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Sunday, September 9th

Our focus is different from other live talk radio shows.  We discuss topics of interest without the rant and rhetoric of other live broadcasts.

We discuss important issues, why they should be on our radar today, look at things as right vs wrong instead of right vs left and share stories of real people experiencing real issues and brainstorming for solutions.

Our target audience is politically, uninvolved Americans who care deeply and are interested in working together to find solutions.

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Yeah World War II it's known as the greatest generation. And these are their stories. The World War II project to cure your hosts a marriage Jason and Molly's though today. Two months and. We. Well good afternoon everybody welcome to be married chicks will work to hijack Somalia's most time can Muster. We are excited to share rumored to stories effusive you know when he made his rotary tool that our friend are relative anybody who stare at that time he wants to steer it. Sarah their story lettuce now in a married six dot com. And it right now we we've got Kerry insisting special treat for you today. We interviewed Jim Gormley it's still was a rotor or two veteran and he acts she's gonna be turning a hundred years old next month in September I cannot believe that. But he was an engineer on a B seventeen it's. And we we heard this story and crazy thing is he flew 48 combat missions bombed nine countries had 216 point. Five combat hours and he had eight crash landing in Yugoslavia. Add behind enemy lines and there whereas their resistance there that helped keep them alive and keep many of his crew members alive as well. And we were doing that interview he said you know used to speak with. Mown hay he and his family took care of us would leave when we landed and really helped us survived and got his back to safety in doubt is back to America. And that is why Jim Gurley is still alive in America today so Ehrlich took it let's look up Mo who has a young boy ate during will work to resisting the Nazis and protecting. US military and her allies Mo welcome to the marriage tick show. Please pronounce your name your last name for a us. So beyond the reach CD I. Hey end all be ice free. Awesome thing to you and you let an American now. I'm living you know America and Virginia yes. We are you when you came to America my home. I'm not guaranteed career so OK Mary well Rick edgy and you still transit Jim girly is that correct. Absolutely iPod it's like I'm coming decided okay. They have them celebration Monday September. 2 it's going to be labored day and I'm coming up pretty much a budget differently and I. At his door is his sister and some law that people saw I've will be done on I'm from that celebrated on the days start date. Well he mowed this is an amazing story so you grew up in Yugoslavia. What was it like to what do you remember about the war had you were a child. Well let me let me counted if I love that 1942. Line remember everybody in my daughter loved Amanda on the city 1942. For six months because I. After the adjournment came in and they burn they borrow a lot of stopped. Because my father who want norm to tell that people want a dark Croatian. Man accomplished food. Did not let them burn hollows. They burned the sheets and the other safety issue since he came back then at about 1945. I'm on the alumni Matthews told who and then this people and they've grown deep if America installed policy. So all. I love my youngest son that's seven children. And as you know this people I love them because they are people still want them read deep. And they used to build a national day tour that must shake me and told me enough. Well. And then my mom fed will cut the chicken I used to loca that you can't cut the head of they jump on the on this thing and and so on so they helped me too drug out from there are optional. So what rehab she did want chicken I'm trendy people. Then Steve and then it's also a joint annual log on radio not negate that. He. That a union in 1974. On my housing not control. He's would be entertainment to New York Times. That tends to call my mother lived though because you want chicken company people. The other small farm homes. No I inside plumbing threw out loud noise how's he ought to go for a while after multiple would be you know what did they know what then. And you know I actually clogged knocked down a light gate cult for that we have in this I mean this floral. People are not look ultra reliable in all I can actually do unhappy with the I think I'd rather not do them because. I have a lot of trying to I don't quite remember that doesn't end. By the idea I know whether I play them a lot emotional. Try and then then these all got off then jump much came close. To a club to a lot of college beyond Google or not he'll put Tuesday's. Then we come back. And they stayed without signal. For four months look like it to me I don't look at that picture up through another dot. And the Bob Grossman who won the pilot act he can't dictate to them and John you lobby and which makes sense yeah I thought I would trainee at. You know. So I knew they'd never without senate I'm I think I had seen him lying leaving dollars and I'm not I'm mad at and then I'm the I'm very left. Tito can't say enough power in 1947. The do you have or shut down that Semitool family. We just found that it put to me like to be cool they tortured my father applause from the mine I want aren't screaming. My father loved you very badly tortured and then they put Duffy and turn out 150 miles away from all in all its. Elton politic I didn't you jump in here because this is a lot of information and I need to understand this. So in 1947. Who wasn't that tortured your father. It's common if they think that if people are Communists because we we know what kind of leave the leave Friday on a freedom slide. On the American side and the EP dot com come on this. And they they did not like god and so they put up Cindy in the intra my cute odd the and then in this country doing no