Colorado Veteran's Resource Show - 3.25.18

Sunday, March 25th

This week we talk to our friends at Ft. Logan about a special event coming up this Thursday, The Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado and see what is happening for Veterans with the Community Calendar. Enjoy!

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This is the Colorado veterans resource show on cruise in 1430 George connection to information in advance live for and about in Colorado as military veterans. Viennese and let's get started would this week's program. Good morning and welcome to the Colorado veterans resource show I'm Rick Crandall it is a pleasure having you along on this Palm Sunday. The show by four and about Colorado veterans today would be visiting with team new director of the fort Logan cemetery talking about an event coming up Thursday morning march 29 this coming Thursday. In honor of our Vietnam veterans will have all those details for you will also speaking of Vietnam tell you about an event to representative. Ed Perlmutter is hosting and I am seeing. On Wednesday night up in Adams county in interview with three Brothers who all served in Vietnam. And who will tell you a whole lot more about things by four in about our veterans. It's the Colorado veterans resource show exclusively your cruise in 1430. Go ahead and sit next to the radio for a little bit as we sure what's going on in the veterans community. Right here. In right now and good morning everybody welcome to the Colorado veterans a resource show it's called Sunday isn't that Sunday morning here and a beautiful day on tap in the mile high city is spring has settled in quite nicely. And here on the Monday show today we've got a lot of things to share with you that are going on around town this week from job resource for years to up. A Vietnam veterans panel on Thursday night to congressman Perlmutter is hosting. But it get a chance to visit with you here today. About something happening out to fort Logan on Thursday morning and it also is giving me an opportunity to. Say hi and meet the new director at a fort Logan and Matt welcome it's good day every year Matt Williams. I am glad to beer so it so it didn't tell me now you take over here where did you where did you have come here from where you hear urge you come from somewhere else. Well I came from mutant X 2000 director he's national cemetery. And before that I was a director for blessed national cemetery in El Paso. Obama should just kind of keep moving west yeah dish the fact that the at northwestern where you're you're new we will welcome. And you've handled him a couple of days any way to do it did so my time under your belt in their beautiful facility out there is an. Yes and if this. And the whole area is very nice. Yeah so. As as a director I mean there's a lot that goes with this in and you know better than anybody the the national cemeteries that we have for. Our are filling up quickly first as the World War II generation leftists and followed by Corey you'd be you know period rapidly aging and end the Vietnam veterans as well it's. It's never quiet out there are many of the cemetery. Well that is really true yes. We'll move cautiously looking for new places are opening new cemetery is. Four Logan's gonna purchased fifty additional lake yourself. We're gonna be prepared for the future. Good well listen this week we get (%expletive) right inaction out there this Thursday the 29 the march it says. Fort Logan national cemetery shelter they are out there it's the 2018. State of Colorado is 2018 Vietnam War anniversary commemoration. And looks like a pretty good day's been put together. Yes were down quite a few get through have a nice little ceremony and we're gonna on our Vietnam veterans and commemorating the fiftieth anniversary. The Vietnam War. Matt will be there's sharing some words along a major general Michael O our good friend who's the adjutant general of Colorado the governor will be there are two. Makes and keynote remarks and we'll have gold star. Family members there and some some bell tolling and all that good stuff going on now for folks listening today it's certainly open to the public current. That is correct where we would encourage anybody to come out that the program. And can just enjoy the ceremonies. It begins at officially at 9 o'clock you wanna get their little bit earlier to make sure you get yourself in place but says shelter any of fort Logan and as you know as you come off this year to narron you'll be able to you be able to find your way over. So. What says it is you can settle into the roll over there at two at fort Logan. The certainly you see. Opportunities and perhaps some challenges as well where the or what's on your plate is he kind of take the place over. Well the biggest thing is the transition from an old record to new director. There's no policy at the plate they come down percent to office so it does get everybody on board and be getting used to them. And what I expect and what what they do so that they are they do a fantastic job so it just basic transition getting used to new employees and a new director. And in finding your way to work him back home at the end of the day. But it's that the that is very true epithet but there but I've read it here you if you're coming up from Houston it's not like recovered from a small town not to answer itself. Earthly good sized police recovered from. But very true so fifth fifth so. Table here been wonderful plot I have no complaints that we love various self. Yeah we're off to a good start. Good I think you'll settle in here quite nicely in the end you do have a good team over their own neo in the end. So many of them that says that I've worked with over the years have just been have been wonderful and the great respect they show and you know folks like the all veterans honor guard that comes out and provide serves ceremonial services assumed. It's it's a pretty good team that I'm sure of you'll you'll do nothing but make even better. That's what my goal is to end of course we have the volunteers that the