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Friday, September 14th


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This week on the Colorado veterans resource show Rebecca Sawyer Smith will drop by from the Denver VA to talk about an upcoming vets who resource fair. Where there will be plenty of jobs available we'll have details. The wings over the Iraqis and their new CEO John Barry would drop by to talk about an upcoming Da Vinci exhibit. And other great things going on mid Denver's military and aviation museum. And will visit speaking your museums with the Broomfield veterans museum. A great little treasure in the northern part of town that tells wonderful military history. All batted a whole lot more it's Colorado's veterans resource show and it starts right now. This is the Colorado veterans resource show on cruise in 1432. Your connection to information and advanced life for and about Colorado as military veterans. DMV's and let's get started with the. This week's program and welcome everybody it is Serb the second of our Colorado veterans resource show programs right here at crews in 1430. I'm the host of the programmer at Crandall and it is a very. Big pleasure to be with you here this Sunday afternoon sharing one of our favorite topics around here the veterans and those that serve in the military. And we've got a very special show is you just heard we've got a great show planned for you today some fun just to introduce you to. I wanna take a moment before we dive into this week's program to tell you. Thank you because we had a lot of folks to reach out to us after the first week we have a sense we had a hunch. We had an idea really nothing more than that in the end until you are in fact on it and see if anybody else has the same huts Q do you don't know if you've hit on some that are not what we have this idea. There because of the population of military veterans is the size of their population here in Colorado that a program like this would be popular that there would be some interest in learning about things by foreign about veterans. Whether your veteran who's curious about benefits and opportunities that are available to you you're a caregiver for a veteran wondering how are you can best help them. Or somebody who loves military history you know all of those things included him part of the whole deal. But we side says that there would be an interest in the show that dealt with all that in your response after the first week as Kevin said to us yet we might have been on to something so thank you very much. We now have read our web site crews in 1430 dot com the Colorado veterans resource pages up now. You can listen to pass shows which at this point is the first show that aired last week but we will continue to build an archive of programs there. And a list who's on the program so if you're looking for specific topics or subjects or or guests over. The coming weeks you'll be able to find them right there after we've had the Monday air you can reach out to a series that information site as well if you go to that page. On our website. There's a link there where you can just submit a question or comment or thought to us and we can take it from there. So yeah that's said that's me saying thank you it really was a good way to start. And I'm really excited about today a little bit more bells and whistles will be added on today's program. A few more on the next program will continue to grow this and make it dead resource that hopefully will serve you well. Important things will be sharing with you today on this program for sure speaking of important veterans things here and know the beginning of the program what do remind you about. What are the questions I get most often and it is so Ricky I have my you know my -- father has passed away my mother around. I've I've come man in possession of some items from their military service sites. I have a uniform. Or I have some letters that they wrote back and forth Iraq have. Photographs that were taken nor I have objects like helmets or firearms are stuffed. And I hate to just throw this away what way do with him and dad is really done a great question I think it because it's not easy to find places that that are just excepting those things are purchasing those things right. And let me give you a couple of suggestions though. Wings over the Rockies say air and space museum and we'll hear from John Barry a little bit later in the program today. A wings has a wonderful archivist and a gentleman who knows a bit about military memorabilia. In Matthew brew shots. I would say look up to number four wings the over the Rockies air and space museum. And give Matthew or call I'm not suggesting Matthew himself is gonna be interest to do in your items that he will be a great resource for. For people that maybe he knows a lot of military collectors. Reenact jurors in the community and depending on what you have he many being able to do to help you find a direction or a means of sharing that with somebody who can be can make sure that it's seen by people and it's protected right. I know families often think gosh I just you know I hate the thought of thrown away due out stuff but. They feel bad they don't wanna keep to themselves and you shouldn't feel bad about that you know a couple of items to remind you of your. Family's history but today yeah I know I certainly get a so so wings could be a possibility. Another organization you're gonna hear about a in this program today is the Broomfield veterans museum listening closely. Two it gave the blue on the program today because perhaps they are a resource for that. And then finally Regis University has the center for the study of war experienced Mason Matt Markey is the director of the center. And they have an archive that they've built up at Regis University. Hundreds of hours of videotape and audio interviews with veterans. And then they have a collection of items that have been