Airport terminal comes to a standstill for returning remains of Col. Roy Knight | Connecting Vets

August 9, 2019

Colonel Roy Knight of Millsap, Texas was killed during the Vietnam War, May 1967. This week, he came home to Texas -- and brought an entire airport terminal to a standstill.

"I'm at the airport in Dallas, waiting for my flight home to DC from El Paso, and something incredible is happening," tweeted Jackson Proskow, Washington Bureau Chief for Canada's Global News.

An intercom announcement from the gate shared with the terminal that the incoming plane was carrying the remains of Col. Roy Knight, a recipient of the distinguished Air Force Cross. Knight's remains were identified by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency in February.

Pilot killed during Vietnam War accounted for

Proskow continued to live-tweet as the entire terminal moved to the windows to watch Knight's arrival.

And the pilot of the plane? According to Proskow's tweets, Knight's son -- who was only 5 when Knight left to fight in Vietnam -- is now a pilot. He had the opportunity to fly the plane that brought his father's remains home, 52 years later.

"Incredible moment to watch. The entire airport fell silent," Proskow tweeted.

Knight was a pilot with the 602nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, assigned to Udorn Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand in May 1967 when his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire. There was no confirmed parachute and no beeper signal from Knight -- despite initial search and rescue efforts, the Air Force declared Knight deceased in September 1974.

It wasn't until 1994 that the crash site was excavated. Knight's remains were among the items sent to DPAA laboratory for analysis.

"What a privilege it was to witness this moment," Proskow tweeted.

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