Ask The Garden Pros Hour 2 - 4.23.16

Saturday, April 23rd


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Are showing Denver is on the air its weekly play therapy session we call ask. Call 3036311430. Right now to be part of the show it's sort of and Jim Moore. On studio 1430. I rear back. Blew me and we're gonna take your phone calls about. Questions about roses could we were where we Syrian in the studio this morning well I have a hunch that everybody throws are prone. Really really well. Because Bernard Cohen. And so I think it does fear it. And I thank them anyway. Yeah we're gonna talk about him anyway yeah and that you know I I I just wanted to mention real quick that those of you who are getting ready to go out and prove that there's a couple of pruning events coming up next weekend we'll give you a chance. To practice on someone else's room is always a good idea. A little too war memorial garden down and little channel for being in the street. I'm next Saturday morning you can. They ask for volunteers to his start whacking away at their rose listen you can talk to people there that Denver rose society. My. Family. How it's gonna have an offense out of that Jefferson. County detention center out by the Taj Mahal and the only garden that's tended by inmates. In the country out there and we always go out. Next thing you start at 930 and we. Start turning their roses form. In the inmates aren't there and they held close to me that's the only clean up after film that's even better that's really clean up after this we get to work on someone else's throat she's. And if we destroy the sheriff's Groce who's still let this go home at the end of the day so it's all good things come on out in and talk can interact. And enhance your skills and will be glad to have to see it so there's there's. There's two ways over the next month to interact freely with the larger guard and community a lot of people around they're talking and doing things and now. The rose people are this is our big month. Talk to people and shall garden centers and homes sold rose who's himself. You come on out moments that gets involved it's a good way to go if you've never planted roses are you don't have roses in your yard and you when they get exposed. To that whole category of planet. Go out and help improve and you may change your mind about whether you wanna plant roses are not helpful. And I made it one way or the other fit them better. And but it's. Oh it's we've got a penny early on the line right now penny that he from the Denver percent of gardens how we don't have nearly. I'm doing great and I love road blueprints and nobody mentioned the wonderful Rose Garden up and one month that's one of my favorites. Yes it's beautiful up there and anyone who's up. In that neck of the woods. Actually it's a great launch for me to go up and get launching go in that Rose Garden up there it's beautiful. Had it was a really surprised me duke up big and how beautiful one hour Lou I visited my fear and anyway I love road route but I mean here and up up up up up let your audience know that today is the day of the rock garden fail. And I Denver botanic gardens. Look and decided celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year. They've really got aground pull out the trail is. Spectacular got a little preview last night. And it'll be open at 9 o'clock until our lives and it's free with a you're admission to the garden if you remember the garden of course betrayed anyway and the botanical gardens are looking pretty confident and shows you recommend us. I. Not everybody who listens to you. Go go check it out but go early because there's. A lot of relief Wonder Woman for Paramount in huge numbers and let Jim Guatemala my. I got on behalf of the so it's still there and equipment. Beyond. What was I gonna ask you I had a question in my brain and it went away. It chemist. Oh you have international meeting their defense in Colorado this year to right. I yeah we're having. The Mac community of IBM and Steamboat Springs. In June at the end of June but it's sold out there we love February. Well so there's a lot more waiting with the people about a 150 people signed up from all over the country. And we actually have people coming from all over Europe and even Asia event so it's very excited and. Now what what group of of plant nerds can say that I make enough. The American people an idea I tell you what having sold out that early it really speaks to have what have the cash and people have for these plants. All of these otherwise couldn't openly. I'm not just rock gardens you can use them in and make. Containers. Or you can also a lot of order of merit pay plans for using him very escape. On the front of the perennial border they're not strictly speaking you don't have to have a full fledged rock garden to go exactly. And so. And it is so beautiful could just see this roomful of all these flowering this coming year I don't know why you are ready for spring yeah and and I'm so glad that. The guard doesn't guarantee that no more no for the spring I really thank you for doing that. Welcome back. No charge at the pulpit. Couple things to tell you this morning any irony in telling it I'd really appreciate that they have always gotten to a period. But thanks for calling Rick provides. I got a question for Dave. Speaking of her bra apparently didn't mention that there are probably and a number of plans select items infect another arsenal man at the rock gardens are. He's been playing selectors does not. Made for Barack earns per say they can be used in normal garden floor brokers ago we're way. But one of the one on the ruse used it was safe clinch what Kevin was one that I insist on calling concerned. Can't remember her name is bruiser Ruble Foleo. What's the new name. That is the name