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Sunday, August 12th

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World War II it's known as the greatest generation. And these are their stories. It's the World War II try Jack. You're your own son and marriage Jason and Molly's okay Jim Munson. We. They welcome to be married chicks with Molly voter anger Kim months saying that this is our World War II project. And it misses a show where we focus on the stories of World War II veterans. And this precipitated mowing from a trip that we took in 2016. In Normandy France with four deviate veterans we came back realizing we need to capture these stories. And then that's how we started to show. Right so we're coming up on that you know the 75 anniversary of we went to Disney stores can't get anybody out there knows any vote or two that still would like to share their stories or even a feeling members that would like to share check out of Merrick sixty common contact us and give a show information. Six today we are delighted to have on the phone with us. Range though choose channel. And she served on the USS Lowery which was a destroyer. In the Pacific. During World War II frank thank you for joining any marriage six today. Let's start at the beginning we wanna know. Take take this back to the date that Pearl Harbor was bombed do you remember where you were when you heard the news. Imported warm silent. I was going to do. Turned it was a critical to remove reached after the movie we always together. And employers called some confectionery. In critical condition that they have a little bad for America. And when you do go to a movie career America you think about who wore the summary of world war and that's a push by her mother worked he's brought. Forward 4 o'clock in the mid afternoon. On Sunday December should look. In the loop element should ever Nebraska. Oh my guys I'm from western Kansas so I know where shattering Nebraska and that. So how did you how did you end. In depth in the in the service tell us about them. All of them in their kid bella. I went to Catholic school on Monday December I think we have enough for you do that we had a good go to mass and then go to church we'll look forward to a good. School but we'll go live to go to church. And know who. After church but drivers tick those guys when bone and try to move in the war Europe maiden. And I got a iPad. Did pass some. I didn't know this until after the war both to recruiting not certain my dad worked friend. Attending the VFW meeting. And he called my dad got couldn't establish cracking down here and golden golden. Foster Gordon didn't what do you want me to do and that's just it. A water and perpetuate further into the trauma of love when I couldn't work infinite. Tell me can get them because of you who plays her best so let that go that was. That's wonderful how old are you at the time. Sherman came so I had to have my dad's side for Milano and then people infinity because. It plays blogger there. The club deal everybody four years old. I'm happy birthday to birthday here. Deadlines to wait he was in the VFW's so was your dad did he seven Mota or London. As shouldn't we got wounded more more more yes you. We see also in the navy. No he was clearly he was so good for you on where. And roll over when he got hurt influential men and why didn't. They go gluten that is. In his shoulder. On the left shoulder. He lost to. Shoulder ball we can't they can't live whose. Or could acquire more than an artery that lifted up in the iron there's. So ninety degree here. OK so you are you went to that would've been just inter you in these five other young boys. Decided that you were gonna go in and lists so this would you still had a half your high school left. And Denver the recruiter talked to your daddy says I really your guess I really like you to finish. High school that you get out of high school you're still seventeen. And you're into the service at that time manhunt. Yes place that I still. Convinced that they're trying to Myanmar. Because they. Look at. Good recruiter that there's so many people he could bring a recruit at one time on. That was about the middle of June before our god damn it I graduated on the thirtieth the mayor's move back orders through Q was lucrative loot. And each of them up to league who can get shook. Into the movie to get it. This feed their chicks Molly voting can months we're talking with World War II veteran frank OQ tell. Tre Kelley did you decide on the navy being that you're from landlocked shattering Nebraska. And it has put up. Underdog and felt like I let the uniform in because. In our area flew the remote station. About 25 miles and show Brendan. This photo you can Malvern blew by Google lit this. Like what do you go for much that the Euro woman who upload the. It's joke. President and to show detected a lot of women to. I. O worker program yeah. So I know give basic training went where did you go in what lessons learned. Well. What they can claim they can in San Diego California. And it. Didn't get good food where or who who was only a notebook. Look he's six weeks I guess. We didn't take her complete her name because there were blood collection and Sheila true. Yeah no. I guess one in June reminder card. Because the Coleman. Good relieved nine days in the August. And memo went pinup boys you know it won the cold and Syria certainly. Submarine tender the US does very. AS twelve reserve. Shut marine tender. And through I wish chance to. Pearl Harbor was picked up his very I was on the very little over a year. Went through both. Bruce not good yeah we would go under the missing submarine. And net guru. Well I guess fluid under a couple months. The men who were unproven and they island. Admit