specifically with alzheimer's those types of things so that's super important Ernie yes absolutely. Not that gives families. A lot of comfort. With the knowing that they can have that continuum care. You know Melissa I had asked you had he ever received a letter or anything like that from any of your. Your folks and I think you brought one today that you you wouldn't mind shared with us would you mind telling us what what you families think let's hear from them. Yes solid left Teixeira latter portion of this letter and I think this is from a gentleman and had to place his wife. About two feet two years ago. He said I am two years ago are realized I could no longer give her the care she needed dating her kids are Summers. I investigated facilities of various types of their period of several months I decided on a memory care only facility. And that facility was deli heights. Now they have only one focus memory care. I have found in the management. To be hands on devoted and caring. This is reflected in the at a taking care provided by the staff to the residents. Our staff whether it's caregivers nurses activity coordinators. For housekeepers participating resting care if needed. The facility is new well design an exceptionally maintained. My decision to test my wife's scared to W heights is constantly reinforced. By their commitment to the residents and their relatives. This has given me the peace of mind in a greater ability to deal with our situation. Mom love that if I love that end. That the gentleman that wrote that his wife on. He and his wife for prominent people in the community. And she was a very stately woman always took good care of herself and one of those. Lay out the building pieces that you were talking about earlier. Is the hair salon right up at the front end and why that's important I have been in hundreds of communities in the city. And other places. And numb oftentimes attacked in a back room. Bacteria then when the person comes out they can't even find the front desk right but when your folks come out there's somebody there to say what. You've got certain today you know. And how beautiful they look and they don't have to wonder where they are or or where they need to go to find somebody that's. Special right and it is an aunt that beautician needs help with their residence. It where you can ease did poorly at their house so yeah and one of one of the really cool things I think you know we talk about Tass senator vs person centered care. A lot of places will have a person assigned to a certain unit they have twelve people they have to work with they have to get that person showered at a certain time. They have to get that person down for breakfast at the person time this certain time. And you all. Who have her. Is nearby and everybody comes running if somebody's having a hard time needs some real direction needs a little. Extra support and eleven cared and who ever engages with that person takes on the role of helping that person to be successful and get on common content right. That is super cool. When we come back we're gonna take a break and listen to commercial but bill do you write it so I love but we're gonna talk a little bit more about. Keeping never residents active. Purses activities and some of the cool things go on until behind it's we'll be right back. Making the decision to place your loved one in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make if that's someone special is in your life and is needing memory care. Bellevue heights as the place to call home. W heights part of the GA's senior living Stanley is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related dimensions. Living with purpose and meaning is the best reward at Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Your loved one will live life to its fullest licensed nurses aren't step 24 hours today. Compassionate caregivers. Three well balanced meals and three healthy snacks are a few key elements of the GE age difference. We also offer fully furnished private and semi private rooms. Meaningful activities in scheduled outings. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care they can offer your loved ones. Bellevue heights alzheimer's special care center. Is located at 14 or 500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora visit JEA senior living dot com. Or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour. Come come to Stanley come home to Bellevue types. Welcome to dementia resilience we chill arrest sponsored by I don't you guys alzheimer's special care center. A candid conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and it's effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience within Jill horrendous. Okay we're back with his niece and Melissa from Bellevue heights NJ EA industry. Our our sponsor for the show so. Let's talk about. The rule that you have. Mean afternoon if they're there haven't asked what they are there have a shower. Just every little thing you can think have we train find out. The things that they enjoy read what they used to do any hobbies that they tick for a live team. And so we have activities. Around the bill dean they're called engagement stations. For people. For our residents that have. Done some of those things. And we have one gentleman used to be. A post man from her back and it's he delivered to his whole career male and picking up mail and so he must turn our community. Picking up items. Topping