Ask The Garden Pros - Hour 1 - 5.19.18

Saturday, May 19th

Keith Funk and Jim Borland are Denver’s dynamic gardening duo and have been the most listened to gardeners in Denver radio for many years. Fortunately their gardening tips are way better than their jokes! There’s no better way to start a Saturday than with a helping of Ask The Garden Pros!

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Sleeping. It's time for sleep in its time and certainly earned from the garden enjoying importantly an empty. For as the curtain goes on the whole reason for team thirty. Our advice lines are over the next 303631. Team sturdy and we're told Ellis Island news. And everybody to bring in our sites but must be Saturday and it's time for. Ask the garden guru who gimmicky price cheer on cruise in 1430. Yes serious time for you to pick up the phone and and let's talk. Garden talk parade here on the radio and here's what you do you pick up your diamond rights or just leave it there on the table Jewish and punch in these numbers 303631. 1430. Then we'll get you right here into the studio through the magic come I don't know what it is about it comes over the air and we can see it communion. Although not to the Wesco is his ceiling is really low. I case it's a very colorful time of it had to pay that I am so sorry about that that your hail. Hey I got an extra week this year. You gotta actually yeah it was as bad as last year on known not as bad Bristol trash a vegetable garden congress yet gone. Gone and also proud of having nick put started early like and you'll get an early spring this year yeah I was right on right on top of it wrong. Oops sorry announcement to whip team duty and guard yes no didn't. Well I did plant I did plan peppers the other day assessed legal that's going to be the kiss of death infant from a south. Cisco is no authority there really kofia credit score today can be no iron forty so death and efforts don't like that first wife and how important I should go to Lou he think it over an hour with truth. You're from mall drum kit took recruits want to plug plug it in and let the rain hit it but you didn't know if you've pepper purity. Hey guys out there did you all get hail about death let us know what to what what's going on your neighborhood. Know what looks good what doesn't look good to hill took all everything was in bloom and a matter what it was why lacks the whole nine yards. All the way down though little tiny little per deals available on one of gone. Would make more. Next curiously those things are worried and bud yeah came through just fine yet. Let's avail them. Just went around each bud Smith and though they that this baby this is balanced like yeah. Billiard balls give them my my rock of editorial by color which I do I know is do you rose but apparently nobody else does that really look good. This week and a nice really. Dirty. Little rhubarb and they ornamental rumours I have to. Canada that happened Apolo. That. It'll do it'll do that the hostage to this doesn't matter how tiny it is it'll they're up Bosnia. There are gonna root. You there's no excuse me and if you're hostile. So let us know what do what don't what held on your yard. And did you lucked out not get hail. We're supposed to get some yesterday possibly perhaps yet didn't. We had any in bill we haven't got any yet and Centennial ice in the said yet oh dang it this it guy you can you jinx that. They have very ago. Well what he had to do what you gonna do. You see the down the post I put on her FaceBook page about to about what he said about iris a kids. I did. They did us all iris if it's on your FaceBook FaceBook page. Com they made me so they made me so mad I cut that stem a putter on the sidewalk and I. Master with a hammer you can happen and over and over again that this is a year Jarno there was clear run OK yes I was out of my yard you're better than spray it. Well there already then that damaged bay that did spread by took the damage they were still alive this is a nice. Wished him that's. That's what they deserve to be hampered him into the side left and it brings up a rant today didn't do last week and I did I get you an artist not a big ramp. Good but is something that I face almost every year. I like you I have threes pretext. I just got tired washing things out and then put another kind of stuff in there yet so I guess Guthrie cropped it and and everything seemed like every spring. None of them work. So that's may need to gasket and Africa could get something needs a new spray no little its line is clogged someplace right. What more exactly when you don't I won't likely don't wanna put more weigh a run water through and all around hang upside down so there and drains out of it you know just that America. It just doesn't matter. I don't know why can't the white and today the capital TH EY they can't make a good spring camp. Spray stuff. What they're cheap enough. They do make good wins you have to pay Susan knows for our auto world pale and her fifty bucks for. No because I don't puncture system to guess who's going on those to fulfill his Lindsay you and I buyer basically disposable. Yeah putts and I am begin to believe that well yeah at the Fed's present at the matter of fact I threw one away present here's what I can do live in terrible thing apart. And how to do that now by the way that's but it's a pain and it really is going to be raw pain. And and I going to replacement parts. Not the right side stepped sorry I. Everybody makes a difference I hit I can't believe you could even find your place and Al earlier you don't root one of the box stores carries a kit kit yeah. Yeah and I got a kit last year well it's clearly not made from ice protect. And apparently nobody else's ear please don't once they sell them to anyway I decided you know this is. And I went back to think she felt like fifteen bucks. No heroic put about a fifty dollar worth of them in an effort into it and throw away get an eloquent but. I hate doing that I didn't I wasn't raised that way no I wasn't either but I wasn't either. So anyway that was my low rent for this week and if you got a garden ran out there folks wife give us a call 303. 