is it really didn't. But don't back and forth they continue mastermind. Were caught on a roof or glaucoma yeah so you're you're gonna turn now lead going back to. Group were Foleo which is not my favorite name. Just because of me when I don't know yeah I know is that it suckers underground. Well that's how a lot of species growth growth. It's also management and then we've throws which unmarked complain about but that wasn't in the right up the literature to produce is wonderful hit some really decorative. It does to my neighbor's dogs love Philly there's another loser it's implant slipped to its a purple flowers it's called ruby voodoo. There you go and it's. Again to talk to Paulino last weekend and they had one in bloom and you could smell less than six feet away. Thank Poland he'll go right on the other side of the screen because I was smelling too much for that offense buffalo crew. And so I yeah ruby voodoo is very fragrant and had also planned select. That idea behind plants alone is to enhance the sustainability. Of any. Plants that they introduced and these are two roses that once she get them established. After a year to. Daewoo. They're very tough they're very hardy and have to do a lot less work to them. In fact a lot of the winner hardy grows to like the red leaf rose rose would portfolio and ruby voodoo. Which inclusion stay away from them so that they can't make your shirt and terror. Yes they are gonna prickly than ending date but there are they pretty very very pretty and there's one other lures us if you know. Yesterday we did have a name it was Indy had to depend return gardens. On the north's tired one of them don't have since been torn down it was a giant grows. You can parked cars under this thing. Yes underneath it but I. A multi stand. There's never caught its small forwards but a huge where it's. And they tried to save it I don't know six succeeded in seem to priesthood or not. As if anybody would want a house side rooms until once booming. Yes it was there now and then that was in an area that never gonna water patrols on the north side of the building. So we'll hear I think. They had an official route than the other side of the street by where the parking garages down. No number wasn't OK because they had some excellent examples of Rhodes called and she. Which comes out of Canada. And don't spend at least the 1920s. And can get. Quite big and has wonderful fragrant flowers. And they were using thin sheet that's a landscaping plan up and our fans have for some of the new house. That when in fact in the 50s60s. And so some mail carriers respond I'm able to see as many engine. Clearly she would ever want to see and it was it was great and there that can occur and had a wonderful penchant for law. Awhile withhold construction may have lost some of their plant here hopefully they didn't lose count one. Listen venture to the phones we've got people way to attract tourism and all kinds of stuff including sue in Centennial good morning soon. Good morning how are you just tonight just ducky how we didn't fit really well. We don't have great. Learning is not that happy about these little lasting cease summon the party lines moved here. It's still around. That's the path it. I have an accident in question but one thing goes quite. And I'm the other ones I have we have a kind of approach that you have some bluegrass but you know it's absolutely and second grand Perry could have ran. As the barn near ground. It needs some attention so what's a good. Fit and and you think if you would we just a very fleeting. And what's the best thing is they're fleeing. How big is this area. Moon. Moon this kind event could be big area. Got hurt the last kind of in the middle of a friend. If I didn't have a lovely couch crying but no I thought the head with him. Go to the lumber yard and. Businesses that is this issue. Here and part of achieving empire with me OK we've got a bunch of treason that chase for back and then there's a bench this. I think because there's no shave. And businesses as it is. Landscape feminism isn't that this won't have a flat area or is it Shillue. OK and I end sprinkler system. Okay. The grass that's growing they're now. Is. It has some nice blue ground until we put them stored some odd affair for a few. And then anything can adapt consumer. And then I think that's when me. And hairy crab grant thirty demand. We have landscaper against the Mexican ground and I didn't really telling basically was so I'm sure I. Really isn't coming in February compared with a group of men. A sense to me like your best option at this point would be to go through and kill what you do have growing before you start. Introducing a new grass to the area. No. So in Maine if you if I do is just like me to renovate the entire space. Well the only problem with and if you lose your honest. Do. We found that the old. Because the trees are left field to treat your old on the return man. Yeah it's hard I don't know it's so. Taking back areas. I think it's a good time to give up on growing grass Spencer. I'm serious in going the wrong thing but if you break up the pine needles with grab them. Do you need to rake up to pine needles. Well. Find out what I don't know it's on everybody's list you can. I don't IIT Oscars six. Most people don't stand back consume look at their lives and say how much is this toy need to do. Well are there rules or regulations so you have to do it and alternative I. I did break at this frame and I had Blake. Twelve trash cans. Just think oh that is my wont it's the grass wasn't areas that were left there as mulch then you've killed two birds with one stone this. Where. I need oh yeah and can probably can't immigrants like the mountain forest but yeah I mean this little mother nature does food and it works for her. But for