Ask The Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 7.14.18

Saturday, July 14th


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Sleeping. It's now time for sleeping. It's time and certainly earned in the garden and doing Jim Boylan and chief for as the garden pros on the whole is in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 3036311430. And we're ready to help now let's try and moves well. Good morning everybody it's time for ask a bug garden grow as dry cheer armed crews in 1430. AM 1430 that is on your moral a lot of the garden grows and key thought the other garden pro is crowing this morning how the states someplace. I don't know where. But it's away from this state so he won't be calling and he won't be sitting here but in his stead instead. Is my lovely wife Dorsey. Good morning Dorothy. And thank you for coming in and city in for Keith should I should also are should let people know that are called or the in every now and again when when I just ran out of one questions are lawn answers actually. More the refusal Lana expert turf the turf expert if you well tomorrow makes its technical. If you have a long question. And I'll bet you do because it has been. Warm warm warm in your lawn is. Probably suffering. You are teachers and yet given give a call I think it. Way to mend ours it is supposed to be you're the expert and no I'm scared to man about town on there and the event I give us a call here we'll see if we can do do switch fewer problem is about your long question whatever that might be. It doesn't have to be and most most want to bluegrass lawns but if you have questions. About. Other kinds Lawrence. Like buffalo grass lawns or blue Graham alliance. War. The Bermuda is Bermuda long irons there's a new one on and on it kind of new and on the market called dog tough if you have questions about that. We've got a little experience with that we've been growing up for how many years. Thirty since you than one 3035 years something like that. Do you August. The longest growers of the grass in the world while. He Asia gold star daddy should leverage and look at an hour long been its he would use you think it's everything is it's cracked up to be as they say. Anyway if you got a question about that of course any other questions you might have about what's going on your garden. And one of the most important things this time a year this how much water. Our gardens are lawns or trees shrubs and. All they're living things on our in our landscape. How much water there losing on a weekly basis and I wish I could tell you that. There's a new one place I know that keeps track and that sort of thing and that's Denver water. They him I don't know four or five locations where they major in this how much water is lost. Over the over the preceding actually they used to. And this is the point they used to out. Take a tally that on a daily basis. And we would report to you seven of those animal for the weekend and tell you how much from how much water your lawn has lost and then there for a much. You should be applying to it in order to keep a lot of looking. Look in Brighton and and fancy. But in any event Denver water apparently has lost horror no longer paying or there are some kind of thing going on there where there were there were the people who actually do the major in all these things that are doing anymore. Early semi dormant for Denver water. So we don't have those numbers can tell you. For a lot of thumb. Commercial landscapes and business complexes if John puts coats and ties judicial control the nor systems now come. Run out to satellite to come back and they calculate that ET for that side didn't they but. I don't know that come until hopefully that people who are managing irrigation in commercial complexes with central control. I using that data and but it just got to be astronomically high because of how hard it's been. Well over the preceding weeks can we have our major and I think the preceding week. It was majored. Bad one points I remember this one point 78 inches were lost at the preceding seven days. And to its luster as if swept. Yes there's got to like that it's it's gone up under the area and and a core supply uses it to but it's it's gone. And so he had to return. Yet to replace that. And most systems are not some 100% efficient so you need data released by 5% more water than what the plans allusions. So you look and it probably applying I'm not doing the math at this moment right now but probably two inches of IDF to pretend we easily found. Every day or. Accumulated over the week. So with our impact heads but down according to an hour means it to hit the two and two inches would have to run it eight hours. Over the course and I think quarter inch and our religious and yes. Corner and are you effort for two and choose. It it takes. Matthew and I thought that's that it might not have been beautiful apparently quarter inch an hour let me let me do this or four quarters. And so before ours or one inch right so eight and so yet turn you can't do it way to do it a nice for three nights a week yeah. Say this is Odom and so anyway eight hours or water and if you're put down a quarter inch an hour with an impact kids who matched etched etched you have that kind of ahead. So. You can do the math on that. That's all that that's a lot of time you'll leave this thing on a signature on that that six at night you. The pitchers to do that hours and 2:2 in the morning right to turn off well managed and automated. No they didn't intellect they would tune in on Letterman on my bill if they sit at this math is confusing and it obviously is confusing us sitting here reader behind the mikes. Why give a stalwart who discussed and we can figure it out I know how to carry a seven now