donated over two years. Simple fact of the matter is as the World War II generation and now the Korean War generation ages into their late eighties and early ninety's. And our passing away more and more things to write more and more stuff becomes available and folks are looking for places to park it. Didn't so I would say. Broomfield veterans museum wings over the Rockies Regis University. But I certainly you can check with the history Colorado. Who have the largest collection of stuff in Colorado in the underground part of history Colorado and they perhaps our interest suitor to tell you who might be interest it is well. Having said all that if you know of others who might be interest it and in having items. If you've run into some people let us know what we'd love to be able to share that our future programs but it is without a doubt the one of the top questions that we did here what do I do. With these items in you know if you're somebody who has that stuff and you don't want to burden your children with that perhaps a little pre planning a little advance planning. And you can take care of that yourself and cannot leave it to your kids to figure out right. Always always read my kids son the boy who will you see which are gonna have to clean up. After all this year to clean it up after you would data what these guy guys that try to pre plan ahead a little bit because listens as I've told Jim million times your story is important it's in storage it's important your family because they've been shaped by your experiences like you work. And your wartime experiences served helped shaped the father you would become later in life right the person you would become leader of life. They shaped by all those life experiences so so a little bit of them is a result of in the way they act and behave now as a result of your earlier experiences so tell them your story sure all that stuff with them. It really is very very importance of their ego there you don't wanted to share that with you as we got started today. We will take a little break when we come back to Rebecca Sawyer Smith will be with us of course productive from the Denver VA. Jobs that we hear talk about jobs all the time these days jobs jobs jobs and especially helping returning veterans trying to work. A young veterans who maybe don't know how to equate what they did in the military with a civilian job. We've got a jobs fair coming up in Rebecca is gonna talk about that it's going to be a great event. And if you know somebody who's looking for work if you yourself are looking for work stayed tuned. Great details coming up next right here. On the Colorado veterans a resource show pit crews and 1430. Losing 1430 is proud to one of the military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. Welcome back to the Colorado veterans resource show this Sunday afternoon are crammed with you here in the branding program and crews and 1430. By four and about the veterans of Colorado in there really are great pleasure to bring to shoot you weekend and week out in. And pretty much every week that were on with the program will be joined by Air France it to be here in Denver because. Look there are so many resources there are so many things programs. You know benefits. But just this stuff that they do did that people really don't often know about so we wanna China. You know you know the hospitals being bill you know the the basic stuff that would give him the some of the things perhaps you don't know that are available that you would benefit from men. Employment seems to be a big topic right now though certainly not only for veterans but across the the country at the new president president trump has made it to have been a part of his platform to. Try to create jobs and in LT employed here in the country and to certainly veterans are among that number so. Our friend to Rebecca Sawyer Smith from the VA is with us again this week how are ya. I'm doing great thank you and of course you know it we have said it's that age old story. We trained our military we armed too big you know to Great Britain such precision and they're so good at what they do in the military but there's not often times. Anything in this civilian community that mirrors what they've done in the military so there's a bit of free training in their says. You know of a bit of assistance that's needed by vets when they come home to find work. That's right and I'll tell you that one of the things that we find. That need to be gotten. The most is translating. What they did in the military they're all out to. Civilian speak. I spoke to someone who worked on batteries and he did tell me all about it now and the Democrats have no idea. Play it what you did you've got to learn to. Patent technology. Understanding that you have and put it into words I can understand and I go oh I know exactly the kind of job that you would be good act. So that's that's one of our biggest challengers. Sure the debt that makes sense to me because the way there are mural from all overtimes in the military were nothing to ferment about. Acronyms and abbreviations and all that stuff and it's hard for a civilian those ten pick their way through. Yes thanks. There's over 50% of our employees here at the Denver VA regional office that are better and so where you background. The FF FF. Are right so if I may if I'm a veteran I think back to when I got out and I was like thirty in fact that's kind of the the military 35 years ago this year so it's been well. I been awhile since I was in but when I data out I don't remember. The mini but the you know there in in ad man was he was holding my hand and walking me through. Finding employment in giving me direction and guidance I know that's changed over the years work how do we help veterans were Mary did you know at this point in their life is looking for work. And why we'll tell you that and bear servicemen and women do you receive a briefing. And the impairment