American that would be keeping check. Yeah feel there's an annual event has been done again. News but treat those we didn't show. He and and you know for interest you could you could add some other plants in amongst the needles. It's just it's not a pleasant thing too often barefoot that's. Moon them. Filmed her. But if you get a few good insist on putting grass and you need to have aggressive shade tolerant. And you gonna have to get rid of these other grasses that are competing with the fifth hopeful. Now that if that means. And you need to get rid of them wherever they are. Because apparently there are traveling underground he won't say and by the way to to name she gave us or just made up names for the html. And they have no veracity at all. I don't know what Mexican grass is more or what was the other one carrier and Gregory crabgrass or the rest is reeled it in vehicle aggressive but Harry Cramer has never heard of that. Do you know where. It doesn't fingers and it's got those little server. Trailers they go out and put you (%expletive) New Orleans and then me. There's a green right now or not brown okay. Okay probably use crabgrass which one it is I'd I don't know that's a no no at all Andrea down. Oh well in the Mexican grant the kind of like an ornamental grass. You really quite pretty decently quite lovely but it seems extremely invasive I think in this other current step conveyed it and that's yeah. Have to. Ten footer to yeah. But it just so defended his kids everywhere and I knew which one you may not like Colin I'm gonna I didn't really want you every avenue. He had that and are you are and I pulled and a Pakistani porn everywhere in his that I know I don't want this I don't need this more appropriate for a poem yeah how could this thank them. What's it called well I think it's gone back to stifle. It's had other names but it couldn't grab that some four letter names if you. Yeah I'd fan you it's it's got a period of being pretty Big Ten. Room wintertime is are sort of missile tangled up in the system a pretty anymore because he's an animal is like information and so it. That's only a unity theory it would it's a perennial but doesn't it doesn't travel underground it travels by sea by the way. Sophia Harrison morals and your garden you may want to consider getting river or at least cut him off the sequence. Which is why most people grow and so. That's up to you from. I've been told have been trying to put up but if they. That's more than yeah you know I mean I'm out there. I don't know it sounds like of course we're not there we don't say we don't know exactly the situation but it sounds like a situation where if it were mine I would consider taking around up to the entire area that's underneath upon entry for sure and just. Legend of pie and you will fallen and land or multi I don't know probably bark or something. And just just give off foreign trying to grow grass under an editor. And there are plenty of under story plans that will grow in that shade and in those fine yields different types of ground covers. And even short of that describes. So they you have to look at a barren landscape and you still can have. The variety and interest in that area just as good as it sounds like grass is going to be a real loser for. Well what it was there's so we kind of. Pedigree arrangement. De LA in the course of trees are getting bigger tunes. And like you said all those roots are from the surface you can't wrote a tell don't I can't prepare the soil which is what you need to do to put in turf. Yes the only thing is putting feed fertilizer and compound. Usually don't have such. I think you have that doesn't work for a while we're turned to grass to grow Negroponte now. Well aren't here now it's if you step back and reevaluate. Another capacity he had San Diego the mobile and then I have one more thing when you trim of a criminal record. Yeah. You go out once. Close to the ones that danger plus frost is over. And still only gonna look at my climbing roses here in the next couple weeks. And climbing roses have long canes which then gives out shorter canes that floor. And so he wanted to trim out all that good stuff from the the stuff that maybe Henson can seize on it and you make sure everything is trained up and secured against the wind. And shorten some of those what we collateral for little looming canes and you can pretty much do this probably. Into Mellon Mother's Day the idea you what you wanna be careful about his hand he's late freezes. And you wanna make sure that the Kenyans are tied up securely in case we happened to have that. SN OW thing happen again for him you have the last couple years and and then also. Be. I like to use. Organic type fertilizers. That take time to breakdown and feed the planet to face. So looses starts to throw it has kind of random nutrition that's coming to a you should get a really good display of floors. And then what you can do say in July. If you can go out and decide once you've got this nice big first blown out of the way you can decide about structure. About what's to Boone and what's not the way he wanted to and that's when I usually too much heavy work on climbing roses this after the first bloom. Oh great. Until just trim it up get rid of the dead stuff they could look nice and pretty. And and you know my comment of course when the problems you're having. Out in your yard who's where who's there is enough food and I think you should take all that stuff out component rose. Yeah. Who wrote it up there. You know because it's easy to control program strategic control all these things in the rose bed and he gets flowers. I can put them but I could put some big big but so what it was a good grip they've shrug and move forward. And it's been nice and big control. Selena what we're late for a break right