are they figured it out. And did edit and in my sleep last night. So anyway our phone numbers 3036311430. Should give a lawn or any other kind of a question give us a call here as some people have already done so I don't want here and and. Click on can and Roy are good morning Canada. Good morning how are you this morning aren't. Hygienic and high mutual bloodlines. Oh yeah it is no court. This is a like the third year in a row the trumpet vine said just knocked it out of the park. And this has put her trying to read eat. Goal the growth and the number of flowers who approach it's just wonderful. Do I think that's. Do heavy anti nears. Failure please do you have pants on your flowers in Utah could find these. And still hasn't lost finance don't move no but it got pretty true to hurt trying to there were. I don't let dawn sorry can I don't have to lay you know last time you call do you said don't there was a W kind of the number of bugs within each cluster of flour zero collect twenty. No audio roster well arts. Just because you did that I'd be dead on mine yesterday. And I kind of seventeen and one cluster out. So why are we not get 20/20 one and then knocked them nicely got them back and say I can't. The NBA air because it's a I've hired to this year will. Quote 68 probably like yeah yeah Peter Chad yeah that's about right for new ones out. Oh let's see ordered a bubble peak I don't look trim our contractual Bartlett street. Got a betting prop open you go to right now. And I got all you know help form a more and right now what you can or bad it doesn't. I don't know okay deal. Of the bubble because beyond illegal cleared in the bottom of their. Well yeah yeah now I'm common backyard and I both relationship. It's got. Can throughout actual fair to conclude it is never mind I'm wondering if it's so much fun to watch so. Oh they are wonderful. I'll. Bet can emit so be sure that number went up. And stepped relied on an up. Will be part of not gonna this yes well no. I'm out there do we complete tree anyway. In the the next morning I heard B. Age. They don't like it be great teacher who only not sure that bubble we live our friend tortured. And cancel all year. Benton and her arm but that's what I actually think their billions you betcha it's. The plane way REL. A culprit to. Questions. I'll put Selig. Look I thought I taught. Us troop let and let security solution. Brian Gay and straight. I today yeah sure why not this Big Ten days. Today. Campaign. I hadn't noticed that. Al from Barbie were. So there's a lot of root growth. And it poet and actually ground tonight. There were true there were under the hole. I doubt help the mother allude them that they all the luck we want to rip. And it's true it actually TP bit of trying to act what oh it was already Rudy cool. But show up it's doing that are over expect surely meet. And super America so what's working for yeah. We are put space on did you use the appliance. I lured house or my did you play you plugs eighteen troops. And that troops are pretty much hatred and senator. Okay. So you know when you get some new stolen the new stones coming you could inject them or you want them to go. And I yarn in the newsroom go out over the sidewalk and that they have some bare spots on the time dirt Brennan in the inside a sidewalk. So I'll get a and that way and then you could use like Bobby pins are. Anything like that took Pannemon place or even like a Little Rock or compost soil. Directory once and new growth to go to help fill in faster. Okay cool off. Going over the edge of the walker informed places you don't wanna likened to the flatbed. Cut those off and then pig nose down in new bare spots in the go ahead and root. Oh. Okay you're. Right yeah just say foul ball tends. I think people are people who are really. We do for you today well okay. Column are that the man who did work at Portland assistant. But here again yes and he brought in line no pay on annual. Change. Archie Moore reminded Conan out this morning. Ali because he overheard one of the customers start being too low they help. About. Adding later. Rioted church she isn't with the doctor out. Can help you go we'd over waiter. JD. He's so I don't really know I would particularly concerned metabolic cot. So usually please ask him about. It load any information on that create it you know well. So if if cleared. On TV and I could see my face souring play some people and now want to oversee US. And winter rye because. I'm used to be an and you rye which uses a long grass and now in your right is not reliably and you'll so you heard tomorrow and introducing new cool season grass in tier warm season stand. And so it's not necessarily good idea. But the good news if you do and I'm talked about and you get good growth and you direct it where you wanted to then you can actually help fill land. But we found and he uses that as the dog toe feels and it crowds out the weeds we have very little weeds in the aggressor we have. So there's ways around it but I'm also be aware of treating with and herbicide next spring because most of native plants and not tolerant to full strength there besides. Separate from the guy I would go convict and seeing oh they helper and helpers to a great start raking in the backyard. So that can be recruited over. Achieved that don't. You can go party can. I can can't can both go god. And you we out. I just thought gray. We didn't grow pick up in the graveyard. Scene log mutually. Bump and then. I just let it doorstep is yeah. I'm. That would be possible and edgy music coffee can nets that's a lot of work things. If he's pretty good and has and spray that doesn't drivel as you watch console London that's also an option just. The only man who wouldn't buy it. OK I don't feel he's intrude