Ask The Garden Pros - Hour 2 - 6.9.18

Saturday, June 9th

Keith Funk and Jim Borland are Denver’s dynamic gardening duo and have been the most listened to gardeners in Denver radio for many years. Fortunately their gardening tips are way better than their jokes! There’s no better way to start a Saturday than with a helping of Ask The Garden Pros!

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Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping it's time for the early bird gets in the garden enjoying Jim Boylan and chief. For as the garden pros on the all their lives in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430 and we're ready to help now let's join the pros. Hey we're back when you're taking your garden questions I'm not. Sure why you mother. Call now to show scoring list he markets think you know other there haven't been any new. Colin Clark released over the past 234 weeks so I don't know what's going on. I don't know it's the heat it's so we made it worth holding steady at 564. I planted land me. But can't 563. To go Keith go to that app that. I've said this sound. I undeniable I watched. It in the gardens tennis and these newfangled varieties. And some of them just look. Wimpy are they in fact the itself. Is wimpy I don't but I notice is new variety new series called sombrero. So there's some railroad this is sombrero that and they all look really. Vigorous they're they're dark green their. Well brands to the base. They seem to be real sturdy plants so I I bit the bullet and bought one and planted didn't pursue it happens at planet in the backyards of the bunnies can't get it. They will do I'm a day at this seems to be. Crack for bunnies is second basis of these in my neighborhood everybody who has an in their front yard. Or anywhere the monies can get to whom they put. Wire cages around him now. Let's attractiveness and it yeah yeah who wants to do that with each and everyone here lives a so I put in the backyard where the bunnies can't get. I checked you buy these two when we are no you say you didn't. I'm proud of myself I'm I'm hunter how hunter gatherer I had did that money I gather you gather up. Although you do need it no I didn't I didn't make anything out of it either. Kitna is still life. Doria idea I didn't actually think it is I didn't miss treat it yeah it was a lie the last time I saw okay all right that's as much as you can that is what I like him. So let's whether the food we've got Sally wade touches about vols aren't here so nasty little things like rabbits are high Sele. I have fat you I remember your hand. A whole different can do about it so barreling thing because I had forgotten to. And that the about the only thing you can do anymore is is use a bowl repellent. And there there are a number of them out there I must garden makes it our all. Yeah yeah action you know I have been looking for a day at an that I tracked nations can't hand that act I don't know where to go. I you can go to the I must garden website and put in here. Well if I could I don't can't I don't cancel things semi. All okay. Do you do you have I relative that says they could do it for you yeah. OK I just good at this have you go to the website and plug in your zip code. And it'll give you this stores closest to you. How can you don't stink here yet has eased his way to do because offhand I couldn't tell you he singled in your terms. I feel bad that locate caribou perpetrating. That will discourage Zemin held those scamper off into your neighbor's yard her back and don't make. I think it's coming from yeah. Don't condone illegal to hold true fox and Fox's. All I love not sure and they need billions. Gary attraction for the wild ears back and you know I can't until. They're kind of watched. There are no they would yeah. Actually in the Linux is that you know all the graciously chair like a little child learned their nose just soaring eaten up and hair and flesh. Can't really enjoyed everything I can't allow other critters from night and can't. I don't know I can't Maine coon cat I'm not really sure kind of comparisons don't come. Now another Rex who's a pretty damn there's good and Lorraine yeah. I feel that all right I'm ruled that get their friends do I check I'm not prepared me and I can't I can't say I have been lucky and trying to make him kind of. Bullets around. I would imagine to Gao is has it coming. Alec I'm glad Mel's just up the road I can get canceled there. All trust in my car today Q that's exactly what I will do them okay thank you get very very you know you look Sally. I'm like who would. Well work. You know lines here like crazy yeah so we have a bunch of lines for your phone calls with your questions. And here's appear the magic numbers 303. 