now under which I'm mobile come back and answer that dissect it. Harry we're gonna answer that and come back with more stuff here right on the gestation we like to call the Elmer Cruz and 1430. That's the number one Garden Show in Colorado past the garden throws with Jim Borland and keep phone. Join the conversation and 3036311430. Right now for free advice to be guaranteed at lease would you pay for it. Now back to show. And we are back to the show I guess there are worth continuing. Eight. A phone call or renowned. Yes is investing back on the line that Dave you have a suggestion for her. We have sue if if you want a larger size grows then what I would consider is finding one that's winner hardy enough so that it stays healthy all year round there's this whole series of roses that are known as the Canadian hardy roses which generally will survive beyond its own three which is like forty and fifty below zero. So what I would do is considered calling your favorite garden center or centers. And asked if they stock from the Canadian hardy broke through. And go down and and pick the one that needs your size requirements and the wind or the one you fallen loved it which is what happens to me all the time when. Unfortunately so. Doesn't sound like a good idea. That's about the fabulous idea because I'm I'm kind of leaning toward maybe cramp and I. Just kind of deficit and put a fabulous idea. And that and these are all grosses sure were to pull up north to survive they're winners and they also survived an hour's very well. And I'm finding in my garden that I put the Canadian hardee's along the back of my dad's now plans to go in there and fool them this much. And I crew via a little decorative. Thing with the project grosses in the front where I can denial. Who movement and they're like kind of like roses are wonderfully good PepsiCo cookbook now and then then. And they're kind of low maintenance. And that's what can Canadian parties can give you so typically on their own roots too aren't they they are their own their own roots himself a known rule rose at its start filtering out. That's just a healthy thing it's it's like it's taken its feet further into the that ground to stay alive so yeah that's a good way to go well good luck with that soon. Sorry hey thank you from I have an everyday pleasure you too and I about. All right this kid Acheson is the colors have been waiting awhile good gene in Lakewood good morning Jane. Good morning wonderful horrible things there so oh thank you I. I needed truth that it's going to go the kind of been effective get everything men who could age between myself in court. Benefit from. Would faith and about four feet wide belt in judo. Throw but can be unfounded. A full time. Yeah then. Yes. Sure you'd wise it's what comes in my mind immediately is. There's a couple of troopers need for a very strongly operate and don't get very wanted to tall. I am I can't informal phone but they're much incentive branches phone though when they gave no sir and I'm gonna be paid enough. The origin of the medicines I. No. If that's how I'd RT. You can prove it so that it did so the damage that might occur that might occur with a heavy snow. Won't be as bad. Most people don't do dead because you don't really know what they're doing or how to do it. My can't think of anything any planned anywhere. Ever greener otherwise it strongly up bright lights quite narrow that is not going to get weighed down with spell. Those of us especially wet snow than we've hand. We that there reds fired. Oak. That's it's so full flight joke. She has been reduced since you are citizens not going to be ever green from right. It's used a lot in median and so floating around town. Very very strongly up right. I've not really seen any brands breakage on that I guess that's villains tough announcement own worst enemy anything Ares knows that we get. I think they've definitely been through them at all. Right yes. And while they would have been much different in the media. Yeah and they get a nice flow reddish color but then the leagues have a tendency not to fall off. Right and what they did know more about fifteen feet. Oh yeah I guess well about fifteen feet. OK it's good to know while yes it does. And one of the things you might consider. A new keys and I consider this whole our way. I know okay this is expensive and it's you know I didn't do that do the planning. There were playing OK all right implanting things that we know orient to being in the future we don't care. Well number what more do you generally generate it and not allowing viewers you believe they can they can cut it down and play another one do they make more. It's OK your life to do that. It's all well aware of the flow look at again the third time. Then there's some there's some a freight con other frank come affairs but they're going they've they've got terrible branch angles. And and they split container. Are run by these are providing user even worse. You and there are enough where I nicely in the literature that is in the trade magazines that I get that there are any number of very strongly outbreak Colombo are what everyone calls them decision was plants coming on the market I'm not seeing them here yet. There is a book Thornton. The ball hit home. Toward that side effect when a moment what. This is you have to let you buy more equipment and inventory and then go about it. Pool pool at home lives of variety called tall hedge. Home scoreboard I didn't mean all summer long. Okay there's a variety ethical tall hedge which is rather upright and narrow then typically soar endless and fruitless so. Think that the network and it's not. You know thinking of through it. Wound oh wow moral truth. Won't I think I'll remember about going to put them confront them now okay. But thinking very