One Of Those Days... Where Did Rick Crandall Leave His Phone?

May 31, 2018

Rick Crandall


My mornings usually start at 2:45a with me quietly begging the clock radio Gods to show me mercy, which never happens. So, I slowly slide out of bed and am immediately surrounded by two dogs and a kitten who, unsure if I'll ever return, wait for me to give them a small snack. I then head down the hall to my bathroom where I gather my thoughts, check the overnight news, make myself pretty and get ready to head to the station. But first, I go back and kiss Diane goodbye, quietly as not to wake her. Then the two dogs and kitten surround me, certain this is the last time they'll ever see me, and I give them a second tiny tidbit, and I'm out the door.

This morning this scene played itself out like always, with one exception. When I got to work, made the coffee ad got the studio setup for the big Breakfast Club show I realized I didn't have my phone. I checked my bag twice and then the car. nope. Then I began to think I left it at home soooooo...back in the car and off to the house. I was certain I had left it in the bedroom so I got home, turned off the alarm, and tip-toed back to the bedroom, feeling around in the dark for my phone, to no avail. But I was surrounded by two dogs and a kitten who seemed to think they had won the lottery as I gave them a little treat to keep them quiet. Back to work I went, confused about my phone. When I got back to the studio I emailed Diane to let her know I didn't have my phone and to call me if she stumbled across it. About 7:30a the hotline rang and I heard a voice that was filled with the kind of joy you hear when someone is about to tell you how dumb you are.

When I left the house the first time I had stopped to put some pop in the garage fridge. I had to move some stuff to get it in there so I set my phone down and didn't remember to pick it up. Diane, through some great detective work, found my phone in the butter dish, in the fridge and was all too happy to share the news with me, and our daughter, and our granddaughter, and the two dogs and kitten, who laughed and waited for a treat.

Yep, one of those days. I'm officially a man of a certain age who leaves phones where the butter should go. If you come over and find my socks in the toaster, just smile, hand them to me, and wait for a treat.