there cremate product. Okay it it's not they roundup berg total vegetation killer product I did Libya and we'd begun weed out what okay who. And Antioch good Kazaa and prickly pear entered only use. Around a pet product. And all the other pillar. I had it'll come out they came out and weeks apart then nailed every picture from the client bleached creation cheap solutions. Thought I can't ignore everything until this. All relative searchable OK I think got rid of years Luke. Oh. It's time zone over. I ignored our own backyard so I'm starting from scratch good. It's going to be OK good good we are irate they're scripture alone locate. To retreat I just below actually give him. They're built up forty cheap period as the optimal storage temperature. The only thing in mind how we approach that is my refrigerator Perry go. And I discredit her mother's urine it's 37 that create big treatment side. I need a refrigerator. Well that's true you can get a donation. To. 37 degrees is going to be just fine thank you very much. About a thirty yeah and corporate. All. Well actually I am and struggled this morning. True microbial pro should yeah. Yeah yeah it is my crew July of dormant. Or dormant Garin a refrigerator. To cool is open. Although lady I talked quite got it let's go up yeah. We had let their customers and defeat pick their customers regarding its. It's 20. Well. You don't PDT to being about two inches I deep. Down about a prolonged. And I'm going to check chill. People who like just telling. I don't woke she treated to launch so it doesn't or what the wouldn't. Gloria alike we get out here in oh well every plate bigger than. There and hope to locate towards the shattered. Then not go I would doubt what she you can do what you can't control others not a beauty anymore. A lot of country actually. Pediatricians say programmable log out in the garden or whatever put it out. The breach of their. It doesn't work. As well for whatever reason. We cannot activate them bacteria yeah I don't know I don't know what that's all about because eventually. Event's lead it's arraigned. Right trying to keep this stuff away. Water I don't mind you're gonna do that are weighing did I mention Elaine launching in that truck. Think the book so no I didn't want to or not it's gonna ranked tenth. You're saying that there quarter activate this microbial too well did you know I'd commodities to Blue Hills with the hells and move around. I see yeah it. Stem and didn't mess with the Dow also if you have thumb. Like they used stakes it can be used on. So propose anything like that that would also work on the plastic in them might be easier to jam into the ground. Com or or via PC. I argued go to treatment group all of apple got it OK okay thanks so oh spiritual core. What should I try to undo sprinkled around an area. The grasshoppers. Mothering. Getting good goalies are. That's about true. That yeah that if we precipice over the Internet and we have better as they do all contain tiny little owns an ambulance in my. I'm not I'm not keeping it ready has been without bitching and treat me or not. They don't you know it's ripped up it's not a pickup up and that's like that's illegal everywhere now. There are both global world where I stretch and we got to move along here that's good aren't Christian. Right. Okay good I can do. All right now we are up against they've taken a break consumer gonna do that right now and get back catch you soon right here on cruise and 1430. Are things in your garden yellow when they should be read around the nation big blue. Let's get your colors coordinated with our garden fashion instances Chamberlain and keep song in the cruising 1430. House. Hey everybody it's time for asked of the guard approved with Jim and I adore you today here on cruise in 1430 were taken especially. Your long question this morning a person area and the other question you might have about. Your garden this is a 195 day of the year by the way there's only a 170 left. So if you need to get something done before the end of the year you better get at you better get it was this in today is getting shorter I don't know. Don't remind me winner just around the corner hitters and iris. Sale today at the golf gardens. Give who are put on by the mountains and plains of Irish society they're selling their right zones that's Heidi that's how you by ARRIS is by the righty so homes. At Igawa garden center. At us 7711 South Park who wrote from nine until three the today. There will. Each of them and every one of them is priced at five bucks each each one has a picture. Are associated with it so you know what it's going to look like when it comes up and lose. And there's going to be all kinds of people there to answer your questions again you information and growing cancer in south and stuff and stuff like that there. So what do I think our garden stay right after our show from nine until three today four and iris. Say goal. They're gonna have lots of stuff there and there are now so how does a virus news. On the market or who have been named it at least and they keep making it more and more and more. So all squat there and start your collection now. We've gone to the sale a couple times and it's really overwhelming to see Allman. Different plants that are available on the pictures edit their course none of them blooming now but it's. Too easy to not load appear in cart with the gap iris but assists so hard to picked because there's so many Palin's. Yeah and and they're really tall bearded terrorists and their their short ones now to they're so easy to grow. So if you have a different colors and grown enters your garden I tried our sisters are easy vertical on the phone right now to hire really and Adams county is a question about lawns. Good morning