effective manner or whatever then you could say that they have very it's called tall hedge. So pumping example yeah. Oh hole that Beckett moment but god forbid ten PGA instead oh pool on. Yeah did this variety shouldn't be a problem with that. Little warm and that it very well on minimum wage hike I didn't lose many other. You either have to live diets to much of any training to it. And it stays now what it is is disinterest. You still there. I guess you must prepare and you get to pertinent information out there. Pertinent and impertinent. Kuerten here they're never know. Per year per unit and that. Let's see we've got to we've got one line open it's time for your call in if you have any questions we've got. A lot of questions on the O line right now about selecting white roses eradicating. It eradicate snow in that way it. I don't know. The questions about Rosenberg right now we've got the land leaving town to us. And I bet to go as has a couple of roses in bloom right now down day only. Oh yes baby it reached a 25. We and then I mean there yesterday and it just looked beautiful and you're not there. However the of this very thin out yesterday they yeah I that we had a couple in the era. Telephone turned the camera society else helping the last weekend on Friday with an item whenever it was if it was great until a lot of erosion. And instead they said they mother nature threw at the curve ball so we were closed last weekend so we have extended that 20% off and already this fail. Donated back on normally alleged that we came to going erosion spectator for all those who are looking for relative to Cali hasn't. Gorgeous just about every Kelly Davey can attest to that enough how hard he's worked hard to really put on the show. And met a little and I think in the next couple weeks we're going to be tunic a couple of classes on roads it's basic care as well as pruning for you guys who. Yeah that's great we're so happy to have you there are events folks that's. We're work really hard to get the best folks in the news you hear us team members certainly qualifies as people know what they're talking about they've done it here. And they have a whole other relatives can execute his background for prop instead there's a women's aboard avenue back. Well good I'm I know we're looking forward to it and I think that all listeners should check I was website for our class states and go down there and bring your wallet. And I won't believe an empty handed and. Stay at WWW that Fidel garden that come forward and for the schedule of classes coming up. Today we have some great things coming up this is our tomato pollute a weekend how are glad you're all about all things can Mano. And that starts so I hear this in a couple of hours we have I. Our first classes at 10 o'clock this morning and and are any of them will be talking about it. And just basic thing that ultimatum chats stations that you don't have the common commit to a whole class ticket to come by at fifty. Pena the heavy question if you can be on your way it's gonna come to class 10 o'clock baby Kay hill well known. Denver guard there will be giving a free classes on top tips for tomatoes except. And the agility toward the U within nationally and internationally known gardening writer lives right here in Denver. We'll be talking about blue ribbon vegetable gardening and having a book training. And Kentucky that if you wanna you know they counted fairly he just wanted to you know outshine your brother in law or something. Coming growth some of these top huge vegetables for their pumpkins or anything. And get a brand new book out Phil you can go to the county fair when the blue ribbons or just get bragging rights in your town in the afternoon today. Now we have going begging him pods like yours truly are they talking about that at 2 o'clock we college dinner on your desk. And then that's tomorrow we have some of the classes as well and they don't wanna win tomorrow when more chats stations. All of these elicited big Al going dot com on the web site in their own free. You can shop for tomatoes you can shop for roses if cap for anything your little height desired hill and stuff going on. And a question for you about roses I know that you roses are grown there in the greenhouse you guys do your own growing. Do you have. Do you tell people to acclimate them to outdoors. Had a handouts that we do exactly that. Mom and we also tell him to give them that hard training when they buy them about these beautiful register. But says there was a whole board a kind of an information board right within the rose to prominence that they have. I don't know maybe 1518 different tips. On thing you think you should do one of them being acclimated hardening them off making sure that they eat into their new world. A Colorado gardening in in a healthy way IE I consider going to boot camp when he entirely by a plant that's going indoors. He got opinions of some kind gentle training session before you put them out into the real world and it can just make a huge amount of difference even if it doesn't kill them out right they thrive. So much better. When they're adjusted to that normally. It's like Kim Jimmie and I gonna go run a marathon without training he managed over the marathon at all do you guys. Indeed I'm training person that's so we have people who do it eroded and all of our indoor grown and growing plants just. Thank you can hear a little bit gently yeah. Yeah yeah. OK okay and they appointed today and tomorrow roses on sale 20% off so. They we appreciate that this kind word to local look forward to seeing your troops up there again. Great will be there they call them land you bet you bet take care guys. I don't look at it his boot camp that's sounds like work and strenuous activity I think I prefer to look at is give them