Medal of Honor comic book

October 17, 2019

A Green Beret engaged in hand to hand combat with the enemy in Vietnam. A young officer calls in a artillery strike on his own position while holding off a company of Nazi soldiers. These are a few of the real life stories of Medal of Honor recipients that kids (and adults) can read about in a new comic book series.

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) has a mission statement that includes educating the public about the, "critical nature of land warfare and the Army's central role in national defense" and to that end Gen. Carter F. Ham (ret.) initiated a endeavor to turn real life heroes into comic book heroes. The actions depicted in these comics are larger than life to be sure, but unlike the tales of spandex-wearing super heroes we normally see in comics, these stories are true.

Four current issues of the comic book on AUSA's website focus on Corp. Alvin York, Staff Sgt. Roy Benavidez, 2nd Lt. Audie Murphy, and Spc. Sal Giunta.

The creative team behind the comic series includes legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon (Batman, Punishier), colors by Peter Pantazis (Justice League, Superman), and lettering by Troy Peteri (X-Men, Spiderman).

Audie Murphy comic cover
Courtesy of AUSA, used with permission

"All of them had extensive experience in the professional world of comics, and I have been lucky to draw upon their talents for all four books," Joseph Craig, the director of the book program at AUSA, told Connecting Vets. The comic books were released digitally because AUSA's research showed this was how most people were reading comics these days. However, the first four 8-page comics were just published as a printed compendium which was given away for free as this year's AUSA annual conference as a part of the organization's educational outreach.

This is all well and good of course, but inquiring minds want to know if there are any more issues planned for the future.

"Response has been very enthusiastic, and we are looking to produce four more digital comics and another printed compendium in 2020. We are still determining the lineup; fortunately we have a wealth of options to choose from," Craig said.

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