public information center and so everyone's just been wonderful. Good good well. For folks listening if if you've ever wanted to. You know find a way to be involved just the Hebron over to fort Logan dropped in and see him there at the main center of little visitor center kind of area there and you know escort goes on the deliberative did look do we explain to you what they do out there and how to go about it if nothing else come join us next Thursday medic can't wait to meet job there there are men. And welcome to town and look forward to seeing you soon. But the think you're most and I will look boardwalk when you hear. Our men out there you go Matt Williams he is the new director. A fort Logan national cemetery you heard mention there in the comments their purchasing an additional fifty acres. If you've been to fort Logan lately you've seen it his. And M in the army in fact of the matter is the World War II generation has aged in. And passed on the VA would tell you now that they that roughly there are approximately. Less than 8000. Living World War II veterans and cholera and how can you imagine that that number just stunned me when I first. Read it in and rerouted to make sure wasn't making a mistake less then be thousand. Wow that's a generation that at one time had sixteen million in uniform during World War II so. That generation rapidly leaving us our friends from the Korean War giving your builder is what. And certainly those. A first members of the Vietnam War so places like fort Logan are looking for. Additional space or building additional cemeteries as we have here in Colorado so there you go that ceremony is going to be next Thursday the 29. At 9 AM I'll be the master of ceremonies and will look forward to seeing you there. It's time for this week in military history director of the Colorado veterans resource show and today we go back. To march 18. And we're going back to 19:42. Am. What is now well regarded as a the unfortunate time in American history this time of World War II. It was a march 18 of 1942. Win the war relocation authority was created to take all people of Japanese descent into custody. Surround them with troops prevent them from buying land and return them to their former homes at the close of the war. Anger towards him fear of Japanese Americans begin in Hawaii shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Every one of Japanese ancestry old and young prosperous and pour was suspected of espionage. The suspicion quickly broke out on the mainland. As early as February 19 1942. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered that German Italian and Japanese nationals. As well as Japanese Americans be barred from certain areas deemed sensitive military. California which had a significant number of Japanese and Japanese Americans saw a particularly viral and form of anti Japanese sentiment. With the State's attorney general Earl Warren and who is going to be Chief Justice of the United States claiming that a lack of evidence of sabotage among the Japanese population. Proves nothing. As they were merely biding their time. While roughly 2000 people of German and Italian ancestry were interred during this period Americans of Japanese ancestry suffered most egregiously. The war relocation authority established our march 18 to 1942. Was aimed at them specifically. 120000. Men women and children were rounded up on the West Coast. Three categories of inter knees were created. Me say native US citizens of Japanese immigrant parents east say Japanese immigrants. And keep bay native US citizens educated lowered Julie in Japan. The in turn means were transported to one of ten relocation centers of course you know one of those was a much she hearing Colorado. The quality of life in a relocation center was soldier only marginally better than prison families were Sar deemed and a 20 X 20 five foot grooms. Forced to use communal bathrooms there were no racers some scissors or radios allowed children attended war relocation authority schools. One Japanese American Gordon here by our chief five to interment all the way to the Supreme Court. He argued that the army responsible for affecting the relocations. Had violated his rights as a US citizen. The court ruled against him citing the nation's right to protect itself against sabotage an invasion. As sufficient justification for curtailing his and other Japanese Americans constitutional rights. In 1943 Japanese Americans who had not been interred we're finally allowed to join the US military and fight in the war. More than 171000. Japanese Americans fought. The only safe for 42 regiment which fought in the Italian campaign became the single most decorated unit in US history. Do regiment 14667. Medals awards and citations. Including medals of Varner distinguished service crosses silver stars. Many of these soldiers when writing home were writing to relocation centers. Remarkable time in our history indeed. It is. March 18 1942. The war relocation authority was created. That's this week in military history back to the program. Military service of our citizen soldiers with the Colorado veterans resource show time from. Valuable information for those who have served. We're back here at the Colorado veterans a resource show this Sunday a cruise in 1430 armor crib note the program by four in about Colorado veterans we love sharing. News of things that you know going on in the community not only a bit activities but groups themselves and what they're up to him. Good did chance to talk with sumo reached today. You luckily how many guests maybe have seen the organization but didn't may be realized other than defective really cool mile military vehicles what they were all about so. Phil gets to be here to toot the horn of the military vehicle collectors a Colorado how Eudora. People do a great push more and Rick. It's it's really a pleasure to have you here at the end. The Soviet let's start there before we get into the the auto show in in all that kind of stuff the military vehicle collectors of cholera and tell me about the group. Sure we know or row