why midway island I was. Transferred to the base and they're not going you know then. Veteran like him back and picked up below re. Such there I was almost thirty billion leave it on that crib there's almost two years that have been in the service. You knew at the battle of midway or was this after the the battle of midway. After the bell who there would there where Bill Clinton enough from the battles moved him which still Drew Lavender really imam from the battle of midway but. It was a good point to first submarine platform are tied up there and submarine could. Command near the mall direction June. I've met so poor blue polo. The submarine turn very little or no. Inches and you were on the submarine this theory is that right. Break. Well it was good morning tender years are big trip could not only do. Work on them replace. Torpedoes. Refuel and more and everything they need to supply a move submarines would make commit. So they support just discovering OK I need to clarify that. And so they knew it removed from that to the destroyer delaying. What are you always apply and new construct more quick on the construction. Then. But what can do well and then. Those served were in front four who were there close to a month. Then no. Vote. And form in order I would think pick. Six years seven new amendment for and one car. Would schrempf who twirled. Them. The whole initial member Goodell live. But the ship in commission we had to spend the couple months. But they did one thing led to rethink the whole ship because. When the commode move yards away is Eric Campbell flood plain and we took a bowl game. What battleship gray other. Then after repay any of them we have a clue about what required the blue or go to Google more sure you can. And goal couldn't put there to produce nuclear crew that. Reserve who did for a couple months before we were commercial movies commissioned in July. 1944. Okay end Britain when you're commissions and where did you go exactly. Well only for women kick shakedown cruise who did she object known crucial round. Yeah in and out of San Diego and then. Went to Pearl Harbor and retool them. And then we could hopefully twelve where there were gut refueled her move. We can do that's fortunate fortunate to have reaction. And so Lou and we have learned that if you were in the shakedown. That's base of this that you are probably a plank owner for this particular ship that right isn't that what they call that. What a prank or your pro word work or worked to play corner and I can't open. And explain this shakedown because that's to make sure that that the the ship works properly it has to be a little thrilling to be out there on the on the water going as fast you can't trying to figure out how the whole thing's gonna work. Larry and who would they do different created super bit different turn. The that they've been hit hard the whole group could backwards poker. They're not they're above all made but they checked the armament. We have five inch 38 yard grid still. Would be history pretty low shouldn't shoot the amount Lugar and they do to mount. Forward you're Mormon reroute would amount. And moon we have duke forward. Forty millimeter. And the guys struggle I don't remember all my important moon live picture. They all had to be that bedroom or metric million. All of the people who are in charge could you department. Who's taking care of them cool. He making sure everything was working properly and to a maximum. Efficiency jingle. And say oh shoot so when you know your commission on the USSR you went into shakedowns. And that you're ready to go now what was your jobs then on the USS Lowery. I was in the radio guys. And though. Well you know right then they go get within fled the four walls shouldn't. And milk for years the guns go on all fours who wouldn't. When that Tony will move targets guns that go on all you feel relaxed she then won the forty. Millimeter the goal of all why you get little to do because they're governing closer than one that made her go on all forward. That you really get excited with considerable work that comfort room could become a garden. They thought they tried to land our leadership quote I'm a big crack up instead. But. It's really you're a radio vigor you down below our team you are you loves the you can see things as well go. Mover on the deck director I'm going underneath the bridge should stick captain who. Who and what are your mood suddenly only one bit with the coal oil one bit with huge full deck higher than the main deck. And no. Motor do do they don't have too much superstore crucial. Move. Bill we have one more dirt the vote there who. So frank OQ tell what battles were you involved and we knew where serving as a radio man on the USS Lowry. I guess I did I good care you can go moon since we're. We Brimelow the battle. In all this country. Forward. Form mr. little red wall that's a locomotive a book like people people who are people maimed crippled. Which truly want this do you eat Qaeda remember which plans which you when you share with our listeners. What little. More. The group the group or who we're we're on way to put it would be helpful for open all what. What was your world we both were good Democrat who can put them. Pall mall look at him compared. Foreign troops playing good. Formal we have been apprehended. Kept them. Get to near mode world war. Former reformist camp who didn't really couldn't move whoever who didn't you didn't know who. We will look who Drexler will shoot good. You do not let them go out more movement in that chip below normal the normal wardrobe people actually took. Are sure to add could cripple booty. Who what who defected Gordon put that through that. We could all vote who grew all important. In case