6311430. Or 303631430. They'll get you here to. Torre put all of numbers together and I am done then I'd I just put commas and stuff in there and I can do think it's too early. Treatment. OK I have even that's a mystery shopping I have. Did I. No. I know it into video work where governor kitchen remodel my word we're too we're too busy running around looking at. Door handles and worsen. And paint chips and you know crap like that wave you waited till now you've been working on this all interim statistics don't come up until well what do you do about this fourth call. Well nobody told you guys we're gonna do so what can we have to do it yet now okay. So yeah that's what we've been norm most of the week and today I'm going to own paint for just as well is going to be rainy. You. Or me. Or good. Well I'm I'm I'm having a few days. With. In my neighborhood rabbit. There Wes Cooley thing. It nipped off a couple of my. Party your kids that aren't flower I sold a post to. Were you able to save the orchid nip nip beans yeah the end there in a vase in the house. We've got some in my backyard that's he reverence. Well good idea font font half put up with the full behavior I was in my yard for those delightful ferry now. I don't know who's taken it and I don't care who wasn't your lawn mower and no market fifty cook who read your thank you for derelict. This one is just brazen just downright brazen he should be Brees is Richard now I chased him out of the gate the front aired. Couple days ago. When Beckham has set down in the office. Starting your on the computer look that's due to the window. And he was right back to where I chased him away from. I don't know I tell you. You peak yet it's hard to do you can't beat them you're not in Denver I'm in Denver. I can't release any kind of project are in Denver in the matter winners that's your plan comes and it. How much or little army don't want to do that. Access and ISL live chat I'm gonna see if I can vote and I just haven't come up with the right debate yet. No well I everything up to banana peels. What happened back in the day before my two older Brothers they were in Boy Scouts in at that time. I and I don't know how they can. They can they get money for trapping reverence notably sold. I don't know what part Arab they're sold I don't I just didn't get into them anyway they trapped forever and they use always used apples. Apples look at Barry made they made during trapped on a wooden the end stuff. I apple. But I figured I figured you know banana would be. Fragrance and ask that united trash about it might be too foreign for the nearest to tropical. Yet they're not used to that so I'll try I'll try Apple's anybody else out there has an idea about what she's from Bates. In alive tram tour rabbit clr traps are content in my live there were no we're not advocating net and death and disease were reverence. Yes or him. I was sick you come up with an STV for rabbit now the city. Would you have that just rabbits which what is it should no structures to Mars is that's another thing start to him Al that reverence get. Now that can cause problems with humans to the cameramen they've we don't want that when there's not legionnaires' disease noticed it's another thing. Okay it's time for you give us call or where we're gonna rattle on like this from wrestle more. 3036311430. Years our phone number to get in here. And yet just as you're doing that we hope. We're gonna take over the role of a break and get back to you end phones and your questions and all that stuff and more rate here on. Crews and 1430. This is the number one Garden Show in Colorado asks the garden grows and Jim Borland and keep on. Join the conversation at 3036311430. You right now are free advice to be guaranteed at least would you pay for it. Now back to show. Hardware back to the show and let's see we have to keep one line which means we have. At least two more means for you buddy for caller I don't matter who your speech big you could be that I just a shot six. Megan but by the way yes Megan. Not a royal name. What what makes it a royal name. But Victoria. Elizabeth. Well at one point they weren't to make sure they weren't royal and yes they work now. They weren't assuming that that's a good. Okay this blood see what people have to say. We got canned online when attacked as they did and they. Yeah okay and low. Ken you there. King Jesse indeed doesn't seem to hear us here. Or oh I hope they'll look. I am eager trading. I don't know lie. What seemed at ease and our end. And then flailing. Pretty or not you're you're in my own narratives flailing arms in the air. Their regime put my country. I flailing your arms