hiring. And I have been having trouble with my long. I took a sample I learned about the intricate to polling Olbermann and I have a longer finally concedes people every Saturday and my. Sprinkler system public known. Happening in parallel with the doing it three times a week. And can't this kind of find continued. I about five years ago all the dorm Kwan or prolong and I've put into drop down. And it food in the playing playing. The plan to scare are used in the longer than I. I remembered remain confident he can more. Fish scary and already you can't stop supply constrained in April penetrating ending June. That's warmed corner. Is that there are not looking good now. Number may burn America there are having huge timing a little bit and then planted between the curb. And the sidewalk. And then let him drive away. And I don't know if that tree is saying no more patient care from my long. Since it has to open myself to be a walker. It that's my problem. It could be contributing. If it's got to retrieve the height if you live over sideways on the ground that's as far as their tree roots go. So it's very likely did that I look this next story is. Found taking advantage of delighted to put down on you on an easy way to tell if you're getting enough water. For immune system and congratulations on knowing how much why do you system puts out. Is to take a screwdriver and going to dry areas and imminent ground if it goes in easily you've got enough water if it doesn't going easily then. In you're not getting as much water they she might think. Another reason for us. Paulino and I told them higher or different trying. Him. He took and what kind of final I have amendment is the head make play. And he told me everything so much water. Can actually the only locked cabinet backed it twice a week. Oh no no no what it's 95200 degrees you need to lot of three days a week so as dimmed the math earlier. If the plant to swimming through evaporation even if you Apatow inspiration or ET. Some one and three quarter inch annually putting down an inch and a half you could add a quarter inch deficit right there. Let's make sense to me I was going now. Started pouring Laura what he prepared to. Okay. It and so this should be weighed two. Test and see how did you system is takes a screwdriver out there and poke in the ground. Physically good and medley even in the clay soil. You are getting enough water and you might have a a fungus that's there. There's also. There's a couple of diseases some overestimate diseases now but. Thumb when we called dollar spot an ask a kind of quiet parent aren't I ask a guy usually comes after it's dried out and renewable water Toews. Recharge. But it to the grass will. Re grow an outgrowth of the damage to if within two weeks. Oh and another way I'm doing now hunt they would be to. Me if you can do this. Stand on your dry spot stand on the spot do you think has disease and have the sprinkler system turn on and if you get wet then. In my. Climb watchers torment song to be sure that and I put him in Cannes how different areas. And it's hitting you don't have financial lottery can I water. And at a Buenos did they. Peel apart decide deceive you might head in sex in there. And can't and I also all. Work at a granular on this starring confirmed girl the. OK good good and then we had no frame it wanted dead in such and take care of it. I would and know you've done good things by measuring your water and you're on top of how off underwater and how much to put down. I still would tell the screwdriver see if that works. And because it's Vince Ohio if you could you add another day or add another cycle. And to use an irrigation then that might help alleviate the problem. Okay thanks fertilizer about four time performer did. Good. That's good thing to do. But I would go stand up there with you screw drivers seat goes in the easily. I cannot get it and trying to think here is Larry your program. Thanks hiring appreciated. All right so long. I'd your turn to call if you want to there's nobody waiting 303631. Is our doctor we need more numbers than that that's not gonna get here 63114333631. 143 that will get you here. I get to directly here and I don't we don't know how that happened. This anymore so. Another one thing we fertilized a fertilized a couple of weeks ago excellent in 21 with. Commercial grade product that has point 5% sulfur coated urea so we'll get a good eight weeks of slow yeah. Release. But it also has some quick release nitrogen anyway I can play on you Rea. In the wake within about a week I saw these kind of bright yellow spots. And that turned out to be ninety gin and do sclerosis yes we see it every down again and our lawn we put. Fertilizer on the green and up and it. Turns yellow. Yes but it grotesque. But it's a curious thing had sun adds some years ago when I had them plant in Nebraska. And they are using our quick release fertilizer. But. It was a two stink as a kind of looked like the sun was dabbling through the leaves it when it was really just the nitrogen and it looks fine now but. Come that's also something to be aware of is if you see if you fertilized it had fertilizer applied and you're getting some. Interesting patterns it might not be an insect anything in my to speed them on responding to the fertilizer. Kind of curious how that works. That's that and nitrogen. Induces sclerosis which we often associate with lack of nitrogen. Weird we conceded it was going. Too fast. Didn't news you know it's good taste good bankers are kind of stuffs occurs on. Are today it's your turn to give us call 3363. You won 1430 and yes we do have time we're gonna widened taco if we can't. And I get my cursor up there and we're gonna talk with Nancy in Denver it's a question about. Repairs all