Hour of Honor

The Mile High City is filled with remarkable people.  First responders who have bravely responded to scenes of immense tragedy; engineers and scientists who have built machines that landed on other worlds; veterans who have defended freedom around the world and teachers who educated this generations leaders.  EZ1430 would like to recognize the best among us, the workers and servants who make Denver special with an Hour of Honor.  If you know someone who makes a difference in the lives of others complete the nomination form below.  Honorees will spend an hour on the Breakfast Club with Rick Crandall where they’ll get to pick some of the songs, share their stories and receive recognition for serving others.  Hour of Honor, our way of shining the light on the day to day heroes who make us all better. 

APRIL 2019 Hour of Honor Recipient - Kevin Sonka, Gold Star Father

Corporal David Michael Sonka, US Marine, was killed along with his war dog Flex in Afghanistan. David was killed training the native Afghan police force. On May 4th, 2013 the Marines took off their armor to show solidarity and trust of the Afghan trainee force and an infiltrator took this opportunity to shoot and kill David and his MPC war dog Flex.  After his death, his father, Kevin, wanted to do something to honor his memory while helping other veterans who had returned from war so he created the Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project.  Traveling across the country, trailer in tow, Kevin hosts steak dinner barbecues for military dog handlers and their families. Then two years ago the organization began providing service dogs for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So far Rocky Mountain Dawgs has assisted nearly a dozen veterans obtain service dogs, a gift that saves lives.  Kevin Sonka is a blessing to all he meets and EZ 1430 is extremely proud to dedicate April's Hour of Honor to him.

MARCH 2019 Hour of Honor Recipient - Dr. Dan Clayton, Professor, Regis University

EZ 1430 is proud to recognize Dr. Dan Clayton as our March Hour of Honor recipient.   Dr. Clayton is professor of history at Regis University and the founder of the Regis University Center for the Study of War Experience. The center is a nationally recognized program in public history whose archival collections comprise several hundred hours of video recorded testimonies of war veterans. Clayton teaches courses in the field of European history, from the Early Modern period through the Cold War, as well as several integrated seminars in the Regis College core curriculum; he specializes in the study of war and memory.  Through Dan's skilled leadership Regis has built one of the state's largest collections of recorded and written first hand accounts of war experience along with an enormous collection of personal memorabilia, the items men and women saved from their war experience.  For 20-years Dr.Clayton and Regis have opened the doors to their Stories From Wartime series and invited listeners of EZ 1430 to attend the class free of charge and hundreds of them took advantage of the opportunity.  Today, dozens of institutes of higher learning across the country have used Dr, Clayton's model for creation of their own war studies programs.  Thank you Dr. Clayton for your work capturing the story of America's military men and women.  We are proud to dedicate an Hour of Honor to you.

FEBRUARY 2019 Hour of Honor Recipient: Jim Blane, WWII Iwo Jima Vet

Jim Blane is 95 years old and living proof, it's never too late to get the help you need.  Even seven decades later.  "I knew something was wrong with me," Blane said.  The World War II Marine saw the worst of the worst while serving in the Pacific.  From islanders committing suicide in droves on the rocky cliffs of Saipan, to his battle buddies who were killed on Iwo Jima, where he too was injured.

“That mortar hit one of our guys right in the back. There wasn`t enough left of him to bury hardly. And that`s when these other guys got the message about what Iwo was all about,”  For decades, Blane suffered in silence because of what he saw more than 70 years ago.  He admits, he sought comfort in liquor.  He was an alcoholic.  "So I had to hold this inside me. And when I checked in to the VA (Veteran's Administration), they had a name for what was going on with veterans. They called it psychoneurosis. That`s another reason I dropped out of the VA, because I didn`t want that name associated with that problem," Blane said.  The stigma was too much.  But a few years back, Blane sought the help he needed.  He was officially diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and now takes medication that helps.  He also meets weekly with a PTSD support group.  Few people associate the ailment with members of the Greatest Generation,but it is something even 90 year olds sometimes deal with.  Staying busy helps.  In recent years he's been an ambassador for the Denver-based charity, The Greatest Generations Foundation, traveling the world to tell the story of his service.  For his continued service to his country, in uniform and out, EZ 1430 is proud to dedicate February's Hour of Honor to Jim Blane and thanks the Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum and the Colorado State Veterans Home at Fitzsimons for your sponsorship.

EZ 1430 thanks Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum and the Colorado State Veterans Home at Fitzsimons for your sponsorship of Hour of Honor.

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