Rick Crandall

Weekdays (6AM - 12PM)

Rick’s been doing this radio thing a long time. Like teletype paper, 45’s and splicing tape long. Like two daughters and three grandkids long. Like Elvis was still alive long. Yea, it’s been a great run and along the way Rick has made helping people in the community part of what wakes him up, along with honoring those who have served in the military. He’s been a Colorado Broadcaster of the Year and a National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award winner which is pretty cool but it’s the great radio coffee and knowing he would spend time each day with the best radio listeners in the world that keeps him coming to work! OK, the coffee part is a lie and the listener part was just kissing up, the mortgage keeps him coming back. If you’re looking for a decent start to most mornings, Rick’s your guy.

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