half items and even got in the mailbox. Not and you will put papers and that has sold. We just try to cater personalized. Activities. For our resident. So okay. And we know that sometimes. Those those activities that they may be liked before they don't like now. Yes some something that they didn't like before the light now set changes over the course of the disease right Melissa. Yes it really data send I am just from personal experience my father passed away in their parade. I am I of this disease and I am in the heat wasn't golf. But the first time I walked in and sign deemed seen in scene means that music is just. It was awesome I've ever seen my dad did that so what we try to deal. I'm its heyday in at W heights is just continuously. Change that care plan for them because when they coming and it may be that. You know mom really was a homemaker C lab to fold clothes and and watch that dish says that neo she'd. She comes in we can't get her engaged in has at all but we can't get her engaged in May be. I'm cook Kean and making flower arrangements. Are you know maybe she less than music or maybe she last to get the Turks services so. We we have all those opportunities for dad an essay change we date change their care plan once one Abby unique thing that we deal. Is a lot of people get a life story in the find out what they like that we actually care plan and Matt. So all of our care staff knows the stories. They know what is important to them and we and they can do it. Has a lien no in this disease process that and passed preteens really create comfort for these folks ready in so we tried till. I'm really come up with am. In talk of the feelings on it. Weekly monthly daily sometimes basis. On how I forgot to ask you this question that what was her bedtime routine. Right Leo I'm so we're having a hard time may be giving them together that will what do you do us yeah. So yeah. I think that sometimes in the mind of of the general public out there. Care communities nursing homes. Are a place for people go to die. And I don't see that at all bill he heights. They go to live they go to to have quality of life they go to have moments of joy that are continuous. And on top of that you have continuum of care. So you're not going to have tiered pricing because you're not gonna penalize a family because that person is progressing. Up that doesn't work damaged but I'll tell you what them and carry our nation you need to understand this. There are some special special people working with you all over there at their ability heist last week. A person that we loved. Will discolored Terry Terry passed away you've had several folks passed away. You or. Care stepped cares so deeply one of your care folks that actually worked closely with Terri and her husband. Over a period of time flew to California because her sister was dying of cancer. And flew back for Terry's memorial service. Got here at 3 AM in the morning showed up at the memorial service at 11 AM my saying at that memorial service that day and she was sitting there and grab. Tired as she can be bleary eyed and as soon as a memorial service was over she flew back to California. As a sister passed away now if you don't think people care. At these communities. Holy smokes Lucy I love you I love you and she's actually written. Some the net about her experience would you would you share and that could that. Would that not only is Lucio awesome they're all awesome that she's just a great example that was just a great example of touch my hand. Yes so we see you wrote a letter Timmy about her experiences and how much she loves working at W some not gonna read the whole thing that's happened. She still working for W was wonderful I love my job getting up every morning looking forward to seeing the residents and helping make their day. They had a reason I don't hesitate to get that. They are my feeling. I let each and every one of them putting a smile on their face when they're having a bad day makes me feel good working there. It and W has made me feel I am today. Com it's sweet and in music if you have several Lucy is yes I was so I would love to say she's unique. But that's kind of people that you hire right. Yeah that's important. Families need to know that and so let's bring up the world isn't perfect that's not it's not all Serran dipped this right way to but. One of the bundles up put on my website recently was how to work with the staff. Wind maybe you're unhappy about something. A new feeling might move in and say oh my goodness somebody walked by me and she smells like here and how low. Caregiver nation and memory units have people within continents system it happens. It happens his death gets to them as fast as you can. But the truth of the matter is. That. All the people there are in late stage alzheimer's you do the best you can I have never walked into a community that has so many bright eyed people. Not on medication. China chemically changed the way they're thinking or their feelings. And I think the place smells fabulous most of the time when I walk in there I have to tell idea and 99%. Of the time I think yeah under a great job so we have to help educate families how do you do that how do you help educate families on. The moving and Melissa. Yes sell on amid and we actually talk with them. Denise. Our health services director our program direct our. I am the administrator. Well all talk to them just about the realities of that that one