a couple of spot days before they who put out in the yard. But it just relax and he's to the news surrounding him. It's bunched up front side right now the other one tree and over but most. It's protected although last night because I'm only 56 degrees can you believe that couldn't tomatoes outside then. We'll keep that in mind when you're going into the gardens and is this time of the year and even that even during the summer when there's no threat Fries if you're buying plans that are in the greenhouse. They're not really quite adapted to being put straight outdoors in the garden. You should acclimate them or Harden them off as another name for it by gradually introduce him today. The conditions that they're going to be their final rest exactly. I think the fifth but. All right we've got to. Let's go ahead and take one more call before we take our next break and that's going to be eating good morning ED. Good morning how are you gentlemen thank so you grooves question for you see at Shea do. But look how it kinda. Died eight. And we have had to. Headaches for years. And so we're looking for a new kind move old timer. And a half which one would you suggest that. Well there's me hello I've mentioned some of our defense and that's good good to hear your voice here and you. There's a lot of good ones out there. What I would do is when you're. Poking around and looking for something new. Is too I look at its own planning requirements because. I've been out this spring and I see that some of the climbing roses are only rated for its own sex. Which you're gonna have a tough time keeping McCain's healthy. Over an awful year in year out. So I would pick at least as soon five roads and maybe look for something that is party down to its own four. OK so there's new dawn and white film and and some of the Canadian hard he's kept it can be trained as climbers. But I'd just go in and and find one that really. Looks nice to you and then check the news has its own requirements for it because it fits too. Tend to it sometimes happens then yes you're always going to be having came dive back which could affect your blown. And so be sure that there are only dig up the old roads that that has. Who used to. When used to anymore and reply life some of the soil down there and find a new one and put it an issue if it turns out to be grafted rose make sure that proved. This planet a couple of inches underground. And the first two or three years be sure to mulch the whole area yes it becomes established. And you should. Have a lot of climbing Choi I think. Good to know what if any amendment could make anything but sure. If we had. Garnett is there and Garnett and did you ignore them. On there is what she improved play if there's polls garlic climber. Which is a very old 15. Who they are concerned and. We have it means he has to go and then we had fun again. And it died so I don't know how do you rate that scarlet. Well if there was growing for years without long bench area I would reckon hurry hopefully it's not commonly sold in the area anymore because it. Because so many new roads as huge calm out. And goes roses are patented and so they tend to get a lot of sales support. Our polls garlic climbers can be found that you probably have to find it online somewhere OK and won't come until. Own root rooted coating and a smaller plots. And you'll just have to you know be careful about getting it established in getting it going pitching confined to hold screw the clamor around if you wanna I've seen it on different web sites around the car. Okay and now it get it done just that question because he did didn't mention I lipped and so I thought maybe. Defense that's so it would be around but maybe it's just easier to get to announce the amount here. I think is just recommendation about when the Canadian hardee's. They get a large enough to be. Treated as a client or you can train them up a chalice and tied them up and and and they'll perform like a climber. But they're gonna be extremely hardy here and I think one thing that we really haven't talked that much about on these climbers is for people who are listening. The reason that you want them to be extra hard easy one that came to remain alive as. High up on the ground above the ground as possible because that's where your flowers but first let blush of flowers will come from is that old wood from last year and if it -- to the ground. Like there's really tender ones do then. He missed the flowers food. Completely their fury if the only change you can over winner. Only come through two knee height then you might as well crucial grove and Clymer. You know could you hung low flow associated yes I think there's some good ones should keep in mind Canadian hardy called John Davis. I'm David John Davis and I go out and see what you think about that find someone who carries. Okay well thanks for your call ladies and thank you so much he begged CNN weekend. It true. I were to take a little break is that we're we're gonna do and we'll be coming back with the rest of your questions right here you're on their crews in 1430. Are things in your garden yellow when they should be read brown when they should be blue. Let's keep your colors coordinated with our garden fashion misses Jim Borland and keep phone in the cruising 1430 greenhouse. Answering we'd be proven I should let you know before we get out of here for the rest of the name that there were no new tone. Always announced over the past week so we're holding firm at 464. Hey we had a caller that dropped off line over the break when we did was asking about a choosing yellow light clueless in white roses. And I. First evolve there's anyone that has grossed questions that occur to you in the future. The Denver rose society website we'll have a page on the we're known as consulting rooms