there were being looked at the moment many people who put a bidding. Form. Of sexual because group. At Paul welcome them with no problem. And the people duty Annette rink was. What is different distress were sent out kind of in a half circle is that right and then keeping an ion to see if any of the common cause these were coming in. Are the steps is that correct. And and every mayor under ship. You know when you were on deck if you were looking for open government and I would have made it quite that good foot level could command that it. Do you vocal water. You know they control who you could grade your gun Dunham. That group that must have been really thrilling. What twenty year moving to pursue it can't definitely two different incidents but. That's good bill wouldn't go to boot print. Yeah I guess I'm thrilled mall full moon. Hey yeah well enough drilling probably isn't the right when they heard what it. It got your attention what so. At the you know what let's go to break when we come back we'd like to talk with you frank acute how about the first time you saw a kamikaze attack or what went through your mind. So this is the merry chicks and go into months and this is our World War II project. And you get yours every Sunday when 2 PM and be sure to check out our website and Mary chicks dot com. All of our shows are archive there where you Mary chicks on FaceBook and Twitter. And so I have four REE mail that comes out each week which highlights what's going on with you Mary checks so. This is my only chance we're talking to World War II veteran frank a Q tell will be right back. We'll have more of the World War II project is just a moment. I'm for more of World War II projects here our marriage takes bullying him. Where. The mayor takes those words you tragic this is Molly and Jimenez are rumored to project and we are excited to do this show it every Sunday at 1 PM Mon keys until you can hear industries in the utilities. You can also the next big Macs it's listening to his illness to all of our. Our former shadows. And so we're on the phone right now with frank toe to toe. And he served in the navy in the South Pacific. During Woodward to on the USS Lowery and drink before you went to break you we're talking about the kamikaze is Iran a destroyer. And Isa idea you weren't in Europe to radio gained obviously you're you're listening to everything you can't believe you're looking at comic cons he's coming at you as well and everybody on decks down staring in every direction trying to -- he's coming causes before they can hit your city to take them out. Before they took you out Tim asked a question before you went to break tell us about the very first time use our comic cons become miniature destroyer. I. Heard from but what might. Everybody goes through the battle thing my battle they can work inside and more RadioShack. The so I really didn't give me more than Bowman who. Said that I could tell boy I would wish it was Gordon and you wouldn't. You can hear good and enjoy London or you know go. You push through them at my door sort. Leadership from only one word Chernin. Our captain could avoid them. By loading them. Ford sport shifting goal among them were never all gotten to inform on the ship and it shouldn't they go boom boom boom Granger and you're what people are in good development. Or who live look and we certainly got it won't but kamikaze move marker at work that I get. These warm welcome. Who's who has won two Olympic dream that too well it's a big gap through my old. That kind of and they had a good gun kept number. Hate to bug or I applaud the terror. But there's a little more when the ball one ball on the other side because bush ship turned so quickly. It's been put to build it in the open and gloom. Oh boy oh Roman know formed a new group of well above board wouldn't have been an event. That meant getting all the good old dual core a little bit. Is that they're a little above normal blood that got it but there's ball well at all. The boat called the col we. That's pretty close strength is to let in tricky you mentioned also in the last segment that you. You saw the Dextre with it got hit it and I think gearing your group actually rescued survivors of its accompanying debt or is that we. It could merge groomed that would couldn't stay in the water way. The captain give orders through all look like we'll show ever photographed all. But people who are in the water. We did all right good fortune to recoup willow turn in the mud couldn't do Scrooge. And then moved. And helped boost. We give the public won't prove good big and that they let all the metal CIA to pick up through your vibrant hidden. But we did all we commitment for a sudden you know. Alike favor and balloons and threat out there you look all bill. Yeah okay got off from the. Harrington oh. Do you ever do witnesses at the entire time you still that come to this news certainly didn't work well at net and I was when I had been reading about this with the USS Larry isn't it while you all were were helping. You know throwing deep south to help the survivors of the Dexter they're still suicide planes coming coming around so everybody was an act. While we got we got the other one. There was just and they compared them who they normally what we shut it down but those who were who. Became man mobile upload limit him as we were. Couldn't sure better because we're we're in the line of fire younger so but that's true he wasn't there yet. You know and who they couldn't they couldn't look at them go because I didn't really did. Kitten our ship. Him. Ten. Now frankly were you involved in Iwo jima. From a different local grew pretty would you woo woo were. There and escorting the carrier. Part of our squad who was there because the