Ask The Garden Pros Hour 1 - 4.23.16

Saturday, April 23rd


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The following is a paid program that does not necessarily reflect the views of cruise and 1430. Sleeping. It's not a time for sleeping it's time for the early bird to get in the garden and doing Jim Borland and keep the for a as the garden pros on the whole new clues in 1430. Our advice lines are open at 3036311430. And we're ready to help now let's join in the. Good morning everybody it's time for ask the guard perjury here in this studio we call the all new crews and 1430. When you get not only lead to guard throws this morning but we have a third when in the studio as well but where. I went to pay women dear you're getting ahead of yourself here. I think I'm one of the guard throws on your more than the other one and the other one I should say this morning news do you find he's seen over there and yet to his left. Yet another turn pro. We have three today as Dave Ingram good morning Dave good morning good morning and thank you for coming in on them. On this beautiful morning for the sun was up just gorgeous now it's cloudy and overcast Hank your your pitch to your fall in charge of clouds and I think that take their Boroff and he's going to be silent today. Because he's sitting right next to those were in the big studio we're in the big boys do you this this morning and I'm glad I want my big book handy whenever. Really think the fact that the I have a big board shoes on there were ready to rural hey if you want to have a garden question answered here's what you do is you pick up your dialing device. And you punch in these numbers. Clearly if it's a dialing device what are we punching in numbers. Pick up your pension device but that the viewer does it took human skull here at 3036311430. And rolling into your. But we'll take your garden questions first bend and then discuss it amongst the pros here's the consumer in the air and then they will answer. I flew to be a good weekend the Colin with your rose questions because you save is our resident rose expert for the entire universe that's right didn't he say what we call a rose area. Yes it's kind of a technical term can you know live yeah. It just it just means that I got seduced by the queen flowers and I never woken up yet. So we'll Jen wanted me to be sure I knew that she taught you everything. Well yeah. That's you'd probably have but and I think. What I'd seek to pass on to people is so much information on learn from the years of people growing roses and in our area here in Denver in the front fringe because it is different isn't it a dizzy we were referring to create your own friends and original owner with this but no I was talking I want another chance. Don't jam. Too and we shall remain nameless at the end OK that you have had a a but truthfully just a reward him by phone book. Do you married guarded blue collar already don't we would have like slim girl. They're also if you have questions about when the true you roses if you haven't already. And I went through them and how to print. How to fertilize them yes what to do and how to deal with things like rose men's and black spots and powdery mildew. And spider mites which I find to be a real issue and there's not much left to address that issue. So it's a call and allege they tell you it's you are lower than anything can't you read through yeah. I'll just tell it to sell your house to move there right. I mention that's incentive listeria it's they could take everything else off the market are all hard guard who's who are going to soon succumb despite your markets and there would be nothing to control them left. Though there isn't a mean of a lot of the a lot of the products say controls by the way it's. But that doesn't mean gets rid no known if you take demo going through the congresswoman Simone call overall White Plains in my landscape. I've got news for a minute when you can you can still buy malathion and and I read through news and from Athens and that sort of thing announced they control spider mites there they do you know it does it kills the week when Lisa somewhere. Went to an attorney and enable apply and then you're left with nothing to strong winds exactly and then she'd been cement and then just tickle some. There's even some evidence now coming out of Kansas. American efforts so proved that actually makes spider might breed faster. And they poured narrow yet that's been around for awhile and and Nelson told natural predators sentiment around noon and throw it all election. Everyone make their own jokes about one I want I didn't contact and I wanted to. Iran is glad to the phones we have ruby and Arora. Wanted to know about race. I played good morning movie. Movie are you there yeah I do IP address said the recycling that they are welcome about. We'll be talking about recycling you're either a yes vote for a TVW. You know we're location and then. There was tree recycling. Oh we'll find out out before you hold on just this happened. But I tried it must that must have been a promo or something there wasn't listening to them we don't we. Think. The list is even or show a news conference sitting amongst ourselves we were. Feel more fascinating people who you know aren't effective amongst ourselves and the fact we were particularly amusing effect. But but but but the who has those stray cat the out there in Denver good morning candy. I. Well I you know. I don't. Taken out pound last fall and they would opinion kind and it's fairly big again. And I really can't feel it up a little bit we have this little hill in the back. AM I don't know I don't think he can accept. I'm saying he's so bad that those thirty yard thank and that shirt but tell what is the best thing to do with that. I don't know if playing. My early count me. Why is it a little reed denounces spring I don't like the looks that they need in and making 10 PM I can see from my house. Well you can't even have a removed we have a guy that we recommend. To remove stumps. And he's he's very good he's very inexpensive any also gives K easy W listeners and asked the garden pros with a break on the price if that's interesting story you. In his name is some removal and daughter's name is Glenn. Okay and this telephone numbers 303246. 