are appalled that. They're you know we personally owned electrical restore display. Wanna educate the public about Europe. Ruling military history vintage military trucks. We are so warm with a shallow and big chapter of the international. Military vehicle are preservation association push which showed which form dark in 1968. Right now we've got approximately. Don't somebody club members. I think you probably don't have hundred pieces of equipment should return from more than world war warm. Through April 4 career world war torture career off from your mom actually Cold War or world should just huge storm. That's a more current vehicles. Sure returned from a boy notre bicycles. Well sure and look forward to trucks from Jeep structure and terms trash talking after actually we have can Ericsson the club artillery pieces and amphibious dock from World War II it's a little amazing collection of stuff. There and we do about 35 prevention but you're you're in Colorado. It occasionally out of state. Should we do parade she we do charity of Arabs. We do veterans of various patriotic holidays. Standoff with just enjoy what we do we work hard to restore its vehicles we like to show them off certain educate the public about a so yeah it's a mission just. And it's I mean in the group I would suspect there are some some military veterans who were in the group but civilians as well army folks that are just collectors him. In in enjoyed the uniqueness of military vehicles. Well absolutely a fact you do do you know each own vehicle to beat her bridge club. Fortune fortunately we have on our vehicles roll in the virtual display. Fifty you can ride along or you can participate anymore also share a moratorium which. Listen rock throwing an adjuster group of guys. So it's military vehicle collectors to Colorado they've got wonderful website you can go to him he's CC. On line dot org MV CC online dot org if you'd like to. See where they're going to be what direct to soak. Come April now which. Dash is much is he too admitted it's about two weeks away now from the first day of April and Easter Sunday so it's knocked on the door so we're just over two weeks away from the Denver Colorado show. Indy is this the first year you've been there is this a regular thing. Well this isn't it's been a long long Torbor club. Participated in this Rivera a number of years ago. Are more than we have not participated in recent history are the president of the club felt I got about sixteen years and we kept Donna. Wow OK so we called happy that I mean I think people obese. You know it'll be kind of fun to watch their reaction when they go well okay that's that's not the newest Nissan right there. Now the beauty of our vehicles is you don't have to be out church 6 in the morning. I think that's left with a look at what happened. So the bitter auto show April 4 through the eighth the forcing is Jeff incidents. I guess appreciation day military appreciation day. At the auto shows so if if you're inclined that would be a good day Wednesday April 4 all military give him free with an ID. Which is kind of cool but these are how much of your hardware or will you have on display there. When you're actually burned or eleven or twelve. Different countries vehicles would actually much. A very wearable World War II Arab should be used Jeep. Called the GPA. We are very you have a World War II. Cushman. Flight line scooter. Which is also quite aware of a lot of media tomorrow. We'll bring her Leo Vietnam error gambit goat which is certain weapons from cargo and troop carrier. Articulated. Will also bring it he's Swiss military. Starter pins Gallo which is sort of very you know it's a tactical vehicle its former Spartan home streak. You don't do you lose somewhat larger loans it. We're bringing unity there's very large should try to harm. Well covered local. Of Vietnam error reduce overhead off. Saw also old Vietnam Arab gun truck. Which is a deuce who have that is holy armor plated and opt former Ku klux machine guns. Send an additional brigade. Early 1980 can teach your military ambulance. Wow yeah it's cool. Mattered in Britain lecture will reconsider it. At. So this supply and accurately or deterred. Okay our young seemed to election particularly brokered convention I was gonna say at least a. Were introduced they see if they allegedly do ridges that are of that that we awesome. The military vehicle collectors of Colorado so part of the Denver auto show this year I know lots of you who listened. To this program into our station go down to the auto show and look forward to it every year and another reason to look forward to it this year. I've I've I've got to. As a personal aside and in view and I've not talked before but. Can I can lead the effort to build the Colorado freedom memorial in Aurora and to. The memorial celebrates its fifth anniversary this year EM we've just been in the process of tranda. Find a way to round up some military vehicles for our villain it's the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so you regular caller an email from me. Well you wish you were just up the road Hillary is an important yeah so. Again if people want to become members just go to the website give information there. Joseph you can download an application from the web charter annual future security dollars and jellyfish if you get your charity dollars start participating in any recurrence of Chile Cuban plunged thereafter. Who called the club up. There and dog. You know you can download the application picture coshow we will have applications barracks to what copies of our newsletter BOG news. Smuggled material paired now if anyone would like to stop our talk Dawson talk about the talks. We're going to be there. I'm sure people will look forward to coming by visiting I suspect you'll want to you'll be one of the yeah I TUB one of the hot spots there by the way also I I guess it because dimension at this point if somebody soliciting and they of Guidant you know little cheaper home military vehicle. You can apply for a state license plate for that right. Oh absolutely earned