Syrians and you can email or phone us and we will talk to you for free and help answer questions like that. I think there's a lot of really nice weight room she's on the market these days from. Plans to control play quite needle and through the no draft which is one of the easy elegance. Series from families. And there's a David Ralston gross called Winchester cathedral which is a fragrant white wrote. And of course there's many many hybrid teas and floor pundits that are white. And we'll do very well and heart area this long mission plant the craft union underground. And get them. It'll help for winner protection. It's white roses are wonderful and they make wonderful. Points in the garden that you could put other planets around at different colors. They compile. Now was our white roses more fragile than others no no okay no. You know it's just it's a color choice there's no matter what color spectrum. And that's what makes him so interesting all right but she couldn't get that answer a question answered before the top of the hour starting. Barbara in Inglewood good morning Barbara morning thanks for Coleman guard throws here I would call you guys didn't look we usually today. I've got snow in the mountains and it's just I know read. Yes snow in the mountain does that the limits interrogated foliage yes. That that's the devil. It's just been taken over everything I have got hit up by this concrete over it catcher but it's still. I pray it never work. If it's a horrible thing yeah. What do you what herbicides and he tried. Wait I. Found out yeah. Okay did you by the way tees are did you buy the concentrate Mitzi and concentrate and then we've begun but I think that every year. All right. OK well thank you for your column. Every name that plants and held it does not stay in the Mac head you might try combining both the we'd be gone and the roundup bad they're kind of they're recommended. Strained. At the highest recommended dosage on the label. That's when I recommend to concentrate especially for things like ground have been. We haven't done or we doubt tour weed free zone would be in underwent a combined with our round up. How come. But they have a range of dosages depending on what I pray you. The highest level. I mean I almost double its. Yeah I think that's that's what's so nice about finding concentrate verses are ready to use Eddie Jesus always at the lowest. Concentration. And so they can feel I need to hire good yeah. All right they'll just keep after it that's all I can tell you there's no magic there's no silver bullet on that I'm Fred thank you don't like okay I'm by. Are you might you might consider taking her civil suit with the guards that are you borrowed from but I. I don't know I guess you're referring here that is at Dawson called bishop's doubt we'd. It's only the very gated ground cover that likes to grow in this state actually likes to go everywhere. And as if children or pets in one place too long. And they will be consumed. It's a nasty nasty plant it is indeed we have to get take out here and make room for the next show coming up which is messed dare say to Paul Macgregor and debuting her will be here. And I wanna think. David did Ingrid word for a standing in sitting and actually for the full 2 hours this morning and answering so well. For those questions thank you for have been made and it's rose lovers it's time to hit the garden centers there are looking good. And ask questions keep asking and ask your plans to teach you what they do that barrier thanks for listening in thanks civilians are has always keep pressure on the sharp and be careful or you double. We're coming back next week worth more. Fourteen. Faster than there was another down came between. Plaster and laugh. And the cinder block. Then nobody should sailor was stolen from them with the with the energy on it we can find out where it was coming from. An instrument for then had this cantaloupe. Crooked little areas. In the crawl space you delicious Clinton all this. The sheriff come up through it and we found that there was only when an opponent was out Rihanna and her clothes off they vote insulation we need to films feel that hard so. You know and can get it saloon doesn't do that. And I myself as something as simple as say air movement and no from the wall cavities. Area is is going to have a big impact on your total energy consumption or churn those. It makes a big difference. And even brand from a 5260. Usually takes. 15100 square foot house when I took mine from a 52 a sixty or sixty message Tony five dollars a month. Just on the installation truck played out for a year and I've and I that the two years and ten years and you begin to see. An accumulation of quite a bit of money we do this only goes so she goes 2000 square foot pounds a week but there was a 2006. House. And we did earlier ceiling and insulation on it. We knew the walls of that time even Scalia has built sixty dollars off what they were before. A lot of money where our talks more about insulation multiply them by twelve down and coming up in summertime. Want your participation in the show 3036311433036311430. And here's the problem that we Carol right now and that is wet basements and we've got Mike on the line from Lakewood. And Mike wants to talk about his so wet basement hi there my coward. I am doing more I was wondering how are you thanks doing good so long what school. Chrome so I was in an area where the water table is relatively hard. And I've had a history of flooding from time to time when we did it could amount of snow or have you Marines. Independents. We know where the swap meets the foundation walls right. You know I'm just trying to find the good. Phone company your contractor. That you. Would recommend. I want to be able to move troops fixing them. Permanently her. 