Ask The Garden Pros - Hour 2 - 6.16.18

Saturday, June 16th

Keith Funk and Jim Borland are Denver’s dynamic gardening duo and have been the most listened to gardeners in Denver radio for many years. Fortunately their gardening tips are way better than their jokes! There’s no better way to start a Saturday than with a helping of Ask The Garden Pros!

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Sleeping. It's not a time for sleeping. It's time for the early bird gets in the garden enjoying Jim Borland and keep fund for as the garden pros on the all news crews in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 303631. At 1430 and we're ready to help now let's join the pros. Well we've held the number of people this morning already and because birdies and hang on the line for a while Portugal and talk with her when we do that yeah. There we go the morning Betty. Hello how are you today. I know you. Good luck who euphoria. Well I haven't had a problem with the money for awhile but it. I find funny in my yard and I wonder glad we didn't he surround sound so what products. It is the back. There's a couple of them out there that I like. One them for Ravitz is liquid fence. Aha. There's another one called I must guard him. And the third one is called Bob XB OB BDX. Okay. And did. Like go to a period again are going need to go to different card. I'm sure the coach tools will carry one of those. Are not more. Okay oh right okay well thank you very much enjoyed shall. They did. Appreciate the call Betty. Oh wonderful weekend emphatic that. Well YouTube. And by. Are announced my from my reservation bubble like OK driving north on I 25 last week for what reason I don't remember but noticed that there was a way all. And oil or gas well thought to four awful march 24. And what they had put around this this I know deep it's usually an acre in size they think kasinga's they've put a berm. They narrow berm but still like four and a half almost five feet tall but narrow. And planted on top. Of the first. Switches were probably a hundred. Blue spruce ups. You've got to be how big on the prairie people. Nor any Elmo live. Most of the more they were clearly a number and that didn't make it. OK so I don't know where you're getting water how we're getting water. But our dear all on TU in the and a year or two they'll all be dead. On top of the Bronx hop but this narrow. But for an half what may be five foot home burned. Holy cow that was expensive. Yeah is going to be even more expensive. When they have to remove the mall and probably reply to would more blue spruce is that a I guess it goes to show how much money is an oil price I guess more than common sense yeah. Okay that was my reservation. Well almost got it under a minute. Ago here. Now now we have lined for people to call sup who won't give you more than men and if you wanted to you give us a call now 3036311430. We have three open lines. And we're gonna go out and talk to rob online for good morning rob. More intelligent and still need cash Lola Kemp who led monthly pump can call. Them. You have. Got a few great looking pumpkin bland they're growing like craze believes go great. I'm look at the truth and they get. What are you a little truth here about no besides skill at all. We're rated the nets are dumping nearly right on the air act that's tying. Its little the other like these don't get bigger Naipaul walk. I can and trying to figure out what might cause that. The lack of pollination possibly do you have vis. I you know I haven't really seen many bear put them. I don't know. Typically. Pumpkins before the flowers even open will have fruit behind the far that's much bigger than net. Yes that's true. I wonder if what you're seeing here all male flowers which is what squash yes typically produce first. When they first start blooming during the season they produce only male flowers yes and there's no way they're setting fruit and less it's. Biblical miracle. So. Come and then at shortly thereafter usually about a week to ten days after the male fruit flower start being produced then they'll start throwing in some females. But they are separate flowers. So you need to learn that had a male or tell the difference between the two. It is pretty easy on pumpkins because a female flowers will have a fruit that's recognizable. As are fruit right behind the blossomed on the stand. Already there before the blossom even opens. Why yeah. Okay. That makes it really easy and as some point you're gonna have both male you have to have both male and female blossoms. There's no one has to pollinate the other. Should I give it to grow additional Cardona they're trying to all I only did you know you can if you want but I don't think it's necessary. I've never seen a necessary in March. And we did not visa and I don't have to be honeybees. They can be other base. If you turn you will be ease I called small tiny ones what piece you and they won't call it yeah. What fertilizer make it different error pollination they'll let up no. No but there is there there is a spray it and they you can use this it's called. Tomato pepper set. And it's can be used done anything that bloom drilling to cause the free to set without pollination. It's and that