fractured we were very successful a number of years ago getting a state law passed sure that you know you have to title and registered historic military vehicles. You do not have to displayed license plates. And felt I pushed out law because it really bothered me either. Sure am driving strategic military vehicle struck have a collectors dealers are quick vote for a 1920s Jordan cook. And just eaten it seemed to shift to the chief. No we looked up Dunlop pastor your charm but I'll throw one low total broad stretch huge polish a lot of called licensing in the insurance and titled the rules should just keep the glove compartment or keep keep licensed to a new glove compartment you only have to preserve British law enforcement generally differ clustered. It seems reasonable enough. Don't get that we do have guys who gets stopped production along. So we you know we give them a copy of the CR statuette can up there and buried at the police showed while we never knew about it. That's a well so it was a pleasure meeting in heaven a chance to visit thank you very much Jim and thanks for the work that you do it and if I don't see you before handle try to give them near the auto show and CEO but but but but thanks it's that its core Q do emit a lot of us appreciate it. Hello thank you I can afford to see if I do you have do thank you for the opportunity sworn to talk about so what I love French Quarter called. You've got what you ever heard the enemy we'll talk again soon. Aren't there you go that's film ovation again it is the military vehicle. Collectors of Colorado. And you go to their website MB CC on the line that dot org that's their web site. And this check him out if you want to become a member is a Phil said he can do that right there you can just download the application and seek justice from right there and fairly easy to fire. Colorado veterans are resource show an increase of 143. Bacteria on the Colorado veterans resource show this Sunday morning and this coming week is kind of an active week for activities. Four Vietnam veterans in particular birds all veterans as well served a three three things I wanna go through with you here. Things to give you a heads up our niche you can participate TEN. The first will be Tuesday march 27 that's when we're hosting our spring at veterans fare this is our second annual second time we've. Done one in the spring we always do what in the fall. It's part of our fifteen year are now veterans resource in job fair. If if you wanna know who's going to be there and listen up it is absolutely free for you to attend it will be Tuesday at 27 discovering Tuesday from nine to one. It's hosted at the Hyatt Aurora by the VA hospital. By our friends at Humana and of course regular cruise in 1430. Over two dozen vendors are ready to hire with onsite interviews and some of those it'll be there. Amazon fulfillment Denver Police Department to graybar. Heavy equipment college navy federal credit union Denver water mass mutual pencil Phelps. G two secure staff thing you know page in the Colorado Department of Labor. The Colorado VA will be onsite with six veteran resources to help with housing education banking and mental health. Tell you what this is going to be agreed to event it is Tuesday the 27. The annual spring vets fair job resource. Resource and job fair and by the way you don't. Have to be a veteran only to attend. A certainly some of them will be designed for eventual benefits but today anybody looking for work come umpire could bats Tuesday. Then on Wednesday march 28. Congressman Ed Perlmutter invites you to a discussion with Vietnam era veterans in honor of national Vietnam war veterans day. Hear from three Brothers who served during the Vietnam War Jerry Darien and John stand. The spin Brothers I'll be moderating a discussion with them will start at 430 with a reception. From 530 to seven will be the panel discussion this will take place at the Adams twelve education center. The Aspen room netted 15100 east 128 to open forum. And again I'll be BMC it will be a wonderful discussion if you would like to RSVP. To be guaranteed of a seat call 303. 2747944. OK and then finally Thursday morning the 29 of march. The 2018. Vietnam War anniversary commemoration. Ceremony the state of Colorado is. Will be taking place at fort low again. Steady fifteen we invite people older ride this is a 15 in the morning Thursday the 29. Eddie thirty there will be cannon fire had Eddie 259. There will be an honor bell and then at 9 o'clock to ceremony begins we will have. Comments from general a major general might close the adjutant general of Colorado. From director Matt Williams fort Logan national cemetery the director. And that he's brand new there will look forward here in from map in the keynote speaker will be governor John Hickenlooper we'll have remarks from our gold star wives whoever wreath laying and all of that good stuff. I'll be the emcee for this event that'll be Thursday morning march 29 over at fort Logan so. There you go a couple of events. Specifically. Four in about Vietnam veterans and one for everybody. Me and I told to lots going on Newsweek share information for veterans here on the Colorado veterans resource shows this. Beautiful Sunday morning and Iraqis it crews in 1430. Well my friends there you go another edition of the Colorado veterans resource show right here a cruise and 1430. Hope you learned a little bit about what's going on in the community you lots of activities right now is a matter of fact so. He had there's a ton of stuff do we know there's lots more going on if you would like us to include activities you planned or are hosting nor. Are going to some things you wanna share with us let us know you can drop me a note. At the Colorado veterans resource show page should cruise and 1430 dot com all right. And for those of you who Wear the uniform thank you for your service and protecting freedoms around the world. For those of you who have served in the past thank you as well. Have a great week everybody would do this again next week the Colorado veterans resource show.