more war. That. Japanese people letting turner song and so they've they've got to cut side I can only do friendly 410. Kenny miles away from the house Sunday to call it arm and my father in law no hard label president. And eventually that leak came back the other leg amputated because of that torturers song and he died at eighty Dooley is always lovely to be absolute pinnacle it. While apple amazing that he lives that long after all that we don't you talk about today's real quick so. You know wind wind Jim Corley and his crew crash landed. Near your home in Yugoslavia. It was. At the Levy came in to state your place January 21 it says used their January 21 until March 12 of 1945. And then and then you all help to then to escape and is say now you say that the and the Communist down jewel in 1947. What happened in between that time where there. An ambulance to a begrudging equally so magical normally. Glumly sank 68 games. Stanley doctoral road beat not meant a lot and these unclaimed for months and then that had it. Maybe not ever come have a picture right here that this can only still can't before they left. I'd be I didn't make six. Maybe if you look at the enough computer I look at the on the Internet. You'll see that he's very orthodox church that he's done what orthodoxy so log on the main effect. And not from the picture I will be this picture of commercial jingle all lead to remind them of this fictional. And about how you thought they might happen between that's all and you made my father mother Linda left that my father actually helped them. Actually able to days modem to get them through the because come this feat just pop has gone further although well but there are a majority. The other three groups fighting down beyond the the German Nazis we obviously don't find this stuff to me how much we truly want. On the side and you all got killed this deal Latino. Come I'm the man the cup has done. Tool overwhelming everybody else. So my father walked two days Sudan and we give them the like sheep to wave to be part because I'm. And I had so popular until the mall where. And they brought them to be I'm not too big body in there that two body Yugoslav they try to teleport to. As the body deeply and being body you bleed until that day Todd got. I'd be. Like a deer habitat Eritrea and playing fields. So they got them I'm not hunt and put them on the bullpen they got to be. I'm not deeply about how well they can't go back and then not I mean that those this had people coming up all around. I'm not a 27. Two. About a lot of fighting between knock accomplished. Confidant so at least Jeb makes sense. Solid then eventually even the pop up to pulled out of ten that's what their Hopkinton lots. My father must stake in the hot labor torture then then hop label and be left taken six months. In the end burned and then that China's back. I saw and then. They had gotten Elton well at that point after you were in the interment camps for. Six months you said it was 22 families. 120 miles. Away from your homes after the six months. Were you able to go back home did you still have your property. You said they they burn your sheep. He's going to be come back com Malik come back we'll be dejudder most of did garner some. Stables. And I'm not but I'll stay back and then we I believe that if. Came back the other hold a new star war came and did this should be very cheap and then Molly and camp. I'm being more field. Penal and the daughter that cornyn lead at. I think we do and I can only send golf course login to adopt would be military guy and one from Gaza City Hall. And below those stops that we golly gosh you're not commission you can not saying nothing this is not a socialist. World affairs columnist Lowell did do that people can punish the people on the war actually give the people who do not to wanna work. And not the leading global dot and it got Bob and long live the top and put. About four or five years until last night at 95152. Then they stop doing god because I realized lot of progress further and media income he surely know what date by become this consortium is going to go people. For that day outside punishing the people would try to. Right and so in essence they would take from people who are producing to give to people that worked. And yup and then actually got a lot of people load data they I'm sitting back and expecting big fad you know that's. That's the heart. And of course mode now you've escaped Yugoslavia from world where Jewish Nazi occupation here in America and our government's trying to do the same thing that's that's a a history repeats itself might frown. Let me let me tell you listen ladies side I'm I'm pleased about that I I cannot believe what topic in this country. This country again if you should ever do enough let's give seventy. Each of these play and I can't let this sit. He may have to respect the president what every dog I hundred CBC. Everything is booming you know people have also saw many many if not the perfect dark side. Only god it's perfect I played four times Sunday and I'll only god is perfect. But these people should understand it shy to do the best player country so little I didn't feel like I said that's my opinion. I agree I agree to let it be and let us work in the economy is booming like you said Mal and people are urgent thing. I come let me tell you be if you cannot afford the absolute dump I would not hear what I have today. I got lunch pail on the lay on me ally in the war how this I think a lot of investment. My kids got to let you get in my door and it's the cemetery in New York canal once on the beach. Chief financial stuff for one of the big insurance company I know that I mean they can watch I cannot. In the in cash factional and didn't and all because of the outcome would defend the guy made blood clot in that table. I get that education that they need it to be productive for the country. That's not bad for a guy that arrived in America with just one pair of underwear kitchen and. Well let's go back because when you're talking about them you're talking about these airman. And there was it ten airman or. Let