will it at a garden center. And it's a natural hormone that is derived from plants. That we'll do that and but is not gonna cause truth to set on the male flowers. And no back back back back. And you know they had been held at different trade yeah between the hours. Yeah I hawk is the males will have a skinny stand behind the flower. And yeah and the females like Jim said we'll have a preformed fruit about the size of your first knuckle on your thumb. Gary. All right I know they don't you betcha. Thanks Colin. And that holds true for cucumbers. Summer squash him watermelon cantaloupe and pumpkins and what it can also be Sarah. Bat you get more pollen produced. If you cut back on water. Oh really care most of finder with most vegetable not to anybody does it I guess in some places that it's can be important but. You know it I don't know did stars some up a bit and makes Paul and more usable something I don't know what business. But kind of curious and then once you got pollination and for access now you can start fertilizing watering. And per usual. We'll just keep in mind that that that troops set spray that I was telling you about can be used on tomatoes and peppers and eggplant. Pretty much any of your vegetables that bloom and produce a fruit loop you can use it on most of us fruit set. Without pollination so if your concern you have not these are the temperatures are right to get the right kind of pollination and right kind of fruit set for you. Is this stuff. Their work and if you want one large gigantic key enormous. Record setting pumpkin on your on your pumpkin plants. Allow only one for reform prevent our plan. Not just that one mine but the whole playoff hole point. And then water. Like crazy fact if you hype and fertilized even more. I don't like the looks of those. Americans are they look like just a big blobs that Germany and what they don't even look like a pumpkin now. Was I do I this. It didn't they're cute a MacBook I think it's just sit through their remarkable. If they're just remarkable that and it any fruit can get that size in our seasons particularly yet exact our short season and a yeah. We're never probably ever gonna have world record setters here mr. wrong climate. You still get up to I don't know for tomorrow so primed yet I don't think we've hit it time I'm against thousand pounds I think eleven or found something like that. Mr. over time and other parts of the country and the world now that's amazing it is. All right let's go back out to the phones we've gotten time take another call before we have to go to a break. We do have to open line so don't hesitate to call and if you have a question. Now we're gonna go see what gene is up to right now good morning Jeanne. Good morning thanks for taking my calls. I have a question and title that you can think it's ridiculous but path will tell you a little history I have an item cart blanch growing in my front yard this vehicle like they care that I can and I fertilized that. Even confiscating have a copilot we issued churches. During a content cheek and it grandchildren can't coming out of her clashed. Like at I I went over there as fit very diplomatically do you have you considered like just having a preemption and day out so that's unlikely. And the guy couldn't know. What he's not a into your luggage work. I'm pretty pretty have a definite and I did all okay he didn't know we have heard Kathleen. Had a college out of college fifteen out. And my oncologist told that if they have at the only kind Connolly still out there branches if they have not. And I'm not sure how Mario we're how that we responded to my question that we can can you granted at my peak. But I can't think like she gets mansion tonight it's okay see I. Like Clinton guarantee you I'm very very. I don't think that if. Do well on just trying to think here man I got an awful lot of read I have thousands of books in my library. I know Keith has a lot and but we tween is we have which sit down after how much experience and observations we how many years worth of that I have. Never heard that. This so that's good I thought. Geez you know they miss something's got pulled over looked only at night. I don't think he could. He's back and get ready and I I guess if I don't you know I don't know he would probably not know if I contact the city of LA Politico. It's growing over the past fifth street and into my contribution baby until that apparently has been my problem. Com. Boy I'm not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV I'm glad it's my understanding that. Anything that invades your airspace like tree limbs you think cut off. That part of the lamb ruled on your property. Now that's not gonna make a good neighbor you realize. You might wanna check out our first in May be the city can give you an idea what what's the status is on that hole especially the city he cannot do it and then they can be the bad guy and I you yeah now. Marlin vehicle he. I did feel like I really take care my trees they can and I feel like I'm very content is that they literally put Lillian glass at the old creaky. Yeah is this a big old time woods. Oh look it's been there think that god created here we sure do. Do you notice that there is any hollow