test to what VA benefits are out there for them. And other veterans. Patrick kind of pick it up along the way. Especially guard reserve. Has there and I. All the time there's civilian. So they still needed job why they're serving our country. And so they have another challenge. So I'm I'm one of the program that we have NBA and college vocational rehabilitation and employment. And if you have an employment handicap he can't. Find a job today you were a mechanic that force servicer that's what you do you kind of settled around went before you went into the service. And then you fell off humvee or you were incomes have acted and and you cannot. Give that kind of work anymore we can give that back. Then we have three train you enacted because three training could be just rehabilitation and occupational therapy of work to be four years of college and you become an accountant so we have that program and part of their program we have employment coordinator. And they work and job parent and they helped put employers and veteran looking for work. Together. So let's put it disabled veterans are veterans and looking for work. Perfect and it agreed lead in to. A partnership that we cruise and 1430 here at the radio station have established to a with Rebecca and David and their whole team down it to Denver VA where. We're now doing we've always and veterans there in the fall will be doing that again this year over that's in gardens but. We have had an opportunity to present itself to to a smaller version of that. In April so on April 22 we're gonna put our collective very heads together. And present to have veterans and opportunity then to find some work. You know this did a great opportunity for veterans can come in not only can get. And to talk to employers and also to give researchers then they need. One of the biggest employers don't be there at the VA medical turner. I would tell you that there are more people waiting at the VA handled amongst other table and and then the reason why is it even though you quit serving our country wanna continue to serve. I've three girlfriend you've just got done the VA. And you know other young veterans and they they wanna make a difference. And did you know if you have medical. Background or medical. Or you know some credit interest in the VA medical center there's tons of jobs. You know from clerical to custodial few doctors. And doctor nurse managers. So a lot of opportunities there we also. You know law had anchored there won't have a little bit of everything you did it did not always view and it just exploded. We had so many. Great vendors. Veteran offender friendly. Commercial lenders veteran friendly employers people wanna do things for veterans so. They came out and throws and and people showed up and I think they were extremely happy we had a process where veterans could comment talk to us. They needed a veteran's preference letter this federal government job you get apartment appeared that aren't eligible veteran she and and Valentin being they could take that letter and pocket anybody there. I it out I'll tell you that debt being our first experience of being together the light that deal was a really cool deceived the response in this the you know just how excited people were with the opportunity to come and disturb you you know that have some hope bright to maybe there was an opportunity for me. Yeah we had. I believe variety of veterans that showed that kids don't they just came for the resurgent there. Young old and everything in between. We worked with them before and and thanks to give them good people at the workforce center. That's program they have training as their mission. They have a special program dead and workforce centers by the way for veterans homage to great place to go this year. We partner with Iraq would Douglas worked workforce center. And they're going to be there and they will register your attacking Colorado which is the database for job. So how how I mean initially you're gonna come in and get that radar and hand thing you can go through I talked to the researchers people. And you know it last year we had what 900 people attend ridiculous TV yeah should implement our commercial vendors even hired people. We we had to book that was always go we Rhode giving as excited as anybody. The people were getting hired on the spot right there were certain people giving jobs at the event and it was like oh this is a sweep. Pretty temperate thank god job and it. Yeah I MA image that was the whole purpose of the day that's actually what we were hoping for a minute so I suspect this will be similar now it's gonna be on April 22. Side mention. And it is going to be. A very easy to find because it's going to be literally right across the street from the new VA hospital. And enter into the matter back then booking grade a children and I think we've got to get children than ever com. You all the other medical on the university of their killing give them over to the Daryn and advertise their job that. Well guess they're just growing there it is very easy get behind my cute gag and it is higher regions the Aurora. They called the Denver convention center and I don't remember forever. To create doubt that the new console mining engineer and we'll be there and there is another thing never doing that here which is very exciting. This do that program. And that you have program and as he talked about on your show as they look an opportunity. For you to bring enough. Did that don't fit anymore arm. And because of course you you've gotten taller or shorter right oh yeah yeah yeah. And bringing your did and we'll have them available there on April 2 money back and for better and then he didn't Bernard B and then further job. Odyssey that's cool because we're promoting the fact you could take those suits over to Ben Gordon but they'll be able to bring him to the best fares well. Yep robbery and then these and give them out to veterans so