me tell you what happens when they compare and then. A ball we can lead to more gentleman came and the way I understood because stand this process for the job monetary. And I'll look so I'll be muzzled you from the who I believe people adopt. This polish and my god and war wolf warmly by the a wounded did police and the last six months without closely let me comment actually was able to communicate Sullivan distorted due. Jim when they came they. Told them that few other eight guys to beat seventy about it so badly hurt. That they felt that they are dot. I Germans coming issued a actually knew there on the spot it. They did not pay them may not be on more than two planes. Let us know that tool or the plane landed I indifferent to guide sludge killed. And in 1948. And its coach came back into another main stop to wonder guys burned to death. I met the man atheism go into health club. It jogged him league now who access unplugged scared that I notified all my city we never saw popular 68 years I met him elks club. And we've become the best friend that unfortunately just can't believe Google he loves golf so hard then these Serbian people to give me any love very badly hurt. Twenty months and that helped convince could come back to the country's. OK and so mount your family though the U had to then ultimately you had twelve. Well I don't send American okay flyers. Pay out there are. Eight children in your family. And then about six children and two I'm their parent. OK okay so six children to parents. And your mother was able to take a chicken and feed all twenty of you she is an eye hazard that is for sure. Aaron ten. But I'm Molly Molly please how I have left clippings from the gift I'm. Gradually they knew a lot of the radio not to get done these seventies. And you don't want to give these 1974. And I've got the million. He gave me here. It the information and valued at it now I think. I have the newspaper clipping I could bring had to meet and that you normally sure they have enough. I'd put dog will put him would dot saw I have not information. Thought we'd love to see and share Aetna and mode you seem to have that real affection for these twelve American fliers and they were probably all pretty young. And they certainly were from far away standing against evil and tyranny. And he said that the guys played with Q what were the days likely knew had basically they were there for 68 days these American fliers that were living with few. Because they thought this such a pleasure that I can act because being the youngest CC not totally got kind. My sister so my Brothers and a half cup gloomy and treated me. We confection mud that's my god I like sixteen years old my god put me and his floppy in the country that some gloomy but to go back to god I. You know this guy he's still I used to play then I knew then you know it's all and the other outdoor house right now it's safe to go staying okay. Today's exploits are you know how to housed at these food at all would be no popped up balls suck a Democrat I don't know how to actually in my that's such a joy I think I can. Beyond that I didn't have the crying and then my god said pat down leaving you know. And remember their name to the bridge failed due I know because there along that names government but I guess I do memo adult all the data base is still playing within. Well well I can't I can't imagine how generous it would be for a kid your age at that point nine and a half years. It at the beginning when you have these all of these people in your home when you're having to share your students share your space attempt. Without must've been. Mean in the U guys are very gracious you guys are very kind there was danger and then there's a lot of danger out there off well let me come tax you whatsoever that we come back like him says in the and I also smoke. A lot of talk about what it what was it like when and no wind inject Linda Nazis started to. Occupy your land of what happened eight years schools. So hey what does Rihanna go to break we come back this is mulling camera. I don't know there's there's a wonderful may lire tanked tech skills. We'll have more of the World War II project is just a moment. Times are more a World War II projects here are very chicks and volleying him. Here we. We are thrilled to have a new sponsor and that is scooter. Restaurants they're your football headquarters in they love their relief technique that's used Coke please. Let's be careful they are habit forming their marinated overnight. 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And and now this show really precipitated from a trip that Molly and I when time. 2016. With a group from the Denver police activities sleep that took four World War II veterans back to Normandy for. And no we came back and we realized that we needed to capture these stories. And we're thrilled to have you on the line with this you were just a young kid living in Yugoslavia. With your five Brothers and sisters in your parents. Winning it happened it that there was a let's Seattle weather beat seventeen that went down and ten of those American fliers you guys basically rescued him. You hid then you fed then you take care of them for 68 days and you are still friends with James Corley. Two was an engineer on that B seventeen. And he's gonna be turning 100 here within the next few weeks I guess. In Somalia is so great to have you on the show with us thank you very much. Now when we went to break her first thing. It's amazing to me to think about what your parents did. Because if you if you are caught having these ten American fliers and ultimately you got two more so so twelve American flyers. If you are caught there was significant danger. On court threw a shot yup that's dangerous. It yet you or your parents did it anyway why do you think they did that. Well let me go to my father and I in my opinion about my hero in every respect. People like in his life. He loved helping the people he bugged mayor of the city he loved I'm not appeal the court's. I'll name some unknown 200. Radio how to run a mile. That's all these people brought their non Americans. And