branches or hall on us in the trunk anywhere up down that strength. I'm not stand up around pulling up front side then has stopped playing it before. I moved from Christian and stiff straight to Connors and that mood there I think it's the dangers CO. When this case you better tomorrow ours are Monday give a call to your city Forester. And gives them tellem that little story. And most cities had to see you or I actually Greg Lakewood is like Denver. That fables they can send out there for a city Forester the look at trees growing on. Private property. And determine whether or not they are and this is the magic word a hazardous tree. If so they will find that is hazards and then that in the private property owner must remove it they have no choice they must remove it. OK okay okay pac ten my hybrid tell me that those waves that they can determine whether that is chatting on the inside is still look. I sure hope yeah are there ways of telling yes. Okay half I do appreciate if information. And between now and then do not park your tree your close under that tree at night. I'm going to couldn't I know that they do now Locke and oh I branches in the fall out there yeah. The key to how much I enjoy your pro. They should do Colin Farrell. A quarter colleges total order close is I'm keeping a list of these and yeah I think a ha. And never heard that before then they carry an umbrella at night thanks slalom. He steel umbrella that it could happen that the the that is why they give us a call and tell us about your horror story. Or at least prepared to give us a call at 303. What is our phone number here. Six we won 1430 yes mean yes they weren't done right here in front of me. And when we get back we'll take got phone calls right here on cruise and 1430. This is the number one Garden Show in Colorado asks the garden grows with Jim Borland and she found. Join the conversation at 3036311430. Right now for free advice to be guaranteed at least would you pay for it. Now back to show. Hey guys we are back to the show hey did you know why that that today the sun rose at 531. And I'm signed his rising has risen from where in the middle of their rising at 531. For thirteen days straight. Willow. Then get earlier on that again later than that. I know why that is is the longest they still on the 21 it's still is on 41. Still is sunset today's age thirty. I went to bed the other night nearly thirty. I was taken you'll it's another hire two of the plane outside before before the street lights come laying here a. That's true. Who Wear this to get good that's what we were always told come home when estimates and very. It didn't know if you work that way we'll know who know go so slowly and middle polite and you know this is street lights at politically. But at the no well that's parents for yet it is. All right let get to bill here and see what's going on with mister bill's spruce tree good morning bill. The morning that particular colts. I'm calling today and in hopes of avoiding a horror stories. Previous solar planets through extreme. Greens from the street. It in the itself and backyard. It's rather that in their worst location and possible. And it was six feet tall wonderful then. Get to the point now where I'm good media consultant. And rather then this. Overthrew chip but I was thinking that maybe I would try and transit planet somewhere. And what time of year. Would you do the best chance for survival if I choose the kind transplant somewhere. I would say late winter. Late what are yeah. What we're really cat. And that's really late winter. It's that's. Or her early spring before it buds out its is still six feet tall or taller now all were important about not pro. That's going to be a big thing to move it is gonna need equipment. Yeah I don't think. People in the boy you're gonna need. A whole gang of people to move it by hand I do mean like twenty or thirty people know you are this thing's going to be huge. The mood to deal report a ripple all the notes that large. We'll not nine feet large but no the front now. But you know about out to the spread of the branches. It's it's only about how three feet wide. Really yeah. With a narrow thing. It is yet it's it's pretty aggressive cone shaped. I'm Merrill and is it Merrill's. Okay. We won't have to go very deep but I don't think. And I was gonna. So wrapped principal. Then you know that he would like to do it or sit out like you know he's. Qaeda planned to say no I'm gonna have to give it. What why you have to be taken out. It's about two feet from offensive. OK I think easier to move food defensive. It's a little bit sort of happy to be much since the call. Yeah it's it's been. I mean if it's going to be a fifty foot pretty well yeah yeah little band. It's just sit in the completely wrong location. Well it is only three feet why that's still going to be a big root ball. And you might wanna check on line with some YouTube were. Some kind of information on on how to how to move the largest sized root ball hop rap written Berlet yes. Probably not quite easy easy do you think okay. Not are you rapids and you need to hired on in an undercut it and it gets all the little complicated I used to a lot of people are expert at depth yeah recently and