really important thing that I think that. Sometimes that's a stressful time. I don't really wanna be here filling this paperwork out for my family so it's that every day conversation support groups like and Jill does stress and we have the opportunity to have her expertise there I just teaching Nauman reminding them. That this is part of the process this is part is disease process. I am and just going to life with him we try to take care of our families just as much as we do our residence and I think that's one thing that. Very unique about and W heights is our relationships with their families and the communication we have and their families. Is. Amazing. Well there's no doubt right. Denise that it's a the families are are scared to let somebody else take over the care they've heard those. Terrible stories. And so it's just a matter of really. Helping them to become more comfortable with. Sharing that care so when we come back grant talked about the holidays coming up. Halloween is this week. We've got Thanksgiving coming up and how can help those families to the holidays not just the ones in your community but elsewhere will be right back. Making the decision to place your loved one in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make. If that's Simmons specialist in your life and is meaning memory care Bellevue heights is the place to call home. Bellevue heights part of the JEA's senior living family is deeply committed to serving people living with alzheimer's and other related dimensions. Deli heights believes that supporting families and caregivers is just as important as caring for our residents we offer free monthly support groups. Education and lecture series and presentations by experts in alzheimer's and dementia care. All of our programs are free and open to the public. Called Bellevue heights at 3036900700. To learn more about the high standard of individualized care. They can offer your loved one. And asked the matter current and upcoming education opportunities and support groups. Well you heights alzheimer's special care center is located at 14500. East Bellevue avenue in Aurora. Is it JEA's senior living dot com or call 3036900700. To schedule a tour come into Stanley come home to Bellevue heights. Welcome to dementia resilience with the chill arrest sponsored by a million highest alzheimer's special care center. I can't in conversation as we learn about dementia and alzheimer's and its effects on the people we love. Jill has years of dedication and experience help you adapt to recover and overcome obstacles and help find a positive outcome. It's time for dementia resilience with the Jill Lawrence. Pay him back with the knees raiser of funds are. Their knees well Tim Melissa Frey if you don't live together. Any Markota that's why we. Clinton W heights and the holidays coming up so. Some of the questions we get our ship we take our loved one home. I have some feelings about that. I believe that home when somebody is in late stage alzheimer's is a place of a heart. And I think. Most of the time by the time they've hit a community level. Home isn't their physical home. It's not even their childhood home anymore can be a great example one of the people in the sport group just last week said that she took her mom back to Arizona. To the place where they grew up. And she got that would help his mom kept saying she wanted to go home. Writes is got on the plane ticket there and that didn't help mom didn't recognize the place and they lived in the house for thirty years says she took her to her childhood home. And her mom looked at the building and said. Where are we admire we hear so it just excess accentuates the point that. Sometimes I have to ask people. Why do you wanna do this boom is it this nostalgia for you. Or is it. Really because you think you gonna jog some sin and that person's memory Denise way to think about that. I totally agree. When I get asked that question. I tell them it's best to bring the party here. To your loved one right. If the kid too anxious and worked up while they're having a party. There loved when. He and leave the party. Go out into the hallway or go back to their room where they're comfortable where what's familiar with them at that time. Does it can be overwhelming if you can a lot of people lot of noises especially if there's children it can be. Over stimulating for them all right. Taken them Alps. Is not always a good idea sometimes it's hard to give back you. Yes just because they're a little confused by the road trip and all that so Melissa but she's your expertise search for a minute. We're China helps families understand. The process and maybe there's Stanley hasn't seen that love them for a long time and I have often put out there that I think maybe they should write a letter. And maybe take a picture of the person as they are in the current state that there in. So that there's no shock looks on the faces of family members when they commit to see mom or dad or grandma or whatever. And maybe just write letters saying she's progressed solo bid. Her ability to get a words out is not there. Then that is helpful. What are some things that maybe or how do you feel about that what are some things you think that families can do to prepare those coming for the holidays. That's a wonderful idea act gained just letting them now there are changes because. Sometimes it's really hard mostly they haven't seen them in over a year maybe since