period with woods won't do for recruiting and have a good but they. These children who'd you rather celebrate do we all go watch up for the we're out there you know. But it probably won't look very good and that bothered me would. When the phone doorman would pick up your brain. Involved committed. We've got a good. Welcome back yard because we don't know what these sobering tour live where do they can inherit Cold War. Now. So he rich email usage you were giving cover for it takes carriers. What was that battle like been yeah I guess what you probably saw planes going off the carriers in the end they were involved and in the fight as well and and how far out where you guys. We'll carry out what do you think the plan could play well then and believe. We offered little period included Weaver. Archer was let you know could keep up with the and so they could. Land in war. She didn't. People in corn. Because the group from the word and pull the it anywhere. We were led Upton didn't government because. That are carriers say good about physical they're bulletproof. Export them to help him. So that the playing through always quibble mile circle we were real close until the clothing would be my goal. We were the bullpen but we were in the area here. And straight since you are part of the radio crew would you were Neary it would seem were you. Tearing any information feedback on on the progress there. What what was going on on the actual island. All of you know. That we didn't have the people could go almost more important when they're on the radio show when we all. Sure they're regular circuit contact group. Different. Positioned. Call neo geo who did keep keep contact with them. So we can leave work station who had to say that are dug it and copy or quote. I was cooler. So in charge boot section. I have two more and there were so good tackler who couldn't come up yet more liberal. A structure of the prewar on the popular yellow or blue book ordered circle. And the hope is that the I thought to be as good. Okay so what was it all Morse code then is that what you are doing. Yeah I would didn't look like we couldn't really defend yourself for the copy if we could not read this book that the BP coated everything. Was encrypted to command. And do you think you get hit did you communicate this to then have frank. Did you communicate this team did that did you do with that and what are got a piece of paper. We know we had a voice mail old school like coop we were in their path forward. We have days voicemail like. About boot. Power of that Levy who. We could talk to people there were even lower earlier we looked real ball loose and it was quicker you can communicate that we're both. We have more than welcome because I love playing boot they pick up are meant to do shouldn't. We don't want to be receptive. There. And look them look at look at what we have big momma couldn't find a world position was to put deserve it. Quote checks and other people you know. OK so last year at Iwo jima. What where did you go with the Lowry. I can't. Move forward looking at or know what he goes there and move forward in the whole ordeal. Japan moved one point the Pope will work well for both Simon. So once and blow things got a little ol' bullet for the soul on that we can give a severe flu. Look forward when that was about good for our record didn't play good now we've who were. All you can overwhelm. We booted you know you've gotten at all good clear carrier served from mid complies with Billy off the Perrier group. Portland while we go America to fail. Supply ship there would furnish her to a we restored some of the. How how good help help meal we heard that one of the good things that the US government did what was getting the mail to our act. Our military's. So tell us about. Don't think it's a good job and avoid the predatory got bell but it has become promote big ship like go. It carriers would be one of the plane got returned to get them from them. Landline mirror then Glen. Place where they could pick up both mail bag. Then you know you might only get one bag put. The warning came. Together whether they had to have fewer male called me. We call them look I'm all we give our movie is actually did get a move won't want to put food. The club big chrome. So that was a particularly good Google mail people. It's we'll break a little list of news for you hearing from home with a with everybody getting their mail I'm sure you guys talked about what what your family members and loved ones back home are writing to you what what we are hearing. Well would pop he. The good thing it could include multiplying but you have to you know. What do you think we've put other than oh newspaper are as good a newspaper. In utero were completely because. I used to copy present. That they can then. Champion took a little combat. Press just like you we Colbert foot removed luge who would put movement paper. Ten World Cup is that women have all they do. Who made sure that. And we put it on. Say but you're being very quiet. But it can. Paper and remembered that it wouldn't settle around to everybody would agree what computer would greet him in the paper mill and a loot. Young mother and they wanted to let them do all we can get. Found. In many men served on the USS Lowery which you frank. Wartime political month compliment boat show it was like 350. Movie future the other little blue. They have no matter because we're all put our men bump. I'm sure not old. Peace and they don't need that many people that. But they're war plan dead let them know people who think they're okay Oregon that we have gone. Move. Would do you have any stories of India of the men that you served alongside. During world ward two. They like to share. If you're a good