more. I don't know about you Jim but I used to dig trees I was in college. I used to dig treason and be MB when Shalala that's a lot of work. Takes it takes some time then those were very big trees either they weren't nine footers that's for sure there. All right you're you're you're you're trench around that. He's got to be you know big enough that. Awhile man to get into it. Right some. And I am glad I'm glad that the state there. OK OK. I if you wanna try it. Flight you have two holes today to actually thinking one has to move the tree but the first one you wanna date is where you gonna put it. You can do that 11. And and why you're Digg and you may wanna take some major routes and and then look at your original hole. I'm determine whether it's it's wide enough or deep enough. Okay. Well. I am. I'm glad they called you before he yeah I ask you hold yeah. It and I do know. Get this thing planned out. And keep an IA are freer urinate in your neighborhood there's someone using a bobcat. So there you go yet and he might be able to do it all for you quickly thought. Or or even after you've dug most of allowed to have him come in and actually physically move forward. And and lifted it out when I was younger we used to do some of their work also and we we use front motor would change you. And that's so we would. You know. Security. They could be split. Don't have access to their equipment and more remote from the country. Yes it's exactly. But I guess they still have. The 26 year old mentality in my head yes. I think I think we all do. The equipment. Yeah until about 3 o'clock comes around the Mets had a wasted who got the fact that you. Yeah well I appreciate your call. Hey thank put it might then. You can help me before and I think you've really helped me out this time to. Okay thanks Phil are currently so the folks after you have had three wanna I wanna move and have some questions give us a call we'll give your experience. We both have dead trees and I didn't do too much for a living yankees may have looked. Had been dug enough of them that I know how I didn't make it prefer a profession we know that. You make that kind of your profession the first thing you do is you save up your money and you buy some equipment and what a treat state yeah yeah big and small. Chris I have they have much better technology out now than when you and I were in college. Yeah it's much much better equipment and much easier to do I don't know if you could find anybody to dig a hole like that anymore. Tell Leah you can. I mean legally here. I'll I'll see a different story on your idea parents. Hello I Willis C we've got Lou and we in the talked to and out it tests show us greenhouse she can help dig our hole. The world symbolic schaeuble could go to Al I like it. And it is more than a spirit that less than a full tribal manly about how happy I think they need for all who want to claim that. You all. Below the U luckily I have on this particular day I think Allan gardens and so are urged to go only a 25% off and and I don't know if he didn't go after the gala slightly but our curb election goes on and on. And honor you spend on it sure they're all men have burned beyond I think it'll come again we have something like fourteen different kind of Beatles alone. Buddy he had it and it really it finally carrier. All year round for people who want to you know I beat Detroit handed growing in the wintertime. Combo we really expand in the summertime commit all kind of heard today only 25% off but we also have all of a vegetable plant half price and I still a lot of selection on just about everything you guys have been talking about it the Mallon to the pumpkins or that. I I'm Caleb tomatoes that kind of thing you calm so if you're not to want to play and what do we can do it. No kidding us. You get into a nice and cool to do they plan wacko that. Yeah it'd be nice and cool maybe a little more actually hope. Come from the romance thing going on we ever glad that today we also have half price on a spirited streak and in fact I. Actually anybody can in calling this fight up there culinary complete I have to. They can they can be added twelve and I had gut check with the folks at big corners yesterday and want to encourage anybody can I mean. You kind of problem didn't Wear a million people there and treat you good to talk about how they different countries certainly are they're getting a lot of reports that mom and I am seeing on some of my community got money. He committed what I kinda just a few that are dropping the block and then I'm feeling you get picky I probably know that yeah yet. But I think it Costello go on for too long held. I'll hold by just got you could do this celebrate college today we can do easily guide you towards an excellent tool from gardening tool you trainers. Fat like George hello I'm wondering. Yeah typical. I'm like cool yeah I cook. Have at least a dozen shovels. And each one each one is different. Now are different data the way this thing Monday to follow. No different different types of jobs. Exactly right. Exactly right help how we have a full collection with full staff ready to advice you wish you happy father's failure to help keep gonna supplement your garden which. I'm did