6311430. He magic decoder ring not necessary today. And there's no charge. And we know why we do this for Heidi I don't iron into the don't know. But but. We can't figure out how to charge people that's the problem. Well we can we should be like get that national. Radio. No public Stefan and in charge a subscription or something. Yeah ask you can't listen unless you. Hey do you heat and we'll make you feel guilty if you up. Does have before the former do you can't do that I can't figure out how to do their opened up for the latter we can make people feel guilty think that yeah okay that's gonna make it lead. If not right a all right well let's get back out there we've got planning of questions to answer here. Let's start with Sharon out there are a good morning Sharon. Then morning came. Thanks to all of them well in the press. Yes sure welcome. I eight entry in my bag carrier I think it might be in the little tiny Jewish you're removed again. It's got to be about. I'm probably troubled fourteen feet tall. And every year before this quickly being her searching here Calif farewell. We've broken the candle profited. Pick out of control this year. I own piano and once they get on a certain age. There really isn't much you can do to prune them Ivan just to remove stands and after Wallace like you know whats the point. Okay. And I was wondering how it just kind of bring it down a little bit. Yes it is that we sprout from those cuts so I and I don't do what you don't worry about you and you you can do what you're doing and break and candles off. And you can actually pruned back you know 68 inches maybe. But beyond that now they will not breeze sprout. My annually and up I think over Bush's you have nothing on the bottom branches to just bear and all the growth supplement top. Yeah and yeah it's time to remove and I think. Oh yeah and it's easy to do you just kind of gothic to ground level and you're done you're done very very there's no reason to dig up the root system. Okay. All right well I do when you're attacked him. Can't keep just teller something else prepare for how. I think it is do you dance is special dance and on Tuesday night in a full moon. Naked naked it will turn into a butterfly bush up. OK it's all right and fair and OK thank you very much. Okay tirade that is provided by. They have it those worth old. Hugo clients didn't know they didn't stay small and if you're gonna do the breaking canned dog and keep them nice and bush is you got to start deafening like they want. Do well for spring anyway you can't let him go for 1015 years and and and try to reduce side they. Don't work that doesn't work yen and those old Yugo pines I mean you look like we'll get quite large so they'll get many many many feet tall if you let them. There are the dwarf ones out now. Things like. Slow growth and white led. Does another variety called truth works. There's there's a bunch of a not a bunch of mean Richard Hugo's. But keep in mind that. Any plans this says it's dwarf is only dwarf compared to the full size comparison. So if you get a tour of spruce tree. It may get fifteen to twenty feet tall but that's still dwarf compared to the sixty footer there that there would normally grow. Jacqueline at the same thing more than Yugo thing to a door for has its own meetings. New goes can get to be fifteen feet tall. Easily. And so adore fare might mean only five feet men that may still be too big for you yeah so if keep in mind. Via the read the labels read the signs yes and and keep in mind that even though the sign says it reaches three feet tall and five feet wide. They don't stop there. They do keep. Growing yeah they do. They do an end Brit pay attention to lawyers I know they're really cute when their small one in those in those containers. And you figure geez I can put down like a foot maybe a foot and a half from the dryer her from a from the sidewalk. Read the label you it will most definitely tell you that is going to get three feet walked. Okay and a foot and a half away from the sidewalk is not where you want it. You wanna give us an extra room yet. Please but the way you gonna start whacking on it later I limit loses its attractive yet and they don't like to be whacked tartan. Ohio plants are like that they're. Now some plant you can't seem to stop people anyway and out of whack on many Albert. You know I've I've learned over the years is just if I want something to create a certain effect and it's going to be too close to the house are too close to the sidewalk I know that at a certain point I will have to remove it and replace it. And I'm OK with that yet. I don't mind doing that some people feel like. So why is alive you can it's headed down that says that's a sin or something and and and it's fine that's that's you that if I mean. And and everything in my getting a nice pair pretty cheers or or other kinds of plant. Cutting devices for for someone's birthday in a mobile first okay but it. On how to prove yet. Oh with the with the pruning or with appreciate this is there is is there is an art and a science to forget nearest. We know there because we're working here from an immense body of science yes we are and who we know these things. We've been we've been accumulating this the science shirt for many decades we have. And it takes in a month in immense body due to so that. Okay he method that leave that out pat wait and attacks suicide and or are good morning that. Mining. I've got a peach tree that message about fifteen years old show any plaster I let it go go to trim it down anyway. It got so many PG done this year I can get to them. Yes you do if you. Back every chapter I didn't get him but that did indeed have been dropping but my biggest problem at this grocery them already. I don't think it even when they were that great. Yes yes they are not after the Picchu itself her efforts to seat inside. Well that's why Taliban you know Petri dish socially when they're right. Good