Hour of Honor

Fred Rogers, the incomparable Mister Rogers once said, When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping”. 

In this day and age, those words resonate louder than ever as we deal with more challenges than ever, and yet the helpers are still there, guiding us through difficult times. T
hose are the people we like to say thanks to with our Hour of Honor. 

If you know someone who is making a difference in our community that everyone should know, go to the Hour of Honor page at ez14430.com and tell us about them. 
The last Friday of each month on the Breakfast Club we introduce you to these special people by letting them share their story on the air, giving us the chance to recognize their special spirit and say thanks. 

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MARCH – Dr. Jason Persoff


When you start a conversation with Dr. Jason Persoff it doesn’t take long to understand you are in for a treat.  First, he’s Assistant Director of Emergency Preparedness at the University of Colorado Hospital and an Internal Medicine doctor.  Add to that the fact he’s a world renown storm chaser known to that community as the Storm Doctor and in his spare time he’s fluent in American Sign Language, competitive fencing, and a stand-up comedian.  But most important to us this March when Coronavirus was just beginning to show us how horrible it was, he was a calming voice for the KEZW audience that was frightened.  A very special person that joined us on the air in March.


APRIL – Maj. Gen. Mike Loh


As the COVID-19 Pandemic grew in April the Colorado National Guard took a lead role in our state from border to border assisting in homeless shelters, nursing care facilities, field hospitals and wherever else they were needed to keep Coloradans safe.  Leading them was Maj. Gen. Michael A. Loh, The Adjutant General, Colorado National Guard. Appointed by the Governor of Colorado, General Loh serves as the Executive Director of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and is a member of the Governor’s Cabinet. The DMVA consists of the Colorado National Guard, the Division of Veterans Affairs, and the Colorado Wing of the Civil Air Patrol totaling more than 6,700 Soldiers, Airmen, State employees, and volunteers. As Adjutant General, he is responsible for the operation and management of readiness, fiscal, personnel, equipment, and real property resources of the department, and ensures the training readiness of all personnel to accomplish both state and federal missions. Additionally, the general is responsible for supporting the State Partnerships with Slovenia and Jordan and a strategic partnership with Israel’s Home Front Command.  In July General Loh will be leaving the Colorado National Guard to serve as the newly appointed Commander of the Air National Guard in Washington D.C.  Before that, we had the chance to thank him with an Hour of Honor for him and the men and women he commands in the Colorado National Guard.


MAY – Patriots of the Day

Patriot of the day

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII and should be cause for a huge commemoration as the WWII generation’s remaining numbers are dwindling.  Unfortunately, the world-wide coronavirus pandemic has caused all public ceremonies to be canceled and the Greatest Generation has been tucked away in isolation, concerned that any public exposure might infect hem with COVID-19.  So to Honor them this May we presented the Patriot of the Day and told the stories of service and sacrifice of those from Colorado who have given all defending freedom around the world. This measure of devotion is certainly worthy of an Hour of Honor.

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