11 solution and of course is always some phone phone you have sump pumps in your basement. I have to go through and as they're not able to handle the amount of water that's coming and. No we don't seem to have to. No its search teams know they do not seem to do the job. Well and or one question comes to mind is. The when you pump when the pump goes on where does the water go when you pumping out these do there far enough away from my house and had a it doesn't recycled back into the house. Yeah I actually heard there. There's I don't totally out of streets oh that's good that's a that's very good form a couple of quick issues here before we talk about somebody getting the work done for your. And that is. Making sure that you can either eighth and another sump pump or beef you cannot replace the one you have with something more substantial something that. Has more capacity to it to get rid of the U Walters introduced. I am and I'm like really suggest is that she you go over and kind of monitor those homes but make sure they're both working. Bring us. Some moms don't lost a long time. And a lot of people think they're always going to be working when they actually are aren't working anymore. So before you do that then the other option as she knew a French drain on the outside your house. But here different strains he really need to check both from the pumps to make sure they're working. I know even on our house solution to this last week we had an issue with one of them not kick in on. And it made all the difference and. You are okay and that raises an issue about the flow for the for the sump pump. More one of the those types of sump pumps I'm not too crazy about. It is is like a plastic ball that has a metal ball and it's so when the water. When the float goes up so high the little metal ball rolls down a makes contact and kicks the pump on sometimes I think knew it just doesn't work right. I like the old fashion number the ball goes up and it raises it it kicks on the switch. And is full fair and it works he seems to work much better I've had that experience here in the last week but. Where faith. Heavy inflow of water for the eyes the pump wasn't really and it's a new pump. And it wasn't picking on like it should kick on. So you know that that's one thing. I've almost vertically and do our due out one of those types of cocaine and that can be a problem because that it takes takes some real pressure to make that. Little metal ball rolled on there and make contact. And and kick the pump on. We're almost we're almost out to be straight up and down exactly exactly. So you may wanna change that pumped out and put another another one and but I'm listening to him as someone shooting just injured your gutter thanks. Only twelve feet away from their homes. OK to continue. I love most people don't. And you all you do is just pure water is this coming off the road right down here foundation. She wanted to hear at least twelve feet just trophies and push him away from their homes but he doesn't. Comes right back again but I do milk and need to have a trophy now yeah you may get you have those accordion time right plus occasional there's a chicken just. You know pulling down and get up and they have connectors I think they run about sixty each team connect those two together to beginner around them away. But she wanted to make sure you get them away from the hill. And dietary almost any good plumbing company can induce some puncture a little bit expensively your number thereon my song does sump pump work. And and if he's not really an expert on drainage issues and so forth but he does. Know how to install and maintains some pumps and picking up the best 1000. Just leave your number over the our producer and I'll have him get your call. Aren't they should pursue discussion OK thanks a lot might appreciate your call on the program today to the other mineral water raven that big snowstorm moss 20 yeah. A man. It just water water ever. Every year those two Dutch commonly come back to our house every year turned green and. It's funny just a neighbor across the street has a slate in his yard right now and there they decided to go over there and and move over there for awhile so. It's amazing how much water still out. There yeah I got a few lower areas around my house but the and my lawn where the water's for looking melted snow. As a result it's kind of know the classic showdown grass off. Only and you gotta do some landscape more apparent change some elevation there to make sure everything is working right hand. It's about almost twenty minutes after the hour here in the mr. fiction radio show we've got a phone line open for you 3036311430. We've got a 25 dollar gift card to red lobster. They give way to some lucky caller on the program today but you must call in with a question and got on the air before you are eligible for a four your name and ask mr. Hank over here they. Star producer. More and operator. All kind of stuff he does you know I he will take care view and we go full name out of the hat here. Yeah accompanying companies unloading SoundBite great U opportunity for you to get on a great monetary condition are ahead of the warm weather and save a bundle. Now through June 10 purchase and install a qualifying Lumix. Home comfort system from compliment companies and receive up to 17100 dollars in rebates from Lumix. You could then from Xcel Energy too it also qualify for additional federal tax credits. Don't compound right away for more information. At 3033661112. Take it for mr. fix it this is a fantastic. Opportunity. From the leader and heating and air conditioning and the only HB AC company I endorse Kaufman and company it's. Jones went through another hot summer with a whole fifty air conditioner. Paul Hoffman the day ends for up to seventy now.