icy here. Now okay now I'm now hitting them OK there you are hi Nancy. I anchor what's up this morning well I got a relative then about a month ago and I had to have this pure rip played out front. So are yeah I know what that's about yup and found out how to hit the street and my guys who had about 35 feet. And about yeah about demy student thousands of doors to how well they're right that. But it would be having the water back up they live carpet in the basement felt yes he but my question his. How long do I have to wait until. Put god back campaign. No landscaper. Dead dead I shouldn't you know water regularly regularly and anxious and stomp around on it who try to get it to settle and and wait until next year to do it and they is that really true. I'll good because it looks terrible. What did you do it would be. Re kids see have a pretty even grade because whenever you have before you lay down your side is which can have afterwards to side. These days is cut so precisely that the sheriff if you've got a half inch to an intense grass. And it's flat so anything you lay it on any bumps and lumps there and which are gonna have on the line from stumping and it is Pannemon inconsistent way today. Encourage. I used to a compaction loosely but it's more just to. Make sure that. Just so oil settles but around great kid great kid so it's flat and then laid on the side and then when you blink side and you can get. You do living there are so you might need to contact amber wanted to get a aside exemption to the you can water every day because. I think they still require that. Is in theory were nuts. We're not under restrictions but they still encouraged are only allowed three days a week. But with a side you'll need to water to three days to three times in a day. For probably two weeks. And any consent Bakken and off that you need to keep says sign in this that upper levels of the soil. Dampen or moist and so the roots can start growing and it's actually a lot of fun when you go out there after ruby concerned Tug on an ended doesn't roll back at. It's a little resistance such as the as is from Chengdu rooting for yes I would there's no need to wait. Oh OK good he said that he would settle and then if I put aside you know over the next few months it would have been good dirt would settle. And then I would have but yet. Oh. Yeah I get in my yard you know. If I'd Linehan decided yeah. Going to assume that all Kurds it went off to the side of your trench is now back. Are either in or on top of the area were the trench was yet. Okay yeah in any case then she knows if that's fairly even know we know north to south or east to west. Prom I think you can put sought on Tom he wouldn't you sir or yes but it. Really not even moved down toward the fact Lockett has settled in and the dirty it's actually below the sideline and around. I I think I would say that's that's a problem I was thinking about is that. And then now by the stupid clean out bad. Is now required I guess Psycho. Love that you can think tool that I'll tell you know I don't act that this is not only look Bradley's that I can hardly wait and moreover it. Is that it. Yeah its its its its interest in a politically united in their way in fact you probably got a plastic pipe tender now and I'm probably never ever ever ever have a problem with roots again well not that kept our city and carry our collapse not sure if Danielle you out of pull some third down there in level that out okay and try to make a level everywhere Russert pardon. Do it just go right now cry now argues disloyal that it took not included in putter back in again. Why it's called I mean that soil is already all back in again and it settled. So now I have yet. Are are there are there are no problem. Know Marmol who's anywhere that you could you could Ari can smoothed out and fill in the holes. I break so I allowed you I don't know. One other thing did you could get after he sighed and remember you needed to be half inch minimum below the surrounding side. So that I am the new side. It's gonna be seen raise Biddle fit right in an MB level with the existing start but I am it's defined in the fall that you do have some low spots you can Dixon soil. No more than a half inch that generally more like a quarter inch and fill in the low spots and then over time that hole will be filled in an address from grow up through that. It's a good time consuming but that would be way too. Fill in most spots. How can I guess I have my working capital. I think during this hot weather is good really good the press got in or should I wait until it back in the eighties again. Depends on how senior went and I sent taking care of the great thing about blue dresses that when you wanted this can do it we wanted to do not there side available everywhere. Come be sure you kind of look at this if you go by the side. Make she gets him fresh stuff and that. They it hasn't been sitting in the sun all day because that's going to be harder and then as general it sometimes you'll find I'm yellowish foliage on the inside and that's just because it's. It's been hot on the inside because of upside has been rolled and that should take care of itself pretty badly in a couple days. But be cherry on top of the watering. Because of the residents to look really it'll look like it's dying it'll take longer to get established. Nancy are you run during the day. OK I've been in a case I think you can do it now. Oh yeah I had but I think you need to water more often but if you're around you know it doesn't take we're not talking about an hour's worth of water were just to. Secure he's just take a hose out there and cool over it you know once or twice and that's should be sufficient. But they don't have to stand there and really don't no no it's okay no okay. What did you I know you can now. That he can still do like confined AM to 8 AM when it still cool yeah. Yeah and I just can't remember now you can flush without worrying but. Not. Okay. And ends at. Current mood there you go going to give us a call it's your turn we're gonna Tigger breaker rules soon but first. 