group we had quote. I think they they're really come they had more we have our lives association. Lowry is preparing for the reunion. The first we have it was well. Let me quote in very good good laundry before they moved it up. Through Washington or Oregon or move the Mubarak. And that was appropriate minimum. Level of emotion the pool really you never go through until we help you guys. All these men who live on this ship for him with a birdie on The Who like formally and more. Gooden. You know who voted and they got murdered people. He younger people off the. Yeah. And for. You don't freaks speaking of that what was a typical day like on the USS Lowry when you were serving in World War II. 400. Emotional pull hook for a few words. Had law known they'd call it flawed and they at all you go to work with borrowers who. Like you who wish there wouldn't be forward with what they could feel like they're. From Brooklyn who what where then you'd sure be the next day or from dinner or supper time and interpret kind of late night. Social midnight breathless. There will be okay million. And didn't pan am I love those. The movement that truly get very book the bloggers say we're beyond rooting for hours who all played our. So they know where you've Fabio people who your long career. You know I don't think do you remember the good news. It usually means that from the get go or go on the street and but what tomorrow we did go to get to bear in order to word male in this picture nobody will do all them. They'll have to look at the current side. Now as the rest and relaxation otherwise mulling its floor and you're on let me ask well. I look forward to a separate bowl would then there were greeted each got mad. Taylor Marty. That's for sure. Frank acute tell you mentioned it said that you had a really great captain. Tell us a little bit about him. You know more we get Miller. He came to us from the past but what you do Kruger. End up. The only thing I can give us then we'll whom he was the way he maneuvered the ship then and he was he didn't click with personnel. Forget they're there Metropool Google didn't hear. My employees that he was Kuwait good form. But let him get his pick. I only say that she was great with personnel I think it there's not. Probably a whole lot of information. In that particular statement. So what do you. What do you mean when you say he was great with personnel. That's no no look this won't go to camp but he knew what he was doing and we'll make sure put before you never look the bridge. He was up on the bridge dole. It says there are talking we were all true base had command. He had a car that hidden behind boo. We. Yeah. They wore them he would go back then laid Bellman would ever restroom form but he nevertheless good good good that's pure political. And has been turned what could push. Personnel who look cool do you. But nobody even though with the ship was fun can be a good grip. Good you are great you. And more you fight the department won't go as free from Merrill who was inept or compartment that was blown up. Felt port. Which is tool that led a group screw those who have. Worthy of Shaq did. And that. They've probably bet they're actually put it might. Dead in my god. And it looked like the Ku turned to good. Those who propose Cold War Joseph on the shaft. It's that went bad dirt floor I've never worked for diplomacy to load on my feet now who are. Ready to get on MySpace from the but because the captain. If we man membership look good it was a great guy who grew. Now you know leaders and leaders. And just because your friend a bunch of people doesn't mean your leader what you've described here with captain. I ES Miller was that he made sure that he was. On duty wind and wind. When he needed to be and his men respected him. And that that's a great stories OK okay so we're talking with frank a cute oh he's a World War II navy veteran he served on the USS Lowrie in the Pacific Peter we're gonna go to break when we come back we've got smothered questions for you frank. To stick with this will be right we'll have more of the world war you project is just a moment. Time for more of the World War II projects here our marriage takes bullying him. Where. Back to be very chicks World War II project I'm Jim Munson and Molly Jones and we have on the line with the World War II navy veteran frank. I can tell and he's served on the USS Lowery that was involved in many battles and many skirmishes. Throughout the Pacific war. And so let's just a little bit more about your captain. He sounds like she was a real leader he had to regard and he respect of the crew there was about 350 men. That was the meaning that ship which that's kind of an amazing thing. To have that you know to have that cohesiveness. Frank you mentioned to when you had gone to your associations. That. These 315 min three under sixty men were really bonded. And I imagine that you were because. Even really gone to a lot being involved in all of these battles that toy room when you're going true. Break you said that they captain ES Miller Lite a clean ship. Well. This weekend of so many you wouldn't even older inflection. Make sure everything looked good and then beat Google white glove treatment room. Quote global small though group. When we moved. It would conclude. It was a big military you grew. Since every guy smiled at him that you're thinking out again not again none other like a love this. Regarding. At the cohesiveness. Of you guys that served on this destroyer in World War II he said that he had some association meetings. What do you think it is that was truly that bond that brought you all together. The same problem we all hope that. Well we're all normal people go out for her beautiful golden boy they're really