last Christmas or last Thanksgiving. To be able to really see where that person has I think it's also very helpful for our condemned to realize the disease process. And how important it is to know a little bit about where they are in that process and how to communicate with them when thing that we really teach our iron. I am families and our staff and our employees is as communication and techniques and how to communicate let them to just. Telling them he knows. Jumping to their reality we're gonna we're not going to stay home now grandma member of fed didn't happen that way we're gonna say. Dry weight might cram odd PSI remember that I'm really remember that. So just really important that does communication techniques are also shared with them dot at this time. Served and unfilled you heights allows me to do lecture series on November 16 Thursday November 16 to succeed him. I'm going to talk to anybody who wants to come it's a free event last are we about 25 people there you do need to colony advance the phone number. 30369007200. Okay great and will say that again before we get off the air. But none you can come to that it's from six to seven I'm gonna talk about a zillion ideas for how to work with your loved ones throughout the holidays for the way he wrapped gifts. To how you come and visit to even maybe wearing name tags out Kansas doesn't have some cool information story on that. And they come to the community and set up a time a team may be and bring food in or just. How how he worked with Stanley study is absolutely we've. Between buyers scheduled meals for their residents. They can reserved like her. Pikes peak dining and they can have the hold. Dining into themselves actually has little kitchen in it so I'll pray C under stays scene to. Even an of an NN stove top so that's sweet I like an and that many times with some family is so cute. And the yeah there's a lot of the really cool things going on there and hey tomorrow is the rocky mountain conference. On and dementia used to be called the education symposium to the Alzheimer's Association. It runs from 732. Forward. Thirty at the Hyatt regency Denver tech center that's on tufts avenue it's right here by the station here. I can see it out the window and if you'd like to come by and say hi to me I will have a boost there. And it's going to be great to talk to everybody in Melissa is gonna join me for a couple hours in the morning seemed to come by and meet her and ask any questions that you have. But I'm sure you all would just love to have people come out and visit. Then walk around and tour your community it's absolutely beautiful by the way I saw your Q decorations. Outside the well could not slow Keeley grade males abundant and stuff like that. So really a cool all right yes yes. I'm not any time we allowed to show you arm around give this that phone number again. 3036900700. OK. And hey by the way caregiver nation I want you to know this Wednesday. At 7:30 PM mountain time for any of you that are listing in other places I know we've got some folks in. In Illinois in New Mexico in different places listen to the show but it's going to be mountains and some thirty mountain time on Wednesday the first I'm gonna have all lives Facebook's chat. And it. Look for my blog today on some resilience training dot com and you can tell me what questions you have about triggers and how to handle your emotions. Send me your questions I'll answer three to five questions. In Ed I'll have those in advance and I'll talk about among the live chat and then my Iowa loss so. Take one question during the conversations I'm looking forward to talk and everybody nationwide this is going to be great for girls any parting thoughts. About two communities. But just like just. A and that sounds. Less free to come out and just experience that. You know you yield when you're thinking that maybe this is the time. Win here retired as a caregiver. Any discipline to have that relationship again with mom and dad and feed your daughter or son or their wife and her husband. Come give us telecast and in give us a chance to really be that care care for them in he can have a relationship. That she wants half of them that is. Wilson and Melissa thank you for that. And Denise. He's just have a great staff they did his job hiring people online can be major kudos for that you know you'll work super hard out there and I. I just think your fabulous community. And I hope of the folks in general combined seal and and really get to know all you all of you folks out there. So things. Thank you for being my sponsor of the show I love that. And thank you DJ EA industry's ability heights four always supporting what we're trying to do here and in the in the show so alright folks if you need me call me 3039991961. Where visit me at some resilience training dot com you can listen to podcasts April puts them on your form in my engineer. On the web site on cruise in 14:30 AM and look on the weekend programming and you can listen to any of them. Anytime you want we'll see you next week on dementia resilience it's killer ants take care everybody. You've been listening to the master resilience would still horrendous sponsored by Bellevue high risk alzheimer's special care center. Visit the website I had some resilience training dot com. To learn more and join us next week as we learn more about dementia or alzheimer's and overcoming obstacles for the positive outcome. See you next time.