3036311430. Is our phone number. And a break will this take it now here on cruise in 1430 you where you Richard we didn't ask you garden tests. Grassley garden those are here and they mean business if you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you all the yard. All 3036311430. Am but Jimmy keys to where you are now let's get back to the show. Back to the show are used. You can pick up your phone and your or your dialing device. What are that is quite another to devices we use their people used for phones these days are actually should still be called phones they're more likely a lot of other things. And phone part of it is just a minor feature anymore. And you almost don't dial yet I don't think what's stylish. Person Biden and and and there I think is over here. They're calling it an inch no he's instructing us on what dialing meals. He's got some gray hair so he remembers that sealed rotary phone says it's been the number and to tick tick tick tick tick to worry what's walk. Dad lets even in a message nose to. My sister had to change your rotary phone because. She's afraid her daughters that they needed to call 911 wouldn't have the finger strength to do that as an entertainer and I thought I first heard those are 27 dating now so it's a while yeah yeah not while I'm not an issue anymore yeah after a there are more technologically very organized so it waiting. We try to keep our dial art and a rotary phone as long as we could. Until people started having these these. Phone trees fallen trees and phone. I would do them a phone trees or phone. Santa machine menus in the end you you had to use a button to press for the rotary wouldn't work on that so it. But that was injuries and we got rid of their order is coming from going to dialing and much too there was some days it was all the exercise we got. So pure. Didn't give us a call today at 32363. Want and what what it's about guarding don't you know and abide grass because that's why that's my wife is here talking to buy your grass you're turf. Problems halted a volatile Alter or fall all the time and all kinds of terror whatever you think you have for turf. It may not be bluegrass might be a buffalo grass or blue grammar A could. And there are several Bermuda grass is out there now that no proven to be hard here we have three bemused going outside and our south since it's hard to get water out there are so I wanted to balance a month Imus traveling over the years we've lived in the house try ten years I've been trailing different dresses. And we've got a collection and a few really cool thing so we've collected that are not. Aggressive enough to really be among that we collected some common Bermuda out of my yard which is just beaten the weeds for most people. We lived in Grand Junction for awhile and you would spend a lot of money to get to Bermuda taken of him on T. Back in and then within two years dominion is back Soka and we need to consider where the really number Munich tennis when you have you have an error regarding their way. There but we have common we have some good dog temperatures have become part of the first. Collection of plants so we get propagated for the three different places we've lived and then also named a variety of Bermuda. Thumb that doctor Tony cow ski this issued two press extension specialist believes Bermuda is going to be the new ball field grass because it's so durable. And this new varieties I've had a bad. For five years now come as it fills in it creates such a tight side as does the dog tough. That there's no weeds in there. And as anybody who sees it or use play you know the Atlanta weeds in the space. Where the grass isn't but for this dress to fill in an exclude other weeds I think it's pretty cool letters I wanted to balance month. And it's doing well. And we got some neighbors who also have Bermuda grass. An item knowing they're working for him cause I know they didn't plant but it it's out there. Then she doesn't like it evolve she thinks it's dead AC Dennis Avery you know you have to water and is much you know. Making a feature planned on using the buffalo grass Lou Gramm regrets and the Bermuda grass they all go to tea and a on par on the first frost in the fall. And that's the way you look all winter long you're aren't they getting greed don't put fertilizer on it knew they can change it. It or in my hand all winter long you know. But in some people look at them and say yea. It's a no cutting grass and it's a Lansky feature make or Korea yet there you go. Indeed okay. Let's see we have Jackie from Littleton number one hit her on the all luck and hit her not. Yeah not physically morning Jacqui. I think bellowing hit the right diet stuff I didn't mean to do that it. I I need to act quick check Brodeur broke my duck out or yes yes I noted that the Levys have little. Are cut out of her yes yes that's called leases copter be in that cool. Well yeah it seemed not so cool good they're not they're still not reached. A little I didn't ever wrote very. And I'm afraid to listen back. Well. Elite cutter v.s all the do what you see what you just said they don't really harm the Roos have much and there are is now has a you know a little bit less leaf than it did the day before but. They're not a problem I have a grape vine growing on our front porch and there's one section of logistics. It did it looks like a different species. Because all you so I have org or circle cut like that. Yup