they can have a couple of the a couple of masthead make it look good. That's perfect all right so this is April 22 nine to noon though there is no cost will be there at the the brand new. Hi if it's there on Colfax across from the the VA hospital the beautiful new. Tie it in rural Stephon and the whole team over there hills never really done out of their way to assist us with this and we're great we're grateful to them for that so. Planning a parking there and and just come by and spend a little bit of time and look if you're not a veteran but do you know somebody who is this year the information with them and and go to you can go to the website christened 1430 yards how we've got details there. Yes then actually I. And it is. Ready and raring to go we're very excited about it. Yeah we are too. That you know we talked about death hospital in and and aside from all the other stuff. The went on with the hospital did is preparing to open next year. As you mentioned jobs out there ranged from that I mean you can imagine it's like opening a small city you there is. There's. You know food services there is as you said custodial there's IET there is. I'm not not just the medical staff but could be a plethora of just leaving no grounds keeping because it's a pretty big area there are so. There's all that they are so if you think you've got something that that may have played. Or certainly don't wanna come ask questions would love to have you draw about. Yeah our right. Well that's excellent sand thank you for being here to share that with us. And idiotic question that VA benefits you can call 18871000. Or go to our web site NBA got down. Perfect all right Rebecca always a pleasure thank you. Thank you oh there you go Rebecca Sawyer Smith with its from VA and again. That is so RFQ what's now becoming a twice annual event right to our veterans fare for April and April the 22 two. From nine to noon again if you were if you miss that it's nine to noon. Saturday April 22 at the new Regency Hotel in Aurora on Colfax directly across the street from the new VA hospital. I'll be there that morning I would love to see you and have the opportunity to catch up and say hi and in you know talk not only about the veterans sphere but other things that are going on in the community for veterans. Who will have information about two of the Colorado freedom memorial there and our big Memorial Day events coming up so. Yeah a lot going on so don't you miss that are right. The veterans a resource show that Colorado veterans resource show will continue here in just a moment. That crews in 1430. Losing 1430 is proud to watch the military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who served. The program by a four in about the best bet trends in the nation in the Colorado veterans it is the Colorado veterans resource show right here occurs in 1430. I'm Rick crammed so close to The Breakfast Club here during the week T and also work past air force veteran six years from 1976. To 1982 proud of that service and they have crowd did cheer this program with you as well time forced to catch up with our friends out of wings over the Iraqis air and space museum. Perhaps you've been there are they have a new CEO who are retired general John very US air force air force academy graduate as a matter of fact and a good friend of ours and John Ned to have this idea of bringing a special. Exhibit to the museum it's an open on April 1. We were so excited won't hurried about it that we decided we needed to share it with you well IE but it was still light did. Known general John very firfer quite a few years now we should we've been friends forever for awhile and I was. Delighted when he and assumed the reins of of the wings over the Iraqis and not too terribly long ago. As he told me recently he's really is horrible at retiree. The only really really bad and jump pulled up my kept reinvesting loves to be closed so there you go good morning. For the morning there's thank your friends. Well we're and have actually delighted mark Rodgers is sitting with us here today and he's says curator for the exhibit this is from Florence Italy and this is Da Vinci. And I can people I say all the time that if there ever was someone who could believe in time travel. It had to be the person of Leonardo descent who. One person in one lifetime absolutely many ideas. So do Vinci machines sit exhibition coming to the wings mark welcome 121 global bond jungle bugs are public welfare unless I had to be here today and and and having us. Have had the. Exhibition here at the with the wings of the rocky museum there's actually exhibits and travel the United States for the last five years. And most people know Da Vinci by the Mona Lisa and the last supper ready few people knew that he was one of the most prolific inventors of all time. You don't 44 the house and drawings originally 141000 survived. And so it at the exhibit will what order we're doing up there at the wings are all the Iraqi. Is one we are having his he his major U inventions that he designed we also has artwork to Italy is artwork out there because de Vinci considered his artworks science and his science art work. And and ready Willy you know looking back in in indeed if they were. We're because it actually thirteen finish worse yields truths of Leonardo Vinci there has been you'll know better than than most speculation over the years how does a man. That far back in history. Have division for some of these things that are still you know be utilized in very important to us today how did he knows then what he knew them will the one they into overture don't have at the exhibit. This one and as such on the north Emilia Earhart yesterday. And we were talking her and and he'd designed when he does find this a glider which we have at the exhibits the basis got a from the ceiling may and is FCB gorgeous. And in he designed it. Kinda like a bird where man's head but I should go to the wing