Americhicks - 7.8.18

Sunday, July 8th

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World War II it's known as the greatest generation. MEs. Are their stories. The World War II tried Jack. You're euros a marriage Jason and Molly's OT two months and. We. Bobbing and more online it says it means you talk about talking with just about the Safari Club International. Humanitarian outreach program Bob Adler thinks he's so much. Tell us or tell us which she duped. OK go for almost all what you're gonna we've been working our way of orbit but. I am individuals with disabilities so we were quick creek hospital would look for short portion. The WTC or trees or in addition the song. Would work operations. I would venture traumatic brain injury. And because well what you are seeing an ounce and are treated at the top recruit classes. We're trying to get combat a lot of the structure where they were done on or. At camp chains. And you can EST as most people Kurt our Allan PDI is really Kabul with these guys. And over medication and that is a real problem. Long term alcohol was on the fourth grade and suicide rate which is. Roughly twenty to look at. So these are known as the invisible injuries so what do we get people out towards. Those who do. If you look or their particular well now involved in these albums. And when you insist on what program or go to school you are the ones who also aren't our. He. But we beat chiefs we are important queen's no we are objective is QQ why they're. We future when Arctic to you know to keep you going because. A lot of these guys who shot a signal from the house. So people won't be no magic well there is no unfortunately it is not quite bit so programs to. It's just caught the crowd a look like a holistic approach. Which you know politically and sort out which moves a comp or I'll wait you do yoga attention. I achieve you anything close enough but Obama is so all of these boots are coming up quality. You hold out hope of some use violence to Hawaii. Nobody ever. I'm going to always say we eat we love what you're doing there with. Safari Club International humanitarian. Outreach program. I love the idea that a more holistic approach. Trying to get rid of this over medication in in addressing the challenges that many of our our veterans have when they come back so Telus very quickly about the event on July 23. So. We want to blow up the go women fall in golf course. It's it's dark in the morning it's roughly half. Of blonde she and some ice wrapped all I don't know. Excuse that cannot rule going to vote or don't come out and have a good time for strange story number or perhaps some steps. Playing golf or this and all the money goes sports are nonprofit which goes to war outing this again would you all year round. Are you couldn't go online. Yeah until about a war of words does serve. So I encourage everybody you know come out have a good time and support. Are good cause. Love that so again that's SCI HOP dot org. And that is July 23 at great event for a great cause so Bob at why are thank you so much. Hey welcome to the Ameritech's Brodeur to protect Somali vote and I'm Ken Munson we are excited to do this show every Sunday right here on T easy W weeks. We are honored to be able to share the stories of real live World War II vets and today we have a very special story trio we have disc. Handling on the line and he was one of the very few survivors. Of the Japanese camp a tie. Military police brutality. And these guys were the worst of the worst these. These military members of these with a police were worse standing Hitler's Gestapo if you can imagine something worse than that. And and Fiske is gonna tell his story today that basically she was a B 29 flight engineer attached to the 504. Bombardment group and they were shut down. During it there I believe their seventh mission they'll get into those deet tails and she became. Basically thought. Don't Wal-Mart. And I don't remember. Okay I don't borrow a page and it was that you're seventh mission sir Gerald. OK and then and then you worry you were held at. As is not even as well as good as a Prisoner of War you were you around his worst and and that they say you're special prisoners to be tried and executed for the killing of innocent women. In children. And while you were awaiting trial for several months that we're gonna get into during the show today your considered sub humans starve and half of the regular POW rations you were beaten almost daily it looks like from what I'm reading it and you had no basic hygienic needs. Very very very bad time. And others the very end I loved your story of deliberation. And I can't wait to get to that part the first fist. Let's start at the beginning do you remember. Where you were when you heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed. We're always going to taxes torture were doomed from the global good. And are very drove around. Social good or radio. Remarkable I heard the total problem would show it to forward along. Asia provision bomb pearl or. And what went through your mind this what did you think about. Could no longer there murder. Jeff were friends who are actual warrant. So Obama screw them. And bullets all over route from. So what happened after dad in your life. I mean. Well of follows closely to. Parole or rules for supporting long. I don't know what it screwed up that are cruel. From this for a long for the truth and graduated 1943. Different. Just room. Fold my train 42. Cargo referred to roll over from the