afternoon. No I don't I don't think he'd much of those swing peachy either restore after that seat inside. Because I didn't know that. But anyway as you have a little bag this step that you put around they comScore chasers yeah. Now lord let's put political picture that trump for this girl so they don't run up there but I can the end of the branches and. We're we're just I mean this girls able to jump from something else onto the tree. You from the ground there and up the trunk. Okay yeah I. First off I'd read the directions that come with this world chasers I'm not from you with that product. Designated that made direction that this character that had to open them up and hang them they didn't say where. I've I'd probably start with where they're squirrels are coming up the tree I guess we are. Well that's what I kind of thought to predict just take them. What do these things look like. They're like and then bad with a silver medal. How are like little little cup I can't speak. Are happy to beat and you put it back a video equipment later today and then you get came around your tree and it should Melbourne might get through. When can detect that you don't think he's just fruit I I know there were sworn. Well hell if it does so it can help I'm pleased that and I think. Right now I'm sitting here with the big question mark in my face. Not so sure. Well well how would you bet that's worth a try that you. Stripped at all like I guess when there's so little yet. Now what you're experiencing on some of those speeches is that this is what they called G and drop. And and it teaches full to a certain extent thin themselves. As if to say we know we have too many teachers so work and like you were gonna get rid of some of them Iowa where they don't ever get rid of enough of. Not now. Well yeah I haven't had paid just for five years because they kept created but this year that there I think for the young American. Yeah if you want big speeches without this and think about squirrel you're gonna have to fend them. About 67 inches in between each peach. It'll you know no more don't let me to teach his touch each other yellow card entry in the right yeah you're gonna do urine to lose yeah what I thought. And this is tough for people to do this especially after you've been painting for five years. Yeah. Okay well I appreciate the help and thank you very much enjoy your show. Okay thank you for at all and just keep in mind and of people trees peachtree torture of his death do this every year. You and it's like kitty real pass your craw. And you know that's got to just yet it's going to be painful today you get a real. Is that money down the drain via. But tests redone a there was a not gonna get full size beaches and you wall Bible and you won't buy them and it's gonna break the trees there. Too much weight on the treat indeed. So do your thing do it right same thing goes for apple by the way. And not so much I don't think prepares. Cherries and plums you don't need to know about note typically not wrong. With a bigger fruits. Yeah you don't want to many plants too many troops on the tree if you want full size for. And Apple's have a tendency if you let them over bear when here they don't bear anything the next next year please call biennial bearing who Wear veils. Take an note taking if you are off the go on vacation I think. And once again you have to do it. If you want good apples and if you want Apple's next year too yeah. Exactly and we didn't do it all those apples anyway you don't really or pizzas and mean. Who gets in get you know fifty pounds of good quality ones rather than a hundred pounds in garbage there. So pay attention to us we know we're talking about we've been there we've done that in head to. We have an enormous body of information here too it's called an immense body get it right fell off. So we'll be back after this bunkers and 1430. This is the number one Garden Show in Colorado asks the garden grows with the Jim Borland and keep phones. Join the conversation at 3036311430. Right now for free advice to be guaranteed at lease would you pay for it. Now back to show. Hey we're back to the show take in your garden quest to end right here on cruise in 1430. Boy do we have lying to open ready for people to give us a call. My goodness it hasn't happened this way and quite some time to give us call now 303631. Fourteenth or did you know on this date in 1958. She ever woolly. Had a number one hit any idea who that what that hip was no. Purple people leader thought the remember that. Unfortunately I do you think the at the classic. It's he had been minister and now I have a mere warm up so much that at bat that. What it would only going up extended to will be your warmth so let's collect them fight it out in your in your head you're. Grains and as good as you heard Carol's two in highlands ranch good morning Carol. Good morning guys tell you this morning and. Excellent thank you for asking what's going on with you today. Thank you mom or two weeks ago I couldn't fifteen. Laps they won't. And I went for the more like you grow rich. Typically by the first of July and switched on every Julie Guy he's correlation in the first part of July at Turkey you. Don't go terabyte for loan. If it's bound to fifteen flat feet by have a Goldman blew up a lot why aren't going to be. Yeah. He really