tend. To do that peace will and so they'll keep. The the but that's what I am daylight L oh upper. Trickling in the air with a the aluminum Walters Europe there. I I think ads and everything I did my end here do they really cute I knew it. Yes yes that is there is. To amid news too that put him on Holden. Okay hold on to say is yeah you on hold to aren't very and I thought of another non. In her year old or rural Maine and candy. Yeah I did have a or Mercedes. I think but anyway. Well I'm a little. Populist who we're going to do here well like I have another little little short rent it wouldn't of got are you wouldn't. I I suppose we can get who got the thumbs up for this Ctrl+Alt a so let's try this again shall we. Our Kerry there this time. Yeah hey. Hippie skipped me all I love and plan works out what's going on. The rapid truly gardener there Leo yeah okay. Well all I call it a real people and good morning you to. Thank you end up. OK I've got two items that are real. Our. And the other. It's not my daughter comes out tomorrow. And we decent thing. Up in the morning. Am I late color about her. Did you do all your current hope Munich will not become a few AP memories but in reality was Jim anyway. Okay. Are you very peacefully develop it and that's what you get it because they're okay now. Eight rabbit yes full all pole at WH OLLE. Are roasted salted and ensure all green. They will come true that the are. They even need to she'll let the independent. I was growing up yes we were not being tree years in a row. Upon our land. Oh we all are much like friends we all went together we own money put into a nine mining in way way up I really itself part you know. So. In the mid elders up. A common prior period that we all editor out. There and do the same rabbit showed that fears and roll. And you're covered shout out on the shelves. We already in that's crucial that it would get jerk. About ten feet away promote CPU to promote trade corporate teach people to watch but chow down on the show. So I can both compete. I wonder if it's assault. That thereafter. Well I'm ticket might well be which is also got to be an aroma that you. OK I don't know but it. Yeah so it's not as the shot and if they don't like it Dolly dumped it and the who shelled and try to you ask the ads Corel but do you know and I'm. And that's you who you. Okay now I'll. It's time to retreat. We should all. Put alcohol in. Regarding storing. Olympia entry is over what are and at eight shoot saint PM. This who do you guys work it true that dirt track record and a current probably jumping already. In all on one being. She put away the winner. Doleac is there worry now by some kind of weevil or something. Right OK I'm all right I. All the years they get a lot of creepy here. Oh cool and quiet that I got they try to group. Be ignored them on. You I am not joking. About 360 truly mutual law do you. Can't. Let that we will stage. While. Troll. RK OK and the bar of chocolate out all out. By the way. That they can trump. But it it's been a real pain be your real blame and had recruit him and we get chippy cheap QB threw all sitting away. Coach Jerry go watch tearing down. Entry or four years later they're gonna get. I don't know where I. Okay the result is a well. And air. Porsche ceramic containers placed. Inside the top but the outside. Just the thought being. Under it. And of course tops at. Are hard she York then that you get it all worked airtight yeah go to the only true thing. Like captured you really. Detroit should really I really watching. People. Try for overweight or or however long. The only way to treat particular like football nation jar. And I haven't number of course. Glad. Charged with a chip slid. Clincher over she'll. But I am pretty sure she'll curious side and you know electric. Trip they continued to restore and so that's why I keep church and. Yeah Rubbermaid RX two week we have a number of things in rubber maid like our sugar and flour and things like that. You but I understand that those pantry mosques or whatever you wanna call them. They can survive eating then the ad glue glue that holds a year like boxes of cereal together and other things like that so yeah. So it you know you. I'd like this. There really competing cheaters. I think youth you can pick him up pretty much anywhere depends on whether you know you do bring Obama out of a box and has one or two on in the bar suited up. But yeah airtight containers are the key no I just called my r.'s. Very quickly. Quite feared that their own little 1000 barge of Dutch chocolate. Pot. They're worth it. App gave iPad to deal with the they wouldn't venture milk chocolate right there at my life and one count our trip tolerate people watched. Like Beirut bailouts. And I bought one trillion home. And it would act connection being brought every other far. I'm not a true totally dark chocolate milk chocolate. But approach at all. The one that had all the little flyer and it was a lot of more. So six mature years before opening bell on. And it would have been very thoroughly to single out there and they're being so. Gross that's why I play London to yeah okay critical to interpret. You can't blame on big glut still. Got to tell you other sportsmen can tickets. Not necessarily in the not a came from the same place. Anyway I got out I was gonna mentioned bird seed is another way to get those things soon. The sun never restore bird seed in the house. Oh and thought and message and a airtight container. Okay what we decry it up it's still look like reading yet we learned that should die for such a these. Hit cut or go to jokes and hope you are we can do and I really needs a long time but. I know it well or until I can hear you know that you tore what beer at a store right yeah. All right picture you'll. Get it depends what I try to. Well. Well I know what I mean it's right for rabbit date yeah. And and and snacks. And you can bet that. But who would lead Dicker your second brands and better and we'll talk to Doris. And whoever else you can you can get as a Soliai let's see you wait who who we use creep up a lot of them. Out of the wherever people or this morning so Ari here's the number to call 303. 