pretty much halfway mark. June and a we are at seventy settle himself Parker road got one mile south of battle at the road count all of the details we failed to call food. I think olive garden dot com he can barbecuing tomorrow. I'll probably yes. Orange glow that walked my way I'll find okay dates invite you always welcome and not look like okay thanks Lauren. There's flew in from Tagalog. Garden center. Always with something new. Always all we I think she's in dean near isn't she dean of the dollar garden school at least annoyed I wouldn't to go that university yeah. Or chancellor that's what jams that's it chancellor and a path. Chancellor of the weekend. Chancellor of court ecology. Or ecology yes. I'm very go okay we got her title bout our debt it's time for us to take your title here we if you give us a question. About your garden activities. Inside mostly. Or outside mostly will do mostly either one. If you give golf 3036311430. You got open lines we wait there's an absolutely. Zero waiting time. We should just stay Siler until someone gives Asarco blows it's gonna ask you well. What you planted this year that was different. Something new you've tried this year actually would be better to ask you what I have yet the plants that OK when have you yet to plant is my friend saying no group press this Arizona go orders on Cyprus yes it's a pretty well pretty thing. For looks totally different than other Arizona Cyprus and how is that because it looks like via. AM. Capresso Lille on the Blair what what is said. Well they're only inside lane lines like who are very much like crap yes OK and there is some some genetic information that indicates that two are pretty closely related idea they do is not a hybrid again. Paradigm may actually be just one in the same of what always was we just didn't know we just gave it to name can should have only one. But that's to be decided that's down the road somebody got to do the genetics on Davis DIA. They yes then they have to send it to what is that some instant genetic places 123 CS II 65. Good duke. Court ecology CSI that's it that's yeah that's what we should do so what are that's that's my my AM. My planted on trying to get in the ground on a place for it. And haven't found a place ship what I hear what the what have you. No I've been planned I've been Clinton fool. Cooling groovy plant yet my I think my favorite planet planted this year is the I'm. Of the blue spruce step for comments. Form of the blue spurs but to ground cover it doesn't grow up. Tom bush the first set stays on the ground yes it crawls across the ground. It's kinda couple that there reminds me is something else oh go ahead at a finish up where you're gonna say well and that was bad debt. Nothing relief. Earth shattering other than that blue spruce that. I don't I've been lusting after for a couple of years. I took some pictures of a New Mexico locust. Yeah it's a native Poland growing on an off ramp of 67. And I I suspect that was planted by an. One time. Nursery operator here by the name Harry swift and who who operated nursery at the time called western ever greens you. And that reminds me now we talk about our growing chorus verse he had ground cover. Ponderosa pines no yeah. However. He did his a little differently. He started when they're really young and when it up for a break shoots it would come up he'd take us post a cinder block. And laid on this from the bridge. The book. The that's how we opinion. So so he abused them up good effect cruel that actually works for that at that. There's still wants to become a tree by the way Brian yeah you need to couple cinder blocks well I won't be using cinder blocks. But there's going to be logos to look good here are some big boulders that they're inclined on over that's in front of some orders. I wanted to be a ground cover to cover a large area. I won't live to see the day that happens it. Yeah it's a slow grower there. This just meat plant don't we gather a kid just about every car for his got a ground cover I mean. Almost everyone not in Arizona Cyprus yet. Well so far I've got fifteen. North first different doors and there's a different OK in my front yard and different. Varieties yes. Connect. Our Bruce goes in Atlanta when of those. Never mind. I they'd just be just went out of my head but we've got a full lines now so up I tell you what we go to questions about Japanese beetles. Cal lilies petunias pansies Christmas cactus. And even more than that. So well why don't we take our last break. Your friends and family know you can listen to ask the guard he's no matter where they aren't well. Log on to cruise in 1430 dot com thank god it's eyes it's time that I've got a job right now all the at all. It's thirty. Yes very folks you are listening live at least I hope you are if you're not. I don't think we can help you. You're probably right about that let's get out to the first color and that's going to be Vilma in Denver good morning Vilma. The line he lets. I'm I had still been piano factory and I pain like that. Dubai can move it around can't call in my backyard. He can make it Perreault happily keep the basic but. I had don't think that's any mad that I dropped my tray and I can't. Forward that I drew up