government playing great. You've been selected you were there are important. I'm a little before all occurred where the following expert when it gradually. And there's more truth. Copyright toward total stormed Bono to hurry you know this. And joined up and play for what may be stringent rule limo Kabila aviation cadet academies army air corps. And B of mind control of earth or. Kirk. Here core of her points. Shall have the good book club. And more burned through. Will you graduated from college. And didn't tell us about sag getting into the service than from college to getting into than. Military. Well Margaret where you know why it one night from chipper I'm 43. What bill recruited Aldrich a burden unified. And for from Guatemala cruel because a whole other ball well Monaco or. Who broke her ultimate merge of weight. Rumors another bidder or pollution and the trainers awaiting. Him. Her owner Roy who Kosovo ma go to the core computer dome and all those social or professional font color or. Go real look try the things he's able so went down and but turned to a very had been a couple days to get two. Possibly both were cloned floral or Hulu period could there a trend here or those basic. For three of Marquette. So little a lot of row twelve or or know people who came. All controversial mayor for. After three of markkaa were Hillary bill better. What sort of feel you know worst field knew they would Connecticut. Or sixth Montenegro or gluten claim to an airport. Or she the very particular you know beautiful if you were to tell. There are other. Who congratulatory Google might not have already are which applies to earn a degree here earlier engineering. Phil. Both the corps visit him. Oh look I pushed my own beer or form about California voters there were about to our voting. Right no huddle or could there Cutler. About tornado had her picked up pretty fly this year it'll be compliant we have Nolan is going to quote what what possibly put on him I'm what did you. Most of us a better plan flowed through. So. And restore train you know Daschle. Letter. Pretty damn blue book published a mop up period. True. I reporter truth take flight training. So we're graduated and got polish division a cycle of trauma to her word for positive for the U. We look forward for content or poll. Where a lot of people born usually double. Or liberate the brakes on and on and look for a week or an unemployed drifter played. Very well we're we're gonna rule the degree of Monty player. And fuel whole crew Nigerian people only grown. And we were anchored a bill that we have to come up through a group. So what's it mean. Not good but anyway. We version where do. Slighted her book born to screw up to three moment and we're gonna have to lower fuel doom for her. Her we've got flight training there were no brief strong and I'm kind of available. We're trying to and the torment for him here Ballmer should be a big ball. They're more aware of the litter problem or or clarity material and the courage we'll break point for what were. Her except she. Suspect. Trolls just they way our version or version where you're. From there. We're sheriff two or individual here field. Which we're requiring time. Here field after around the country through the order for there feel so true. Abreast of the Fairmont where Lincoln you know broke through. Extra malls. From her apartment. Feels there. Overcame poor little bubble fourth bomb group. Orchard or commercial by huge and when you appear before. And we bring your own car. Training could go over there unified. Good chip only. Obviously it. We didn't have any because I'm I'm sure that we drain doing big uncertainty in her blind. And Jewish before we distorted over choose some people actually do fortunately. Just for critical fighting for the for. A couple of brief time Carol but we. We're church throughout farm both. Or were litter knows their interest during. Under the current political body were to roll over for the bureau. There are horrible earlier four and troll through. Boat with. There foreign policy won't go more for your flow between. So you drove. The convention is facing he's got people. That could be torn harmlessly fly. Or how long people appear on the. Our purchasing control is we've got time I go ahead this is interesting. Opener and it just tune in and week does the mayor six forward to show we're talking row mr. Lauren you're. Problem only what around the mostly true story here next sole carrier butch told wave of Serbs well. Through about friend. So. They were told Lou. Didn't put special quality do of the but the Mormon or terrorist borrow a change. The women. Were. Training to flyer partnership earlier force. And effect of two brightest enormously good time to. Dirty girls. And check them out to Florida will be permanent. And to go home three days of total book appeals about the team that they gave back. The ball up. There and so figure out these cool girl to fly over the assembly. So about derivatives are cornmeal leash at all all the pictures there for. To put a little flood damage occurred and it. The blue dogs from border and every school is girl. Beautiful. My rouge control. Remember Blair bit that are drew would try to go from always thriller gold surged. And ways to do cool girl arm girls. And cable its turnaround belief. There and her daughter prewar Arafat and sort of works is sort of view alone to view hail of a problem. Am I will remove problem. Of these girls can slide is a plane you can't get out there. There and you were a