6311430. Don't wanna find out what people were buying. And garden centers yeah I wanna know. Wouldn't do cool things against amnesty that's because just tell us are we're gonna take a little break come back out with that and how hole one more. Right here on cruise in 1430. Are things in your garden yellow when they should be read around when they should be blue. Let's get your colors coordinated with our garden fashion misses Chamberlain and keep song in the cruising 1430 green house. Too we are gonna garbage this morning where are taking your garden questions and an attempted to answer earned best way we know how. Like it was called. Give us a question and then do it now with following numbers. 303631. And 1430. Or fourteen term federal dutrow. 6311430. That's what Doris Day and and Doris is up next morning. Her. Oh good thing you can't. I hear you there. Oh I certainly AM I think you know that let alone now Paris is very interest thing about the rabbit and the peanut. Let me lay I don't have anything different that they can accept that do you think they're afraid they're really wonderful actor like a lot here. I do I don't ism putted the best in ten years I think are what last Monday in my yard. Half well. You know. You know I'm tired of Centennial. We have not had been hailed as everybody else has gotten some money on it looks really very pretty and I love I love friendly at. Lilly has Wally and now just millions from violence all over the place to rub the words to. So they'll probably wait until my guys in this painful blue and all that has made a perfect and then you don't get that big heavy hail and terror everything kept track. Al don't it don't say that how we're in the hail capital where United States I think. I am referring here could be a lot first. Yeah I could then put technically yeah you're absolutely right there was last year exactly this time yeah it really all you out of Yemen and until we had last year was the most expensive. Natural event in Colorado history rear. Yes ma'am where we know identity. I think their latest numbers 2.3 billion dollars in damage just and I. Well. We noticed this in the gets me is it when I was losing they could we had a horrible hailstorm that. What was that in nine. Paulson referred you have to remember that we've gotten anywhere and youth I think it was nine. And it came at 10 o'clock at night though. In July. Oh. This sighting off of houses in my neighborhood then it was terrible. I think it's just clear everything up high post but then again. But I think I completely agree with you about the last Alexis you they've just been yard that he's tackler. Everything everything bloom beautifully this is there. And do you think just freed from and then because fairly good burst open. Yeah I am hoping for a good apple he would if you YouTube because I know this has applied themselves. They didn't hold different from all free from all know that we have. Yeah I think that people are gonna have peaches and plums and cherries and I got my tree sets some Wal-Mart. Oh no kidding. Oh it felt wonderful. Apple anyway I don't wanna poll have you had any longer she confronted Kelly how much I believe you enjoy your show. You learn something no matter little if. We appreciate you being a listener. Well thank you both key NJ and then have a lovely day even if it's raining it's been nice had a brain uses. And lives yet. Idea at and in fact our goal is doing so well. And my daughter and her husband live with me. My daughter has had such aggressive and free of the gate oh yeah yeah this is happening on the ground I don't know and weakened viewed as. You probably hear it grow how. Can't get that app folks. I think can apple have a lovely gated good. It's it is saying you. Casey can have trees blooming this year and how great they work there was an article and the Denver Post on the first to make. It's called something to sneeze there and you know where this is gonna go. It's about real pollen in the air and Piero was. Executed as long. Allergies and all kind to stop having problems. Well here to open just speaking of which can cut something just got in the my through a hole anyway Tom. So it goes on a debt talks about the kind of thing you hear about this time here but there was a picture accompanying this on the front. Once it was a front page may not been front page for one of those sections front page and the picture is of a crab apple. Who. Not an allergy causing tree you know that you have there weren't pollen. This year rub your face and it. So you might want to get the wrong impression that just because your blooming trees that means and you have allergies that that