6891. And we're okay. And they and be sure you tell him that you heard about him on ask the garden pros. Aren't okay. Now that that's one thing you can do you don't have to worry about that stump for regenerating work or re spreading since it was opinion finest not going to sprout from the roots. Obviously you could plan and the things around it to hide it if you'd rather not go to the expense of digging out that I have in the stump for him down. It does help to get done. Kind of the site is it because as some may look at their treatment again that they could've been another guy come my marriage and he was. And it's kind of expensive to take it out and many good and it's big headaches could he take it's about it he could easily get. We could just play some places and it can and make it Nikkei faster I assume that's what he managed. I think I would just have a cut off the ground level I word this kind of the government would have confirmed via a minute can you raise them there again for. Are you ready that's a whole roots. Movement the whole the whole route to. Where's the husband described it to act. It's it's raised here because lower routes are better there and I were to get there really is part of their gonna probably up to of that dugout. Yeah if you want to come back in and cut into it was slices with his chains or something from. Look at how good indicator. Only the parts he slices into. And even that's still going to be slow in this plan and fizzle our lack of moisture and humidity is real. Okay well the just don't think it's a good and then we didn't have been a little amazed that they are because it was pretty old and that. It is pretty old at the end of. But it was that affecting this winter assistant sprinkler system was hitting it in the pending. I yards so now I have a problem with. And you know there's no grants between man and that my share of the revenues as a whole bendable. Or whatever for whatever they were. And they did grant has just disappeared up there. On the hill and the fact that the sprinkler system wasn't hitting cancer that you know because that was his main street so I am taking the chaos in the and I talked. October I think a lot of. Anyway I. No matter what about my ran an area with with ground covers and so forth they don't have to mow. When you look there that this is just a little until it into the yard diminished just to hill. Meg kind of I don't necessarily think that it could I suppose that we should put them and granted there have been right I ate I heard you mention on the show. Oh what's that thing do that I needed. Don't know what should there. Or you can you can see. Them put down seed now. Food though you can side either one sides a lot more instant obviously seed takes a lot more care a lot more patient. So the idea I had 200 every layer yes they had you may have to water several times today. I wouldn't say this let me honestly when you put seed down like any seat anywhere whether it be vegetable garden nor whether it be a farmer doesn't matter CD is seed it needs to say Maurice. All the time. Until a termination get troops found. Pack can be difficult with small cities especially because they're clean up. There's you know to run nose through media suppose because that's going to a parent who really having it done in so I can't. And up front because there have only played one section of Mario. Symantec and hideous to another handicapped equipped standard industry in this mid section minus raised. Which is there a danger I don't. Stick like you know go to America. And you know anyway it's got to raise them they're gonna do it so they told me that they'll fix fans in the end they'll give it give me this week. I think that. I'm glued to planet I guess where they put deformed patients don't pay social I think that's important and that's so. I did have problems trying to match the grant aid to boy thing. It's going to be impossible. There's going to be number one nobody knows what you have health. And number oh man that they would no no no no no there if there were hundreds of grass to worry he's over. And many of them probably fewer criminal lawn is known for didn't exist anymore. I mean now. Oh yeah well that's true because it is an. Yeah yeah how many cement workers do you know that can recognize grass varieties on the ice and I. Don't know I think he's an FF I think that they give me the man and I discrepancies pretty cheap. And you know they're not gonna go on the way to get to best grass seed in the world for you know everything even though again this is an area where you're gonna have to keep it moist scintilla Germany soon and I gets going. Okay. Well so that is interpreted that night. You really get through my sinuses