proud of where in the wallpaper proud it's just so. Two. When we will we go up big when I'm we've we've trained. Just couple weeks target forward would choose or overseas. Embarq based provider of and we do just for this book polluted just over four critical. And I went historic over Hillary's that blue it's green flew. From. A broad scope to. Place shouldn't care solution. Hearing could campaign which is interfere portals and pork stationed. To the over here. And we're we're you know we're pretty torn arm sore arm to us. And food a couple of times and room where you were ordered blue period. Overly pleased but we've proved in order to vote. You'll lose him killed or no. And what are we landed the blue. Collar process for over should be used. And flew over Colorado. Home pinning him all of only twelve of German word attitude forty much power. Where your story bombing. Practiced march to care commissioner fields made replaces. Him. Get your daughter up and little hope of him and so I consider open to doing a lot of damage to the Japanese Sudanese. Alone and so there. School. Us we bombed Iwo jima and miss the target but to multiple intelligent screen wearing blue. People aren't sure about the memorial. Three or four months before where you've restored to fight them. Or may actually be China Burma and Leo Dakota gentry are more related to know why there when the target so we. Home the a little twentieth or so January 24. Destroy require we're bombing at tiled do they wanted to operate so sleeps. And not fit better assortment carefully you'll. Tomorrow is the target. Eighty personal bond approved Motrin and killed a whole bunch of British. Didn't want to parishioner appear pretty Israel on the this is editor and waited Republicans know the people that surround blowing them here alone and you'll. So. Total but. Both have a floor malveaux from the marine most would bomb that Poehler who had played them Coleman lied to and if we're worried. Aren't being reported. And what we do it or bottom muddied the polls were ground. That slight of build more likely in my room they're brutal Japanese those breaches occur over the floor crew were far. So we're located ma'am I couldn't dig holes out of mobile coral there was about six branches of government social if we've made here so public game on fox hole bowler. Not just South Africa so fresh out of this this this it would match. Sorry you'll want him loudly Iran you know we heard says how hard it was to to dig a fox hole in Iwo jima because they said because it that because of the love them because the volcano's behavior that it was so hard for them even dig and that was like ash everywhere. Couldn't vigorously good or old Ross and clear. Her books about six to eight inches of Israel and all talk and make a bigger hole in the ground troops. Mike possible. Sort your Lear for little more flavor a couple of whom greeted him playing with donors play. Think it's okay you went down. Or tomorrow and former marine my agent so. Barrera forest or marine general middle of Marine Corps. Prefer this funnel ruler of a couple of years ago. Crucially there that it won't go on alert emotional bond we will also managed to organs and cough up or go home happy about. Hey does scare the hell who has lived in which general is at the may June. Very well include general crawfish can he force toward journal and shoot right. And I'm always vote for him to the recruited Marines and may want airforce fellow. Officials there about that was about three through three years ago. So home for her proud of video memory. We actually want legislation up for five truly. At peace to post such. Short of the war. Who just a quick question I at to act in just a flight engineer doom on a beach when he nine. Which are now what is what was your responsibility or reply letter yes. Oil. Trust between an arm was first pressure Carter flying. There are very powerful force before and you've Haram should flourish. Through Europe but there's no rule through governor of pro war and move over there. And should Clark to Tokyo round trip through twelve miles. Bubonic a couple of so pure in soul it was brought from airport in the so. Corruption look warm or what we. Are bombing. The economic model policy you know. And turner usually burned up four love my Japanese cities Tokyo called we will talk on the going. To be Guerrero. Twelve people who atomic bombs there wouldn't. I was almost slowed my Asians. That are part of and go up but we're not far but I want to question this Waller got shot down home. Homers. Communities so we'll until March not to imported farm Schuller couple months. Where you were the machine sort of branch version no. Anger verify our parent you know. Fighter what. Qatar. About troop withdrawal as the Japanese have broken our code. Earlier version of Okinawa will have a plane Japanese fleet program or were were cultivated pleasurable Myron. Can blog script I will travel well better. In the bottle here prim pop told brought under this. There's this. I shot a barrel on hold or any juvenile fire. The ball my usual car. And we do your mind well. Book. We didn't have a both have the bill out. Yes tis we would we're gonna get let's go to break and then we come back. Let's talk about the bail out because. It is this is when things get pretty darn serious because Europe wanted to use survivors of the Japanese and that I. Our military police brutality we wanna hear this story is charges it's going to be so stick or no word. Numerous commercial. Radian marriage takes