he felt the peak it held up people. And actually tour de risk unite together skin and then we can it paid off let me tell me that state because I. If I didn't come to this country I don't know what I would do it will be alive and they'll not I would not say what I am. And I might my children my grandchildren and I make very good father now. So for a second time that all this it's it's not really because of his. Very very often discourage the people who can't pin and let's go back into the Libby Cornett the other small farm house two bedroom. And large kitchen dining room okay that's my three this attitude completely new one bedroom and my father and my mother and feel for the brother in the order and bedroom. Now when the Americans came might sit this shift doesn't. Do not shed the other show that we that they used to warmed up little pot co produced and bluntly Pinochet had. My mom would put a stroll from the floor. And this guy slave like at twelve blocks from the people paparazzi made a lot of plum brandy. And they drink a lot that they love that blunder and weeks they would fall asleep. And they say well a lot of the guy Beckham out freak. And to document foot on the Fed more than sixty other Jim could have equals 68 days. In that tingle in my opinion and then approves the time it's almost like four months. Well and then MO was it because at your relationship with these American flyers. That you were able to come to America because I think I remember reading that that you said I want to go to America because I guess you like these guys so much. So were they helpful and matter how is it that you ended up in America and I Sunni became a citizen yes. Yes let me tell this Stanley goksel. Promised my father that he will bring one of his sounds problematic so there must feel proud about and I love the youngest. And 1948. And 1958. At. 57 actually. Time that I got came from military elevated mentors to preach I hate head. That's about it badcaps compound outside on the and I want to look inside good and I got my parents got a lot that's true that there because such Stanley title king. Forward to connect without. And I got home I got similar vector image sendoff how bad a letter to me says that after they wouldn't support it. And I got the election these guys iPod dock connection. I love I got a best man to that name. God had. His brother lord communication and saw through his brother I was able to secure leave the port two years. Normally they would not let to get out of the country that age. So I got the lead to put two years so I came via another billion doctor and that's fairly thoughtful course. Tell me that I meant to. Kind of a letter that but to listen to these families have by Charles twining and that is some people are saying if I have nothing left. And I'm in the pantheon. I log they looked to me that job climbing. From him I meant to that. He mediation downswing. And that Johnson gave me left. I'm not a done that to the and give the other guy and everybody will forget this good. Numbers because I used to understand they'll let me tell me if I can go back you know I. Soc IE the brutal attitude that it's good dousing it restructures to dole looked lovely little. Look rallied against the man at the leather and negatively to that twelfth floor and the director of immigration and I'll actually go I think. Toledo on the left then and I'm here I chose a lot of and if so tell stories we do not know your situation. If the bug killer an odd case if field. So I knew I had I know then let me. They meet permanent residency. And not to fly if you and I got my citizenship path and I continued school and I've been through schooling I got my masters and other my Ph.D. And my family that did not apply that flies out to stop. They did let me know why didn't they like it. I have occurred while because it's like that too much in long days off faster I think an award Kim song and so on and so are. And I hit inherited from my father truly felt for a guy that I would like to. I don't care how many dollars to make sure that came with god daily that they needed I'll probably go up front and do not feel. You know yourself. When they need some. I'm from the companionship and song and in my life did not try to attack and so anyway. I'm not out food contract not to get divorced and they can't let it could not look like about that's likely go through. Indeed it was either studying more get a divorce I think you probably made a good did you like on itself like you've done just fine for yourself. With the fact that you have been I just felt like very successful and your right tier. Just with one parent. I am I'm happy underrepresented in the Fed decision I made this country American I cannot believe and recently faced people. And that they don't I can't play flag let me tell you. The pledge of allegiance let me tell you. I honestly believe they would not be left on the field and letting them like they make up. Millions some dogs and day they each disgraced our military. That's key fourteen put out safety and nineteen their lives many of them I had a friend that I can DG yeah. How will police also lucky shot but some of that crazy people. Very dear friend of mine. So I knew he had to give got respect to these people would suck find them like silly moment. We agree we agree thinks for CN Samoa and into the fact that your Stanley risked all of your life to save American soldiers. When they were of their fighting Nazi Germany infighting united. Tyranny to protect everybody in and that's the deal Malia we can I went over to Normandy were able to see the people who live there who were liberated by America and her allies. They remembered in the appreciated have been and I think that today in America our kids are being taught the truth. About the history of America our founding revolutionary war what we did get rid of slavery during the civil church and eight and they weren't Derrick Todd. What's what our military risks every day and we viewing your fee only dead in. Yugoslavia during World War II to protect American soldiers was just it really really warms my heart and I love it so thank you for sharing. No I wanna talk about what was going running your schools at the time. That and then that the Nazis started to occupy your land in Yugoslavia your nine and a half years old what was going on in the schools. Look school at all like we have a lot guide dot read what you have to learn. From my eldest sister and my brother should not this is not school for a hotel from 1940. 