and can make it their way out I don't know what to even if you get turf or roles of of grass from our garden centers or someplace. There's not gonna match either. There's no there's there's no way it's gonna match where you have New York. You have to you have to. What they call federated into your existing line you know you wanna you wanna spread to see not just in the area has been disturbed. But aren't into your existing line as well so that it. It the blends in wins in thank you. 000. Okay yeah. And just send it through the existing grants program that's okay. I'm just glad to give it more I see you have to say you're sprinkler system to go off. At least a couple of times during the day just briefly now more than a few minutes at a time. Do you recommend carrying them on yeah. I'm gonna have my and then next week yeah I'm secrecy that now. We do a bit don't you dare come back to blame or should we drop on industry or by injuries apparently didn't get to know the it has no doesn't hurt you or your nationalize all the bad now is a core temperature okay. So much for all the information you're very welcome thanks for your call this morning. And since we're talking about immature and I should let you know this Tony turn of April sun rose at 609 going down of some 45 failing this thirteen hours and 36 minutes you game yippee skippy. I'll NC record high today was 85 degrees and 99 record low seventeen. And 1873. But I gives you difference of only this time of year about 6870 degrees. Unlike other parts of year where we've had as high as 98 degrees difference record I'm war. Hopefully not on the same day connotes back here after a quarter record forward temperature difference in the same day it's going to be. Sixteen degrees or more you think. Well we've had we had that one year where we had seventies and a drop downs into the team's zero to below zero. But I remember the trees puffing like rifle gun rifle and I think that it hurts people. And David are talking about that you're free got a news this morning and that's why Dixie Rodman horticulture is different. I'm very thrilling place in the country experiences sort of nonsense in our weather. But we take a break we always talk about roses and the rocker and say oh what's going on at the hands are selling writer in his aero dependent they're being sold ninety continues gonna call in about Haiti's so he says we shall see him as you can hear all that and a lot more right here in the all new crews in 1430. Are things in your garden yellow when they should be read brown when they should be blue. Let's keep your colors coordinated with our go to confession ministers Chamberlain and keep phone in the cruising 1430 greenhouse. Hey we're back. The greenhouse and waiting for you to join us inside the green houses knives and warm and toasty in Nome Braden sunny and sigh here even though it's not the case outdoors. There will be surely. Spring is inevitable. It will come. As reaction you do have a bigger truth we had a couple days of spring already this year in the midst of winner. The Phillies spring template and figured a couple of springs to indeed. Dear do you know this is a 114 day of the year. And fourteen and you really care almost spring. I've been teased about spring tees here I guess that they've anyways the mockery the administration to the white crab apple tree now. Are spectacular about. Or are they looking good. The ones that are left in America and there the radiation radiation and pick each one's there. We're looking okay David I don't know I'm just I'm not up to snuff the ribbons. And they're good they're gonna look at it and it just. You want to frustrate mr. Gardner bloom he's my and so it's dead it's. We've had for years now and I do think that the benefits paid to keep open when these years Italy family. The I think the speaking of leafing out I tell you what they're hoses are growing like crazy tonight gut feeling that went on mine. Well if you want to Wear enduring there's so improving zone OK good news. I'm probably gonna go out this weekend and take a look at my more winter party grocers and see how they're doing. I see there a lot McCain's hand over wondered. Fairly well enough to leaf out but it doesn't mean they're healthy and we will have to see how they develop but in terms of the hype Retief and floor abundance that we all love I still think it's a little early. I'm still seeing growth coming from the face of the plant and I'm not sure I trust that proof that I see growing on defensible can't. Because Rosie sure amazing they won't grow and that the edge there. They won't do anything and so what. What I try and do what might prove my road to confide trying cut to the health huge growth. And with hybrid teas and flora London stats unfortunately means year after year that you have to cut way down near to ground. Around and to encourage. Good new crew to come up and flow of 45. Tend to think it did in terms of that. Most of us who have plants and shrubs and art yards broke loose in particular. They have all what I call approved monster inside who wants to come out and just kept going until I try and identify it. Most active happy. Young growth and use mine for owners to cut through that and encourage you to grow. I'm not patient with the win the proof. No it never turns into good Bhutto and doesn't yeah. And when you look at some of that growth that coming in so many years shrubs you'll see these pulled tiny stamps in there can never get. Any pictures and that they don't get