EZ 1430 City Spotlight

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There are 31 cities and neighborhoods that make up the Denver metro area and in 2019 we’re going to brag about the best on the EZ 1430 City Spotlight, and we’d like your help.  While we may think of it as 31, you know for a fact the one you live in is #1 and we’d like you to tell us why.  In the space below, let us know what it is about your town that makes it the envy of the other 30.  Then, one week a month we’ll be selecting one city, based on your suggestions, to highlight in the EZ 1430 City Spotlight, which will include a live broadcast with Rick Crandall from your town!!    And to make sure your town is selected, let your friends know to fill out a form as well!!!  Hope to see you in your neighborhood soon!!!

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