doesn't Anthony list but I want porn didn't eat that could be done. I could be made I get I mean they don't. More on don't be going around. I don't think so there are now Japanese beetle damage if you actually every seed in the long. Is that we kind of sporadic. Scattered throughout the lawn with little yellowing here a little bare and I'm sure we have under our lawn and I'd just I never knew that. Never solving the evidence of a. Thanking my banking. In different I do you have been nice glove actually Daley the glove. Look and that I have not banning a decade now what foreign really eat it too late to do let. All know if you have that didn't go and apply now I don't let you out. And I know I don't know that's gonna correct your yellow spots. No I'm so glad I don't think you would let them get saying he can't they do everything I. Green mile delay FBI is now. Now yeah I put it down now. You know cold and water in real good. Yes wolf I will. Okay and now I'm like it's very bad at night when I can have a repeat I just turned the Internet fans that you guys signing. One night I need to continue for a lot may end their. Friday the home. I only moved the Internet yeah I expect that younger. I. Said. I don't want you know about that right now really thank you. And I think the meat type game yeah okay okay those elements of patent batting line. What they call that when you watch movies or or or. And these are some big area of binge can bridge listening good. The garden grows while. That's kind of fund it and I'll let let's get right back after the lines. We've got Bonnie we talked to us good morning Bonnie. How are you guys are good and what's going on in superior. Well we got dumping. I think hitting the flowers and things get sticky. They didn't attack panties and that you music when that happens. I usually paid and calm this portion would get liquid put it in a bottle and deluded it's very in my catalog back they re ground. At the felt when you do that it. Good colors and flowers. I wondered what I couldn't put on the flowers. He could get hit it fat. While we talk about petunias here. But unions and Hannity they all get back. Think he got when they start getting real all. I didn't know I'm not notice that on pansies on petunias. Non sorry that comes with the genetics oh yeah that's just part of the plan. Their their sticky plants. I know I'll say get so bad yeah and I just got my call back and they did everything would be very hot. Yeah again good fertilize to a comeback but I've never seen them on pansies. And I'm gonna get him on that can be there there are certain color they give them. I think that the I think it's a purple one yeah. I think it got purple ones I've never noticed that since I've got eight final ten aren't they they get on the road this. Can you put out on the road that killed when they start eating them bud. Loses the car felt that I had solution is so sure sure hope you can bet that aren't hill yeah. Does that have you checked on your panties suspect anything growing over them like archery or something. You mean Michael Salem. No I dessert chief who were eager pansies I mean full sun there is involved and very little time to welcome. How can they don't like it is now you know forget when I had the first forget I asked that. Okay. Yeah I noticed a lot on the that you give a lot. And hopefully yeah I've you do more elevated pitch forcing it felt good third that was good form. Added this colorful flowers. Yeah but anything you spray on flowers that no matter what it is except water and sometimes even water will spot the florists. Ever okay. Car right yeah I didn't know that was just need Bjorn thought long and both these guys like. You can you can read deuce that some wide if you spray them all let's say the at sundown. Yes we don't have the hot sun beating on them all Kenya based ice think you're still gonna get spotting. Yeah. It's okay with petunias a bit no Favre don't last that long anyway and you have new one soon. Paula part of their nature yeah that can you. And Cynthia sands is to have to an extent yeah. Okay. All right well I'd sure appreciate it I enjoy your show I would think he almost every battery. Well thank you we appreciate that thanks money. All right take care have a good day. You till. Up stickiness on pansies. Substantive. Now and don't know about that one that was different. Anyway we've got Wilma out in north then when it touches about Christmas. Cactus good morning Wilma Barney and what's going on with you today. Well I got to Chris Bootcheck hypocrites who have. And they settle on the front porch and I didn't find it from our word and of course that would throw the ball and but it has provided. But it seems like it is held. Big enough smallpox that I got (%expletive) every planet and now Hillary. Why yes fight another plot that's about one inch bigger and diameter. This plot probably contributed to cross. Then you can use as an agent talked. I would say yeah and take your pick your original six inch pot off. If you can get it off if not you have to break it off. And then tees are way the Villa outside edge of the root ball. Oh possess can be really tight with roots unaudited. Cash and and replanted in the bigger pot but no deeper or