Listen for the Breakfast Club's Choirs of Christmas

Kids and Christmas.  Hardly seems like you can have one without the other and at the Breakfast Club we LOVE when young people stop by for the Holidays at our House!  Again this year we’ll feature kids of all ages filling our Studio with the wonderful sounds of the season and we dare you, listen to children singing Christmas songs and try not to smile!  The Choirs can be heard at 7:45am and 4:45pm on the dates listed below. 

  • 12/10 Thomas Jefferson High
  • 12/11 Arapahoe High
  • 12/12 Gateway High
  • 12/13 Hinkley High
  • 12/14 Eaglecrest High
  • 12/17 Range View High
  • 12/18 Grand View High
  • 12/19 St. Thomas Moore  High
  • 12/20 Jewell Elementary