21940. Five there while many schools we worry not it is imply that kind of talk about home. Most of that people it's stored on their home. Okay well whatever your parents teaching you at the same time. Well let me tell him my mother liability and my mama mom mom never. I don't read all right my father learned to read and lied to anybody knew bleak indeed act India armed at all. And do you think Roswell on me and been all village do you think you'd people who commit all of the manic used to come to our house my lot of father would get the newspaper lead to damp. Explain that what's going on. So. They're these school you admire how they're semites if there's some and I'm before the war coup de. They're not educated to have the best out of this kind of junior high you know. And then a couple of my assessment to they have their apprenticeship and put their ladies. To learn to cook to let them solve. To make up close you know songs. And he tried to look at how how long held down. Found that the American social war and you know they are paying major stop for them change its act. And if did you know that slipped personal I think Jim goalie make sure we line of them. And not somebody who I used to live from being something that the league audition songs. And the assistant some of this for a person anyway so that's coolly logical shut down by not half by the family. And then and then I got back you know of course it's laden very hard to. You know this kind of down on their helmets regime in the future total number of come on the spot they saw you ought to be very careful what you or two billion. Yeah well you know my you mention the slippers and look at article must shared on the marriage sixties the page so everybody check it out but were reading an article about James gore land and his time when his plane encounter anti aircraft fire. And it to their target in Austria and and they landed in Yugoslavia. And in they weren't three to four feet of snow in Nazi occupied territory and and would dare she used their boots were taken there there's things were taken so obviously it's absolutely freezing out and say your CM only mode not only took all of these. All of these US soldiers and airmen and B you also knitted them slippers and and I'm looking at this and it's it's a picture of Jim Curley and his crew and that's leather and knitted snip slippers that was made by your family that is absolutely going beyond the call of duty. How awesome are you guys. No less about the the resistance. You know I wrote more to had to be a very very scary time like you said that the Nazis they were burning your sheet there are burning everything they took food and I. We did birdie there killing. I want along my neighbor. Mali and Kim. And although we believe are not an upper class couldn't meet minimum. Payment level. And they do not believe that John munch who do anything. Lou Gemma that's coming you'll possibly limiting the way I want to not because when these. Compare this man did not believe that they look. Probably enjoy a much comedy you Maine and hit. But Jim hunter came baby's life is stored in good nordic. They cut that ahead I'll try not to my brother tells me to tell me that my older brother actually try don't trust peak. And I would the same time my mom deny in my hand and one neighbor after you name and he could not. They can get caught a wave Soviet Damien loved accomplished I'll send you that idiotic. And believe me I love. Click and then you know bullets out flying to Doug ruled cruel and my mom could I hear them Amal they come in dollars and Truman and they've got a white flag. And they I think anybody that's. Thank god they left they beat people not going to be from will be more would opt not to feel for the six months because actually came under an impact taken away. Toshiba dot com not paying. And we can log particularly no saw each other out there rather difficult lie can be a little active club that's reflected not stable from the people. And then ask. Do you guys in the Colorado probably had a beach treat if you know what the beach. Then they got food sublease. We don't believe believe a lot that's police tried and then got down very soft. And then the NBA don't leave you know sometimes for the food. And end. And no you know dead check next isn't mutual list underground groups dead that rot. That crew the American air true to your house how did they know about you what can you tell us about the entire. Network of underground group. Well let a deep in them because we've got on beyond outside of the academy because. It we believe we need to be out again that come his comment on my father was glad you're well aware a doctor. Stop can be be matter. You know IP logged some relief supportive and I and the other a lot and neighbors who are can they sit out one of the cool lug a general better you know. So. It gently soon you might play like bill about a radio station not politics and I'll try my father was tortured very bad because I. Found some labor squeal and him and that they can they had done radio station and they brought did sell Americans still are Holland Tunnel. And so. He they knew that supportive of them and they are also supporting optional. And I'm that I I get upset when I hear that your neighbors. Only you know you never to regroup sliding on the side that the December and you squeezed in between him and the Fed are designed try to. I know although the majority you know I. And Tito come they say this outcome that somebody called empire they called and so part of don't come this. They're not a majority in the eventually Dade they get their guy got through buildup freedom fighters signal. I know a lot of them again that killed a lot of them escaped quality not you