shallower than it was before. Okay what about soil just any car. If you can tell the same kind of sold lips is growing in now that atypical party's sole response okay yet doesn't need to be exact estimate itself. Okay out there tomorrow okay all right great Q you've got a cool thanks Collins. We animal note on our Bordeaux or don't know word came from it but somebody like TEP and six. Pansies flowers are edible yes they are. And they're attractive you assault and also tenable long hard on the government to anybody anywhere who even knows this you can eat Yucca flowers. Really and they're good. They are quite tasty. That reminds me I have a picture of Yucca in full bloom on my phone I wanted to show you today K so don't let me forget. K. But like that's gonna happen right. Can attack attack attack attack attack and could what did you say that's it really shoot it. Yeah I didn't elect makes five then yeah. Let's see what else was activists say was edible day lilies. They leave flowers particularly the buds when they're starting to show color squash flowers had that we go to I'm sure pumpkin flowers and cucumbers flowers and all that. And there's more I know there's more NASCAR Somalia and a certain yet those good. Masterson flowers there aren't very pepper and also release on distortion you can eat them too. It'll be a but at this given the ox Ellis in the garden you beat that yes leaves and flowers yeah. All that had it but you know my mind's going blank if there are lots of things you do lots of things you know lots of things you shouldn't eat it it's there at the so easy journal. Well let's go out and talk to Janice in Littleton a batter callow is good morning Janice. No other big at all that you can thank you won't think I'm. Hello Lily you put it absolutely gorgeous. I thought it is familiar seeing old I don't think she and I know or how long it difficult to boot. Is it. How did. And let me peak in the room. Okay and others have claimed green leaves or that to have speckled leaves and old speckled look or okay. So that plant will bloom quite awhile into summer and may not blatt last all summer mine didn't last year by. Oftentimes they can't I'd I'd recommend that you put in this situation where it's gonna get. Maybe a little morning sun doesn't really have to have any direct sun but it needs to have bright shade. Are filtered light. OK will he be doing okay it's been a couple weakening our opportunity now. I'm in my courage Jack. And they're doing very well said it like I looked it up on the Internet at it like living boy royal had been kind of people sort of thought he. Yes and also make sure that you fertilizing every once and a while. They you're going to be is is this in a pot you're gonna be responsible for all of its nutrition. Right so I won't I'm familiar with that have been here at the Condo that he pot. Yeah so make sure you feed it so it keeps blooming. I didn't couldn't come extra peak month for the party in Philadelphia. Okay that's shouldn't hurt you think that's an heard anything of this make you a little more acid than. Make you hold water longer. Well that's what I think he thought I think some. Calm morning sun for a little while but it didn't beautifully and I know I'm gonna act so I think he's telling that what you forget I think on the faculty. Could have never had Keller before. This little. The speckled leaf is a little different species than the plain green line. So they take a little bit different cat I find it though the playing green when can tolerate more sun. Oh they can't you home. OK I won't Greenland powdery like firm morning burn all morning. Probably I would think so. Okay is that could make him the next feeling it accurate I have a hard time went potty toilet I like to make my own. From what I have more. No I gave me all you can ask how they oil I know. And net even green houses use our field soil. Armor and and it had nothing but problems with a until finally they came up with the stuff we call artificial soil. Is that he must base there. I make my. Own all currently I can't because I don't have read the ingredients but I used to make it with 13 compost that I made myself. Right 13 peat moss and 13 her life and you can very good per lied to even less a little more. So you can compound. Burned and curl curl up. And it worked it worked for a lot of things. Ordinarily didn't have formula that other than what was in the compo exactly. Are. Yes no real salt off mountain I don't know of any green houses and more than usual Soro. Number one is too heavy member to receive variable from bats too bad that's the bat at number three can get all kinds of stuff with it yet you don't weeds in there you got diseases and things that. Outside or just perfectly fine but once you bring them under what we call protected it. Growing conditions announced that it means a covering that means a greenhouse now these bad things can really take off from Iran. So toward all need to put in my place so that it let me play and I think I know. Compelled her on the one more question believe when he third inning imply a neat and clean and shouldn't bite and eat good. Think we are not very good health. Ancient history but I can't. And we had to pick a very bad it is. Ocean