beautiful helping hand if they're getting water on a regular basis and I want friendly hot but I never had any hope that just the coming. But I did great in what are they Bolivian I don't mind a killing them I noticed that some of the flowers. Little pod before they opened have dried out. To ensure that the heat but wire for the community then there's going to be very can't work. Arab institute news of Irving is growing. Well they're growing in the yards they're going to do great commentary and pod. I have them all Berkman back. Home in a brick planter in parts. Apple big big planter and I have twenty large car. And then I have a large candle in my salad good. This sounds like you've done this before. More than and a halves and then you had good success in the past. I have. Never been this many days of my knee in June. Had to wait until the first week of June that you can get some nice temperature of about fifty to be able to plant. Right. Any using the grow rich every two weeks. I thought how am I started the plan with as I could come in each hole and then I'm getting ready to you can grow it together because within two weeks. And then typically early July I start using the card loans when mr. Am not you know I checked in bag when I was under the impression that grow rich she's once a month. I am worried that you might be over feeding these things. Why haven't done it got competing yet so I could get that one. Yeah odds are good that's remind Persia was through that work we have too much nitrogen. We carry you produces great looking forward each what I find jets expensive flowers. OK I have when you're the second plant can for the second reluctant yes. What do you think about going ahead and do the Bloomberg stressed. Wouldn't be any harm because there's almost no nitrogen and all those years now. Right right not and could be something a Sinatra and oh yeah it's. Extra relief and phosphorous can relax I'm gonna hate I hate it may attributable aren't wealthy country confuse it. But I'm not a matter what plans are going toy with that much moss rose but it didn't every ten days do you do that so I do that when I heard that. But okay thinking maybe the problem is more well what took them. I think the problem is that you might have been using the grow they grow rich too much. Too frequently. What I won't do work. And that is that the time of planting. 00 OK I guess I misunderstood. Well I was I typically do it every two that your relation and I switched to kill the blue they served early in July but I haven't done that affect him to thumb. The second fertilizing yet I only did the initial one. How long it. I started sending the 23 of may get a technique called for a tiebreak again although again. Yes. He did these are planned in full sun. Yes they are. And did you do anything different to the soil this year before you planted. Com I that's all it a little bit of fecal compost. Into the ground and I haven't done that and what to do that last year. But I am I did it this year. Well under a say as long as the plants look good. And it sounds like they do. We're I hold off on that second application of fertilizer lenient given that given a month from your first application. Apart before you re apply. And they wouldn't hurt if anyone heard anything if you when he used it bloom booster now. Okay sorry you've completed the blue they're there they're just not unfolding. Com. There are no contact back into the green and like their warnings to come out and and I think if I hadn't haven't been here that doesn't blend out there and I planted. None flat serve casket go look at caperton you. So Bobby bland and. I would think so. Where they blooming when you bottom. Techno bowl or not. I welcome the week before I got to run your Mother's Day and kept them. Can put them on our deck we covered them. And we put them right next to the house so that they learned they would stay in with a wooden picture called for them and we do this every year you. You. Our other other than what we set I I think patience is going to be I think center is a neighbor that one called cascade. It's doubled cascade cocaine that testes in the name correct path like incredible cascade so. It he military right there. Target has their thumbs almost but the son combination like that. Blue instead of the typical union you but I and it can typical continue as well he's. And all now having the same. And her two in the same thing like my diet and yet on it to sucked in its general throughout. Right and I don't stay on stilts smooth. I'm still stuck on overnight Trojan. Around outside I would hold off on any more nitrogen. When that he really didn't hit it. Yeah. There ruthless didn't differ petunias they love they keep yes so her journey ends it right so I would think since the he would be a good thing. Okay sorry. And that they're on stranger dressed so they get their regular watering. So why not try it dried out except I am getting under item one on the film. Uranium before they ever before that that little pod that started out the powers. There and there are fry. Went down when you run your drips how long do you run them. 15 minutes in the morning and are they running twice that night fifteen minutes. I'm just wondering do you know how many Millwood. Type it differs they are. I'm I'm sorry I don't. It and it looks like opposed that the