know you open song. Actually it's. Outside the terrible terrible time on that there's not people only ceremonial and believe me I am sometimes night manner. The national and they put down open on my father nick. That was whenever torturing him. I yeah and and you know that's cruel in its own right smoke. But the fact that the and they would have the family and the child. Have to watch that there's there's just a cruelty to that that's good that we really don't. That I don't think we understand and in America I mean thing. No I'm not a problem and probably people people who wanted to look who wanted to watch the television and Norman coming on to read a book. I'm up I'm a bunch of books idea. That's overridden by the French people and look what happened you know part of the world. So are it's safe side it's behind your imagination. He's in no pep talk so cannot do another being cold. He could not understand the person that's called the police should never be no hungry I'll put you understand that person you never do that you know it's very difficult for. Yeah lol where go to break and we come back how one is just find out from you where were you when you heard that Hiller surrendered wig you know what what. What was that like so stick with us this is the mayor six Molly and cameras are everywhere too I don't. I'm bill be it I'm going to get someone more IRA did DL then we'll be right back. Okay. We'll have more of the World War II project is just a moment. I'm for more of World War II project here our marriage shakes and bullied him. Hey welcome back to you Mary JS World War II project be sure to check out our website Ameritech's dot com. That's where we are on FaceBook and Twitter as well and you went to download our podcasts. Because many times people like to go back and hear these stories. Several different times. This show really precipitated from a trip that mauling and I took in 2016. With a group from the Denver police activities league that took Ford. Back to Normandy and when we return to Molly we thought about we have to capture these stories. And does so we had talked to James Gormley who was an engineer on a B seventeen he actually than 48 missions. And they had day basically crash land in Yugoslavia. And blessings above blessings. We have mole on the line Mo what is your last name. I had an affair. We are very okay. And you'll none of it's you're the youngest of what you reap the youngest of seven or at six children. FM until the my older sister the mother married. And then I'll go out of proportion has simply brother cannot bluntly I'm the youngest to hold these other senate. That explains it so the youngest is seven children. And you're your sister year old sister was not in the household so there's six kids. Two parents. And guess whet you brought home ten American flyers that a crash landed to take care of them and then you added two more so there are people. In the winter of this was in the winter of 1945. Are yeah okay and these American flyers were with you for 68 days it was. A cold winter a very snowy winter. In you actually save their lives and so let's meet you mentioned you were hungry. That at times. I I I guess this was at a different time he had to go up into the hills or into the mountains. And you eat leaves from birch trees to stay alive. But let's talk a little bit about how these flyers. Wind did you guys decided that he did you get to try to get them from the resistance and get them out of Yugoslavia. How did that happen. I'm Bob Grossman love submarine. I could say man you talk to you on that the outcome Monty wanted to leave. And my father and explained through the Stanley had you have to beat not because that's. You do the fifty who are fighting on owned. You I think premium because. They can't because that my god I've got part of the world than VR didn't let people have very strong. Any sense that you don't have to worry about it you know I. And more scene really if you run up in the hill feel on the into the populated come I think not a and so he did you eat hot import food and I'm I mean I'm daily basis how could I could see Dhaka. Bob Grossman on this Finley tried to explain to him and call local soccer. And community and so they paid without cannot access the Goliath or nobody can. You're sharing your thinking you that you would you don't you know we share the same food same. I was appalled you know. So there's no problem you know you nothing you don't have to be. I'm layup while getting her act. And so people on the iPod our goal would go to him you know that you wanted to get taken out of the country. And then eventually. I would sit out this spring broke ten I didn't. I mean day it might try to 5% to damp. I think now we have to pat you've got to on the goal if I could not god darn the general try to receding. By the dogs are pushing them back cannot be sitting by noble cut from the small can't clean up state. And then I love how long did the most of the I do that and they kept because also escaped being. Problem from the it's no different direction. So my father had acknowledged basically that Tim Dolan of the sheets tonight they negotiate a part in the past they've made electric flag. And he won't put them I took two days had gained two to dethrone blonde buildup underdogs and they are very relaxed. First said one group for and didn't take so damn I believe and then later on stay instead ineffectual that guides com and they accept them and unconsolidated. They come volatility. How often left our policy. OK and Molly mentioned before we went to break. Where were you are what we're thoughts when you heard that Germany has surrendered. Well I'm out you knew that in the house and my god my daughter heard any data they had the yeah who can beat. Now participants. Why do we know radio station and they announce he had to go. They've blown actually that's. That. There's I don't know. Countries would be Credo that Germans had problems cannot the other some feel that their big problem logged in mounting a campaign. I'm Croatian songs complex and what happened. There are among the must stay between two religions Citigroup economic and they did dated lot of lot of are trying to feel dot com now people try to kind of book and I hereby that Frenchman. 