move you know she didn't. Uncle had a pink flower and glossy me. Com. It will look like a little shrub. And that's Clinton EM. I looked it up on the public like flower button man yeah. Yes. I'm and we treat gas and had a week relative blew right now I don't know if I'm only an advantage he can get caught. I've seen folks growing Nat and plots good sized pots on the south side of their building which always surprised me. I've got one hour my patio that gets signed sure. Those two thirds of the day there I would be more comfortable with. Mornings and I think is perfectly fine. And probably a little more afternoons until August little. Leery about 95 degree days yeah no and no clouds the the flowers fade down in that really hot sun. Now in me if you're in Hawaiian they grow the my doors are almost weeds. Mean yes but I play but that's a lie. War or we need to put it in a bigger pot. Well if you're having to water it you know every other day or something like that then yeah I would say moving up into a larger pot. I can feel when I'm thinking very mentally ill can feel that it. How important that you know you don't really think you can go down underneath but how do you think I've learned is what movie British Stephanie TV water. Coming being dumped down there is that you need to feel what we want to cut them you got yeah. If it feels damp Q would stick in your for your nurse or you're probably okay. I'd rather know I'd rather you. Let the plant go to the dryness pointed it starts to wilt a little bit. And I hope and that will give you an indication of what's the interval from watering too watering yes. Well one week ninety try the next feature meek I. I'll be exactly where this is true then yeah this is when you have to do some human extrapolation. Another way to test it is the weight of the pie Duncan lift the pot and when you start to feel like wait that's the time to water. Our current grain it's. I'm looking forward thinking you wanted a lot of my question game really appreciate. Thanks to a colleague. But don't go the way. All right our last caller of the day is going to be Ronnie had in Lakewood good morning Ronnie. They're all let's go live. Our guy out. There truly admire are OK a lot of careful. Like that idea that. He port do keyboard create. You in Kabul some of them go. Well there. Period. I what you need to do is go to the garden center and get some stuff that's made by fertile home and it's called the weeded out. We are not. It's a liquid. Are you spray it on the lawn they won't hurt the grass. And you take out dismissals. You get your general cargo or I probably. Probably yeah you finally here agreed to YouTube for Deere reported that important to four deep yet through forty's. It's give god sir and yes it's got some two for DNA but it also has several other weed killers it until you're gonna IMAX. And you get that at a garden center and you see you calling from Lakewood so I would go out she who Wear. Where it's O'Toole literally have mirrors. Law school okay yeah bad at all what it called weed out. We. Oh okay. We execute I don't agree not Jeb doubt they would live a big deal period. Yeah if they can out of the middle Umpqua. Solemn. That's true either but yeah. And then they re ignite this but they admit that problematic comeback through airport side so it's okay I admit I do remember and it root them. Ronnie you may wanna let that's this'll grow up dead and not cut it off with the world with a mowing your lawn every week. Let our offer to maybe three weeks in you want lots and lots a leaves. The more leaves. The more herbicide it will take up and the more deaths you'll get. Gloria are. You. And the airport. So maybe they're wrong right now but my whole lot can be reasonable people yeah people don't. So you are angry at you you know you needed to tackle them now. Our so I guess all we are out there and we have our outright that said okay. I think you're right Jason Collins are. Are they kicked my. Well that's probably why it's called today. Yeah because it looks like we've got nearly a minute or so left. And in that minute. What would you like to say well I don't have any more reservations or Oscar ramps. UK. Well I'd say get thee to a garden center that we agenda ray it's going to be a great weekend for planting. In his next week is going to be cool in the seventies all week. And I had family last year so you know planting this weekend is going to be fantastic for plans to get established. Without all that hot weather you would electoral that hot hot wherever he had and also would elect a dry stuff all the we have a storm coming up from. Not the golf but from. Bob Hawke. Oh really yeah. It's it's feeding moisture this may become our. Our monsoon season coming yes I like that idea to his preseason rain tomorrow yet disposed of supposed daughter. Parred everybody gets out music indicates we have to wrap it up here for the day so thank you for listening. And those who did thanks for participating remember as always we inform you two can't match on which are. And to care for your double. And I'm sure you probably a few more questions or ones won't come up between now on the web next week if you do why save them and bring them right back here to cruise in 1430.