better paid and and so you just have to wait. Turned loose. Lowering monsters that we all want to have and our yard. Tonight I grew up with. What must be an old wives' tale. Then or guardian myth that if you if you true remove those teasing Brandon Flowers really hard I mean like down within inches of the ground. And encourages the roots stuff to sprout as well. That can happen and in my life. Parents on the show we've we've had a root stark question. The hybrid patient floor bondage are still mostly grafted onto a different route stuff. And so for those who view as I think way into planting area Phil Hughes who are going out and find new roses this year that they are looking good enough. Garden centers I've been out poking my nose around trying to keep my hands in my pockets and I went animal and I'm a definite and so a lot of those who were are still being crafted and one of the things you should do when you look to plant in new rose is first of all I can find. That this is the ropes was grafted onto a different routes. Or this has been thrown and rooted. On its own brew and so far with a friend didn't rose. You can always ask. The people within the nursery Centre which when you're getting that you should plan that we think we're that half of the craft union. 02 to three inches below the soil level. It was just different than a lot of books tell you to do well it's the only do it then north and and regions like the front range and when actually resemble more of some time CD and protect their craft you do because. Other areas tell you to plan to craft a full of ground because you know the winners like we do. If you will protect the graph by putting it below ground and if you mount a little bit of mulch. In the winter I call it put the pitcher's mound you can to guess who the winner until baseball season gets here. Then you can protect from two routes start coming back. Until this way because frequently. With hybrid teas in Portland is you've got to cut them down almost to the ground level. Because new the only place that survived was founded the ground and so. By doing that in my garden the last fifteen years I have had virtually no. Groups that come up. And attempt to take hold my younger. It will it will be visibly different. Things and bullets will be in and good behavior and won't grow it'll you know for a life. Crazy thing like an octopus tentacles yeah invading. So you know those and you'll be able to to cut them out and their or its point of origin below ground yes and and you have to work it that it did to that to tour right chance to take down to where you see that growth. Coming from underground and and its best if you can rip it out. Because that turns out all of the world cells that generate Derrick Rose and generally by the time I have down to where that. Brent starts coming up. I am angry enough into. I told that at the root start gets torn out. I mean if there. Now what happens if you leave that what that what happens if you don't prove them that hard I mean if if there if we have a winter like we just had. Yeah bush is fairly mild and and you know I'm roses I see you really feel all the waited ships of last year's growth that now like you said that doesn't necessarily mean they're healthy. But what if you trimmed them down to say two feet tall. Instead of all the way down to six or ratings. Well it's it's something that that you can do if you want to because oddly enough. Mother nature never proven throws only humans still. Do it for our reasons cause we want to. And the reasons we do bad is it makes hard garden plants look better look tight here. And if we. Prune them to a healthy place they will grow more enthusiastically. And so what. What I find it particularly with the hypertension or Wendy's which has just been jumble of genetic material which tends to act like about it some six plant yeah. You know we're trying to chromosome five area. Instead took the stand to get so winner damaged they're not able to pass the water and nutrients along this down the way they should. I think a bit like us so distraught. Taken you so destroyed you get all the water you want if you clog it up with napkins or tissue. You're not can build it too much when it took vocal punch holes and yes that works to put. I mean that I didn't I can actually get to be fun if you're really going to be here. And you Beth Daniel Wallach grandchildren she's doing. Now I know I mean the long term effect if you leave them up taller. Does it doesn't have any effect on the eventual bloom during this the summer the rest of the year it does it do they bloom. Less because you got that older word that word or did you just get bigger plants. What I'm doing different approaches. Always take the easy way out there like me like a retired mailman. They won't always do what's easiest for them to do and they will put out new proof from the face of the planet that is enthusiastic. And full of water and they. When they won't work hard enough to continue to come up these damaged them. So you can get a first set of forward some that this growth. From it. Over the course of the year this growth is going to deteriorate. And get in the way and over the course of the years it'll be more prone to those. Nasty things we hear about white powdery mildew and infects our. Really good at picking out yeah suffering world so you can end up cut that out anyway. Exactly its enclosure at the idea you can cut now or you can cut you later to paraphrase an old commercial Leah and and so what I