dripped. Always a soaker hose. If I'm sorry could poker and then and we have I'm very and then we have a little weenie phrase you in the areas that are tolerate. How are you just cannot and should not think it's not a good idea we can't cover everything without soaker hoses. Okay what I'm like you did do today. After we hang up is to go out there with a trowel. And and dig down. No away from the plant so the not gonna damage any Russa are grown or but second C with the moisture level is like six or radiance is down in the ground out. From your true. OK I think you'd be better off just digging down and I and and and physically seeing what's going on because it sounds to me like. The water's not getting down deep enough. OK so we Monday dvd renting them longer. Yet typically beckoned so hoses gonna apply one gallon of water per foot hurt Al war. So if you only running at fifteen minutes. You applying. A what is that at court record a network of water over a one foot. Span. And I would do in that what are we doing that it Cambodian port Perry during the night he's OK in 95 degrees and I I don't know that there's a chance that's not enough. OK without turning it that night that they come on at 1030 and 430 you keep hearing plots. I'm I have any large pot there between sixteen and making English do you know you like you water is coming out of the bottom of those thoughts yet. It is OK we we we can on the deck in the market could. It doesn't and you should what's right let's go I don't and I felt that there are the idea that I thought I. I would really double checked them the moisture levels down deeper and brown. EU very made it well may be just fine. But it's it's just too good to know. The pressure. We can certainly do that from him yet and I I could then use the pudding mixture into the pot. Fresh content that you weren't in the room and won't pry it from. Because compound. Into the dirt. And trying to do everything right. Yeah you are you are you doing a good job. So again just maybe some extra patience I guess what do you what you're gonna have to wait a. I'm gonna kick the water so a lot of talk whether it's morning and I I can check it now on keeping god out or not okay. Thank you much farewell. Sure that's your vet special calling. And in Cuba by the reason I ask her by her name for Virginia she says cascade you and if I'm not mistaken the very first. Trailing petunias ms. called red casket that's an old. There are exact I can verify it goes back at least fifty years probably more. I Connecticut find out when then Brad catch and was a boss who used to work for bread that. Now I wonder if they if they continue to improve that strained as the years go by. And they wouldn't stick with the original germ plasma that all I I. If that they're original germ pleasant may be in it but yeah very little advice little but by now it think. But I'm surprised you kept the name as you you know it after 1015 years and most of them are gone I'm told and also allay his third title waiver. Whatever Rihanna so what I'm a little surprise did nose tackle this all often put junior Ferrari's caused by now there has beat. At least 101000 milk didn't. There's every year everything's improved since then you for Internet. Okay com. No it's not time for our breaks it is time for people to call and because we have a two lines open here we go 3036311430. And who. Do I see someone on line here who I do and she still has her original term pleasant avenue and. Are you colony old and I don't you weren't touched now when Lou and that's the. It didn't get catapulted into the church and what. It's. Imminent. And tell them have you had your DNA tested. Do you know. I cannot do it then but that you got a break didn't tell me. Might need it ought to own up neurotic whether it would try to throw. I have my brother had a dime and it turned out to be exactly as we suspected ciller's never had a yet we've probably all have Neanderthal blood in the someplace. I can't tell you need something colorful and right now can we should let that go on it sending out there are that he did say yeah like from the fact that we're going to take a little. British help different that he didn't but I you have been saying all morning long. Never you ought to play and most think they believe that flowers that let you know our education and rented and a very good diet are jailed 25% on the wall that you don't even if you were late getting originate within its not really can't wait all I might end you know I figured it. Yes. He begins right I got my did not anti drug failed so we will keep you usually did on that okay I'll. All I should not heading into to get it right now that he didn't I didn't do that and how bad debts and yeah. I'm of complex didn't know about it or it. Learn misty. Org site over the the national kidney themselves I have. Should and shouldn't try to find great projects for kids yeah ending the regular comedian and new age or about may initiate that he had seen nodding your garden we did not pick up my lawn chair and then got pregnant by all means let coming in and check out regularly get out about flower and beautiful foliage and think that you can't and wouldn't even eat very admitting that they really didn't get that make it happen and may be ready Mulder captured and it just caught even created him or any combination of the