he'll be right back with this keenly Brodeur to veteran. We'll have more of the World War II project is just a moment. Time for more of World War II projects here our marriage takes bullying him. Where. Actually married chicks rule works project I'm Kim Munson I'm Molly that and we are honored to have on the line with us this candidly. The second he. Was shot down over. Japan in world war two and ended up in peak. And I can be tie a military and campy and was a prisoner for end we won each year. That story at this particular point in time. Before we went to break we're talking about the bail out to you or B 29 has been hit you said all of the engines are on fire the bomb. Bombay is on fire. So let's take it from their desk. All during. Oral when he served with the cards term. Scarborough intrigue out to prove. Her murder more and more of my jobs were electrocuted and shouldn't just program. So we get back Carroll can be your ruin your career patrol boat changed Arab. The Alamo quote horrible in some Arab. Hopefully I'm a more into the content supplier broke. So we're rural or get out there but we're review where assure you that. We have been very awhile. There just to Rosh go well or shorter par market share your from my exploration. And Jewish home or Marshall earlier plan were Barbara memos. There you feel good. Joel Hirsch told me all up more road course upon by little for. So. I'm not parallel world such as storeroom Australia now. Hello. Her own arm to keep division undergarments. From I don't know what to do. And bomb by going to our little two way you know we're playing through bomb players who have no real church. Europe disarm a bomb explosion so I'm sure could you know through Obama Berrian looked old real foolish talk to employees. There's no I didn't controller approach to the prompt. And so homeboy you know and try and key player but Blair among maybe a couple of he's remove pet ever phone go trot out the trouble with her referral to know what we're looking at home. So. Suppose what the navigator won't move for our children are better than most stationed inside the bombardier Oreo the bomb. Very door. And pushed horrified and far too much from you in the radio operator who burned the bills court. Flame during her murder mark couldn't per use or reached on the show situation and hopefully people will charge. There are matters where you'll employees there about their own room booked up blue plains by Kimball the bomb by racial or a brilliant. So that was good but I don't know what can brew and linger boyish. Colombo electorate or to went through somebody. Come to good food go down but it did go down. Follows hole at the door open. Am a trigger for smoke from up there were three people if they're looked pile up cope well Ballmer bigger. So all those people who thought actually your could actually going. Amber and reform open voted no we don't want you fish trigger him. And merger went down family burial well oil. Had donated your program for made of fail oil but if some bomb went out culture retire hole. Cargo boat and jump though we're porn. Her book. Folk know we're just ran out of spurted lower altitude. Courtroom dram bit ago booked or do you do for a collection report here across. I yankees didn't have it ends ends this I remember reading in your blood. Accused American war criminal they use it and we knew jumps out of the B 29 you pass through the flames your hair was burnt on holding my head on her hands crew rather than burning note. Polluted by it would burn Jewish butter course harder shot through I don't know the murderer a role sure all of a couple. But tell us from the flat drain. But up from afar via this and say you're you're you're going down and you're trying to sign that the rip cord on your parachute in the hole I don't know where it is terribly. Operating room what do you do MacWorld a referral with tertiary group core that would motor I don't know mark cause actual word on how. And our member or reported. Omar over my cherished. Sore reached down to learn her was superb TrueCrypt corrupt political parachute open. So home cuff comment that I own. Don't know how are sure under which November is still. Good bowler revert capital. And vote Republican down and home overlay them much good good and I'll show you override or worship what are. Sure world you're all I am and so come out of fortify our automatic over my left arm her. Pulled over Margo blue pull out loud drive are sure to follow murder if you surrender actual location golf. It's going to render. Sort of took ground of that book. Books are approved measures normally of people boat owner and so will be men and women and children. Closure homer area though we're a much broader social skill and marry him I killed by an out terrible people fail but there. I don't know. So I voted no all of us. So. Polar. Pro also solutions. But he. Figure to pull a major Jeff what are you little people. Boy you have movement of pollution pollution Japanese police upon. Talked to him don't several kind ability job may away from people who are here to call ups. Could go a million mom capture or. Such Obama became a prisoner. Of blue chip a leash and the just to show their optical potion one build. My. Mother Credo alert crew member juveniles. People on my record low and we do know they'll go downhill. Oil pollution. So you go our people want to own a commuter plane and didn't megabucks they're bothered to burger over the help from Mary who who later have little or. Much through a virtual most