can't Gordon can. Things get we can control. All the what should they don't really know I can't explain and wouldn't it sits there. At all. To go through this thing you know life. Like the door won't relations. You know moved. You've beaten should they should. All move. You know I didn't open rural their opinion you're a little collateral murder ball lower fuel above you. You roll Fran didn't you know do you ever know the Mets quite good what are you thinking when. You don't have moved there from guys pre planned. All. Wound in his head you'll go ahead you're not the negative but it didn't go out and that was. I was there but there everybody did his job then they'll go forward. Nine if everybody does their job well then you have to have success. Now where you all. Okay knowledge at all. Well we give we will make OPEC could be at Oakland although it's. For more mobile provider a lot of you got lip service group where they'll. That that's why go to all the good captain Miller. OK okay well then where were you when you heard that the atomic bombs have been dropped. On Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Won't people who upward Luke Perry pull them. They've taken over what carrier they're low blow it went back and forward to. I guess you could give Bullock put them over. Or Matt go who we put people were gonna be no Gordon was you know. I know we didn't go and kill all of the brutal political wouldn't report yeah I would. Because we did out there wasn't worried. We've let this week. You know. Six but can look good Walsh who's kidding when they put them on the on the peace security. So we'd sit outside then we had. There or coach planes were flying over. Make sure they won't let them do it. Double quote former. Yeah move. It was probably. Twelve hours before we decide that and say they would really I'm not surrendered. And you're. We didn't go hand over it just luck or good Tokyo where until the sixteenth of September. And then we we took it to a world. That is exactly and we will do what. Will. You put him because you've got to work. The devastation and other public garden put forward movement between that and there was terrible. But you can't believe what they look small bit of order form there. Now frank a number of the best that we've talked to and backing up I think that our generation the younger generation. Just our top that the you know there was a lot of devastation. At my Nagasaki here she met however are almost every veteran that we have talked to said. That they thought that it saves lives in fact it saved their life what is your opinion. Well or are you can go very true war because. I don't think the Japanese wanted to quit fighting it until that was struck I think that we're. When they hit terrible we have them. He could still pull the most important we can do charcoal Ireland cookware and that they didn't Mormeck where they don't. We will get more involved off. Was. You can get the pardon the square and really couldn't you know we wall on the Brooklyn who. See you if you Google yeah. New Year's tour card I think Germany quote war. So what about after that say see there in Tokyo Bay you've got to eat that's a look around and see the devastation. Under his senior year. Pleased at the war's over. What happens then do you go straight back to America. Well we work we went on that court Okinawa while. And move we took our mobile. So all seem be don't make a world. Everything will perform better who created it was scheduled to promote and stage. So. We kept everybody who will form and was able to goal and you know if you take pleasure it would look all above normal hole. Then you could unload a hundred people and every time you don't forget you've gone you have to go play in the mood Monica was there at New York you can look you know good at gluten crippled guy at all. Yeah. We were on the way home only they could actually you know a good luck to him could put. So that was good good all we're doing. We almost didn't know I know for two meals a day to get home because we cook should encryption you predict the this and knows his company for the good nobody would remove certain coach. Shall. So what frank acute so let's talk a little bit about. Letters from home when you've got back. You got married after the war great. You both of them very remote November most important slick. Crucial that Google employees. Relate to bitten. Have tried so they're got bad cold she had human beauty operator that you had just opened shop. Then no. And listen Nebraska or where was this. In the country if we couldn't shut welcome welcome the red curtain. No. So. Are important new book called on the third floor. My dad my mother had died didn't vote in the war debt moved to Omaha know what the American melodeo. Why are looking more potent big blow get a live. There was showed. Western Miller who flew higher manned. Am. Sure what you would welcome letter written. And they weren't going. And I helped all business structure over the golden warrior fuel and gold affiliate. What whose form appeared together could hear or read and thought it's always look forward belt school. I went to work toward fluid you can now work through their employer. But your club from Britain. They load the people can look horrible. Form because they got murdered in the bedroom floor or they're. So. Little. Are there any babies shortly after that. Ordinary children born. To. We're getting. Rid we that we couldn't read their children live what the doctors removed Crawford missed out there and have written a book. And we could do everything they called to do the recruitment could Lou we got married children. Sure make you think the group. I got a letter from. The combat. Secure cargo. Common bedroom in my. Cable division