Break Club Interview with Tracy Beach, author "The Tunnels Under Our Feet"

Thursday, July 7th

Listen to Rick Crandall's interview with Tracy Beach, Author, as they talk about her book "The Tunnels Under Our Feet". Every interesting! 

Have you ever seen a manhole cover with little glass circles in it and wondered why it was different from the others? Did you ever imagine that there were actually tunnels under the sidewalks? You'll be surprised to find out how many cities in Colorado had these tunnels. And they're still under our streets! Those manhole covers imbedded with glass circles, many that have turned purple with age, allowed light into the tunnels below.

The Tunnels Under Our Feet explores these tunnels, or what's left of them, with lively prose and interesting historical stories. Join the author on her dusty yet exciting adventures as she crawls through basements dodging spiderwebs looking for tunnel entrances, many of which are now filled in. But it's not hard to speculate where they go if you're diligent enough to follow the trail.

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All right 73 degrees in town right now fair sky is in and went up on the line and say good morning to. Tracy B two is with us Tracy good morning thanks. Well young lady the tunnels under our feet and this is your baby that Serbia now for a while I'm sorry it took so long to. Discover it could if this just seems like a great story a bit. In my new book a couple of tunnels in Denver but that this is fascinating stuff. Alex slowly out some way that I'm going with PM yeah true actual entry on the into account a couple of months ago only. So all right so let's let's start at the very beginning first off how does there's a girl from sunlight indefinitely. Under sidewalk somewhere conform tunnels. Well actually. Litsch had just moved actually trying to after my divorce I wanted to get into something we can get my mind off everything it's all that there was thinking that constitute an. Losing the war happened to rallying Tyre red light district and so I had back and in 1911950. Almost. Front polite very English church and they had concocted peppered Don in Murray. Read your diary of a couple about the tunnels and so I don't tell truth won't hurt but I was right when I'm older and I start asking people on the get Aramis that they are gay you know hang out we'll take note. Spanking her diary standard panels and I I would conclude. That the church until I had an eighth I was such character so called. So I mean it'd be good this soon so for men they take care that these things I mean there's a lot more of them than any of us can imagine right. Oh there's a lot. They're actually had my old Netscape allows all the old count count them. And what would the so prostitution one minute I think you're a million towns. The famous story the tunnel between the brown palace in the Navarre across the street looking you have Ken I think cared you know I think that's one that people maybe you've heard about her or know about from back in the day but they were just meant is it as a means of you know for a prostitution are back with that kind of stuff they they have other reasons for being mirroring. They have excellent control under for example they re is English to deliver the merchant bank up the training equipment and watch the movie. Yeah. That adorn the sidewalk and then people locked down thinking those. Think tunnel to configure remembering the old black and storms are very very small and now you can't don't have EPS bank trying out the training and the AG. Are dropping out packages are still object to a great show it was easier to happen to. Liverpool who ground troops can't just completely didn't work nicely in the basement and tied up by state elevator winning when you get. In the book to which is called the tunnels under our feet or fear or it would further went fourteen Colorado cities. Wow. Then they actually have these tunnels showed ours are built tunnels to land use. No one in front but still you still want to end it can't account still in use. Odd bird. Are virtually any wish. Both spent most of them they're just kind of decadence. Really. What if this thing down. Now I've got to go find a couple of these so far buy the book it's so I've by the bush came in media album get some pretty do specific details about where they are yes. They get there's and descriptions photographs shot down 200 K Japan all the different Carol they have them all across the like they can't supporters actually called and wanted to know what Cancun. Bridge they also think it's particularly open. They're called Barack pollster overnight guest and you connect to the tunnel system. Some really cool are you giving me coach through more harm or remarks there at the fifth at. And so the book the tunnels under chief yachts third trees he beaches with us right now. Now this is you mentioned that this all started with so good. Home tennis allied in. The prostitute to Matamoros Evans who actually wrote about her as well. Yes it was fascinating I I would. Able to. I heard great grandpa and you hate about. And colleagues should eat half and my children. We drilled down their portraits come out tomorrow. Hard to get airport generic it back this week which much to see when I nearly got to keep home overlooking the Koran. And. I actually allocate the eagle Stanley started. Her diary her daughter's diary yeah. It is stopping just fascinating homework without we have a great friend and then he put this together in town there's no push. Dirty parts. Are saying because it turns out we think about. Orman I wanted to get. We've got to take a cheerleader and make a lot of stuff that we don't keep interest it'll. Excellent all right so give both books from Tracy's what I'm saying noon the first my life was aboard the biography of madame Laurie Levenson. The second the tunnels under our feet and these tunnels are just fascinating I gotta check that out Tracy thank you so much tendered her and you can get the books on Amazon so jacket goes from your library. How could I do know we'll just. Oh perfect great summer reading all right Tracy tanks. Breakfast club right here 849 may crews in 1430.