or themselves. Assist our member right reading you know you use. Didn't know she did you try to shoot them or should you surrender. Our Armstrong who are. I should surrender raritan sled you're on my route skill might actually drug Truman anyway. So all of a sudden your own more laws don't that a police eventually you may have to pay around him a little bit new Japanese crew. Bit the village. PO. Those are all of them Earl was shouldn't. Blown out of all wounded and blue all over his provisional float. Well frown on old wounded. Her statistics on your career you've grounded out then he would but I happened in this matter or should do about through three aerial. Both. So I was okay broke treat a player but under Egyptian medical treatment. Goal. While we were a virtual proof version. Turned over room pollution should be tired of the Jeff polish church for terrorists who were mean to ever bother to include their own troops. Good but Doug recover eventually you have for about the negotiable weeks. Coach Odom are slowly chip Graham over future a lot slower ball so the Tokyo. So world. We will move the blue regular Japanese car Leonardo. Medical treatment to watch them very little or without parole. Department approval numbers that we bring it when I'm people were. No political conventional woman referred to approve over Russia and and can hope for treatment people. Won't want to. After about. Dude dude don't you wish travel around of their broad. A worker buried there had been questioned. We were turned over there were they're true emotion character of that type on because my current. Completely loved pretty Poland. All members are COPEL our character. Over the recruit kids in a moment ago there. Where you want to rule. Also kicking and beating people. Pure creation got. Soon after about two weeks. Can retire drove up and took it over. And we were taken. So more from Toronto Tokyo. Little Tokyo over Oracle's fearful polish. And to a donation mutter. America were we were soft program or both but pleaded treated. And no my medical parent should restore that do. Had bothered by only wounded. Well not a way do you wrote the book. Her. Promotional arm of the wrote a book. And in the good at it we're talking about his fight this can only the second it's called accused American war criminal. And one of the few survivors is Japanese skimpy Thai military and police brutality. And disk in where can people get this book. Well you do don't around the wrong. Actual. We're sure you know I'm through with the home didn't look careful in my contrary. We will show tomorrow full world would never. You know than ever approached. Sole book I almost gone. Through a very appropriate insurance corporation open Vermont. Gold group. Who. Well you know let you know says we will that we are gonna put your billing tier information on our Ameritech's FaceBook page and if anybody was to get this book. Reach out to the marriage XTO and there are six website and will will get that you two 'cause I love it says I've been reading it had been crying and like. Like crazy at and one of the things fist you know you keep repeating over and over in your book two things one is that you kept praying to god. The crew and you can't acknowledging that she was answering your prayer. Or. I just wonder. Any other was the song that the tune that you kept saying in your mind to all of that accentuate the positive eliminate the negative. Lurch through a little some some. Coral. And hard before. There are literally before. We have norm for improve your old. Former employees where Lucien drew on trivial matter. I simply do Bremer who saw them never urban poor. It's going to waste the poster of the preliminary and negative. For more help build out their phone just kept rolling through my career as a burial of low pressure him to do the ground. But what is unusual. Book served fourteen terms in my book. Inflation or burial so humid. I was proved largely by you or ping time there's more. And so we will have very you know through those couple months ago. I spoke to a little Baptist Church opened nor socialist. And the preacher. Also a little belated Turkey. I have certain words pre K you know aren't that propelled not a preacher. But I would take care if you talk to reached conclusions. Few people of that church. He came up and talk very. You know why did the Google or sort your body. And he told me emotionally important. Editorial. Approach to people. The ship they're good or close fourteen times that you student. The very beautiful blue route. To Perreault the world about by people have how late can be maimed each shoulder and not need to. Most of their hall of so let's upon here. How about it. Well I love and I am glad you know it seems so easy take to get art to get angry with somebody who you think believes differently is you do in an obviously war is hell and a lot of the Citizens United. Maine out wanna fight but did that in years the government tells them they have to and you never know you know whether what they're feeding them and telling them that they have to do. To me at Berkshire. When you are you hearing these several different prison camps ten billion Euro moved consistently in usage you're treated like like an animal like less than she mental or that are. Our worst and that means you're beaten almost every day it seems best to bring out. Who boring at it you you question why did they keep asking me or. Tomorrow warmed up about thirty wounds they purpose sleep or at least a formal. TriBeCa film. And. And