Antlers are allowed in checked bags but what about RPGs?

March 6, 2019

Contact lenses? Yes. Antlers? Yes. RPGs? wait, what?

Apparently, the list of permitted items in a checked bag was a little hard to decipher for one man from St. Augustine, Fl. who attempted to fly with an RPG in his luggage.

The item was discovered when the man's bag set off alarms at Lehigh Valley International Airport. TSA agents opened the checked bag to find an unassembled RPG and a grenade.

What exactly was this man up to? Nothing, he says. He just thought the grenade launcher would be fine in a checked bag.

The items were confiscated. TSA found that -- even once assembled -- the RPG would not have worked. And the grenade was a replica.

The man made his flight.

For the record, no realistic or replica weapons are allowed on planes.