New Britain are Smart and tomorrow the indignity yet -- you Bart -- getting current U gardening in the afternoon eleven all the guys that they did not great change actually had little going -- here tomorrow evening like one dollar for every dollar you that you love your purchase and then starting in connection didn't try eaten on -- try to integrate leading cash -- Jewish didn't what you're gala purchases. Even then get pretty good deal. It's. The addicts. And the next day without an error shaken up and I'm saying. I didn't get a lot of that they would learn and maybe get should have gotten into barrack are or are you ready to meet new trends. Well you know we had rooms as kids we always had to go to the doctor. You know I don't do it. Slightly. I only playing bad apple didn't show and my job they'll edit about a hundred or didn't know I didn't it didn't agree yeah. Much like let it didn't come down below and we'll we'll keep you should let you know how that aren't known as you can. I need you federal Elkhart eroded decal gardens and all of the county are big old guard that without the GM. Can't get tips would make the right now Obama has. They always have something going on this two hours and they do all we teaching something to somebody somewhere to go university yeah. And great classes and they has since knowledgeable staff. A lot of the staff teaches the classes but they're also bringing people from. Outside of the insisted to teach the specialty things like who B key being in water gardening. Zero escaping all sorts of things going there. And then they have entertainment to and so we especially need days like this it's always cool news there. There's giant humongous league giants swamp cooler running. They are good you can see your breath right next to the pets physically and that epithet that. It's that cool yeah so you go oh that's to go gardens are just a mile south of arapahoe road on south Parker. Easy to find you can't miss them there on the west side of the road. There break. They BBA yes exactly. What we take our last break in the hour and we'll come back and talk to you Tom and Ida Mae. About Saud and aphids right here on cruise in 1430. Let your friends and family know you can listen to ask the garden throws no matter where they are in the world. Simply log on their crews in 1430 dot com and click on listen lives. It's time to time gardens right now on the all new crews in 1430. Okay crash the event happened. 900 lowered his. Time plays you have to do we reverend lots of fun over the over the break. So we're going back out to the foods right now right away as quick as Bunning and talk to you island Megan morning animate it. What's wrong with you Linden tree. Well it's located eight disconnect I could like get rid of them. Well tell me he had tell me what's going on how to you know there's a Fed's. Well we can't it's that card. The better and under the tree. As they get all sticky. And says get her late such as car door open for the. Oh my gosh. That's sounds like aphids there's there's an easy way to do this. And that is to go and get some for lone tree and shrub soil drenched. I heard a loom treaty and ensure that. Soil drenched world. Right and you'll mixed that up with some water and a bucket or a watering can and port around the base of the tree. You had to spray it and then it'll be absorbed by the end than their roots and carried out into the tree and take care of the aphids that way. Well located not too late to do that. No high and then the last industry for about a year. So you you have to re apply at for a whole year. OK so fertile loam tree and soil drenched. Yeah the hope that close background did he get rid of them. Thinking they are Connecticut Dave. Two. Other I got what way could. Now a prince 'cause that a sticky leaves. Shiny wet they looked wecht and shiny and instantly sprayed. Leaf polish on them who who and torture water or sewer water yet and you know what likes that stuff. There are two bugs it really like that stuff wanted to mark is ants there are ans is ants. Different acts in fact many times aunts will carry a fence from one tree to another farming them you know. Because they elect a sticky honey do sweet stuff basically they should. Eric Kennedy back and expect that of joy didn't need to have that effect at at a and that's what's on your car and the other insect is. Lost slots it's loss slowed it too they like to feed that sweet sticky stuff to their larvae. Out. I guess those are pre book pre washed. Yes. So if you see a lot of washed sing around in your tree. More than likely has agents are especially Aspen trees I see all the time and our industries. All the time messed us scale can cause the same problem yes with the sticky leave some room. And see you really don't need to know the difference but I guess if you want it to you could aphids there individual. Bugs that have. That they're small and they they root of the cluster closely together and they give birth to life young and yes as opposed to dead young I bet I. Bet oh you wondered about that term equipment. Let's assume there was no eggs. And then scale is more like JA flattened. Is Shell's shell shaped. I guess you'd call it kinda looking like team. Theory theory theory theory small oyster shell hump usually. Always but usually and they cluster along with stems also and they