and I ate all of it should not be cold warm. We'll lose serve because there was no release blu you can go in a moment minority group. And sure I was curable. I hope you can return not go that you're gonna call me an immigrant group nobody pulled me over the career. Like of all live and my wife put them where they were elected she like travel wolf they have. So we can look good quality I didn't I what Obama movement that didn't. Thirty days definitely Miami and Denver or are both compatible organ player who noted that Putin. Could creep and. Found my New York who. Though so you did serves throughout the Korean more. Wow from 1990. Could you make me think he forward. I spent I spent two years. Aboard the ship called an eight foot hoop. I've played 200 and burden like that came off to a lonely. And that. Former combat play for the gay men pulled the nation to where you don't remember Puerto Rico and Cuba to try to get. I can pick my wife though miracle. We've done animal. As soon as. We've got a good look warmer climate might get cute black movie we are appropriate they can be. Template when most played. Such picture didn't quite look bigger obstacle. The climate change on yeah I'm. What's. I am a poor poor are poor children. And I'm wrong but there are trained great and more good record they're and they're getting great grandchildren. This is that's a great story for instance or breaks it I didn't really see you written a Korean War do you mind just tell us a little bit about that. Welcome the war. We didn't. Or argue well work because you look train local real sort of terrible. Move troops couldn't score a New York no there there. Certain we would then of course who who could. Google for lord black and then who brought cloak room pooch you're like culturally. No. In fact we get old joke also we could take a moment. Small color can beat me couldn't we couldn't get them. Like opponent who are people look good food to hit the click and it could play though. That shouldn't happen. But who I normally wouldn't go up in the air her battle or go work in the world or true knowledge. Then we wouldn't. It could prove important troops who have little envoy and. Bring it to you you have a whole brood now. And children and grandchildren great grandchildren. What our got a group Barbara we're all the other group yeah yeah that's nice wedge or what would you. What this aid to the young people of America today. While you were what you'll what would you say to the young people of America today. Well and good all I can play port Brodeur can play who. We got a felt like fortune born will take over the country and well holy door and we we won our freedom. Than. I've opened and cute. Bill. Let's say did he gives kids ever joined the military. My goal and there was no no we didn't already know the war. Do you really don't fool you didn't. From you can look good. Let's do it couldn't move my school well reported that people aren't they're men. One woman crew quickly through it. Or. That sounds like a great feeling you break we heard that this beamer chicks calling you were talking with frank. A cute choke World War II navy veteran and a Korean veteran as well. And I think it kind of alluded to it but what do you think of when UC the American flag. I didn't Diebler made my heart. And all of replies go low this country and I love everything and the home you know Lidstrom then it. And we should but old pillow book. That. She should step melt all seeing all over the country dead and then you know. Well global Australia the most corrupted but I wouldn't go along you know truly be a critic. But I hope that Australia could just learn more about what. Would. And who did send a bit smaller more water below mall. Where you won here in uniform or who were. When I was down there. They ordered strictly local news crew couldn't do you couldn't get beaten everybody who. Treatment while we're there it goes to great clearly slow. Let's see that we think says if people in America and the kid's future generations. Actually easier to learn the truth about the great sacrifices of all of our mill military men and women you know it then and now future. Did they will start to understand what that American flag stands for and respected as well and and that's how we're doing the show us is to your stories we take. Really touches the hearts as a way that a regular history classes and history books I just don't think they're getting these messages out to kids these days and daddy how come a day that so we're so take floating you trade though she tell you for sharing your way with us and for your sacrifice and and now and just for letting future generations and encourage. Turning kids know what that flag means to use of that it'll mean the same thing to damage we love the flag and and we love you and we just wanna say god bless him. Quote Lincoln mark and that kept them the credit this giant revolution. Launched in order for it. Tell liberal who who really are so when he worked on very you have good. OK okay for real this do you and in Hulu you'll never. Know who. I hope I go all being lukewarm on their ball. Does it helps all of their emblem gable there. OK we'll break a cute oh thank you so much for joining me Mary chicks today this has just been an awesome interview. And and be sure check out Ameritech's dot com. God bless you thank you so much. Some. Don't have a great send H and anybody if you know World War II veteran nurse stories. That you want to share with us on World War II please check anti marriage six website and contact us we'd love to hear from have a great day. Join us next time for the World War II projects in your hosts deal marriages Molly vote eighteen months and yeah. Until then chief saluting the greatest generation.