means you're gonna have trouble not true. Credible pollen doesn't travel through here and let's we get an horrendous wind storm doesn't operate. Yeah exactly. Food but countries like what would have airborne make all let's see people's two I might walnut tree elements Helms do. Pines we all know finalized their engines or use. Our experts is a course from. What other us good question what other ones are there. I. Patel was no no when there's no. Crowd Ares I. No I don't think I'm not a member flowering payers know don't. Vagueness thing goes everywhere but not this oil has an idea that. Yes so beyond that not all those trees that we perceive as being beautiful trees. Most of them do not have airborne pollen yet projector. It's it's. Grasses. He Estes grasses are big ones airborne Garland. By the grasses blow me now. No starch grass is blooming now Julia then. And there are other annual grasses that are Mormon also read the opponents in here. And some terrain in less Lex will not have no airborne problem but I understand that some people I don't quite understand this but some people have allergies to. Fragrances yeah dose truth that's truth and India and obviously a lot of these things that we've mentioned have fragrance and you move. So that's where allergens can come in I suppose. Are you Yemen now we get in the terminology united I'm not an expert that are so. I'm sure there's a special term for fragrances or give you. Oh allergic type reaction on but it isn't to rename them but I don't know. I don't know what that's called either but we did have a great laugh like here boom and the garden centers are all stocked up on Lyle acts I noticed at our old go ahead. I noticed that. And some though gardens and as I visited one in particular head. What was it six team. Different varieties but I think you might pop up on the war and pick up. They're sixteen varieties. Of Lyle acts. Everywhere from the door feat these two. The French hybrids. To the re bloomers like bloomer and we need to use the Canadian oil acts I don't know it to him which earlier bloomer now. Don't have the nice fragrance but they are later bloomers. So. If you had done about putting and dialects this year now would be the time to go to the garden centers lot of them are in blue steel. You go pick out your plants in flour. And breath take down home. And put in your pipe into that reminds. Basis has been a long primary big box stores grew from hardware stores because of our project at home. I've always walk through there garden center and absolutely and it's all got our young lady watch out with a one gallon container Ole boy I mean why Iraq. In a little gallon one gallon for pets and little unusual. Saw walked over to go to the group a while Rex or blooming that you go to from a and picked it up and a label says and I quote. Hides. Three the ten feet three didn't hit a. Variety. Why lack. A homely guys that was it I just gave you all the information was on that Eric Lal. I suspect it was probably AM RI or why relax yeah figured low growing blooming lightly as Cameron and his camera something but. No indication on the way whatsoever none. Well I too have been watching the big box stores 'cause I like to look through NC with their carrying nurseries. And I have found over the past few years they're selection. Is going downhill. And there's less and less to choose from. Equality is dropping. And don't Augusta especially in their tree section. Don't know what to serve and then and nobody takes care of the stuff we all know us. Carr who looks at west is an issue section of the of those when I went to me in that Starbucks or visit. Pastor nursery was in full tilt will. And nobody out there with a hose watering. And by that evening when they were gonna have a bunch of plants that would not recover their myriad Topeka death. There and it makes you wonder meet. What order they can end. I mean I know that they don't pay for those plants until they scanned due to register simply dies first they got to pay for them but how long it growers going to. That's with that nonsense. I I don't have answers for that matter don't go at it but I don't I don't get a beer. And it would take so very little cute from marble and Kathy way to talk to us on the phone and when we come back who has some time I have a rent this week good. So. Stick to for that I notice you're a cat he's got to know OK I think are wrong what's going on with you today. Well that they did he not know like code in the batter at portraying you told me it had blight and you said. Demand from what I'm gonna say that. I didn't sit there and cut down and it has gone. I know what the pack could I tried side and lay down. We killed or found out it was something I Google which would drill hole from where many gear and and get some help down in the title pulled kept you know what I cannot. I don't know where that when it came from the guys who went on thing that's new they're really enterprise and doesn't do any good. We're going to have to get has gotten good digitally holes. Well OK. So now we want to plant another tree and it's a small area. Is that going to get my life. What jury. Not a not an apple agreed don't put an apple I only do we wanted Japanese treat like luck. Yeah. It won't be infected. No they don't get that they get fired like no. I. I'll pitch it and you such amount and availability don't turn. Having trouble finding that there so that