do and I do this every year and it's because I. You know I think I find. An old Cain and there's something growing out of that don't hide and I know better I know who uses it could not go but I can't cut that. So all wheel type piece of string around it leave it. And I'll go back in the summer. Ended July. And sure enough it. Grew up at. Flown once and it's just Amanda came through all discolored and looks really ugly. And so long as what I've learned to shoot as long as you have new enthusiastic. Growth that's coming up. And you can go ahead and whack away everything else and that's why they call it hard for me yes now. Because it's just hard on the people doing it is sitting here on the planet you're doing it that they can. It's a whole lot easier to do at this time of year than when you though that you grow theft and in your way and you may end up damaging the stuff you and keep. By getting in there and taking a field. That will exactly pleasure dealing with the texture technically they're known as proof cold but when they intend that this you know on your forums they are former. And they might even be broken chain because they you know that's right. Let's that's take our next break and we come back we're gonna go out is tough to grace in Saint Francis Kansas about shenandoah switch grass. Ari we're gonna do that and more when we get back here on the all new crews in 1430. If you have a little trouble with the great outdoors you call the yard. Call 3036311430. And could gym and keep the work for you now let's get back to show. Answering today's show we are in the yard the rose yard we have Dave Ingram here who is the all local rules one of the local lore Syrians are a number of the Denver metro or if he's got all the answers ready for. Want with regards to rulers would there be miniatures are from have been climbing roses against the 1215 feet tall so if you are questioned. Now only is it time to call and you know and I answered. You can always tell us there in their arms are always ready for half a whole patriotic for the night I've got I've got a locker at home for rags. And I think everyone Iran uses because of my pruning roses yeah. I hung benefit a sense I don't have any in my yard let's get tied to grace is Jewish she's doing that dancing Francisco morning grace. Good morning or my Harry this corny fun used. Out there. I have a question if I need five and sharing village which crashing gave me and I would like can Olympic tradition to critic in the ground which. To do when your last Wednesday. And publishing which is why we're only like fourteen miles he's concurrent importer. Good says it's his own to plant. So it's gonna be but it's I believe the warm season grass season era ship us all those who weren't here I egging me on the safe side I'd wait until flash is gone and then plan. Like engage in get sick and shipped. There's a meltdown have an outside you can leave you to leave it outside in the pot. And read and if we're gonna have a cold snap and Michael snap I mean getting down close to freezing. Okay and how often show I won't impugn my shoulder half gallon car. How often should I water back home ice. Can. It's on the dry side there is hell. That's what do we score and say something like every Tuesday afternoon. I just keep in mind I think you might say no I know. Plants have no idea what day of the week it is or what day of the month and then you know why no concept whatsoever so that the bad part is up to use. I wish my finger and down around that far. When you have a lift the putt mom get an idea of how heavy it is when it's fully watered. And then we're just going to be on the light side then give it a good good good soaking but don't let it gets so dry that the grass will stuff that's hard on them. Okay back awful I heard chants a streak NATO planned it in like a half gallon pie. Go forward and figure. And I'm not gonna put those trials try like towards the end of next land shut going to be BM. I want mentioning what is most we were on the ground email me. At a lot of both the same thing you wish to use your finger. Little plot to see how heavy they are you get a feel for what when they go drive the following starts feeling light. And then use your finger put it down in there and half an intern mention if it's too aren't given a good soaking. So please don't contractual womb do okay Harry burn him ready for spring this spring and stay here. Me too yeah yeah I'm with you and then. If I think that's going to have no more hail right. She thought he said that. No doubting that for us all Shea morning yeah do you think. While we leave their profitability of the package hailed here this afternoon before Abu. Kim Cameron. I let me change coming in hole she can be good and by the way it is a sheet. And by the way it is these she's. More Hashemi. And she says something we can cut the OK guy thank you so much experience so we have been cautioned gates thinks grace thanks for going her. And I hear quite authentic food but my. He it's going to be an interesting spring I still islands are already starting that even the locust trees early Fiat was seems it's only April. I don't focus there's usually one of the last ones to leave and then. But for severe is still blooming minus two looks distance ugly today's event when it first started blooming. Yeah. Ability and I well there's nothing you can to get an idea. Yes there's an idealist but why did mention their white car rentals and I guess a pink red ones are looking okay. He. That's no