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Bidding a Fond Farewell to Warren Byrne!

Restaurant Show Host Retiring


At the very beginning of 2020 Warren Byrne and a couple of us at KEZW had a chat about careers in radio.  Specifically, knowing when you had given it all you could and it was time to walk away.  I think Warren was letting us know the day-to-day business was not as much fun as it used to be, but he still loved sitting in the studio and talking with his listeners about dining out.  And they loved sitting on the other side of the radio and listening for his advice on where to go.  For 42+ years you listened to Warren, many of those years at AM 1430, as he welcomed new restaurants and said farewell to old favorites.  There have been thousands that have come and gone in that time and Warren shared his opinion about them, but the special connection he had was inviting all of you to call in and share your experiences.  Warren didn’t write books about restaurants or host TV segments about dining out.  Instead, he simply showed up for three hours on the air each week and for the life of me I can’t remember him taking a sick day!

Shortly after our talk early in the year the COVID-19 pandemic hit and as you know the restaurant business was devastated.  Now when we talked the tone of the conversation became more about all the clients he had relationships that were being hurt and how we knew the restaurant business had changed forever.  As Spring became Summer and even with restaurants opening, but not making much headway, Warren decided perhaps the pandemic was helping him make a decision and on July 4th right after his show, Warren declared his Independence and retired.  He wanted no fanfare or celebration and thought a couple times during that final show of telling you, but decided to go out the way he came in, on top of his game.  In fact, the July 4th Restaurant Show was filled with reminiscing about Denver’s old favorites and it just seemed to be the perfect end to a storied career.

Warren Byrne has the best there ever was in the radio restaurant business and we will miss him greatly at KEZW.  We can be mad he left but I prefer to be grateful for all the years we had with him and be happy he gets the chance to see what retirement is all about.  On our EZ 1430 Facebook page you will find a post about Warren and you can leave personal messages for him there, I’m sure it would mean the world to him.  Thank you Warren from all of us who shared the journey with you and may your retirement bring you as much joy as you brought all of us.

-Rick Crandall