carried them. At least she'll let Lackey might check over at mix I know that they carry one called ivory silk that's what Parker were one that's a real popular when they had another variety to better remember the name of it. Give away a fireman golden. But yeah. I checked with actors or Jerry reds. I think I'd come pulling a garden shed. The web site that they had the mall called first a little closer. I I had to see if. You might check with no tools are there on oak street just after Colfax. OK I can tell you the tools I AM usually I'll let tranche of the small. Independent. They're street near match and that's exactly what you're talking about. The trolley cannot be good this year and the one thing I did I hit a lot of them are so let down to whether bill. Take off for night and you get amount of the container or something like I don't know they can judge better than they bite from that. Good grief. Apparently they were bad Petro. If that different this year I think in my variety listen limited. Sound okay Clinton hadn't planned another tree at. Yeah yeah I think a mom when those Sheila Lex would be a good idea. And they are very slow growing alliance says don't think I'll live so long interfere. A live they'll grow about a foot a year when it once they're established. And establish taking no long. Years. Perfect epithet may or may not live so long appropriate eat it at. Pulled. The putt putt and OK now both long and they don't infect another one that would still had my apple tree no apple this year. Ol' me no but. Yet they tell you has called for our lights and it it's not. Transmitted through Sorrell. OK well good okay. I even an apple really good plan. And you. You have had no are you hit a league if I to do you prefer as you walk into Lucas Oil would have come from somewhere else. Paint. I pulled fortunately it didn't seem to effect a crab apple didn't do that. Yup yes it out to them that in pairs and pairs. I didn't go to airborne. It is air but aren't you can splash from flower to fly hour and of all things honey bees period. Yeah they don't ET's go. Okay we'll thank you and I will try again. OK okay. I'm not hypocrite you. Are OK I think we have to girl last breaker don't want yes we wait but I can't we shouldn't take until we get full lines. So we're gonna sit here and silent yeah out in silence are not seen anything. Anymore. Nothing. Zip to go. Quick we're we're back up to this uncut version 1430 you'll where you Richard we didn't pesky garden tests. Grassley garden those are here and they mean business if you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you all the yard. All 3036311430. And Jim and keys to a where you are now let's get back to the show. I want to go take your garden which but only if you've given to us. But some question Gordon didn't to a 3036314. Keepers of phone number here. And while you're doing that armed and what you know that or inform you that on this date in 1958. They attack of the fifty foot woman who was released. Meagher a map and oh I never saw that Gloria I'd. Does this theory it was really see what really skew with CNET and. On creatures America. That's at given notice said that there all the other Helena killed a yet they all wanna kill humans and a I don't know what that is I don't know what that fed doesn't matter where they're thrown its color Hollywood or. Or how they were born or made or manufactured or what planet they came from me wanna come here and kill humans then. And they do that most are not alone but most of and do that by holding their arms aren't that into. You notice that it if you look at it but. Moved from. I guess you're right That's Hollywood. He has I'll pay he does good and we we contestant just a minute ago but. My favorite. My favorite rent is coming up about weed killers. Gauguin and the ones that this show up on the Internet. They you can make it home when her. Sport twice as much as you wouldn't be gone yeah and the in the cards or. So he'll he'll spend all kinds of time going out looking for rock salt and horticultural vinegar and or whatever else gets thrown in their I don't know gypsum or whatever. It's not good. There's just not. So like we're trying to sell stock as we don't get any kickback and anything like monopoly and zero. We're just telling what the best information because it's never good to put salt in the ground now never know. After I get horticulture vinegar and you can got a titan are just some garden centers under yeah work period. Be careful it's dangerous not like vinegar and you're in your hand your kitchen is desist this stuff is dangerous. It's an acid it'll burn yeah yes you certainly going get in your eyes and and it's a chemical. Lou this is true rock salt it's a chemical know. Wellesley throw in there. And gypsum below lifted its chemical yeah. And it hit it kills non target. Roots. And what I mean by that is say you have a flag stone patio. And you get them except this concoction with a salty stuff Shannon and pour it on the cracks between. The Flagstar instant kill the little weeds coming up and so forth. You know what else is going under there. The roots from your trees. And guess what gets killed. The roots from your trees. Because of the salt though it damages them. And today through its truthful or some sort artillery and yeah runner yeah. And that was all does not think now it is magnesium sulfate I chemical. Now. So please please avoid those