didn't do him any favors and most of the carries a scene and I'm looking none. Think people anyway teaches bloom well I was in the CIA I've seen some. But I Celestica ornamental features and it'll look great but you can tell all that's an ornamental features. But don't Hawaii also want to make a note amateur but he knows there's so sure I'd. Cherry creek down. Poultry producers flows through city he did. Let's see long. My cameraman in the room but it's eternal long cherry creek. And you end of the road to travel along cherry creek down through the city if you note every time there's a bridge crossing over in cherry creek on all four corners he used to be. There would be a cherry tree plant. Closes do you think you can. And speer boulevard near did an Uzi yeah I and then there's still some rare but they're not on all four corners and more now. But I do know tend to look at where years ago took me do you look at that that we went and collected so did you yeah me upon. If that's your time do you know what they were sprayed with. Cancer at. I think for me don't wanna know either yesterday and the Braves still alive I am. We went both Jim and I went to the rock garden and this Alpine stale. What do we until we aren't seeing any yards and they are GS and it's been a weapon or his failure at the botanic gardens yesterday and it's opened today. And I couldn't resist. Spending about a hundred dollars and I got away with a little less than half but it's a war but that's tough. You've got to be done a good number and he was saying yeah I agency issue the division I keep buying those controversial candidate. I don't remember that it's released after the close to the sidewalk as it is I don't know. They're gonna have to be moving your typical responses. It's not going to be a problem in your lifetime no so clearly not a care perspective I thought that a spirit a or mine door I don't think my wife's either she's a few years younger based you know we're neither one of us are spring chickens more. So you know then that's what they makes saws and cruises stuff for that they get too big figure out if it's a nonsense that's an opportunity absolutely I barges no one of these people warn you your girl or boy there's one of these decisions and blue spruce is especially. North. I grew very spaced long long ago I mean decades ago must have been removed decades ago yeah OK were roommates attorney. Well make for the F go to any guard center they've done. The yards afford trees my favorite benefits Regina prayers that have been pruned into these tortured shapes. Just to keep commenced in within a certain boundary or whatever. And it's just can't rid of them I know there are so embarrassed to look like that. I would think it also returned home last night from rocker and so is it people who put in hedges along sidewalks and all along no water borders are. And they usually put cement and they don't do anything to them until there overgrown. This too late then it's too late. Not millions chop them back to the to the very edge of the cycle. Not beyond that to the edge Sudanese like next week and put on more growth and I get sued again. If they put on Margaret if you hadn't cut back to you are to begin though if you play paid attention to home after you plant them and every year thereafter. It'll be many many decades before you have to replace him. But most people don't do them. Francois Henri variety that is narrow. There are lots of varieties afternoon there weren't when I was a child. But now. There are lots of varieties of juniper about everything in every shape size and configuration you can think if there is a variety of what every year looking at that will fit your purpose here just take a little extra time and figure out which variety it's either entering now that we have the Internet you're doing him to go to guards that are now being. I just looked a couple of things up when my phone while we were on break it. Sir there. And now you go to war guards that are or call them as you have seen this story XYZ. And they should be able to tell you whether they have or not. He's they don't or you've expended is a phone call. There Yoko Ono and if you got a Smartphone with a scanner on it a lot of these. Labels and so forth have those when they Q are coaches scanners you can just scan it brings up all the information about the plan. You have to ask a person. Then you have to interact with anyone that. So Jimmy I guess that's and keep the flow of the Smartphone does that mean next freight she's gonna orders breakfast. Cancun then yeah. I'm only here into all. Bad practice. Good to get on them to do it again because I don't have a Smart under him and I barely a dumb phones and then I thought a it's. And you wonder how we operate in this world actions I wonder all the time yeah. We've got to take a break Tim though we've got bill and highlands ranch so let's talk about white spots on house plants lithium first. After Jim does his. The white spots and other good things coming your way when we get back here on the all news crews in 1430. Now that you've got to hold those up for next. And Mike that's and more I came easy to ensure your plans won't get off to a great start Mike is a revolutionary improve. Plants thrive here in Colorado source the secret is concentrated form of the beneficial from a guy called Michael Verizon. Naturally it's implants placed beneficial for you guys came up with the plane's route to increase their surface area this proves the plant's ability to