you're literally feet yeah well anyhow like it fertilizer on moderate Democrat I internal BP. I mean they're coming back slowly that I can be even if that was the final. It is this an OK bug he had a good guy it's. It's kind of interest in deceived and cut of that semi circle a lot of little leaf. Well they then rule out them. And then they fly off with that it's always a female does this have female flies off to her nest which is technically nothing more than a hole somewhere. And she will stuff that Roy about beliefs diamond to the base and then lay an egg on top of it. And who knows a minute. Our Reagan or Barley water that they do with a look I don't. The two reason could get close because the circles almost exactly down our victim. It doesn't look like in sixth chewing and eating it's more. Architectural. Right well can I have your wife Pamela good second I you have that terrible little we need to. I didn't get one little portion of my crash that has those yellow flowers sake let it. I'm hit I started by idiot out. Gently into that dumb. Well I think that's we did it come close. On a punt inside the black medic is a leg in so it's a nitrogen fixer. But come it is a very persistent. Weaned and I think digging is going to be your best bet. It's going to be easier you get. Quicker control by digging him out plus if you get a big plant and you dig that then you've cleaned up that whole big space so rewarding. Well I was putting back aggression that was just a little clump okay. That's sort of an act of love so I just I half luckily I don't have a eating area but. I am still would ever be as Smart way to do it just figured out how to put yeah. LSU got an acre read duke herbicides. OK eventually but and this black take it's difficult to kill and are recited. So dig in in place in the graph tech is good but remember tell us about one of those series if you can't so the grass can get reestablished. I would I would bet my right yeah and be aware that if it's been there a couple of years do you now have seed in the soil. And it's gonna come back from seed. Happened there along okay like slightly weird looking back kind of you know Judd. I sent. Thank you create price Kate thanks Jacqui. Her right to there go and we have frank can we bridge has questioned by weeds as well good morning frank. Good morning I think Putin is there's good it feels good to have punitive. So lead with a purple leaves Ghana's history is about to do you have pitches I was the yellow flower on top what do you call that. Black. Black medic so one that we were you referring to in I don't know why they call dead because of flowers or yellow. In its looks like a clover. I hate it how do you spell that last completely Black America. Medic and and isn't he doctor yet ME DIC just like the doctor. All the genetic yeah well. As pops up but it seemed if you even get a little bit we didn't they're coming back. A little bit rude and they're coming back and yes sir is that kind of rapidly. Describe your weed again I don't think it's black man because sputnik. Closer like leaves. More attempts we have. The Little League look like colder. Than their purple. With the yellow flower on top. Is that black leather. The you've got landscape. Bread selection. Just kidding come yes it does and then there until it's over and has yellow flower in his prostate to the ground. There are. Yes sir I figure to royal. The heavier resides like you say don't don't affected as much as we would hope that it would. Don't think we didn't feel currently in the mirror. No but you know in the end it's the best to avoid weed and feed if you can because that. Weeds I am there beside gets in then shrimp beds and flower beds and you have to have a lawn web before you apply NCA track and around nine neared spreader is Malaysia assurance. Yeah disposed we will let Europe. And that it should be relatively easy to dig out are you our thanks frank why. All right mum. We all thank you Hank earth somebody put up her Latin America from ancient Greek. Next guy in there yeah phone that you know and I love me. I'm trying to turn to expand that and I can't. No that's not working here. Tips from do you agree does that does that hit nets there's nothing more behind that because like I get part of the K hungry and that's it out. Seeing his lips moving Bennett don't hear anything that. Yeah and reallocate we get a thumbs up there that's all it was written in there we get we get space is on our border. It's just we're like a. Oh now he's putting up more stuff. Tonight I I don't know what sets us up. You think it was a call we will know what you're saying because you're you control everything you say here 3036311430. There's another. But most people really familiar with clover as a read and police that they keys planted intentionally. Because it's a nitrogen fixer and then just loosen the soil and people back east and not as picky about their lawns is Colorado. And I didn't realize that Thailand to two of preference it's true they have to come consists in Nebraska and all my cash to launch a terrible. This kind of weeds and also to staff and I can make you with a better appreciation have opened fire lines. But. And then if you didn't and beat clover also blooms and that's good for bees in red clover particularly is good if you believe in herbal kind of things. You drive the flowers and you can drink and T out of and it's supposed to help. Intently is I think it's got a lot of calcium in and stuff like that they're good stuff good stuff. Good stuff I think the other clover that Ken Lewis talking tomorrow I'm gonna guess is probably. White Dutch club over. His that's a rural low growing one with what has slowed quite flowers not not not real large the only endear. Pinky right as I mean there is