500 dollars in the optional front feet. Concentration camps. That's where the 500000. People women and children. They're very into debt side let's not talk about its sleeve dot com because I'm extremely from both sides sit panhandle and according to that's what. Anyway. So I didn't didn't you go to pap we. PK did you move slowly got these companies have become is they don't really damage I'm not actually very very bad. Let's let's move a little bit thin in two today let's talk about some things today first of all. Mode when you see the American flag what goes through your mind. It's definitely don't. It certainly don't end of the field veterans. Around McCain came to him sit in and mow it Mo is going to be here in Colorado this weekend he's come deceit Tim Gormley and and I know I that you all had a reunion you we've had several now but but I mean I was reading about you hosted a reunion for the flyers it stayed with you combining it with the fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. Of your parents mr. and mrs. Did John evict tell about their reunion what was it like being with those gentlemen. Its front page because I have got timeout that I lived in my opinion Walsh. And their family Dr. Phil course I brought my mom and my god. He two conference visit to my brother's about July and he also lived near me tickets seesaw. I believe god then I invited them all of them and then. I saw. And I thought so then my head coach that they get land and in fact I've done by the I think I'm sure Luke Ford then you know I. So I draw my great pity you and unfortunately. I do not need much I got drunk and there's. I know nutrition and when it is played them. So they failed due to a 3 o'clock in the morning meanwhile I've been in bed either coupled dot and so on doctor that they'd be. I'm not so you have my mom my annual and doctor drew can up my god that I got out some issues just saw I had two doctors. And I have never felt like Hidalgo let's turn a cup cup semi hands off if not foolish thing about the anyways. It's not the greatest thing you know. And then they've criticized him and I'll have to. Newspaper through all of a lot if Sony's side and they live that's the that's on the one of the best. You have got pattern my mom and dad spent six months without. Then then then backed coup that put tools country. Leino is ready when you when you talk about alcohol and reading an article about Jim girly and had talked about the fact when you when it was time when we need as it okay. It's time the Germans are getting closer and it's time Preston help you make or break for it is at the gym darling had a severe stomach gate. And they your dad give more water glass filled with ninety prove brandy and sent. Bottoms up and Jim Gardner's error occurred you know that's your cheered my stomach gay that I couldn't walk a straight lining herself out of the. It's up to London Levy used to make a buck to look at 2000 leaders saw that there would be yeah. The other big our charge you know I. And you can make it to lose attitude through to Gaza leaders. And my god this has specifically. You know for the people. I have direct Cambodian people they could just take a little bit off to a fine. Tribunal where they can they've been good to take on Baghdad left. I hope I can see probably a mock candidate to Dominican didn't work so I give got a problem they may have voted promote. I you prominently in the kims fed to me or did he look better than any medication. That's far the United States and Jim did you remembers that very well you have. Not endorsing Billy location mormino. When you Coleman is really not happy how the bottom up pot bellies fell in the house you know and you don't have a lot of I would you know. Actually do want to offend a leading catalog you know done little plot Meehan how this all you have to reliability and how you know truth could try to block it while the lifeboat itself for America I do I remember very well and that's and that's why am I appreciate and respect everything that I have today in my life. Yeah you kind of when your intake we need it when it's really called out hey. The you know the. Toilet toilets outside as well I love road online media. Heck I still am I know have you picked IBC then back to Yugoslavia hit have you taken any of these guys have you done that with any of the old crew. That stating your house in 1945. Not only Stanley visited. This so that people never let me tell abducted or union in 1974. Pack in New York. There's not a lot. And that's park. And these companies annually in I'll walk. And that I've got time Indy and then the odds that the union. And weak cold Holland said he wanted to talk to me and I did not want to talk to him because you are delighted. And stay in constant loud because. He had they need to not they're connected to come and share this so that people that take. I think a lot of lives since they tried to apologize to these in this spot clergy don't then that's and then try anyway. He's Serb. It's about what life itself try on this that I lived. I that I am glad that he did what they did so helpfully and that Jim will leave the little on the with a few more years removed. I I go I'm 170. Anniversary and I got these two cops. And I mean gave them names and men asked to select consummate and other and so independent mercy I go I visited there more often than not. I'm probably not Bolivia please don't doubt we'll be Datsyuk. That's awesome. So we have a few minutes left mound you came to America and obviously you became a success what kind of business. Did you build or what what did she do to make a living pop. I don't I I your nephew this this guy that I worked for these. I DNL I would gladly put 32 years in fact that's who died BM they. I am I missing that Supreme Court. I filed. Sued. Because I love all the food the people and I local discriminated. To a couple of people from the meal because of the war of 1990. They'd been had they haven't without. Complain to you Monday resources