fine. Water and nutrients to the he's stronger and more vigorous and projected growth it's all organic and easy to use just apply might do recruiting roots is intrinsically in new plants and kill. Well it's not quite that dramatic but the results will means you there's a Mike for all your garden plants including one for four hours per. People's trees and shrubs from like in the amazing my five year warranty for. He's in terms of participating independent garden centers include. In the showbiz garden country church nursery and will more ministry. I guess Jack you know from Jack and the bean stock it's safe to say I know a little bit about growing top quality player. Sprinkle any time this year and it's garden center is ready with an unbelievable selection of plants and garden accessories so whether it's first nuclear yard for a new landscape project you're starting they've got a ten acre garden center with everything you create your backyard oasis to books with a wonderful and chambers room. Visited scored considered a golf ball and tell them Jack the giant Sanchez the battle really freaked him out. Out limitations but we do isn't the only thing he thinks the vandals the big GP human. The test today it can be split with a red sheet of low low. Into the feast your patio did blow your blow or they it's still years she roads into agreed to hear no. We grew so fast and I saw the news hole. Lands and you know why are you okay. How do you got back. He clean sheet this year garden she murdered student harder. Third oh in head these invaders before they get a grip on huge flames game. I yield to the normal little need for -- containing Jimmie being cheap and platoon at third year dished we'd see from. Elena Borough full bore mullah it's only a few supply. I yield turf and ornamental we remain your ear long. In other lands gain experience before being given group of voters now. Palin's feet or you're. There's bullet you're bad calls thank you for later. You'll find yield turf aboard a little need for being here at your favorite independent local garden center team including. Wield more nursery in Littleton. Strangers you're considering Colorado Springs and fountain. Country fear card centers in Denver in our red. May not notice but dramas celebrating 75 years of design. All of these waters. Of the beauty brand strength who has been. That's any shape in your yard with a nine pattern turret sprinkler. We isolating sprinkler heads in the eighteen brass gets very uniform wandering out. Just 3000 square feet this pinning sprinkler creates a very fine so please pray. Create the soft finish our brave New York garden with a one touch screen more. Easily switch between watt hours leading up sidewalks and washing your car. Pattern straight down but some drama color here starts this season with the colorful friends sprinklers water plunge and Graham. Professionals Chile's first lawn and garden is available at your local independent garden center. Visit drama on FaceBook or at rim dot com. Let your friends and family know you can listen to ask the garden pros no matter where they are in the world. Simply log on their crews in 1430 dot com. And click on listen lines it's time to time gardens right now on the all new clues in 1430. On the old news crews at 1430 the only place and time we're gonna find out from on this thing thirteen 48 the first English in order of knighthood was founded. Who gets what your order was no I didn't know virtually in fifth thirteen 48 know that they're doing the order of the garter oh. Which are never quite fully understood I heard that what it's about. Had anything like that card to improve. I'd rather garter froze it could happen. But having said that let's get to a billion. They. Good morning guys I either yeah. OK so half a bad day a bit how transfer umpteen years. Never seen anything like this. I've got them up like a planned strike planned. And I've got awaits step over them and I'm I'm I'm looking at a ground and underneath heavily that may have hit the targets snowed in we've. First the fifth. It is a kind of caught me looking did kind of moon deer here now really but you gotta mealy bugs. I didn't leave you answered those are an insect. Underneath that white cut need film is as a sucking insect. That suck the sap out of your plants. And probably is they don't always are wary right yeah exactly and it's it it would freeze it repels it's very waxy. So it repels most insect sprays. And doesn't get to the so you're gonna need to use what's called a systemic insecticide. Know whether it's a soil applied to stemming portfolio. By systemic doesn't really matter rather than the Foley replied one's work faster. My bare produces some. For loom bone night they all have their systemic both in the liquids and in the granular that you would add to the soil that I really bad situation I'd probably. I've probably used both in the day that you. K. Okay what I was seeing him take him outside later today get owes them on. It's not wipe it down there. That'll help but it's not gonna get rid of the problem they are now America's if you notice in some of your plants that you mentioned there. For the leafs come out of the main standards are really sharp angled diamond there and they like to hide waved and defense there. I can launch them out and you can't take no little storm over alcohol and then cotton swab and get to those things done in the if leave axles. The first thing I would do if I were you go through my plans. I would I would gather them all