it it and and he said why did they keep asking you what ever they interrogating you they kept pulling you out asking you the same questions over never tell us that we you know why do you think that a what we're they asking him. Oil but the show who's the blame. Prior environment question remains woes he clinched. How all through the American people feel about this war Hurley didn't part of it. Was there buying drugs are presently have broken our Kabul and completely they've been more about. Our upcoming envisioned to bring your own on November had to fortify. A little slow and Jeff parliament if you can't do. Operation downfall. Could we do know when it's going nowhere drew little liberated some. But can they move the whole story. And murder. Horry there were only in World War II or commit fifteen to twenty in my room milieu that. Ma'am women and Carol were good though on my breach. Or who rooted combat or good group based on my bridge over twelve slow camera code should. People who look at it they're worship we care that led invasion it's pretty. And neighbors would leave him and membership closed only two programs solo. Him our current current month buddies. What part include subtle honorable honorable pastry with a Japanese. So we. Atomic bombs which came member I didn't tell you about pivotal but he's of course we've dropped a bomb he was. Told get the burial. Air force squadron badly cut Kadima Alomar group. Can't change provocative just brushed. And local level or are those broader look drop that bomb went far far people. Hymn book that they remove the war familiar. Millions and millions of cup on UK and America. And maybe. Called prove that there were over 212. Didn't. How are prisoners so that everybody. And the video war to the disk if if there're there are people today that that say we should not have dropped the atomic bombs. On Japan it they are told that that was just cool reminded them the reason that it had to be done. Well it's sort of what I've just. Told we'll be sorted. So it fits that bomb had not been draw payroll because an arms could really destroy its fair. If a merger should be. Who have invasion rural carrier employees. And where you little Walsh served four million people. I'm all over here to keep their boat were always had to order blow. Personally war. So we get angry. That they atomic bomb I have people use. The favorite at. Everybody who. Well look I was thrown full operational experience at home on March 1946. Post hip Tokyo. And here we're gonna forward to her for what it's miserable your job morale blew out because we knew we could over boats have been slow. For clubs and her career army. Shall save my book tells about polar and that's the only book. That I don't know the extra mile to the cultural. Well we want everybody to read this but it's accused American war criminal by fist. In only the second and this is on the Ameritech's FaceBook pages wells he can go get this information there we're gonna go to break and only comebacks fist. I wanna askew you know you have the opportunity after being beaten day after day after day after day in starved. You had been given any opportunity. By your cab doors. Two to turn. On the United States and they were going to send you to what you thought was the country club of of prisoner camps or he would have food do you have medical care you would have a warm bed and you said no. Used stood up that I am going to take this torture and I'm not turning in my country. And so true so opponents of this we're gonna go to break when we come back we wanna hear that story or broker. We'll have more of the World War II project is just a moment. Times or more of World War II project near our marriage takes a toll on him. Nice millionaires it's rumored to protect his Molly though it. We're on the film assist Hanley the second check out his book accused American war criminal discos won a few survivors of the Japanese Kemp a tie. Military police brutality and these guys are the worst of the worst or worse stand. Then Hitler's Gestapo. And so Cisco was in that many different camps as a prisoner and until she was. He was. Liberated in we're gonna talk about that that was an August deliberation 1945. But real quick before we went to brakes as I was asking him eat you know. With all the beatings and all the starvation and end all of everything that treat me you had day after day after day and and your captors gave me the opportunity to turn on the Americans turn in some information and you had information. You knew about. Two of the operations that are coming up. Yet you said he didn't knowing you didn't turn on the Americans you stood up and took that. Abuse and could've killed you why did you. Where all. We've tip retires. Let's talk until June. Few minutes. They expect operation. Fallujah primary promoter. Arum. And better arm. Who we're going to be try to make a security role will be to arm people who wish. I'm Mike Carroll both polo. Care anyway. So him recourse should I was sort of engineer and her Japanese fighter dinners nowhere reliant butter relies you. So we usually receives. Burger English would maybe. The perimeter barriers and chipped retired core product gross example Welsh built well procure Obama and a bunch of letter. So almost everybody you know have put under question during a brief all. So. There won't lose no. And who were buried under girl could play what I know about what other other all I'm who live version of very few. Salute to a very himself told you about Q you punch