itself. And then any demand and then they would try to manipulated and fly while they didn't quite work in fact over the museum in Florence they called the design the decapitated her peca because this isn't just the ground is sure is that game mafia but the interesting part about it was he stick this out I know how he did this step for man to fly in a fly safely that you wings had to be parallel at all times of the horizon. And you decide you were still in the meter that is responsible for all over flights today. That in India decided to be in a glass bell that it wouldn't be affected by wind currents in the glider pilot could see it in flight. And he designed to be on the on the glider in flight. So in effect when he designed he designed the first onboard instrumentation. I 500 years ahead it is yeah this is one small little tit bit of of the genius of the man. So amazing because you know he died may fifteenth nineteen yeah. As mark Sanyo 45000 sheets of people paper you know but in talking about hang Dieter parachute air screw which was a precursor for the helicopter. So I mean there's a quote didn't come should dementia throws pretty compelling. It says for once you have tasted flight you walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. Were there you have been and there you will longed to return home he was obsolete you know. Prolific and his ability you know that lower it is a pilot Nasr has her fifth and I kind of you know appreciated touchy. You know they aspect of getting airborne you out here is a man and envisioned it yeah. Absolutely right and what is so cool at the museum out there we've never had the five years that we think does exist and try to United States. We're gonna have his air screw it was built over in Florence. Britney yes there were gonna have the actual modern day one man helicopter right next to it that you're not going to be able to seed then she's designs. That that he designed 52 years ago received the exact. Application of it today. Which we have never ever had with the exhibition nights I'd be on acting at the wings of the Rockies now hit but I don't wondered discounted all the heart in you mentioned it at the beginning because some of the masterpieces. You know for copies of the great works of all time will be there. Yes indeed we have all the that we have a little bit better than UC normally we have licensed digital images does is our organization only thirteen finish pieces of artwork there were able to. A tribute to Leonardo Vinci. Are out of but he could several of his drawings of his inventions are work and of course they were sure but we're gonna have licensed digital images to the exact size of his original artwork. Because as armored disk is is scattered all over the world right and you're going to see this essay and some of the artery to rehash it looks better than the original. So you're gonna have its can be quite. An experience. And we actually called the Tynes experience weekly call it is that's what it is. Now hold a celebrate this well starting April 1 that aren't over the museum tons over the right he's museum. And then we'll start at 5 o'clock and go to seven now marks gonna do some amazing show and I've ever seen whole thing and it's really sad about this seeing it. But I see next serves everybody's gonna compared to Vinci to Michelangelo. And it's a one act show it's like you see amber away and don't have red carpet opening the kind of food and drink the pain and be able to have breaks and an emissions and so forth but there is and have access see the exhibit. In a moment have this amazing show that mark gonna put on that I'm really excited about for the news that really isn't as. Here contrasted the G most people and Michelangelo most of those we were competitors they. They way to do this they hated each other really I didn't think she was tall and handsome gregarious everyone to be associated with Givenchy right Nicholas was kind of small and kind of diminished in the least he had actually hated the way did he looked. And we're gonna talk weather but it by the end of the show though I wanna underwent out of a dimension to glad to work we're talking about Van Cliburn. We're talking about must Paul we're talking about Paul McCartney we're trying to buy jock Cousteau. So we're gonna really try to. Natalie and more. Highlight these geniuses but also a day it can back them to a world today. As many times as I've I've been to Italy certainly not as many as Europe and am to six or seven times I suspect could. I can never get enough of either of those masters and their work him in being their word that it was all created is just exciting and then the more you find out about these two guys here the more you want to find out yeah these two absolutely. Everything and they said everything indeed they did apply store world today than they're worth ethic was second to none of Mikell actually one of the greatest quotes in the history of the world he said if you did that disgusting he said. Tom if you knew how much work went into all of us you would never call it genius. And that. What an incredible thought Gayle and that's when you only get to the next generation I was only grandparents out there. The listen to this show today and the parent is to bring your students capturing who we are going to knock who's there socks off. Saturday April 1 that's. Do you get that's the date for the kickoff Iowa gonna have the exhibition there through September. So this'll be part of the additional aspects that come into music none flood of people of in the wings of the news things over the Iraqis museum but. Here we're gonna have this exhibition that I think is going to be absolutely stitched. And nearly aspects of having all of the clips. 