homemade things. They can be misused so terribly easily and can cause. Damage that takes years. If we can be repaired it takes years to. Recover from. But suddenly be careful some things die hard mean he and his just keep popping up every new generation just. Heart keeps repeating. Bad information for the last generate you. Repeat that stuff people. Not a bad stuff. Yes well I understand you can use vinegar in cooking and salt and you saw your food and you suck your feet and Epson salts but that doesn't mean it's good to use in the landscape and hit by the way using an entirely too much smaller communities when you consumer. They're much much and by the way it doesn't do anything for your feet. Known to you you put in warm water yet and a warm water feels good yes but tips and souls do absolutely nothing. It doesn't suck out all the bad stuff. I'd love those commercials that. Put these pads on the bottom your feet and get rid of all toxic and heavy metal sets a favor once heavy metals yes. Also remember the old the olden days when we had Jerry baker to deal with. And he'd put the put out books of all these home and home remedies in what have you and I saw one I do remember to this day. To my dying day. Was how to get a plan to bloom. And he had this concoction he mixed together. That included a birth control pill. If we had he had it he had a an endorsement. Somebody you know wrote in saying it who worked as wonderful my night blooming serious is blue for the first time ever. And the picture of lady who wrote wrote in about it. And she had to be eighty years old he was at day. What was she'd with birth control pills. From her granddaughter I guess I don't know somebody's gonna have a granddaughter yeah I thought a couple of great granddaughter. Film anyway. We just have this thing. I prefer science over. Pardon garden myths and legends certain science has a bad name known as a I know it does it. And you know what my shoulders are broad enough to handle it. What can secure in my science hood from. Okay that you thought that it was a male or female pit and at that for a ball boy it's time for you folks are geared to give us call now wait your chance before the top of the air come. Let me leave around. 3036311430. Is the way to do death and shown off you get right in here and talk with the die experts. And what an all way I think there's a couple months there but how we answer the phone here and a so give us a call to it now. Being you know the date daylights right now is 1414. And a half our flaunt it really hit. Like you get cracked and evil and that's good just my lights in the basement tonight orchid ballroom okay Mallorca Miriam yeah we're really. After salutes as the sun is coming up at 541 which is kind of nice to come in here in the studio at that time of the morning don't need flashlights get anywhere now. Then the sun doesn't do that until 811 tonight. And then we get asked. And wolves way until I don't know when the dust disappears. But you're also noticed that was blooming unbelievably well this year was Hawthorne I think it's Russian high Def aren't either going while. Oil just covered so it's money out Kerio. Oh Monica best year ever the year what it would be called arches Japanese Japanese. It's a yellow flower yeah popcorn like flower. Mines is single we don't like better than they could just call Japanese carry on his arm taken and hit us with a K. And not easy to find no. I don't know word mine have no idea here's a sunburn or Shea it's in full mornings I filled. We even little an afternoon OK okay. And larger item for years and years you had when your record and has always jealous of that. And I never did find out from you produce a unit controller. So I thought took a cue from a fan as I got to know one planet denies it and adorning thing. No and no pruning are not fertilizer I'm not one not five. Yeah and also more. Well yeah plants want to grow they are really do yeah sometimes you can you can stop them from growing by trying to treat them well. Well you can overdo it benign neglect that's that's kind of my measure of oak yelling planted benign neglect. And they practically have to be screaming at me to get any attention to go there are some blasted that seem to do better with benign neglect of the one always come to mind to me with toy ya yeah. Go to an indoor plant a mine that. Most people never blooms but I don't stop paying attention to you don't water. Stressed that until you know you just it's just burned your soul not soil so or not to put some water on it. But we were alone don't fertilize it between the. In the week there my neighbor tells his dog beaten or it's still weak debt at that at. OK can't quickened suited to the top of the area. And not expected to hear music in my your. And we could we can humble little tune until we get to that point come Lou too not. And I wanted to talk about heidrick and yesterday T sat in the second hour we'll talk about it advantages that are available and that. That actually grow here with home us you know effort yeah yeah that's literally keeps saying Woolsey. And I have a little bit Candice this is nothing new but it bears repeating about final week and in talking puncher homemade yes solutions. Will not work. Oh not work environment and OK we have to get out of here Endesa yet new you can youth and promise the logical. Prognostications. And more when we come back here aren't cruising 1430.