here. After all untrue but it shouldn't Paramount not to vote mobile. Sort of trauma they have no. Promotion well. You're the controller should consider how would you do repulsion or in the Phil preach to improve their brief bill the bank. So told brawl out so well. From a good referral. Were appropriately or China grew up to approach that you Mubarak's side there's so. Didn't hear expert tomorrow but you sure about sure her. And I arrived smallest amount they've Moeller no liberation overall. So wound would do but one of the she first spoke. Those firing position virtual per person snowball express. What were political. Polio or four chairman Bob book tip my number. But failure of the veto. They signed up people like maybe. Agreed to part Tokyo rose just cervical propaganda Peru should make such a practical. Debris propaganda brilliant. And introduce Gerald. Or little radio. To the American public. What they wanted. These people apparel go to America and are great the Japanese were special counsel table. And leisure propaganda pretty sure there turncoat there there via I don't know I don't know how might never have put. On assault room. How it temple forward. So well over an hour now my hair out probably. Cool little corner of her real bad anyway. They're camp memorial a borrower who rescued from. Have they were poised to know appear so we're pretty sure. So smaller approved version of trying to kill wolves Kruup nothing but looking at a red national overhaul of web through my afterwards. A purely were sociable virtual. Vote shall have the levels by or look for. You shall there by of people and had made sure it was soul. Of dale Peter didn't do it. The most valuable virtually virtual. Earth. Pargo rescued. Only you know. I'm on me show on food books Aldridge 1940. From Campo moved from can be tired who have done should. After a poor people cool ways for people all this 44. Sorin group. I'm Mosul closer we're shall were. Take about pollute hold shouldn't occur girl from Tokyo. Turned over to issue there I guess there above. Colonial Korea will slew of termed over to do regular army though there were literally choke collar. Prisoners who were. It's a triple board which is rumored Tom Brokaw in the movie of the book. We're we're gonna go over there shouldn't. Don't worry terribly proud of Colorado her way over a lot of people or. Girls go well so I'm doing pretty good. People. OK okay over. Well hold historically dope there and total cruel very. Which featured a ma'am to go take over your grammar girl. He had to put marine blue room a few moments correlate don't brokerage a bigger police. Can be rescued the liberated until lunch on the peace security hold up their British election. From holders in the blue barrel mark or her. Go get old boy brought about that KM polar. Google and apple. We were rescued duo looked wanted nine point oh sure your portfolio mullah. Part of a book or. So. Exploitative. Thankfully it you know in this Stanley the second in your book accused American war criminals from World War II I heard that when you already in the camp the way you sound you're gonna be liberated as a navy plane flew over and dropped a message like a piece of deeper and yellow young got inning you're trying to. Figure out is this real or not what it was it was a really just a piece of paper out of it get that team. Well we'll have no. A little worried all over it and you flew over dropped to. And innovative new material from this sort of tomorrow you will be liberated and can tomorrow's appointment. So we'll oppose book. Hope book holder of so we all got dressed spoke through brute broken because Republicans have been terribly. Someone. Who America through where where you go Mormon vote could. Lou Lola. Very important people that care for little while longer tell all book called so most people but anyway you know. We're. Mid afternoon and the bush. Clamored corrected man living in a slogan Marines over actually gonna monologues. I have to. Who knows this and have a couple mark do beauties and I am captivated her group were rescued a closely nor should avoid. But the real burden of that kind of put butter. Before. Vote. We're. Airplane flying over a step fortress of Aldridge. No drop in food pyramid and sugar rush by you reap. Blame him finally be performing in times. But the worst flooding happened on our virtual mall to close this marine. Torpedo bomber flew overruled little. Torpedo very hopeful my own peace through my own candy bore. I'm very accurately proposed in the middle of foods which vote shall. To include poet who told a period of up. All sort of seen the worst came in the world. What I would call forward to or through our group. It will all this Caylee what was it like when when did you first see the American flag. Polls close at port. Of course we. Have a pretty good care prepped her you know will war was over. Cute marker chrome and pain can order recoup related flyers truly cattle should include never flagged ship. But the Marines. Come on him when you're both played twelve boulder that bird and flags fly you virtual ball beautiful slide which. Very Rashean I'll never forget it. And opera Upshaw might also largely true deal. There's a where were Terry Jamal was still badly wounded actually it's much shall live Q a little bit about twenty of us. The poor wounded and this whole campus no longer people. Were taken out to a beautiful start. Great big. He'll put out there quite it would they agree to bankroll social side over to a hospital ships available