exude that same sort of sticky sap yeah. Both of which these bugs are sucking the sapped out of your plants. Which puts them under a bit of a drought stressing I guess it could get addicted to it can harm actually could go on the first enough of them know. So it's a good idea to treat them as senators see it and if wan. Not really known forward stickiness but is the oh I forgot the name of it but on oak trees mig scale yet really bad it's a big cuddly looking here there been lacking killer tree. Yeah and if you see if you got an oak tree listen up. If you see branch is what they call flagging but which is short branches at the tips of the Brett branches where. Oh I don't know six or eight inches up to a foot of the brand suddenly dies. And leaves hang on the tree. The very possibly you have this oaks scale which can be deadly. I've seen a number trees is just complete complete killer completely killed. Either killed or not can ever have some impact it's an either or with the line I'm not a I watch what I would do late but I watched the tree across the street start to flag and go downhill and I let their owners now and they treated it with this oil systemic. And we've been recommending and we came back into it it's beautiful island think this because it was a big. Do you look at poultry yup I remember there and it would just spend a real travesty to let that thing go. So I was gonna say if they didn't treated I was gonna sneak over there is yet chided her very. Which is probably illegal but then he noted the first time I've broken while. I'm a bad. Better than junk house dog and then you go and that's an open line Jim we have time for a few more questions I bet Tom. On the line that you and a rattle off that phone number of well I can't 336311430. It's simple thing. It really is this the same way every week by the way indicating hadn't noticed if he he yes. But that's all right that's because he would Toms and yet there in Centennial good morning Tom. More what's going on based. Well I get there. Probably will some child. Two years ago I took out retrieved it lose. You're going to be dying. And got the some ground sort. That's grass so little that he hit it and then I covered the pool area. About. Forty feet but concede. With. Usual oil. And there are new shark. And for this year is far and that this year. That perhaps sudden center those that are. And we're twenty area. Over the shuttle. Is not coming up he appears dead. Boost self important supplemental side. So I'm wondering if this don't lose. Crossing. That the press. Well let's dump is in the way the root system of the grass. So the grass can't can't down as deeply as the other grass around that. Yeah I had about. Three or four inches so. Fresh oil lot that happened which so needs. It is right but the grass needs to root down at 81012 inches deep. So more than likely what happened is over the winter. That grass got to drive there. How is she did sixth sense about. Three or four feet of focus something about three or four people just felt the ground full so I salute you. So that would still be the same crowd. I don't think so yeah. Yeah you know you're gonna have a problem in that area and tell that stump completely rots away. And when that happens the whole area is gonna sink. Because all of that led that was there one time will run away and leave a void in the soil. So over the next few years you'll just start to see this oil gradually sink in the middle of that area. There. I think nearly salute to now has odds and living with it is to have that stump and the surrounding your roots groundout. And then probably bring some other soil in rather than recall that. That's soil and so we chips back into that hole yet you don't want all that would in the hole and be more. Well clearly. So and then listen to this show I have oh treated. Some of the branches. What appeared to be dead. Three to four feet. For me so. And so look murder scene in the leafs another ship captain needs. Should just sit licences this morning show it sounds just like might have that scale. Yeah if you wanna get on a step blood or something out there and take a look at some of those branches that have died. If it's okay. All right this thirty feet my goodness a latter yes. Now Seoul you is that just. He's sort of treatment that you talked about. At the fertile lone tree and shrub soil drenched. And by the way if if over the next couple weeks or of this year some of those dead branches fall from the ground up. Save them and take a look at them. Is this scale that if that's what it is usually stay on the branch even after their dead. So you don't have to climb thirty feet up there it was just because I usually either. Very little sanctuary put. It definitely I was joining. Me. Yet this kind of goes those dang oaks day goes slow enough that that is just a shame to let something happen to them you know you invest all that time. Enemy is. It's worthwhile keeping him around I think so. American troops in this area and my sister didn't want to have them snow breakage that so many trees do. All right let's say let's go to the phone and and see what's going on with Teresa right now out in Littleton to mortgage reset. Apple good morning I don't crying about preventing Japanese people. Okay. What do you do I would move to Nevada. Update note saying it did any other idea. Build