and knowledge they I have to get late the semi an apple laid ultra Thai person. And now I have excellent my appraisal when you look at my appraisals. But exceed the requirements apple deal I BA dialogue all the special. And they and Austria two people afraid of what you behind and I would try IBM and not and I feel I've worked for the Fairfax County. And daddy died I had no idea I also thought suddenly voluntary basis may have been the and I'm sure the people that don't wanna go for the top two military so. No number you told me previously were preparing for the show the you're reading your memoirs when all they don't go out and how did we get tense. Do you let me tell that I am I being criticized that I'm not pushy fast enough and that's. I am no more beyond that I have also and the third she's on my case you know beat Pete you have to wade through a nice guy via telephone number. I the only male. And I will let you know and I imagine should. I probably not this year I hope by the amid little for the next year I would have not. I would say the 99%. Finished in the Mediterranean. IRA it will good. Well Rick import to read Nat is there any. Any books or any movies or anything on the kind of that the resistance in Yugoslavia from from your time in World War II. The you'd think would be good for us and for our listeners and for kids today's to look at it can have to get a bird's eye view on what happened back then. Well I happen. I am not. I don't know I want to do it this could go to ruined by Frenchman. Might happen in that part of the world. You know Lola tool that's associated you know how this can't have it. How relatively simple accomplish in my knees and so and so on. And it's associated ping signal that life can't form a dead issue of defect cannot. Gordon announced cut the link the stock market being the baby and played so they have not. The concrete pool. That's so old so that's a book that they. His. Wouldn't buy you Frenchman OK I've got 1948. Confusing sight inside could be no. So I played some very Ugly Betty ugly situation I'm. Let me look around Molly I would argue calls have a bunch of books I think I don't know that I could. Thank you know just a quick question regarding you know there seems to be a movement and a particularly among. And many young people in America today that they are kind of embracing. Democratic socialism. Wet so what would you say to two people at about that. Well I would I would gosh stand what happened CD Warren Buffett. I'm bald little bit world keep people staying there well and going Conrad dock and you don't have the money here Hollywood's otherwise. They don't understand about the social limits. They don't they get pressure on that the hostile work. Truth be due to provide for their family. Dion none of that this Democrats what they doing dale structured is that crazy people in my opinion then on the day. They don't may have been nothing talk drifted up people you see the job casino economy I think now my my cap portfolio god almighty I could never believe that. At this time and really on their person and I came with a blunt got robbed America and I know I read I'm a millionaire. No mistakes early in the end this dream. And that this should be called the buck absolute dump not because of the social act if I can in Yugoslavia probably be approved will be dead. Any more for the people at W glove that his faith of people badly could survive. Did people young people they dorm understand that and you have a few people their point do you don't mind Deschanel and the universe speaks. I could not believe that Clinton eventually allowed to they young people protest. Like abruptly console that's bashing this that's so effective that's crazy. Crazy told my opinion is. They should be fined pummeled establish a defense could be China not tend to doubt Russia sent to the UEFA former Yugoslavia or maybe even the Indy. And then they hit the outcome countries. Receive other social impact fairly New England. I think these guys live in the entire month people from another calmly to that month. To do would be the do the surgery because those socialized medicine I'm I'm I'm I'm condoning in this political Millwood got internist. She says it's unbelievable that people have to wait and they've got out of the country do not get they get the heck can. You know and so sub people young people have to wake up to see what the real world this can be good enough helicopter other subject you would not have anything. You know well they should open guy. Well and I think that that's important that we tell these these stories insult Moe. Shouldn't you have mom they can attack issued these kind that I wouldn't want to get he's going to be like they have this except Fox News. They have this. How Laura Ingraham. I would love to get them there and jobs give them all right so it's a true story five. That this young people got out Blake can look out on themselves. And he stayed in that couples spent so no not provide a job what you wanna do. Government cannot run without the company InBev would they've been doing never come close to pay that money pay the process. I thought I don't you know and so on point and people don't know that analysts they came to another country you visit another country and that's why we're doing the show that's right senator Mojave John Beck. Thank you so much it has been an honor to get to do this interview with Q it's an amazing story. And so we greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much did you ball played from Mali can. They team though god bless you and please let us know when you memoirs or Al we'd love to share that. I don't know I am trying to bless you thank you catered to this team mayor six mine came as a voter to project in a few knowing any. Well over two veterans and I like to share the story your gamely members thereof contact us in a marriage six dot com we're here and Kate easy W every Sunday. One to 2 PM god bless you god bless America. Join us next time for the World War II project to your host Steve marriages Molly's code eighteen months. Until the teach saluting the greatest generation.