just. And my dog would side that the trio and we look to open look umpire went up to a gangplank to. Give up I looked verdict could have a milder beautiful side. Beautiful little murder could barrages subject storage deployed uniforms. Slogan older remembered you know I don't know for prop up a little. Have to kill people not talk about the the American flag of those proving you can. They're good girls. Notions. Any need. And you say to. Also at that how quickly as soon as everybody in the camp found out that there are going to be liberated in the next couple of days that they made it their own flags they made makeshift flat sneeze all of rallies there are many different flags there. I'm how how what did they find it makes flat. Or do they want they are able as well. Hope term entered comes out. Mean in the team who were remembered burglar my column so world tomorrow we are usually go prudential home opener she's so. In her armor emerged picture of the rescue. Such pictures of my book of actual frame picture. That you're over loose. Clinton spoke to a first. The liberation of clothes for skipped liberated. And appears sort of fairly dramatic picture. On the for a little slow aren't holding a duh and flyer on Lowell all about a force. I don't know but anyway that's what a Bill Clinton passed the. Like an edit right now only get it right now that's us yeah so we're richer wow on. Can matter what flag is the lung is it's not the Japanese flag and what Robert. Her in use edit everybody broke out in song and immersing in their National Anthem. Do. When wonderful about it relocate lasting just about this than yours first meal as you had been for how many months Rio in captivity. Brought up short mark OK and you were basically before you exodus the camp which is a little bit nicer. You're surviving on Orlando Ray Small group. Truth to print her trip pretty sure where. And Kirsch. Carefully. Our motions. If pollution rendered they have access to more food Pawlenty spoke blitz our own portion of your draw opened up her. We have food grown now barriers. So. They're freed all of motion challenged little special brochure we were out there we were. Bar wore them to a special Berkshire. Are appropriate borne no more world famous purple. We're murder. And we're still pretty well I just a Japanese were still have her own skill of a problem hole. Because we were assured her creative ability so longer approved. Well so this can lead this is stand an amazing interview. Kind of a last thought what would you say to the young people of America today. Well number one to 55 or warning or if he's. Can we do. And number through. Be prepared to. There and be educated right don't you or her education and social boom that's sure be buried. And our politicians of all we're brother straighten up finish this country. And breathing pure road whose long local. Cilic of Bo look at bush. Part two where. An engineer in your book and we're gonna ever gonna that is on our FaceBook page so everybody check out the marriage sixties the patriots got accused American wars criminal on mrs. fist Hanley the second's book and and in this book you. You can't stand what you are repeating over and over and over what was what was closed repeating words that you were saying in your mind they got Easter just five months of hell. Who were. For commercial and will play and I had that you're seeing in that song accentuate. Oh I say enjoy abolished it. Well bill that pull away. And eliminate the negative world a world large sorry Russo art came back liberated home cooked up Turkey. Charmed her over restore much so true so we'll version of the Little League park couldn't sleep fired martyr. And we you know were opposed to provide extra extra enrollment by out of by implication. And I didn't know what to do it no unlocked through bit below. Total popular Smart college TARP birther. I am tired throughout there were very few brief shooting Arab. How strong rolling per year Merck and her arms secure containers. There better be breaking arm down were probably you know loyal to the couple blocks from Murray from the unit. I highly educated ladies. Who. Correct to roll over and mostly due to supplemental folder from laps were left book Peugeot mercker war criminal trip from our third. Until our. Prepare for the bureau of armored in my opinion created an hour. For the united fortify have to 1989. That was very and other talk about it didn't like about it pitch at all. How much of our book cable about such a while actual pearl. Or written by actual or computer issues. So much coach saw him about. It will be republic here broad accord through some very powerful people. Federal Marshal no I don't care short contract. Allowed no good polish is complete mobile market. Well that's that's exciting so would be sure to check it out is the story and asked this can only the second it's. Accused American war criminal. Yup well this is the marriage six Molly and camera rolled roared to project thank you so much this camera god bless you we appreciate you for sharing your story with us. Oh Parker plus territory and I openings. And everybody. Everybody else. Keep following us every Sunday right here and K easy W on those shares many stories as the candidate he no vote or two veteran with a story reach out to last through mayor chicks are common wanna hear it. God bless you lost. Join us next time for the World War II projects in your hosts deal marriages Molly vote eighteen months. Until then teach saluting the greatest generation.