3-D animations and many machines and conventions or you can touch and feel. And seeing images didn't she is original journals artwork paintings and sculptures. I mean it's really gonna minutes. It's going to be just one movie we play that's when you come to the exhibition and on normal days there we have it we we have a movie is called the disease jiji news movie Timmy just for exhibition. That plays continuously. So we you know I'd say you know see these models you'd see income compared to today. And walk right is it is it's gonna I can't talk is going to be our greatest set up in the last five years that I cannot wait wings museum dot org dipped two wings museum dot org you can buy tickets there. And I learned a lot more information right Durbin don't miss out the big opening night on that I'm April 1 you don't want to miss mark in his passion for this and you know bin Ahmed bin your life's work crew. It has been an instant cash and a life changing your and it's on it's it's been. A true inspiration for me and in the more than I found out about these gentlemen who are wanted to tell you ready about a so please come by. Come by the exhibition but come buyer opening night April 1 there every guarantee you'll be it'll be something that you never ever seen before. That's correct. And you my friend wanna have you back on her show your soon to talk about the wings and exciting things going on out there there's other events the rest of the year there's some. It's there's always something exciting happening we have a school and museum now we're building a new facility had a Centennial airport. And dirt starts turning over here in April. General blue sky and a black guy how gallery blue sky fair plane's black sky for space. And that combined with a school we're gonna build on that property fifteen acres on Centennial airport will be unique to the nation it's actually going to be a fluke a flight school all right. Those mean for hardly a couple of things one is not only being if you wanna be a pilot but if you wanna be an aircraft mechanic wannabe a someone who is working NFL management you know air traffic control things like that of those kind of focus on perfect I have. To sponsor hunt I have good slows air utility what you're describing what's gonna be or how what it. Holly's totally. Unique and now privileged Denver should have now interviewed you here but they have the exhibit here what you'd an end to wings Iraqi is just amazing I cannot be any more honored to be associated with John and he winks at for the rocks museum. Mark good to have you here pleasure welcome to Denver John I will see you again soon. Because there you go it's come into wings over the Iraqis de Vinci machines exhibition and the grand exhibit unveiling on April 1 get ticket information don't miss out and ask. Wings museum downward for all the details you find right. This week king Colorado military history we take you back to 1969. In the medal of honor citation for private first class Ronald L Coker US Marine Corps company M third battalion third marine division. One tree province in the Republic of Vietnam he was born on the ninth of August 1947. An alliance Colorado his citation reads. For conspicuous gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a rifleman with company M and action against enemy forces. While serving as the point man for the second platoon pfc Coker was leading his patrol when he encountered five enemy soldiers on the narrowed jungle trail. POC Coker squad aggressively pursued them to a cave. As the squad neared decay if it came under intense Haas style fire seriously wounding one marine. Enforcing the others to take cover. Observing the wounded man lying exposed to continuous enemy fire pfc Coker disregarded his safety and moved across the fire swept terrain towards his companion. Although wounded by enemy small arms fire he continued to crawl across that hazardous area. And skillfully through a hand grenade into the enemy positions suppressing the hos style fire sufficiently. To enable him to reach the wounded man. As he began to drag his injured comrade toward safety a grenade landed on the wounded marine. I'm hesitating late pfc Coker grasped it with both hands and turned away from his wounded companion. But before he could dispose of the grenade it exploded. Severely wounded but undaunted. He refused to abandon his comrades. This team move towards friendly lines to more enemies grenades exploded near him inflicting still further injuries. Concerned only for the safety of his comrade pfc Coker with supreme effort continued to crawl when pull the wounded marine with them. His heroic deeds inspired his fellow Marines to such aggressive action. That the enemy fire with suppressed sufficiently to enable others to reach him and carry him to a relatively safe area. Where he succumbed to his extensive wounds. Pfc Coker is indomitable courage inspiring initiative. And selfless devotion to duty upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps. In the US naval surface he gallantly gave his life for his country. March 24. 1969. This week in Colorado military history. Losing 1430 is proud to one of the military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show. Time for more valuable information for those who have served. Am just like that we've come to the end of our program for this week to Colorado veterans resource show right here at gruesome 1430 armor Crandall. Thanks to our guests on the program this week a reminder for you. If you have been a vented that you would like this to share information about we'd love to hear about it if you. Have a topic suggestion nor any kinds of questions or comments. You can go to prison 1430 dot com get yourself to the Colorado veteran to resource show page. And you can send us emails and comments right through there we would love to hear from you. We'll be back next Sunday in this very same time. For all those of you who wore the uniform continue to Wear it today and Paul who served our country are saying so our gratitude for your service. The Colorado vet turns a resource to show is for you. Every week right here in cruise and 143.