Oreo eberling thing you can see and you see how what what we're doing we're showing something really very very tight. And some people and by the way back he says many people and I hear too many people we're trying to get rid of clover analogue. Whether it be black medical or any other kind of clover. And if we have to win a clover on our along when I was growing up as kids. If your brand fast enough you're good but if you're walking through it in a summertime I. Look aren't Cosby's Lovett and invariably you would step wannabe and can you would get stung by NB. But if you're running the uber quicker than to beat her. It does from attending Othello the number of times and everything that I know so they found in the launched an amused for pavers. The bees love only their blue many new got to kind of want trees that yeah I sensitive to these are a lot of people Arthur group who walked barefoot in regard. We have this annual poppy. It's related to the opium poppy it's a beautiful beautiful dark purple pin and when it opens. Sometimes there's four or five piece in there and just. Breslin with each other American pop out there and they're what song each other and then they move onto another one but the whole. The whole flower all the pedals are quick learning shaken it's so much fun to watch a and then by the end of the day the panels of the option I'm not bad. A lot of fun seed capsules coming on but it's really fun to watch on the v.s. Trust fund with each other to get to the pollen in these. Our Democrats opium poppy but this is the opium partly yes OK and it's illegal to grow it. No well nobody cares whether it is illegal to grow it. Can I we have right now Tapia why I think we do bring what hearing and get Louis Louis UIA and commerce city good morning Lily. Good morning morning yes sir Michael Bush did that actually that it created a plan and what about the usual. Clinton BMO listen to music from the ground. Continuing military garden center and little mood didn't have a disease. You don't you have to let water. And that. Quiet. Did you they would let the water but can. There's no food medical water beaches we you know all the retro way around there's been no real green. And I can you tell me how they how those trees are being watered. Actually new water hole well actually. I'm actually decisions on what I think in this diluted Libyan leader and try to do it is put up part of it. Where the trees located on your property north's explosion south exposure. Or in the end the militia is OK okay. I'm sure he didn't create some right. And then kind of might be the prom because aspirin or more high elevation hi what he's trees. So having him on the west side Purdue with the heat we've been having this year. I'm might be stressing it is the rounds on the outside is a kind of a low McCullough firing units that judges of the leaf. Yes and in the release some new York and I have more than he tried. Can I create more usually check how. Yes yeah so did you difference east vs west sun yet. Okay and exposure yeah I think it. Can then talk to the I'm assuming cut to the house. No poultry trade litre here like dark early in the territories are eager in the Arctic each country trying to retreat. The most surged on treatment OJ twenty emotional eggs. Hello and you said they were planted a couple of years ago. This had been green lingering nor'easter problems are permanent just this year and. I think it's just you meet. If you want to look okay. And that treat it was plant on the east side is looking okay I think it's just the heats that we've been having and yet even maybe some reflected heat from the house or driveway or sidewalk. Remember earlier trauma additional insurance hello maybe Berisha a normal except. You know this year only learned quite might be looking yeah so weird. It's not like it to me to Louie and the other thing I would check if I were there here's what I would do it bring my screwdriver with me and I would. Place that try to push it into the swirl around around the tree. And see if it goes in nice and easy if it doesn't that's lack of sufficient moisture. The list currently more shipment actually you know it's. Brash always loved it and green green green green than the ignition. Yeah it did yeah in this case I think it's it's just need to. Needless to say you're out I think in Iraq. And legislators and it's great being touted as being different periods meet these. That's really not a big concern I don't think that's gonna cool off the leaf that would be a good thing. I saw on day on a TV deal are they I think were were entering your record temperatures. In terms of how many days we have hit ninety or or more. Danielle Hood wasn't that long ago we hit a hundred far. I can I can guarantee you there's not mask and in the mountains anywhere that has ever seen a 105 degrees. There's already has as much as iconic as that tree is for Colorado. It really belongs in the mountains. Okay yeah. Written on this you know I in the entire tea. We could only him I'm sure you're well within their long term wolf certainly those actually truly issue mainly because we're dead. Now what are. Or an arm not a 100% reliably hardy here. Okay there recently reviewed every now and again we'll get a real tough winner. And even in our neighborhood die I see they look great in an all sudden the next bring their terrible cause a lot of it died backing from winter cold. And they get get out here where I make room for news and stuff. Trying to target did appreciate the questions. Okay appreciate it all right thanks Lily what. Larry you are hearing music near San means we have to get out here to make room for. News that you can use and the first climbed to logical prognostications. All taking place trade here on cruise fourteenth during.