together and have a talk with them. And it looked at some of your very valuable to me whether it's for sentimental value added to stick cost a lot of money is it. I'm willing to treat you the rest have you you're out here I may well moderate. Thank you guys say yeah let's have a very special therapist she is. I'm he had won the first quarter and first thing we learned was said if you if a plant dies don't worry about a bill make more sit and churn out here regards sinner has lots of them every. Lost or dead plant is an opportunity for another way. Oh my goodness what proved to put them yeah great yeah. Okay by the way my hummingbird fear I just 'cause I'm single guy I think they're here. Really limit the in my largely right now given BA BA now is a one and for a one's life. What why when people are underwater look wonderful or okay. Those 25. You have won before that's 15% sugar no way and it's sorry Tony researcher point in foreign as far as parts. I don't know Jenna. Getting technical with type I think that's that's gonna make my blender. The bullpen is weak the you know they didn't Google it yeah it just outright just put a Pepsi and there. They love it a so yeah right until my. I'll fight is that we feel liquid and granular. Now bill there's winless caveat with that is that. Follow the directions. On the spray and the granules are repeat as they recommend what you gonna have to work that is gonna take some time. This is not an easy insect to get rid I think it's gonna takes and you've got to break the life cycle of this bug. And the insecticide that you use will not kill the egg stage. So you've got to make sure that that your your protection that you putting on their doesn't have an opportunity to lapse because you didn't put the next application on soon. Okay all right all right. I'd taken so much you made it. I typically just don't complain because that's that's a response patients with treaty for scale are really bad idea. Even on my orchids and I'm very seldom treat for that this is. I just get a new went there before the fifth. They did his national news you know not just the treatment but now you've got to write it down so we're trying to remember you're all of our days but it's been it's just prologue of conservative forget when you when you did whatever it is you did you did what you did. Tennis like she and took time to do it again I don't you know. Just sort of I do though time when we putting Americans think that when you try this mix and you know independent vote remembers this now remember this business hours and fifty years later would need to be refunded and went. What's ahead confess or are you kidding me. The 52 weeks later this is. Yeah I think that's all right that's because she was going on with pat she's been winning a lot of talk to us there we go the morning that. Combining thank you for taking my com anytime. I had an a and amp intrigue. Next to my desk. That I love. I believe he definitely improved in the evening and good daytime. It is dying I've been in my home for ten years now and as I want to have a kind of bad and intrigue down. And my grand true cry out and then we planted it there because that's really the only place I can put it. And I am just wondering if that's possible. I'm looking what are we trying to arrest now. He did not ask for oil. Then Froyo I had you know I don't know if you couldn't go ahead and re plan definitive tree and Leon had damaged. Yes you can do that I you know worry about that. Your problem is going to be if there is making room for you are are assuming new Aspen. Yeah okay guy. As making room were over the old one was your gun to move over a foot or two or three unless she digs out that they'll have their own digital arm yeah. OK and you might spend some time trend for your line is they died or are dying. Well it's it was the it was I'm sure it's been here at Princeton house food. Built so it's been known for at least ten years if not twenty or more. And I think it's just it's just. Is. Fading away. Yeah I mean people know that that's been our sort of a perennials trees are. Not not a long live tree as a short warm to three down here in the flats. And yeah its and they used they do start to you. But I'm okay you can you have the stump dug out or groundout. Yeah I'm government. I'm glad I think I'm going to do that. When you go plan -- right back in the same place what you will. Notice however is that once you remove that tree even if you going down the stamp you're still gonna have old roots in the ground and they're probably gonna sucker up. OK so you be prepared for a lot of suckers for awhile. OK I have those. In various places in the yards so use to get worse is he okay if that's. And I did kind of say my carried three different and I old man. Our heads and beautiful I'm gonna have carried this fear last year I didn't have any N analysts. Pain from. Well excellent that's wonderful yes thank you for the good things for you know this morning's new I kind of and I. And so that was that not seem. So quickly nowadays you wanna talk about captioning demonstrations. Yeah. Okay okay thanks we'll get there no well he did at the W after the still because we have music and urge you military means it's time for you to get them. Climate logical for bounced occasions in the course news. In the meantime we're gonna take our RV army so re here and I don't know we're gonna get something to drink. You know losing out. Hey we're back right after all that's here on the all news crews and 1430.