a home Clinton if you're at. Cracked I'm a boy. Did you have last year. The old guys can't we all did when you have creators cholera. Around our roads bridges they're just being alive. Yeah yeah. Well. You know there's there's some there's some products is views on the turf on your grass. To help kill them in the in the in the larva stage in the in the grass but as you know. These guys fly. So you know you and your neighbors didn't. Tree which you have but if everybody else doesn't. They're just gonna continue to fly in the year yard. The whole. Okay. Just look. They can fly some distance and how he can how far can they flags yeah eyes or. Long a long winters and what we need. Didn't treat they called clear can't get it. Well there's a couple of them if you if if you don't mind using a traditional pesticide. Fertile loam and bay here both to make a grub grand you'll. And you gonna make sure that it has grabs on the label. Because this stuff testing penetrate down into the soil where the grab czar. Certain law and granular some of the long granules just stay up at the surface. But they won't they won't list Grubbs as one of the insects they control so you wanna make sure there's revs on the label. Yeah. And then a more organic method is and he's a bacteria. Called milky swore. Cool okay. And that's that's you can put in the ground and so I understand it if you put an end. In late spring mid summer and then again and early fall. You won't have to do it again for ten years. Oh boy oh okay. We spent salary soprano look how proud I try election no. OK well and well like you said you have three neighbors together if you all do that and I'll have an effect but what about neighbor number four. I well do you know. What has happened enabling them refer to they'll move over there. I wished them. Who know. Now they come from neighbor for a back TU number 12 and three. Oh. I. So if this sounds a little bit full. Hey this is so it's not it's not a good thing and I am I'm really sad that. Japanese Beatles made it here during my lifetime. I'm. Well Caylee all right so do they say around what they eradicated this ten year after year and didn't have much reduced chance. So they had a row it lets it connect clip something else. Yes. Oh Pontiac cactus they don't touch them. That it's okay removes the Arizona. There is a sprain that I recommend so when you start seeing them on your roses and other plants in the yard. There's a spray this made by bone night it's called ate like the number EI GHT. And that is labeled for everything in the yard including your vegetables and house plants and lawn and vines and roses and what have you. For a second that killed and that is why it's okay all right so in the name little command. Right and I also think it acts as a deterrent it does yeah. Well okay and it could be afraid of the name of etiquette ape I curled up. But Oneida BO and ID. Just remember the number eight there's only one place in the world that makes it. It's just spelled out instead of in new numerals death and you'll find out that your independent garden center. Okay all right I'll share with the neighbors then you've got I think he's so much hello. Listening here. I am well thanks for calling this morning we appreciated your. By. All right can we do a quick one more. Think we have left and it looks like a dress three minutes. Two minutes okay. Let's go out and talk to Melanie in Aurora good morning Melanie we have two minutes left do you have a quick question forests. I hope that's quake comes the answer fuel. I have their sprinkler system. And I mean literally had no problems with the Solomon last year. I eighty ended up happening you have some plumbing done and they ended up cutting true. The the piper about. PVC your whatever. Underground. Okay and then of course please sprinkler system and can it get to work. Everything efficiently and so when I get again one group that came out because that is really what I needed lift his system in the night patent. They can't pick server side of the line can they get it for over thirty years. And so what I'm doing now what I'm trying to look for some reputable. Sprinkler system. To replace what I bad because the one thing good about it is that you don't have to dig through most of the ground because if there are already set up. But. He showed me where because look you touch on this filling up with dirt and gravel. And through different. So I would call a company. That's the name of the company is she sent with a KE. Yeah. But again that is the whole eight. KEE. I think it's SO NS TAM. Okay what they do well get in there in the Denver area. Well they're all over the metro area. I think that it wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't or they don't tell you viewed you need a new system. 01 I know I need when it's done I'm just looking curve you know something they haven't had any. Care and need is probably win 2530 years. Let alone they've got a very good reputation so. Commonality. Yeah it's you have by everybody out there thank you for listening to the show and participating in the show remember as always be careful where you had double and. Keep Herschel chart you can might need it next week and if you have anymore questions and I know you dream up trouble between now and then why save them. And bring them back great here crews in 1430.